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tv   Talking Movies  BBC News  August 15, 2020 4:30pm-5:01pm BST

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hello, this is bbc news. i'm lukwesa burak. the headlines: exams regulator quual has set out the criteria for students to appeal against downgraded a—levels and gcses in england. it follows anger over a—level results after nearly 40% were marked lower than teacher predictions. prince charles has led commemorations to mark the 75th anniversary of vj day — the day world war ii ended with victory over japan. we salute all those who remain among us and offer our most heartfelt and undying gratitude for those
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who are gone before. the prince of wales and veterans lay wreaths at the national memorial arboretum, as part of a service of remembrance. last post plays we'll have the latest from events in the uk and around the world, as we remember the day world war ii ended. thousands of holiday—makers have arrived back in the uk after a last—minute dash to avoid a mandatory two—week quarantine — which came into effect at 4am this morning. now on bbc news, in a special edition, talking movies reports on the impact of the pandemic on cinema.
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hello from new york. i'm tom brook. sitting on a bench in central park not far from my home. in today's programme, a special edition of talking movies, we will be looking at how some of the tumultuous events of recent weeks and massive protests over racism may shape the future of cinema. let's start with film production, which came to a halt earlier this year in china, and then much of the west as the pandemic arrived. but the cameras are beginning to roll once again. to get some idea of what film
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production in the age of coronavirus will look like, this studio in icelandic may serve as a model. production resumed on this volcano drama after the director made changes to make the production covid secure. i came up with this coloured spaces so secure. i came up with this coloured spaces so if you are in a yellow armband you could only be in a yellow area. there were never more than 2a people allowed to be in the spaces. we can control the shooting pretty well that way. there are lots of issues to be considered as film production resumes. reaching an agreement over safety. new solutions have to be found. this director cast his new film by auditioning actors on line. in his
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dark comedy waking up dead he planned to shoot love scenes in an age of social distancing. myjoke is to have sex scenes featuring gloves, masks and disinfection. but i'll see what happens closer to the shoot, because i feel that if there is going to be anxiety on the part of actors, we won't know that until we have the shoot dates and we're about to shoot. what we've done is stayed in touch with every actor individually and all of their agents and managers, keep them in line with the covid—i9 protocols. because of actors‘ concerns of working in close proximity during the pandemic, there is great interest in state—of—the—art technology which can make it appear as though two actors are right next to each other totally seamlessly, when they are being shot in different physical locations. i think that is something that will be developed over the next year.
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several of these led light stages are getting constructed. if we wanted to practice extreme social distancing, where literally each actor and individual can be on their own stage with no—one anywhere near them, then then we could connect these stages digitally. as we get past the pandemic, this could be a good way because it is faster, and we can get good results. the pandemic is bringing major change in hollywood, notjust in work practices but in the kind of films the industry will be making. i do think there will be a lot of ingenuity around how to tell stories, whether using special effects or existing footage. we are talking about creative people. we will see a lot of
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creative solutions. now we have gone through this, we'll have to deal with this. if there is a second wave, i think we can ride through that, in this country at least. hopefully other places will learn and do that as well. i think that is what we need today. in my mind it is not to close but to keep on going safely. for everyone involved in production, these are nerve—racking times. fears of a second wave and whether a film set can be made truly safe remain major concerns. clearly in hollywood it is not business as usual and it won't be for some time. the protests over racism that emerged around the world in the wake of the death of george floyd reverberated far and wide. they appear to have shaken up the film industry. there is now quite a bit of debate over what films should get made, what films should be celebrated and what film—makers should be supported. this report has looked at how the film industry may be
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different in the future. as confederate flags and monuments of slave traders and holders come down around the world, new paradigms are rising up. hollywood is facing pressure to truly increase opportunities for black film—makers. go back where he told you. i'm not playing. while many films about black people centre on injustice and greed, this editor wants to see storytelling expand beyond black drama. i would love to see stories about black people just living, instead of them getting arrested by cops, less stories about cops and going to jail and more stories about them just living and being successful.
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he believes true progress will be made in the industry when not only black stories are wide—ranging, but also the people telling them are. black cinema is notjust black men. it's women, trans, gay, it's a full spectrum. protests sparked by that murder of george floyd have led to new developments. this street has been renamed to black lives matter boulevard, but in order for changes proposed by the film industry to go beyond the cosmetic and into lasting changes, producers say film—makers should commit to being antiracist and make room. get a look at your own companies, realise it is not enough to hire a black assistant. you have to realise you can't just make movies that you've been making before. you have to realise, i need to carve out a piece of this slate for black and brown stories.
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if that happens, that will be real change. real change will require having black people at every part of the film—making process. from assistant to executive producer. black critics should also have a seat at the proverbial table. you'll notice lots of white people are commenting on black creative work. what happens is their own perspectives, opinions, their own thoughts end up becoming the main thing. what they say ends up becoming what everybody assumes about the movie or what they think. ultimately this moment of racial reckoning shows us the limitations of having one dominant voice to tell all stories.
