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this is bbc world news. china denies that they are carrying out human rights abuses against their uighur population.” out human rights abuses against their uighur population. i do not know where you get this video tape. it is deeply, deeply troubling. and the reports of the human aspect of it from forced sterilisation to the education camps are reminiscent of something we have not seen for a long, long time. borisjohnson says he does not believe another nationwide lockdown will be needed even if there is a
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second spike of covid—i9 this winter. and watford have sacked their manager nigel pearson with just two games to go in the premier league season. as the club fights to avoid relegation. hello and welcome to bbc world news. china's ambassador to the uk has denied reports that beijing is carrying out a programme of forced sterilisation of uighur women in the western region of the country — xinjiang. he acknowledged that there may be some cases. he was interviewed on the andrew marr show this morning and wish own testimony from a women who had suffered forced sterilisation. foreign secretary said he was deeply troubled by what he said were china's egregious human
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rights abuses of the uighur population. here are some of those interviews. there is no so-called pervasive, massive forced sterilisation among uighur people in china. it is totally against. the government is strongly opposed to this kind of practice. i cannot rule out single cases for any country. these are single cases stop there is a general view... these are single cases stop there is a general view. .. general policy is that it a general view. .. general policy is thatitis a general view. .. general policy is that it is not a general policy. every ethnic group in china is treated equally. when we see interviews like that and we see people blindfolded and tied off two trains to be taken to be education camps, it reminds people in the west what was going on in germany in the 19305 what was going on in germany in the 1930s and 1940s. that is totally
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wrong. there is no such concentration camp in xingjang. there is a lot of... we are in the information age. let me remind you, ambassador... there are gross human rights abuses going on, which is why at the un that we raised this with 27 partners. first time it has been done to call out the government of china for its human rights abuses of the uighurs and hong kong. we are working with our international partners and it is deeply, deeply troubling. from the human aspect,
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they are reminiscent of something we have not seen for a long, long time. this is from a leading member of the international community that wants to be taken seriously. and we want a positive relationship with them, but we cannot say behaviour like that and not call it out.
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tension between britain and china escalates, as no 10 considers measures to punish beijing over it's handling of hong kong. but china's ambassador to the uk, defends the tough new security law for the territory, saying it's only reasonable. this turbulence, riotings, any responsible government has to take measures to address this situation. china is also accused of human rights abuses against it's muslim uighar population. we'll have the latest. also on the programme. fresh claims england's coronavirus test and trace system isn't working, in one of the areas, with rising infections. and lewis hamilton leads the formula one world championship,
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after victory in hungary. good afternoon. amid growing tensions between beijing and london, china has threatend repercussions, over british criticism of it's handling of hong kong. the foreign secretary, dominic raab will set out in full tomorrow, number 10's response to beijing's tough new security law for the territory, amid calls from some senior conservatives, to suspend the uk's extradition treaty with china. there's also criticism of the reatment of the muslim uighar population, in the province of xingjiang, amid claims some women are being forcibly sterilised. our diplomatic correspondent, caroline hawley, has the story.
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it has nerve been an easy relationship but now troubles are mounting on multiple fronts. there is deep concern for the future of hong kong after china imposed new security laws on the former british colony. undermining its autonomy. the government is now preparing to escalate its response. the government is now preparing to escalate its responselj the government is now preparing to escalate its response. i said we would conduct a review of our extradition arrange. and a range of other meshes, i have with the home secretary and the rest of government concluded that review, i will update the house of commons on what further measures we are taking tomorrow. today china warned britain not to follow the us in imposing sanctions. if uk government goes that far, goes that far, to impose sanctions on any individuals in china, china will certainly make resolute response to it. china reacted with fury to britain's decision to ban huawei's technology because of security concerns, there are fears now of the
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potential economic fall out for british business. other countries including the us,japan, british business. other countries including the us, japan, and australia have paid a price for falling out with china. china has sanctioned commerce, trade, the campis of those countries operating in china, so to be honest, it is difficult to predict what china might do with regard to the united kingdom, but we might have to expect that british companies would be in the cross hairs. what china is doing to its uighur minority has caused international outrage, men have been forced into mass re—education camps. women forcibly sterilised. dominic raab said the human rights abuses were deeply deeply troubling. the ambassador was shown a video that appears to show bound blindfolded men being forced on the a train. this was his response. uighur people, enjoying harmonious life, peaceful co—existence with other ethnic groups of people. uighur
