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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  October 9, 2020 5:45pm-6:01pm BST

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from writer—director rose glass. bless amanda's body which is hurting now but has done so many wonderful things. and bless her mind which is shrouded in darkness. and reach out to her like you did to me. amen. morfydd clark plays the titular private carer, nursing jennifer ehle‘s amanda, a dancer now facing the spectre of death. can you feel that? maud's duties include tending to amanda's physical needs cooking, cleaning, administeering medication and basic physiotherapy. but having recently discovered god maud is more interested in saving amanda soul. in fact, she's convinced that the almighty has put her there with that specific purpose and she is going to do gods will weather amanda likes it or not. he's here?
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while trailers have been selling saint maud as horror film, in the mould of hereditry, glass‘s electrifying feature debut is actually closer in tone to such foreign language offerings as requiem or stations of the cross. like those films, saint mod is a character study centred on a troubled young woman who comes to believe that god or maybe the devil is working through her. a possibility that glass has carefully kept open ended. he's everywhere. well, that doesn't mean it isn't scary. i've seen saint maud three times and i've jumped at every viewing. each time in a different place. but what gives the film its power is the fact that it's also a heartbreaking tale of loneliness. a study of isolation and obsession, that deftly balances the inner and outer world in which maud lives. clark, who displayed perfect comic
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timing and the history of david copperfield, and is currently costarring in eternal beauty is astonishing in the central role. a portrait of somebody who may not be as innocent as they seem. which runs the gamut between classic, unstable and rything physical exertion. ely too is terrific as the world—weary bohemian who views maud's faith with a number of wonder and contempt. isolated by her own failing health but seemingly guarding secrets behind her wry smile. save my soul. as for rose glass, she establishes herself as a major new voice in british film. brilliant in the intimate kitchen sink pathos and shrieking supernatural surrealism often within the space of a single scene. this really is one of the best films of the air. you can find it in cinemas now. 0k, 0k just give us until friday. 1500 cash bills. we'll have it by friday. we need a little time to get it together.
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friday tomorrow? friday's tomorrow? critics darling brandon july maranda july is an american in the institution. a writer, director and actor whose work also includes books, monologues and dance performance art. there is no doubt that she is a force for good and an inspiration to many. all of which makes me wish that i like her movies more than i do. of me and you and everyone we kkow, and being driven to distraction by the crazy talking cats of the future, i found myself admiring without actually enjoying each allies new and indeed best film, cotillion air. and clear. and out. evan rachel woods stars as owns deleo, put upon daughter of smalltime hustlers deborah winger and richard jenkins whose makeshift apartment is constantly besieged by pink foam. no, really. don't touch, don't touch the table. i've been through tremors a lot
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smaller than theirs. into this self—conscious and kooky trio spending much time awaiting the apocalyptic big one comes gina rodriguez who is excited by the idea of working a big fan of ocean's 11 to and who promptly becomes the recipient of all the affection she's never got. you never called me that. what follows is a delayed coming—of—age tale stuffed with zany tropes like the current earthquakes, disconnected hot tubs, heart—warming pancakes characters who burst into tears when they have conditions that mean they can't control their emotions while others emotions just spend the whole movie mumbling. we can only ever be how we are. somewhere in the middle of this comedy without jokes there is a universal message about parental legacies and the need to be loved and nurtured. a message that does seem to have struck a chord with july is fans. but for me there is a very thin line between quirky and irksome.
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and far too much of kagillionaire air is goofy melancholy tragic haze that left me lonely for the acid dyspepsia of todd sullins was up on the plus side the score who worked wonders on the last black men in san francisco is hauntingly offkilter. striking just the right balance between romance if their occult goodness and slapstick heist beats. the rest of the movie struggles to achieve. if you want something genuinely original then why not try beyond the visible. a very intriguing documentary about one of the most important artist you might never have heard of. in order to tell those abstractions now you have to rewrite it because basically, all the people said it happened in this year, will know it didn't. swedish artist trained at the royal academy of arts arts in stockholm in the late 19th century where she mastered still
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life portraiture and landscapes. but she was looking for something deeper. something which penetrated the physical, spiritual and even molecular nature of the world. and so against the advice of her elders she began experimented with abstract geometric shapes producing works that eerily configure the later more celebrated paintings of kandinsky. the fact that she was effectively written out of the male art history is just one of the subjects explored in the thrillingly enlightening dark. the film you'll find engrossing even if like me, what you know about art doesn't fill a postage stamp. using extracts of a notebook, modern interviews, dramatizations and a wealth of stunning visual material, beyond the visible builds up a portrait of an artist who is genuinely groundbreaking. and yet who was pushed to the sidelines by those
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with a vested interest in maintaining the status quo. beyond the visible is being released on a range of platforms including cinemas, galleries and virtual screenings. you can find details at the turn it off. modern it's kind of angry. it's empowering. it's a celebration of what it means to be a woman. it's man hating. the pop bio pics a strange beast with even the best ones like the buddy holly story or what's love got to do with it, frequently resorting to cringe inducing cliches. iam woman... but when it comes to toe curling contrivance and flat out not storytelling i am woman, the helen helen reddy story is up
