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tonight at ten, tension between britain and china escalates, as the uk prepares new measures to punish beijing over its handling of hong kong. hello. for the news where you are. but china's ambassador to the uk defends its tough this is bbc news with shaun ley. new security law for the territory, for the news where you are. saying it's only reasonable. the for the news where you are. foreign secretary don this turbulence and riots, any is responsible government has to take the foreign secretary dominic raab is expected to announce what measures to address the situation. practical measures that uk will take against china as tensions grow between the countries over beijing's china is also accused of gross human rights abuses tough new security laws for hong against its muslim kong. it has been denied that china uighur population. frankly, we want a positive relationship, but we cannot, we cannot see behaviour like that is carrying out a programme of and not call it out. sterilisation of women in the western xinjang province. nury turkel is a commissioner some senior conservatives for the united states commission want number 10 to come on international religious down hard on china. freedom and he's also a there'll be a commons statement tomorrow. also tonight... uighur rights activist.
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fresh claims england's i welcome any decision from europe, coronavirus test and trace system isn't working in one of the areas including uk, to show a strong with rising infections. policy response to the ongoing stealing nappies at gunpoint, the economic crisis in lebanon, that's fueling crime. humanitarian crisis that has been this is mason mount. oh, and it's gone right correctly described as the largest through david de gea! incarceration of ethnic minority since the holocaust. and man united slip up against chelsea, so the uk government needs to set up an all—london fa to respond, need to respond strongly in a similar way, cup final against arsenal. in a similarfashion, as the united states has done. this decision for public condemnation is long overdue. it is a matter not of conscience but of principle. united states does not advocate any country to break economic ties with china, but that economic relationship, trade relationship, economic good evening. interest, should not be the foreign secretary, dominic raab, is expected to announce at the expense of human rights what practical measures the uk or moral principles. will take against china, as tensions the train has left grow between the two countries over the station a long time ago. beijing's tough new security law for the territory. it is ripe time for uk and other that legislation could see european nations to catch up. dissidents sent to the chinese mainland, and so it's thought that has been quite a long period
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tomorrow mr raab may announce the uk is suspending its extradition when concerns have been raised treaty with hong kong. about what has been happening beijing's ambassador to britain, inside xinjang, which is effectively has threatened that china a closed province of china, for outsiders, largely. will retaliate and accused we have the footage downing street of dancing that was revealing to the tune of the americans. the building of these camps. are you frustrated about how long meanwhile, the foreign office has it's taken to get countries, including your own, where you now also criticised beijing live, where you have asylum, over human rights abuses united states, to actually against its muslim uighur acknowledge that this population, as our diplomatic correspondent, was really going on? caroline hawley, reports. i couldn't be prouder of my adopted hong kong in crisis. the protests have been going on for months, and the fate, country, the united states. the future of britain's former colony is straining relations. china's decision to impose and my government, new security laws, undermining for the responses they have shown. hong kong's autonomy, has dramatically escalated tensions we have a very strong bill that has between beijing and the west. been enacted in the united states and also the current administration as britain prepares has been, has issued a number to step up its response, a warning from china. of executive orders and made a number of executive decisions to address the ongoing humanitarian crisis. if the uk government goes that far i'm ok with the united states. i welcome more decisions. to impose sanctions on any individuals in china, china will certainly make i urge more multilateral decisions a resolute response to it. and efforts to address the crisis,
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but britain feels it must act, but i am more disappointed in other when it can no longer countries that have been trust the independence looking the other way. of hong kong's legal system. what we are looking at is a crime i said we would conduct a review against humanity, a crime committed of our extradition arrangements, against uighur people. and also a range of other measures and international community, that we might wish to take. particularly the european countries, i've now, with the home secretary and the rest of government, germany and france, to be specific, concluded that review, cannot continue to be silent. and will update the house of commons on what further measures we call on our international we are taking tomorrow. partners, the us' traditional five years ago, david cameron spoke of a golden era with china, allies, industrial democracies, but the relationship has liberal democracies to get deteriorated badly in recent on the right side of history. months, and is now beset by problems on several fronts. time for a look at the weather take huawei. last week, the government banned with nick miller. the compa ny‘s technology in britain's 56 network because of security concerns, a u—turn prompted by pressure temperatures by day will be close to from the americans. average this week. we start the week there are fears now with overnight temperatures below of the potential economic fallout average. quite chilly, first thing for british business. monday morning. temperatures will other countries, including the us, head up. a fair amount of sunshine japan and australia, have paid a price forfalling out there. high pressure settling things down to start the week. out with china. around that area of high pressure