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people is just a ethnic groups of people. uighur people isjust a one ethnic groups of people. uighur people is just a one small portion of the chinese population, among even among the muslims but they are the majority living happily, peacefully. the british government says it can't stand by and watch abuses take place but it wants a good relationship with china and with the us at the same time. an almost impossible balancing act. caroline hawley, bbc news. our political correspondent, nick eardley, is here. what do we expect from dominic raab tomorrow? we got the strongest indication yet that extradition treaty with hong kong is going to be suspended because of concerns about china's actions there, the statement in the commons tomorrow is likely to confirm that, we have heard about the option of sanctions too, on senior chinese official, i think if the government decides to go down that road, although there is legislation to allow it, it will
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ta ke legislation to allow it, it will take longer, so i won't expect that imminently. but we heard from the chinese ambassador if that does happen, beijing is promising that resolute response, and it all seems to point towards a further escalation of these tensions, in the weeks and months to come and remember, there are conservative mps who are pushing the government to go even further after that huawei decision last week. they are questioning whether china should be involved in other areas of critical infrastructure, like nuclear power. they are looking at technology, and saying is, are there questions to be asked over apps like tick—tock, a very long way away from the golden era david cameron predicted in 2015. 0k. nick, era david cameron predicted in 2015. ok. nick, thank you. nick, thank you. borisjohnson says he'd be extremely reluctant to impose another nationwide lockdown, if there's a second spike of coronavirus this winter. it comes as a senior health official in the north west
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in blackburn and darwen, a borough with one of the highest infection rates for covid—19 in england, has warned the current test and trace system, isn't working well enough. here's our health editor, hugh pym. blackburn today. part of an area which has seen one of the biggest recent increases in coronavirus case, itself has been identified by national health officials as needed enhanced support for tackling the virus. the local council has introduced its own measures including limiting household gatherings. i think the two metre distance has more or less gone, but, thatis distance has more or less gone, but, that is not the council's fault. that is down to silly people isn't it. we need to take control of the virus, you know, and, yeah, ithink, i think at the end of the day, if everybody just needs to i think at the end of the day, if everybodyjust needs to obey, you know, by the rulings. in communities like this, the test and trace scheme is vital. finding people who have beenin is vital. finding people who have been in contact with those who have
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tested positive and telling them to self—isolate but the local pellet chief said the national system wasn't effective. we could risk seeing a growth, because up to half of the people that may have been infected by an index case, by the first case with the virus, will themselves not know they are infected or at risks of infection and get tested and self—isolate. infected or at risks of infection and get tested and self-isolate. the department of health said the test and trace service was working closely with local authorities in england, to help manage local outbreaks and data was shared daily. in the weekend ending july 8th officials imagined to get through to 78.7% of those who tested positive. that was up slightly on the previous week. they were asked to give details of their recent contacts. of those, 71.1% were reached and asked to self—isolate. that was down slightly. in total since the scheme was launched in late may 156,000 contacts have been traced.
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speeding up test results and getings to more contacts is seen as crucial as winner approaches. experts say this is especially important in places where infections are seen to be on the increase. there has to be very large testing in those areas, with tracing, to be able to keep the epidemic under control. and certainly, i think that is where that, if you like, rise in the ability of us to test and the number of tests is incredibly important. on friday the prime minister announced new powers for local councils in england to control outbreak, he said today another national lockdown would only be like a nuclear deterrent, a last resort. hugh pym, bbc news. the number of new coronavirus cases worldwide, rose by almost 260,000 in just the last 2a hour period. the world health organization says that's the largest single—day increase since the pandemic began. more than 600,000 people, have died.
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our medical correspondent, fergus walsh, takes a look now at the people most at risk from covid—19. the risk of catching and dying with covid—19 varies dramatically depending on your age, and roughly doubles every five to six years. now if we look at data for england and wales up to the end ofjune, if you're over the age of 90 there was a one in 49 risk of dying with covid—19. butjust look how quickly that risk falls away the younger you are. under the age of a5, there was a greater risk of dying in an accident during that period. and for the five to 14—year—olds the risk was one in 2.4 million. there were three covid deaths in that age group during that period, compared to 138 from other causes. but even though the risks to the young are increedibly low, they can still pass on the infection to older and more vulnerable people.