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there for us should that be down there with the 1989 tv movie, the karen carpenter story. and that's a shame because it reddy who died last week had a life and career that was heartbreaking, remarkable and even at times revolutionary. everything this cheese fest movie is not. the australian single mum who arrives in new york in the mid 60s where she encounters a string of chauvinist characters who explained to her that women don't sell records because of the beatles or something. so she spent some depressing time singing in some half empty dives before meeting and marrying manager jeff wald, moving to california and becoming an overnight success with hit singles and her own tv show. all of this is played out to reddy‘s lip synced hits strategically placed to emphasise key story beats. so, i don't know how to love him a glass wall to the husband she doesn't have to love while eight no way to treat a lady in whichjeff
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starts cocaine off a shad carpet, often losing all her money. subtle it ain't. nor is it insightful. despite the uplifting backdrop of the rise of the women's movement and reddy being the flag waver and the still ongoing battle for equal rights, this pantomime production never gets to the grid of the heart of that story. even a scene which features a word for word three creation, reddy‘s brief recreation 1973 grammy acceptance speech somehow was manages to make herfamous punch line about god being a woman fall flat. no mean feat. don't get me wrong, i love helen reddy, her music neverfails to move me. if only this movie which in cinemas and on digital had an ounce of the wit, charm and sheer power of the souls. we were expecting you an hour ago. sorry. this is this land, your new guardian. i don't want him. we've all got to do our bit. an altogether more uplifting note,
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summer land which i raved about opened in cinemas injuly is now available on digital platform. and the dvd release coming on monday. written and directed byjessica swale, this lovely, heartfelt film about matters of life and death features terrific performances and gorgeous visuals courtesy of lori rose. nobody knows how to be a parent. maintaining an impressive balance between the slide in the sentimental, summer land gently subverts main stream formula as it slips between the realists and the romantic. the result is genuinely magical. a ray of sunshine in these dark times. that's it for this week. thanks for watching the film review, stay safe and i will see you next week. if you're lucky you'll get crushed and then you just die right then and there. immediately. a never—ending void. wow, so yolo. good evening. during friday, much of the uk had
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a bit of a drop in temperature and we have seen a real mix of sunshine, some blue sky but also some heavy downpours, too. but of course is the recipe for lots of rainbows that we've seen out there today. this one comes from one of our weather watchers near swansea. and as we head through the course of the weekend, that theme sticks with us. so, again, it's feeling a little bit colder than it has done recently and it will be a mix of some sunshine and blustery at times heavy showers, most of them on saturday. looking a little bit drier for most of us by sunday. high pressure is sitting out to the west of the uk. low pressure in the north—east, and that's driving in a northwesterly wind. we will see some showers rattling through on that northwesterly wind through the course of tonight. particularly heavy and persistent downpours for a time in scotland, northern ireland, into the far north of england by the end of the night. a few showers through north—west england down towards the midlands. further south and east across england and wales, you should keep the clear sky tonight. so, temperatures in the coolest spots coming down to round about 4 or 5 degrees, perhaps a bit lower than that in the countryside.
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so, just a touch of rural frost possible first thing saturday morning. saturday brings us a similar day to what we had on friday. again, we've got that high pressure out to the west, low pressure in the east but it will be a little bit windier. we've got a few more isobars on the map and those winds coming in from a northerly and northwesterly direction, so feeling fairly fresh there throughout the day. this line of persistent, heavy showers making their way across england and wales during the course of the day followed by sunshine and for the showers rattling in from the north—west. there will be some drier weather through the day particularly for parts of southern scotland later on. perhaps on the south coast of england, you should avoid most of the showers but it will feel quite chilly, 11—14 degrees, particularly chilly down that east coast and we still got the breeze around east coast into sunday as well. perhaps one or two showers for eastern scotland and eastern england but for much of the uk, sunday brings us the better day of the weekend, a lot of dry weather on the cards. some sunshine coming through not quite as breezy as saturday so it will feel perhaps a little bit warmer, about 11—15 degrees or so for sunday. looking ahead through next week then we soon see a return to low pressure
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moving in from the atlantic. looks like this area of low pressure will then be sitting across parts of central europe for much of next week. so, there will be showers around particularly across parts of england and wales. further north across the uk, scotland and northern ireland looking a little bit warmer and a little bit drier with some autumnal sunshine in the mix. bye— bye.
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a rapid increase in coronavirus cases in england, as infections doubled in one week. admissions to hospital have increased too, with the north east and north west of england areas of concern. 0ur prediction is that we will continue to be busy, with increasing numbers of patients coming in. we'll be looking at why cases are going up, despite restrictions. also on tonight's programme: the government announces it'll pay two thirds of wages for businesses that are forced to close. ahead of expected tighter measures. 21,000 jobs at risk — as the edinburgh woollen mill chain, the owner of peacocks, plan to call in the administrators. last orders, folks! strict rules have just come into force across large parts


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