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china has sanctioned commerce, will be some showers, especially in trade, the companies of those countries operating in china, scotland. these are the starting so, to be honest, i mean, temperatures for monday morning. widely in single figures. these are it's difficult to predict what china might do, with regard to the united kingdom, but we might have to expect that towns and city centres, colder in british companies would be in the cross hairs. the countryside. well into single figures in the more chilly spots. what china is doing to its uighur minority has caused international outrage. some cloud is going to build. for men have been forced into mass re—education camps, scotla nd some cloud is going to build. for women forcibly sterilised. scotland a mixture of cloud and sunshine. most of the showers north dominic raab today said the human rights abuses of the central belt. northern being committed were egregious ireland and northern england may pick upa and deeply, deeply troubling. ireland and northern england may pick up a shower later. the bulk of the ambassador was shown video that england and wales will stay dry with appears to show bound, blindfolded men being forced the lion's share of the sunshine for onto a train. this was his response. south wales and southern england with some spots creeping into the what is happening here, ambassador? i don't know where you've got low 20s. as for the cricket at old this video clip, andrew. these have been going around trafford, looking like a not the world, they've been authenticated by western particularly warm monday for the final day, a mixture of cloud and intelligence agencies, and by australian experts, who say these are uighur people, sunshine with the chance of picking being pushed onto trains and taken off. up sunshine with the chance of picking upa sunshine with the chance of picking up a brief passing shower. monday let me tell you this, the so—called western intelligence evening, any showers that forms will keep making these false tend to die away. they will continue
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on and off in northern scotland accusations against china. overnight. for most of us it will be another dry, clear and chilly night in hong kong, the protests go on, despite coronavirus, going into tuesday morning and again on tuesday there will be a lot of and the government here must weigh up human rights, as well as its sunshine to start the day. there is economic and diplomatic interests. a chance of catching a shower again a difficult balancing act. more especially across parts of caroline hawley, bbc news. scotla nd more especially across parts of scotland with the odd one may be found elsewhere, northern ireland our political correspondent and northern england, with cloud ticketing and a chance of patchy nick eardley is at westminster. rain to the further north and west dominic raab is address parliament you are through the day. temperatures, a few spots getting into the low 20s in some sunny tomorrow, what can we expect?” spells but most will not get that think we got a pretty clear hint high. there is a weather system from the foreign secretary today that he is prepared to rip up the coming on tuesday night into wednesday and as these weather fronts moving it will bring rain extradition treaty with hong kong. into northern ireland and scotland we will find out for sure when he and on wednesday reaching for a time speaks to mps tomorrow afternoon. sanctions are likely to be more into northern england. thursday and friday, the chance of a shower, and complicated and take more time but then into next weekend, it looks they are certainly an option too. as like low pressure will come back, you heard, the chinese have temperatures coming down a few threatened a robust response from degrees, and we will see rain patients if that is the route the spreading east. goodbye.
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government goes down, which points toa government goes down, which points to a ratcheting up of tensions with china over the next few weeks and months. some tory mps look at the huawei decision last week and want the government to go further, looking at other critical infrastructure, things like nuclear hello. power plants, technology, the social this is bbc news. media app tiktok. but it is notjust china, we saw an increase in the rhetoric on russia last week with the government accusing russian spies are trying to hack into the uk's coronavirus vaccine programmes. we will see more of that in the coming days as well when that report on russian interference in british politics is finally published, probably on tuesday or wednesday. i suspect it will be broadcast looking at the 2014 scottish referendum, the 2016 brexit referendum and other political events. all it means is
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that as the uk tries to cement its place in the world after brexit, it is not afraid of a political row, and it is involved in two with two major powers. a senior health official in blackburn with darwen, a borough in the north—west with one of the highest infection rates for covid—19 in england, has warned the current test and trace system isn't working well enough. it comes as scottish authorities are investigating whether workers at an nhs test and trace facility in north lanarkshire have themselves become infected with coronavirus. here's our health editor, hugh pym. blackburn today. part of an area which has seen one of the biggest recent increases in coronavirus cases. it's been identified by national health officials as needing enhanced support for tackling the virus. the local council has introduced its own measures, including limiting household gatherings. i think the two metre distance has more or less gone, but that's not the council's fault. that's down to silly people, isn't it? we need to take control of the virus, you know, and, yeah, i think, i think at the end
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of the day, everybodyjust needs to obey, you know, by the rulings. an investigation is under way at a blackburn mosque after about 250 people attended a funeral. there has been a positive test result, and the congregation contacted. mosque leaders say there was a misunderstanding over the guidelines for a limit of 30. in communities like this, the test and trace scheme is vital. finding people who have been in contact with those who have tested positive, and telling them to self—isolate. but the local public health chief said today the national system wasn't yet effective. we could risk seeing an exponential growth, because up to half of the people that may have been infected by an index case, by the first case with the virus, will themselves not know they are infected or at risk of infection and get tested and self—isolate. the department of health said the test and trace service was working closely with local authorities in england,
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to help manage local outbreaks and data was shared daily. in the weekend ending july 8th, officials managed to get through to 78.7% of those who tested positive. that was up slightly on the previous week. they were asked to give details of their recent contacts. of those, 71.1% were reached and asked to self—isolate. that was down slightly. in total, since the scheme was launched in late may, 156,000 contacts have been traced. speeding up test results and getting to more contacts is seen as crucial as winter approaches. experts say this is especially important in places where infections are seen to be on the increase. there has to be very large testing in those areas, with tracing, to be able to keep the epidemic under control. and certainly, i think that is where that, if you like, rise in the ability of us to test and the number of tests is incredibly important.