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i think the figures for covid are quite extraordinary. we know that in normal life older people are at a greater risk of dying each year than younger people, but for covid the difference between the old and young is far more extreme than in normal life. older people might a thousand, 10,000 times the risk of a very young person. of course it is notjust your age that's important. men are twice as likely to die in hospital with covid—19 as women. people living in deprived areas are also at increased risk, as are some occupations, such as security guards, bus and taxi drivers. now even after adjusting for socioeconomic factors, ethnicity plays a key role. black and south asian men have up to twice the risk of dying as white men, and women from these ethnic groups are also at increased danger. then there is your overall health. nine in ten people who have died have had at least one underlying condition,
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such as diabetes, high blood pressure or lung disease. scientists have developed a tool to help them assess an individual‘s vulnerable to covid—19. take peter. he is a 63—year—old white man. now his body mass index of 37 adds five years to his covid age, but it is his type—2 diabetes that has the biggest impact, adding eight years, giving him an overall covid age of 76, which places him in a more vulnerable age group. now, what about mantej, who is 65? we know women are less vulnerable than men, so we can take eight years off her covid age, but because she is of south asian origin, we have to add four years back on, giving her an overall covid age of 61. now it is not possible to give a completely personalised risk, but it is clear that sex, ethnicity, age and overall
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health are key factors. our medical correspondent, fergus walsh. ten temporary courts are to begin hearings in england and wales tomorrow, to try to help clear a backlog of hundreds of thousands of cases which built up during the lockdown. the so—called nightingale courts were created after criticism thejustice system had been brought to its knees. they will hear civil, family and tribunals work, as well as non—custodial crime cases. lewis hamilton has moved to the top of the formula 1 world championship after victory in hungary. the six—time world champion led from start to finish, as adam wild reports. so often 234 formula one your fate owes much do your position on the starting grid. but in hungary for somejust getting starting grid. but in hungary for some just getting there was proving problematic. this was red bull's max verstappen crashing on the way to the start. up front in pole position
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once more lewis hamilton leading the way is his speciality. but today, with grid problems of his own. engine keeps sounding like it is going to stall. not that you would know it. ahead from the start, a lead that would only grow, despite an early pit—stop reshuffle of the chasing pack. perhaps amazingly it was verstappen who dealt with it best, merging in second. his prerace crash behind him, but now so was championship leader value tribottas, away out front lewis hamilton, no—one could get close. get in there lewis, masterclass, mate. untroubled, unchallenged in hungary, he is unbeatable. adam wild, bbc news. adam wild, bbc news. the first mission to mars by an arab nation is preparing to lift off later today. the rocket will send the united arab emirates probe, named hope, to orbit the red planet and learn more about its atmosphere and weather. it's part of a plan to help the country move away from oil and gas production and enter the global space industry. our science correspondent
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rebecca morelle reports. mars is a mysterious planet. it has always fascinated people on earth. heading for the red planet, the first arab mission to mars. the united arab emirates about to make history. the spacecraft is called hope. it was built over six years, with help from american scientists. until now, the uae‘s only launched satellites to earth orbit. getting to mars is a huge leap. feeling more nervous than anything else. we've tested and tested and tested the spacecraft to ensure it can survive every single scenario, and now all of that rests on a launch pad on top of a rocket that is destined to a planet that is millions of miles away from us. our view of mars is about to be transformed. most spacecraft that have been there have orbited been there have orbited around the planet's poles and very close
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in, but this has meant a limited view. hope is a mission with a difference. it's heading towards the equator, and in a much wider elliptical orbit, and this means it will reveal almost every part of the planet, at every time of day, in each ten day cycle. the spacecraft will study the martian atmosphere to give us much more information about its weather and climate. even though the atmosphere on mars is around a thousand times thinner than the atmosphere on earth, we still see these weather type events, so dust storms, clouds, fog, lightning even, so understanding the weather on mars will help us understand more about the weather on earth. until now, oil and gas have driven the uea's economy, but it is trying to diversify with its burgeoning space industry. around half of all missions to mars have failed. but the stakes are higher for this country. it's a scientific mission and failure is an option.
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however, failure to progress as a nation is not an option, and what matters the most here is the capacity and the capability that the uae gains out of this mission. the spacecraft will take seven months to reach mars, and if it does succeed, a new player in the global space race will have truly arrived. rebecca morelle, bbc news. buckingham palace has released some official photographs of the wedding of princess beatrice to the italian count edoardo mapelli—mozzi. the private ceremony took place at windsor‘s royal chapel on friday. beatrice's parents, the duke and duchess of york, didn't appear in either of the released photos, though the palace did confirm herfather, prince andrew, walked her down the aisle. that's it. i'll be back with the late news at ten. now on bbc one, time for the news where you are. bye for now.
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hello, i'm jane dougall with the latest from the bbc sports centre. bbc sport understands that watford have sacked nigel pearson with just two matches remaining. he's the third manager to be sacked by the club this season. watford are just above the relegation zone in 17th place with matches against manchester city and arsenal still to be played. pearson was appointed in december last year, replacing quique sanchez flores, who had taken over from javi gracia. the sacking comes after the club's defeat to west ham on friday. championship side huddersfield town have also sacked their manager danny cowley. he took over in september and helped save them from relegation. two games in the premier league today. the first, struggling bournemouth lost out in the south coast derby against southampton. defeat means they could be relegated before theirfinal game, if watford take a point from their match on tuesday. danny ings put southampton ahead in the first half with his 21st goal of the season.
