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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 12, 2020 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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of rain but it will be great deal of rain but it will be some splashes around and is a clear way to the north, the hope is that we will see some brighter skies for parts of scotland and northern ireland and they'll be reflected in the high teens here, still into the low 20s for the south, as for the rest of the week, we could have it a bit cooler and cloudier before high pressure builds and again towards the weekend.
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hello you're watching bbc news with me tim wilcox. our headlines. to mask or not to mask governors doesn't not be mandatory in england. people test positive for a farm in herefordshire all workers have been asked to solve eyes there. walt disney world reopens in florida at the state post a rise in more than
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15,000 cases. that's its biggest daily increase to date. the home secretary and her french cou nterpa rts secretary and her french counterparts sign an agreement on intelligence sharing in an effort to tackle people smugglers. three generations of barley woods family test positive for coronavirus. more headlines from us at the top of the hour. now though it is time first birthday. —— sports day. hello and welcome to sportsday — a thrilling return for test cricket as west indies beat england in the first test in southampton. spurs come from behind to clinch a late win in the north london derby — and move above arsenal in the premier league. and lewis hamilton's back on top, winning his first grand prix
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of the season but it's another day to forget for ferrari. hello you're watching bbc news with me tim wilcox. good evening and welcome to tonight's programme. plenty to come including all the day's football and formula one action — but we start with cricket, and england fans may have been hoping for a thrilling finale to the start of post lockdown cricket. well they certainly got it — but not the result they wanted. joe wilson reports. 0n the fifth day he waited for a match winner. his first blows were with the bat increasing england's lead. west indies would be 200 to win where england and archer bold. next
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blow to joe campbell's tote too painful for blow to joe campbell's tote too painfulfor him to blow to joe campbell's tote too painful for him to continue. blow to joe campbell's tote too painfulfor him to continue. then for the stumps. craig brathwaite out. brooks then asked. lbw, west indy seven for to 200 the target seemed like 2000. would got rid of hope. but here isjermaine blackwood, betting like he was the man who could change the game. blackwood may well have given out if butler had caught this. he didn't. what now captain? anderson to blackwood to the boundary. they'd of been on the edge of those empty seats as stokes got diverge out. when days the be in fort runs closer holder was steady as a rock and even when blackwood fell for 95 with 11 i’u ns when blackwood fell for 95 with 11 runs still needed, the game was done. england not england took six
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wickets no more. after so much time commitment and effort to get cricket restarted the test held their attention right to the finish. that is easier to enjoy when you've won. that is easier to enjoy when you've won. let's go live to southampton and speak to our cricket reporter henry moeran. it had started well for england this morning — they'll be ruing some of those earlier chances? yeah, those players are making their way across the outfield. you might be able to hear the roar as the grandstaff get to work to prepare for a cricket later on. but england will be thinking what might have been, they did take those early wickets as we just saw. but in the end jermaine blackwood 95 and some really good batting from the west indies what we saw from england in that first inning of the game saw them home. and they've now got the potential to win a series in england for the first time since 1988. and it really was a really remarkable performance from west indies in
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particular from jermaine blackwood. holder as well, the captain leading from the front. you can't detract from the front. you can't detract from that at all. no and holders performance with the ball in england's first innings as they were just north of six he took six or a2. 0nce just north of six he took six or a2. once again he's the best all around her. blackwood with the bat, let's not forget west indies, they lost their opener campbell early in the innings when he got hit on the toe. that effectively saw them an extra man down. blackwood a player no more for batting sort of expensive shots and scoring quickly. eat knuckle down and scored some crucial runs steadied the ship and saw the west indies almost home. he was outjust approaching his 100. he got them close enough in the end holder and campbell came back on the field where they are to see them over the line. work the wait. thank you for the moment. football and they were than just bragging
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rights it was vital to keep them in contention. his late winter securing those crucial three points for spurs. alex reports. afamiliar a familiar rivalry and unfamiliar surroundings. the first derby and the new stadium and given spurs his recent form it could have been the perfect time for arsenal to visit. with no shots on target and their last match. nomes change in attacking mentality it was clear in the opening seconds. though it wasn't long until they are defensive frailties will once again expose rather explosively by alexander lack is at. arsenal have had concerning moments in defence of another today leveled the game barely two minutes later. and it meant a lot to the spurs later. and it meant a lot to the spui’s manager. later. and it meant a lot to the spurs manager. his side now trying their luck from anywhere. if i was concerned his team led to allay any fears as they controlled the start
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of the second half. although those missed chances would come back to haunt arsenal. olivero, the match winnerfor tottenham haunt arsenal. olivero, the match winner for tottenham whose season will now have one highlight worth replaying. a 12—year—old boy who claimed to be a villa fan use highly space it raises and pictures of the ku klux klan. crystal palace have called that messages a disk grace whiles alton fellow said they will band the fan for life. while on the pitch aston villa went into that game against crystal palace knowing that they had to win if they had even the slightest chance of avoiding relegation. and when they did at villa park drew savage watched this one. release for aston villa his
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tea m one. release for aston villa his team will take their fight for premier league survival three nail biting matters. partly thanks to va are. partly thanks to var, an early mamadou sakho goal for crystal palace initially given, then disallowed for handball. sakho not the only one debating where the shoulder stops and the arm starts. but aston villa will take all the help they can get in this relegation battle, their forwards haven't been scoring but mahmood trezeguet popped up just before half time.early in the second half, var intervened again, villa initially awarded a penalty by martin atkinson. but overturned after a second, third, fourth and fifth look. did jack grealish make a meal of this one? no matterfor the home side, trezeguet choosing the ideal time to rediscover his scoring touch cue the celebrations in aston villa—supporting living rooms, yet confusion at the final whistle conflict on the pitch, and eventually a sending off for crystal palace's christian benteke
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butjob done for dean smith and aston villa. ds bbc news elsewhere today wolves put three past everton in a comprensive victory to boost their hopes of playing in next season's champions league. joe lynskey reports. they filled the seats with a fan mosaic, images of wolves supporters making up the club's bigger picture. it may be empty but there is feeling they are building to something. wills made the breakthrough with their newest talent. signed injanuary, here he tempted the tackle to win a penalty. rauljimenez has been around longer, confident and comfortable enough to take us time and find the net. that was just before half—time. less than a minute after the restart, wolves had sealed it. there are belgian midfielder leander den doctor made it to now.