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allain says to create films that reflect society, hollywood can no longer take black dollars without accepting black input. black and brown people buy more tickets, we spend more money. we need to see more content that speaks to us. the other thing is, you know, there is a lot of black stories that white people want to tell. which is fair. artists can talk about anything. but if you are going to do that, you better make sure that people behind the scenes are black. it's just so important. since the beginning of the film industry, seismic global events have had a huge impact on cinema. they have inspired film—makers to tell new stories and explore new genres. how will the coronavirus pandemic change cinema in the future? from dubai, the bbc has been finding out. with more than half a million lives lost and the global
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economy severely hammered, the covid—i9 pandemic has emerged as one of the biggest crises the world has ever witnessed. the virus has also taken a toll on the movie industry, forcing production companies to put filming on hold until and ending new releases. but once the cameras start rolling again, will film—makers be tempted to tell depressing stories relating to the pandemic on the big screen? we'll see lots of uplifting inspirational stories about people who survived the plague. of neighbours helping one another out. we'll get some extremely critical films about the trump administration. and what is seen by many as its catastrophic mishandling. the coronavirus is an unprecedented challenge, but history tells the movie industry has gone through several difficult phases. from wars and recessions to terror
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attacks and social upheavals. they have all encouraged makers to explore new story ideas. some have gone on to become great movies that had a long—term impact on the film industry. sit up and hold onto this. the great depression in the 1920s was the worst economic recession in the last century. but more people went to the cinema then at any other time in history. during the 1930s american movies like i am a fugitive from a chain gang reflected new wave of social realism. matching the grimness of the times, they were hugely popular at the box office. the perception that the audience during the depression went to the cinema to be distracted during the period was not entirely accurate. frankenstein reflected the reality
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of those coming back from the war trying to integrate 15 years later with horrible handicaps. the realities of the great depression, the war, shape even films that seem as far removed from reality as 42nd street or frankenstein. in the 19405 the american economy was in the 19405 the american economy wa5 booming but the world was reeling from the devastation of war. 05car reeling from the devastation of war. oscar winner the best years of our lives looked back at what the world had gone through. war movies became a staple of the cinema. the government were not necessarily mandating, but enabling hollywood propaganda films that went on, and through 1945, not only did you have hollywood propaganda films being made, but you had actors and actresses who were extremely
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well known acting in these films. american and global events continued to inspire breakthrough movies across the 20th century. another recession in the ‘705 gave birth to movies like the godfather and taxi driver that redefined the antihero and hollywood films. it also gave rise to sci—fi thrillers that gave the audience a roller—coasterjourney away from the real world. 0b5ervers feel the pandemic will also offer an opportunity to film—makers to adapt to new ways of storytelling. some directors have already created short movies about the lockdown experience for a great film festival but will the audience have the appetite for these type of movies? this remains to be seen. hollywood, despite its liberal leanings, i5 hollywood, despite its liberal leanings, is still controlled largely by a white male establishment so what will happen to
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the force for change in the industry, especially regarding the pu5h industry, especially regarding the push for diversity. at least one hollywood institution appears to be taking this seriously, the academy for motion picture art5 taking this seriously, the academy for motion picture arts and 5ciences, the organisation that hands out the oscars every year. after box office matches like black panther, crazy rich asians and u5, there is more diversity but the industry hasn't exactly embraced it. we were not inclusive but now the academy is, its lifeblood i5 we were not inclusive but now the academy is, its lifeblood is to see that artists around the world are included, all colours, social science, the works and that permeates our times today, thank goodness. it's about time. but there
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had been calls to boost diversity for decades, culminating in 2015 with the viral # 05car5 so white. now the organisation has announced a task force to tackle the problem. the film industry has continued with its pledge to diversify, inviting new members of colour and more women but the academy is still predominantly white and male. some fear the attention paid to diversity could result in the suffering of other aspects of film. it is a good thing that you try to support groups that have been neglected historically but in the meantime we have to be careful about that because if you start also neglecting quality, and behalf of diversity politics, this will harm both. the cause, supporting minorities, but
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also minorities themselves can so you need actually to support more behind—the—scenes that you give education and opportunities for them to practice and to develop their talents. with the black lives matter protests ongoing, discussions around diversity in hollywood are more amplified than ever. an idealised version of what hollywood could be has been reimagined in a recent tv series, by ryan murphy, behind glee and american horror story. but does it distract from issues still alive in the current day? i want to take the story of hollywood and give it a rewrite. the characters are fictionalised versions of real—life hollywood movie stars like the first women of colour to win an oscar, mcdaniel. hollywood's first chinese
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american movie star, and the closeted leading man. the show tries to put the wrongs of the past right in post—war tinseltown, but not all critics have been impressed with the series. part of the issue i had with the show is the fact that so much of the fantasy hinges on this assumption that all it takes is like a couple of good white people in powerfor things to suddenly change, for things to change astronomically. and with a domino effect. if you look at history, that is not the way things happen. at the same time to see black characters be elevated and have happy endings, i think, is really fun to see. while the tv show descends into a woke utopia where cinema's outsiders are given the happy ending they deserve, in real life hollywood, there are many approaches. more people would agree
