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does that signal change in the pecking order of la liga? does that signal change in the pecking order of la liga? we are a weak team. things have to change some of the words from lionell massey as they lost their long unbeaten home run in their also there title ii. the current team has been on the side for some time he said. this decline started three or 40 said. this decline started three or a0 yea rs said. this decline started three or a0 years ago. 0nly said. this decline started three or a0 years ago. only the talent of messi and the players of the team kind of deluded the situation. i think that now it is more evident. the fact that barcelona has changed a coach midway in the season it has not helped. i think after especially played last year against liverpool had lost a bit of credibility inside of the changing room. however, the tea m of the changing room. however, the team was making it in la liga but change by a coach that had not the respect of players within incredible tracking at least. made things
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worse. 0f tracking at least. made things worse. of course now at this point i cannot assure you 100% that he gets to be the coach in a few weeks. what isa to be the coach in a few weeks. what is a future for the start names of this item? a particularly lionel messi? he will stay. he always said he wants to stay in barcelona that he wants to stay in barcelona that he feels committed to the club. he loves this club, this club made a bet when he was 12 years old. i think he will stay but for a kind of romantic season. he's a one—man club. and i think he will stay. i don't know what will happen with suarez. i think there are chances that he changes in one or two years. i think that he changes in one or two years. ithinka that he changes in one or two years. i think a lot of changes. then you have players that are here, they're very committed with the club and we will see what happens. i think that if barcelona makes a change next year they will be new elections. if he maybe if garcia clement, a coach that nobody really knows but he knows the club from his roots, he
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things could make a turn. it's difficult because there are financial difficulties and the club. i don't think that neither barcelona nor madrid can make big and vestments next summer due to covid—i9 crisis. let's take a quick look at some of the sport in the news today. maro itoje is the latest england player to sign a new long—term deal at saracens — despite their impending relegation from the premiership. he had been linked with loan moves to leicester and the french club racing 92 but he's nowjoined england captain 0wen farrell in confirming his commitment to saracens, who were penalised for breaking salary cap rules. thomas bach is preparing to run for a second term as international olympic committee president. an election for the four year term is due to be held next year. bach has been ioc president since 2013. and england's netball team are set to return to training. the players will resume individual programmes next tuesday and they hope to be playing competitive matches before the end of the year.
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willow formula i now we're into the premier ahead of qualifying tomorrow. it all started so well but world champion lewis hamilton posted the first his time in the first session but the weather had other ideas for the second section. the first practice session was pretty dry and lewis hamilton dominated. he was on the hardest tyre and still went faster than anybody else. however, the rain fell and the second session pretty much a wash out. no real useful running even if that'll did post the fastest times. some encouragement for ferrari, maybe. if it carries on writing for the rest of the weekend. it is a mixed forecast for the weekend around still a lot of rain to be decided and see what's going happen in this weekends fi. and two races injenny, how in this weekends fi. and two races in jenny, how much in this weekends fi. and two races injenny, how much pressure is there on the drivers with a shortened season on the drivers with a shortened season would you say?” on the drivers with a shortened season would you say? i think you can feel the tension. it seems like quite a catty paddock if that makes
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sense. there is a lot a people who are quite tense and anxious about where their careers are going, what can happen, where even the races are going. we've got ten confirmed at the moment. there will be more but i think everybody is kind of watching and holding out and hoping that they don't get a massive dns and cost themselves a huge amount points. we saw ferrari, both cars having to retire after a crash last time out. you can't afford to do that in a shortened season. indeed, mistakes could be made with people like you said jostling for position. do you think there's more attention on the track as well as authentic?” think there's more attention on the track as well as authentic? i think there is also doing that always tension on the track. especially on the same track on the second race when we were in austria again. hungry, it's a smaller track, it's a very different track, tight, twisty you need a lot of downforce on your car to make it suck into the track. i think it will be different but again hamilton has an outstanding record around the track. so for