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just as england goalkeeper jake jordan pickford merely spilt the ball in. wolves got their third goal eventually, an emphatic finish. jota completing everton's misery. wolves started the season lastjuly in the europa league, 12 months on they are still going and closing in on the top four. the picture here has really looked better. lots of other football going on leeds united onto after they went on swa nsea. leeds united onto after they went on swansea. hernandez the winner here in the last minute they are. leads need for points from their last three championship games to end their 16 year absence from the top flight. a big their 16 year absence from the top flight. a big win for stoke at the bottom of the championship they beat birmingham to know to get themselves ina bit
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birmingham to know to get themselves in a bit of breathing space. therefore points clear of the regular legation as our birmingham. and the liverpool women's captain sophie bradley—auckland is putting her football career on hold to help herfamily run their care home through the coronavirus pandemic. the defender was the club's player of the year last season, but is also the manager of the care home in nottingham. lewis hamilton cruised to his first victory of this formula 1 season, in yet another mercedes one two at the styrian grand prix. leading from pole throughout, he finished ahead of teammate valterri bottas, for ferrari however, it was another day to forget. adam wild reports. these days formula 1 fans just have to find whatever clue they can. looking down there is much they've all seen before. for the second week ina row all seen before. for the second week in a row at the race at all she has red bull ring lewis hamilton the talk of the track and once more at
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leading the bigger conversation. it's the first ever... still think from pole a familiar feeling for the reigning champion. no driver has done it more. behind him or the struggles of ferrari continue to confound, colliding with each other on the opening lap. they are problems like their cars it seems are piling up. the race for both lasted a little longer. but what's the struggle stayed behind him hamiltons way was clear. no one here could get close. the battle the second eventually go to hamiltons mercedes team—mate process. hamilton with masterful assyrian success story and for this champion and other powerful statement on the track and on top of the podium. a dominant performance then from lewis hamilton who actually had a bad start to the race weekend. 0ur formula 1 reporter jenni gow says it's another example of the six—time world champion's resilience. lewis hamilton had a bad friday and he made up for a didn't hear?
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whenever he has a bad friday he seems to come back on saturday with renewed vigour and then they rain about that reign. he just looks incredible. 1.2 seconds ahead of everybody else. which meant that for some lay it was easy pickings for him. he managed to keep hold of that pole position and turn it into a race lead. from there we didn't really see him again. he was untroubled. and the mercedes team making it a one, two for them this weekend. they are really happy and they now dominate everybody else in they now dominate everybody else in the championship. and we are only two rounds down. as for hamilton, i think it's going to be interesting going forward to seeing a man bought us going forward to seeing a man bought us and i'd only takes a tiny slip from hamilton for a bath as to when it again and he is in charge of the championship at the moment. 0nly it again and he is in charge of the championship at the moment. only by six points but that is a key six points. in a final mansion for noris, his last lap lando again careering his way up the standings. he is now third in the drivers championship. let's catch up with some
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of the day's other sports news headlines, and... cameron norrie has won the latest event on the british tour. it's been set up by the lawn tennis association to provide competition whilst the major tours are suspended. the british number three beat pauljubb in straight sets. kamaru usman defended his welterweight title with a unanimous points victory overjorge masvidal in what was dubbed the ‘fight island' in abu dhabi. masvidal was drafted in at six days notice after usman's previous opponent tested positive for covid 19. and the leading irishjumpjockey barry geraghty has retired from racing at the age of a0. he won all the major races, including the grand national in 2003 on monty's pass and the cheltenham gold cup twice with kicking king and bobs worth. that's all from sportsday. catch up on the latest on the bbc sport website but from all the team here. thanks for watching.


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