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a cluster of cases linked to a call centre has been identified at bellshill near glasgow. ironically, part of the test and tracing system. another example of the local outbreaks which health officials around the uk are striving to identify and stamp out. hugh pym, bbc news. the new coronavirus only came to light at the end of last year, and the more scientists study it, the more they're learning about who is most at risk. here's our medical correspondent, fergus walsh. the risk of catching and dying with covid—19 varies dramatically depending on your age, and roughly doubles every five to six years. now if we look at data for england and wales up to the end ofjune, if you're over the age of 90 there was a one in 49 risk of dying with covid—19. butjust look how quickly that risk falls away the younger you are. under the age of 45, there was a greater risk of dying
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in an accident during that period. and for the five to 14—year—olds, the risk was one in 2.4 million. there were three covid deaths in that age group during that period, compared to 138 from other causes. but even though the risks to the young are incredibly low, they can still pass on the infection to older and more vulnerable people. i think the figures for covid are quite extraordinary. we know that in normal life older people are at a greater risk of dying each year than younger people, but for covid the difference between the old and young is far more extreme than in normal life. older people might have 1,000, 10,000 times the risk of a very young person. of course, it is not just your age that's important. men are twice as likely to die in hospital with covid—19 as women. people living in deprived areas are also at increased risk, as are some occupations, such as security guards,
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bus and taxi drivers. now even after adjusting for socio—economic factors, ethnicity plays a key role. black and south asian men have up to twice the risk of dying as white men, and women from these ethnic groups are also at increased danger. then there is your overall health. nine in ten people who have died have had at least one underlying condition, such as diabetes, high blood pressure or lung disease. scientists have developed a tool to help them assess an individual‘s vulnerability to covid—19. take peter. he is a 63—year—old white man. now, his body mass index of 37 adds five years to his covid age, but it is his type—2 diabetes that has the biggest impact, adding eight years, giving him an overall covid age of 76, which places him in a more
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vulnerable age group. now, what about mantej, who is 65? we know women are less vulnerable than men, so we can take eight years off her covid age, but because she is of south asian origin, we have to add four years back on, giving her an overall covid age of 61. now, it is not possible to give a completely personalised risk, but it is clear that sex, ethnicity, age and overall health are key factors. fergus walsh, our medical correspondent, reporting there. eu leaders are struggling to reach an agreement on a massive coronavirus recovery plan to help european economies. the talks in brussels have already run into a third day and are continuing tonight, with no consensus on what conditions should be attached to any aid package. years of corruption and mismanagement and now the coronvirus pandemic, have left lebanon facing economic ruin.
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the value of the country's currency has crashed, losing around 80% of its value against the dollar. annual inflation is running at more than 50%, putting everyday goods out of reach for most people, and as our correspondent martin patience reports, that's leading some to turn to crime to feed their families. music: 0 fortuna by carl 0rff. this is how lebanon wants to portray itself to the world. but here's the reality. a country with a rich cultural heritage... broken... ..and on the brink of a catastrophe. this was the rage across lebanon last month. people are desperate. food prices have more than doubled since the start of the year. mechanic mohammed says that even during the civil war here 30 years
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ago there was always cash. but now he says the money has dried up. and people can't even put food on the table. law and order is breaking down, and a one safe country is now seeing a surge in robberies. look at what this armed man is stealing. nappies. at a different pharmacy, a robber pulled a gun on ibrahim. ijust gave him all the cash without doing anything. safety isn't his only problem. because of the currency crisis, ibrahim is struggling to import products. have customers come in here and you simply haven't had the drugs? yes, unfortunately, yes. that is happening in a lot of pharmacies, they will say, "we are out of stock."