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bournemouth then thought they had a vital equaliser deep in injury time, only for it to be ruled out by var because callum wilson was offside. and to really rub salt into the wound, che adams made it 2—0 to southampton moments later. in the other match between tottenham and leicester, it's 1—0 to tottenham through heung min son. in the championship, the title winners leeds travelled to derby county and won 3—1. leeds were 2—1 up when derby's matt clarke stuck out a leg and put the ball into his own net. derby were already unable to reach the play—offs. in the other championship match, it's 0—0 between barnsley and nottingham forrest. a point for forest would secure a play—off place. barnsley need a win to avoid relegation.
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well, arsenal will discover their opponents for next month's fa cup final after they beat the holders manchester city yesterday. manchester united and chelsea meet in the second semi—final at wembley at 6pm. eilidh barbour is there for us. this is usually such a big day for the fans of the clubs involved, but of course they won't be here again today. wembley is an eerily empty place given a golf is not far away. but for the clubs, they are both tying up that last remaining club in the final against arsenal on august the final against arsenal on august the 1st. alan shearer will be part of our coverage this afternoon and joins me now. how tough is this want to call? this is a really difficult one to call. although manchester united have beaten them already three times this season, home and away in the league, and in the league cup, they will be very confident they can do it again. they have had joy with hitting them on the counterattack by scoring goals. lam sure
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the counterattack by scoring goals. i am sure that there will be confidence that they can do it again. chelsea have got a great opportunity, a great opportunity for both clubs and managers to achieve something special in their relatively short managerial career. it isa relatively short managerial career. it is a great chance for both clubs, but it is a tough one to call. really tough. you mention the managers, to people who know all about the fa cup, how defining could it be for them in terms of their young careers? what a time it could be for them. still lots to play for for both clubs this season. obviously trying to get into the top four and secure champions league foot ball four and secure champions league football for next season. and if they were able to get to a final and go on and win it, then it would be brilliant for them and for their careers. brilliant for them and for their careers. it has been such a busy return to football, like you say, both trying to get into that top four, two games left in the league, how important is getting to the fa
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cup final? both clubs will be desperate to get the fa cup final and both clubs will be desperate to get into the top four. still plenty of foot ball get into the top four. still plenty of football to be played. chelsea go to anfield on wednesday, which is going to be a tough game. manchester united, the form that they are in, going forwards, scoring. they look like they can score goals every time they go forward with the form of their strikers. plenty still to play for for both clubs. winning this game today would give them great confidence for the next two games. there has been some great tussles between the two already, but this one is the biggest of them all. you canjoin allen one is the biggest of them all. you can join allen and the rest of the tea m can join allen and the rest of the team from 5:30pm for this one. manchester united against chelsea. england are still struggling to get west indies wickets.
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they're just resuming after tea at old trafford. the tourists are 230 for 4, still needing to get to 270 to avoid the follow—on. only today and tomorrow to finish the game which has been badly affected by the weather. more on the hungarian grand prix on the bbc sport website, after lewis hamilton's win takes him to top of the drivers standings. i'll have more for you in the next hour. hello there. what a difference a day makes. yesterday's cloud and rain, well, it's been replaced by sparkling blue sky and sunshine. just take a look at this weather watcher picture from whitworth in lancashire, glorious day here. however, different story down to the south east, we have had some heat, we have had some sunshinejust recently, but that was a thing of the past. this morning in finsbury, london, we started the day with some rain. the rain has eased away, but the cloud is taking its time to clear down to the kent coast. so the best of the sunshine further north and west, with a rash of showers driven on by brisk, westerly breeze
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into the far north of scotland. so this is how we are likely to close out our day. in terms of the feel of the weather, a little bit fresher, but i suppose if you've got the sunshine, you are not too bothered, but highs of 15—22 degrees. now, high pressure is going to build monday into tuesday, and that is good news, that means it is going to be a lot of quiet weather in the story. a few scattered showers continue during the early hours of monday morning in the north, but with those clearer skies, temperatures are likely to fall away, and so we could be greeted with single figures first thing on monday morning. a bit of a shock to the system, but there'll be lots of early—morning, sparkling summer sunshine, which will help lift those temperatures pretty readily. and so as we go through monday, again, still the risk of a few scattered showers into the north, but there will be lots of sunshine to look out for and temperatures will respond. so it will be a pleasant afternoon for many, with highest values, again, ranging from around 14 or 15 to 23, maybe 24 degrees if we get plenty of sunshine in the south east.
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that is the mid—70s. for the final day of the second test, well, it does look as though manchester may well stay dry and there will be lots of sunshine to look out for. that high pressure is still with us though, little change as we go into tuesday, just some cloud into the far north west later, an indication of a frontal system that is going to be a little bit of a hiccup through wednesday into thursday. could bring some rain into the far north west. high pressure builds, but as we head towards the weekend, it is just worth a quick heads up, things could turn a little bit more unsettled. a lot of uncertainty about that at the moment, so generally, we have got that little hiccup bringing some cloud and rain into the north west through wednesday, possibly thursday. dry and settled and a little bit warmer to the south.
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hello this is bbc news.


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