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it is a pivotal moment that needs to be handled carefully. i was fighting in their fight but now it's time to fight ours. weeks of lockdown and the emotion of the black lives matter protests appear to have intensified cultural debate over what is acceptable in world cinema. emma jones reports on whether going forward cinema will be tolerant of storytellers personal life and political opinion. michael moore has a history of asking provoking questions. do you think it's dangerous handing out guns in a bank? his new documentary planet of the humans says green energy isn't the answer to the climate crisis. released in april, it has over 8 million views on youtube. your film caused offence in the environmental movement. were you prepared for that? what i didn't expect was the rapidity with which the call for censorship came. there are a lot of things we should be fighting now,
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for the environment, racism and sexism, all the hate in our culture but we have to be careful. if we are not free to debate things, we will fail. there have always been cinematic provocateurs. lars von triers and gaspar noes who make art house films that shock. there have been those whose lives provoke. people such as mel gibson, roman polanski or woody allen. woody allen's latest film has its us release cancelled though it topped the box office elsewhere this may. his memoir was initially scrapped due to sexual abuse allegations. he has denied them. he has never been charged. when we talked about woody allen, it was difficult for people to review this book, difficult for critics to review his movies. it is like you're signing
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on with satan if you dare to say that the woody allen movie is actually quite a good screwball comedy. there is also press speculation that the future of the fantastic beasts series is not secure, partly because of controversy over author jk rowling's views on trans issues. it seems the effects of lockdown, the black lives matter protests and the black lives matter protests and the #metoo movement have pushed the film industry to scrutinising all its values. now what we are seeing as other ideas and other opinions, there is a debate but what we are seeing is a diversity of opinion and that can only be a good thing because it will create change and this idea there is a morality police is to an extent true. hollywood policing its beliefs doesn't sound particularly liberal, but activism has helped gay characters go from this stereotype... personally i really enjoy it when couples dress alike. two oscar—winning moonlight and
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oscar—winning story and more nuanced storytelling. port authority is a love story set in new york. when you put something new into the storyline, it changes the layers and the waves. having a trans woman play a bond girl or cleopatra for everyone to see at the same time, could be a life changing experience for a lot of people. the same pressure as part of the #metoo movement to give more women in film a voice might have resulted in st frances. it features abortion, but that is not the dramatic point of the film. i think there is a lot of value to being able to bring your own experience, your own complicated nuanced
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experience to the forefront, so that people have an antidote to this very polarised sort of aggressive culture that we have, especially on social media. i'm smart! if cinema is thinking more of women and lgbtq rights, as well as racial diversity, it'll almost certainly result in better stories. what the film industry now has to decide is who it allows to tell those stories and what should or shouldn't disqualify them. that brings our talking movies: future of cinema special to a close. we hope you've enjoyed the show. please remember you can always reach us online at you can find us on facebook and twitter. for me, tomba, and the rest of the production team, it's goodbye as we leave you with some images of eight film set in operation in the age of
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covid—19. hello. the weather has changed across some parts of the country in the last couple of days, we had the heatwave and now it's grey skies, drizzle and the clouds rumbling in the distance and that is what we have for the next 24 hours and possibly the next few days, very cloudy, rainy, showery, thundery weather and the humid air is still coming in from the south,
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swirling around an area of low pressure, you can see that moisture and cloud from the south and basically this bank of cloud will be stuck across much of central and southern britain through the rest of saturday and within it there is a lot of drizzle and rain at times but also the possibility of thunderstorms. temperatures are still nudging up into the low 205 where the cloud is but it's especially cool on the north sea coast because here we also have mist rolling off the north sea, that chilly mist with that breeze coming out of the east. this is what it looks like end of the night on sunday, 17 degrees so that humid air has not gone, it's mid—teens across the north of the country overnight so here is sunday's weather forecast and the blobs of blue mean rain and the potential for thunderstorms during sunday, even if you don't get thunderstorms the chances are it will be a mostly cloudy day, bits and pieces of drizzle,
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temperatures around 23 degrees, the possibility of a bit more sunshine developing across southern areas. sunday into monday, with low pressure with the cloud and that potentially a thunderous weather is still with us, look at the blobs of blue across northern areas of the country, glasgow and edinburgh getting some rain and look at the midlands and wales, all this could be thundery as the slow—moving area of low pressure which has decided to park itself over us churns away and drives our weather. not much change expected through the first half of the week before this low pressure comes our way which is expected to bring some unsettled conditions towards the end of the week and into the weekend but as far as the week ahead is concerned, it looks very changeable on the weather front.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 5.00: the exams regulator sets out the criteria for appeals against downgraded a—levels in england after nearly 40% were marked lower than predictions. i needed a, b, b. i only actually needed three seas to get into the foundation course for the veterinary foundation, which was my back—up, but on thursday i discovered that i had beenjust but on thursday i discovered that i had been just awarded three days. prince charles leads commemorations to mark the 75th anniversary of vj day — the day world war ii ended with victory over japan. we salute all those who remain among us we salute all those who remain among us and offer our most heartfelt and
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undying gratitude for those who


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