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lebanon is now facing a dangerous reckoning. the social fabric of this country is being torn apart and the sectarian divisions here are hardening. the big fear is that what we will see is a slide into violence. this man was once a fighter. now he is stealing to feed his family. translation: we are forced to steal from vegetable shops because we are dying of hunger. it's not our fault. but stealing is wrong. translation: i'm not a thief. the politicians are the real thieves, they are the ones who got us into this mess. i really hope there is a future. but if their situation stays the same, my future will be the prison or the grave. lebanon has been plunged into darkness by crippling power cuts. in a region in turmoil, lebanon
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was seen as a stable country. not any more. martin patience, bbc news, beirut. the first mission to mars by an arab nation is preparing to lift off in just under an hour's time. the rocket will send the united arab emirates probe, named hope, into orbit to the red planet to learn more about its atmosphere and weather. our science correspondent rebecca morelle reports. mars is a mysterious planet. it has always fascinated people on earth. heading for the red planet, the united arab emirates about to make history. the spacecraft is called hope. until now, the uae‘s only launched satellites to earth orbit. getting to mars is a huge leap. feeling more nervous than anything else. we've tested and tested and tested the spacecraft to ensure that it can
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survive every single scenario, and now all of that rests on a launch pad on top of a rocket that is destined to a planet that is millions of kilometres away from us. our view of mars is about to be transformed. most spacecraft that have been there have orbited around the planet's poles and very close in, but this has meant a limited view. hope, though, is a mission with a difference. it's heading towards the equator, and in a much wider elliptical orbit, and this means it will reveal almost every part of the planet, at every time of day, in each ten day cycle. the spacecraft will study the martian atmosphere. even though the atmosphere on mars is around a thousand times thinner than the atmosphere on earth, we still see all these weather type events, so dust storms, clouds, fog, lightning even, so understanding the weather on mars will help us understand more about the weather on earth.
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until now, oil and gas have driven the uae‘s economy, but it is trying to diversify with its burgeoning space industry. it's a scientific mission and failure is an option. however, failure to progress as a nation is not an option, and what matters the most here is the capacity and the capability that the uae gains out of this mission. the spacecraft will take seven months to reach mars, and if it does succeed, a new player in the global space race will have truly arrived. rebecca morelle, bbc news. now, with all the sport, here's katherine downes at the bbc sport centre. good evening. it'll be an all—london fa cup final after chelsea knocked out manchester united in today's semi—final. they won 3—1 at wembley and will face arsenal on the 1st of august. our correspondentjoe wilson was watching. the biggest venues seem the emptiest without supporters. a wembley semifinal must be proper, committed.
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when a chelsea cross had to be defended, eric bailly was there. he needed treatment then, and again soon after another clash of heads. he stood, briefly, before being stretchered away, finally. head injuries must be treated seriously, above anything else. but even in a reorganised defence, there are expectations of a goalkeeper. the finish from giroud had too much for david de gea. at the start of the second half, mason mount‘s finish also had too much for him. and it has gone right through david de gea! and harder to explain. chelsea were so dominant, a third goal seemed appropriate. rudiger celebrated it, although it came off maguire's boot. hudson—odoi's foul on anthony martial was a clumsy footnote. bruno fernandes popped in a consolation, but the real surprise was just how emphatically the day belonged to chelsea. joe wilson, bbc news. match of the day 2 follows the news with action from today's premier league, but if you want to know
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the scores now, here they come. bournemouth are on the brink of ending their five—year stay in the premier league. they were beaten 2—0 by south coast neighbours southampton and must win their final game to have a chance of staying up. in the day's other game, harry kane's two goals dented leicester's hopes of qualifying for the champions league. tottenham hotspur won 3—0. watford have sacked manager nigel pearson with two games of the premier league remaining. pearson, who was appointed in december, is the third manager sacked by the club this season. they sit just three points above the relegation zone. it's set to be an exciting final day of the second test as england chase an unlikely victory. the hosts took most of the day to bowl out the west indies for 287 in theirfirst innings at old trafford. england then added 37 runs this evening to end the fourth day leading by 219. lewis hamilton has moved to the top of the formula 1 world championship after victory in hungary. the six—time world champion led from start to finish
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at the hungaroring ahead of max verstappen who came second despite crashing on the warm—up lap. adam wild reports. so often in formula one yourfate owes much to your position on the starting grid. but in hungary, for some just getting there was proving problematic. this was red bull's max verstappen crashing on the way to the start. up front in pole position once more lewis hamilton leading the way is his speciality. hedge funds are started, a lead that would only grow despite an early pit start. we shovel. the emerged in second place, his prerace crash behind him and so was valtteri bottas. sunni valtteri bottas could not get the better of him. lewis
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hamilton was way out front. untroubled, unchallenged in hungary, he is unbeatable. adam wild, bbc news. there's more on the bbc sport website, but that's it from me. thank you. that's it. 00:23:18,655 --> 2147483051:48:24,043 now on bbc one, time 2147483051:48:24,043 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 for the news where you are.
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