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anybody to beat him or either of the mercedes, they are going to be on an absolutely top form to try and challenge. indeed that is hamilton chasing that record. seventh championship went at their site delete neck art that is happening would you say? 0, are there signs. i think were tempted to give him the trophy already. we shouldn't because it's too early to do that. at the car that mercedes has produced this year looks phenomenal. and lewis hamilton looks to be in good form. he doesn't lead the championship at the moment, his team—mate does six points. i think the writing is on the wall. by task would have to have in extraordinary season to beat hamilton. if you're a fan, fingers crossed. if you're hamilton fan, let's eat what he can do and how quickly he can wrap it up. and that mercedes team as you say are very dominant. can any others challenge from what you can see? everybody is looking towards red bull as the main challengers. let's see what they can do. i think realistically they only
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have one driver who is at that standard to be able to change or delete that challenge the likes of lewis hamilton. it would be great if ferrari managed to somehow find some form this season. but i have a feeling that is not going to happen overnight. so maybe looking ahead to them it's like a next year or even a year after challenge. it is bleak times if you wanted a really competitive, topline and f1. i have to say the battle in midfield is fascinating. it's close, tense, it's been brilliant so far and i think it's gonna be another corker this weekend. let's see. marques tops delays marques and his younger brother alex's joined him at honda for the season, both came off their bikes and second practice but we re their bikes and second practice but were able to continue. sunday's opening race will be behind closed doors and more than four months late. spain's marques is going for a seventh top class title to match rossl
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football's anti—racism campaign group, kick it out, have called on social media companies, government and the football community to come together to combat online racist abuse of players. last weekend crystal palace's wilfried zaha and sheffield united's david mcgoldrick were racially abused — and a 12—year—old boy arrested by police investigating the zaha incident. we've been speaking to a software developer hoping to help authorities and clubs track down those hiding behind anonymous accounts. alex howell has this report. the normally take aim at goal. they are used to making headways delete might have minds that way. now because of those taunting them off the pitch they are being talked about. this weight both highlighted races abuse they suffered on instagram. it's led to calls from campaigners to urgent action. we can't rely socially media. we need government intervention in the form of regulation and enforcement activities. so from police and other
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law enforcement agencies. and then i also think that we as a football community need to do more ourselves. 0ne community need to do more ourselves. one possible solution is by a company called signify. they believe that their threat matrix software which uses artificial intelligence to search for abuse across all platforms allows companies and clubs to be proactive rather than reactive. if abuse is talked at a particular player they have to report that. by that point it's too late they've already receded they it's happen. it's at its negative effect. what we are able to do is identify where it is coming from and we can share patterns of that in advance of the game sometime. so does that mean you could track an anonymous account on social media and find a real person behind a? and some sick cases yes. in some cases it's possible to do that. the challenge for all is to filter out and put a stop to racism in football and put a stop to racism in football and allow players to express themselves on the pitch without
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fear of abuse. the entire 2020 world surf league season will be scrapped and no world champions will be crowned this year. the 2021 season will start in november, and have an equal number of events for men and women. the elite women will surf the iconic teahupo'o waves in tahiti for the first time in 15 years. seth bennet has this report. professional surfing was primed and ready to hit the big time in 2020. at the first 0lympic champions to be crowned and new audiences expected to add to the sports ever—growing fan base. the global lockdown came just ahead of the season opener in march and now all championship tour events a re march and now all championship tour events are canceled. i don't think there's anybody who's not feeling there's anybody who's not feeling the impact. 0ur surfers are no exception to that. the fact that they can't compete on the tour is a huge disappointment for them. that being said, they totally understand it. it's not like we as the world
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certainly were making some decision outside, the fact that were enough global pandemic. in 2019 the world certainly can sure there was equal prize money for men and women. and when the term returns they'll also be an equal number of events which means the women will get the chance to compete on one of the most famous waves the world in tahiti.|j to compete on one of the most famous waves the world in tahiti. i was there at the men and it was almost like that fate like holding over itself. it's like the seventh wonder. it's crazy, ijust think for us that super special. because it
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