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tv   Our World  BBC News  October 10, 2020 4:30am-5:02am BST

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this is bbc news, the headlines: president trump says he's stopped taking any medication against covid—19 for the last eight hours. he's set to make an outdoor speech from the white house on saturday. he said he'd been re—tested but hadn't found out the results, adding he thought he'd be, in his words, "at the bottom of the scale or free". the russian foreign minister — sergei lavrov — has announced that azerbaijan and armenia have agreed to a temporary ceasefire in their conflict over nagorno karabakh. the breakthrough came after ten
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hours of direct talks between the foreign ministers of the two countries in moscow mediated by mr lavrov. hurricane delta has struck the coast of louisiana, bringing a dangerous storm surge and wind speeds of of up to 150 kilometres per hour. it is the tenth such storm to make landfall in the united states this year — a new record for the gulf coast. the high street chain edinburgh woollen mill, which also owns peacocks and jaeger, is close to collapse — putting 21,000 jobs at risk. the company says it will continue to trade while trying to find a solution for the future of the businesses, but it's warned staff of significant store closures. its sales have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. our business correspondent emma simpson reports. edinburgh woollen mill, known for its cashmere for older shoppers and tartan for tourists,
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but these customers have been thin on the ground. local lockdowns haven't helped. another high street retailer on the brink. everywhere is closing, aren't they, unfortunately? everywhere‘s closing and it's just one of those things. it's just a shame for everybody. people will lose jobs and it's a sad thing. edinburgh woollen mill is part of a retail empire, owned by the billionaire philip day. there's peacocks fashion, ponden home stores and jaeger — 1,100 shops in all, with 21,000 jobs now at risk. they are a familiar sight on so many of our high streets. this store is open but most have remained closed since locked down because of a lack of shoppers. suppliers have also been demanding payments up front and then there's the end of the furlough scheme this month — just too many problems. it now has ten days to find a solution.
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in a statement, the ceo said: certainly in smaller towns where these are important stores and tourist areas, where lots of people come and see them in the weeks and in the winter, as they come to these stores, and they're not easy to replace, and i think the big concern here is — how do we replace these jobs? because it's jobs on a massive scale. stores that are open are continuing as normal. a business that lost too many shoppers now battling to stay afloat. emma simpson, bbc news. now on bbc news — our world. lebo diseko meets christian voters in the swing state of north carolina, and explores how important faith will be in a contest which biden has billed as a battle for america's soul.
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this is the most important election in the history of our country. america is gearing up for a monumental decision. we are ina for a monumental decision. we are in a battle for the soul of the nation and it is not hyperbole. we really believe that... at the heart of it is the battle for gold. in america, we don't turn to government to restore our souls, we put ourfaith in almighty god. will the president held up the bible at stjohn‘s church yesterday. i just wish she opened it once in awhile instead of its. both candidates have put faith front and centre and are showing off their christian credentials. we have got somebody, he is the one. i am going to discover how faith is shaping the election battle in one crucial state. this is, in my opinion, spiritual warfare. good against
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evil. god is still moving... there is a lot that hinges on the selection. i don't think this american democracy will be able to survive four more years. donald trump is a long way from a christian man. conservative christians like myself look and go, how can you possibly — how can you get your head around supporting this man? i broke my bible. north carolina is part of america's bible belt. and the more i realise just america's bible belt. and the more i realisejust how much god loves me, just how much he ca res god loves me, just how much he cares about me... it is a state where faith matters. but you are my god! it is also a key swing state, the last time a republican won the presidency without winning here was 1956.
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are you ready? i would describe myself politically as a christian conservative patriot. rhonda allen is a firearms instructor and an evangelical. give it and an evangelical. give it a try and see what happens. in 2016, white evangelicals made up 2016, white evangelicals made up the republican party's largest voting bloc, with around 80% of them voting for trump. smooth, easy trigger press. all right, nicely done. so rhonda, tell me how important is your faith to you and how you lead your life? my faith and my relationship with jesus christ is paramount. it was all my decisions and politics are very important with that because our leadership to dates the society that we live in and i would prefer that it continue to stay
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the god centred country it was originally created to be. that's it. we've noticed a great increase in demand for training and for firearms and ammunition. ammunition is selling out. guns are flying off the shelf. people are not feeling safe because they are seeing the liberal left coming unhinged and so our people are starting to fight back. rhonda sees this election as the battle for america's soul. and she is on donald trump's side. our christian values are under attack. we have very divided battle lines. we would like to be able to express our faith without condemnation from the left. when you speak up boldly and you speak typical truth, you can expect an attack. this is a small town.
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we live in the country and we have seen a huge influx in recent yea rs have seen a huge influx in recent years of those who don't believe the way we do, and they are making an impact in our elections and our daily life. we are starting to see a lots more public displays of homosexuality, blatantly on the streets. none of us are perfect 01’ streets. none of us are perfect or without sin. we all have it but most of us don't display oui’ but most of us don't display oursin on the but most of us don't display our sin on the street with banners. this is, in my opinion, spiritual warfare. this is good against evil. being christian is god's army on earth. it is getting more important that christians stand up important that christians stand up and speak their truth. we have got to start doing that we're going lose this country. in 2016, donald trump relentlessly targeted voters like rhonda. i'm a true
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believer and you are many true believers. i hope all, is everybody a true believer in this room? applause but, christianity is under tremendous siege and yet we don't exert the power that we should have stopped christianity will have power because if i'm there, you don't have plenty of power. you don't need anybody else, you're going to have somebody representing you, very, very well. remember that. in the us, faith is one of the most important factors in how people vote. and if you are willing to repent... trump has the support of usually influential evangelical preachers like franklin graham. god will forgive your sins tonight. and jesus liberally picked up those two stories. his father billy was known as america's pastor. and i believe more than that, i believe jonah could have swallowed the whale if god wanted him to. between them, they have preached to millions. this is the library.
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the billy graham library in the south of the state is a museum to their work. people come here from all over the world. it is the largest attraction here in this part of north carolina. good morning, how are you folks today? good to see a so. thank you, thank you thank you. there was bush, the clintons. these politicians thought my father out. he didn't seek them out. what do you think it is about donald trump as a person that christians connect with so much on such a deep level is yellow first of all, he is not ashamed ofjesus christ's name. he is very happy to be associated with christians. he is happy to have you come into the oval 0ffice have you come into the oval office to pray for him. when i prayed at his inauguration, i prayed at his inauguration, i prayed in jesus's prayed at his inauguration, i prayed injesus's name and he was very happy for that. and the bible rain is a sign of god's blessing. and it started
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to rain mr president when you came to the platform. evangelical preachers like franklin have been some of trump's biggest cheerleaders.” believe it was god. applause god showed up. i think you tonight for our president donaldj tonight for our president donald j trump. tonight for our president donald] trump. has been a lot of talk about his lifestyle and i think for quite a few people, it is hard to understand how christians, particularly evangelical can overlook that all the past thatyellow i'm not interested in the donald trump of 20 years ago or 30 years ago, am interested of the donald trump today. his lifestyle over the years has certainly, is certainly a lifestyle that most christians would not approve of and i think there has been a big change in his life in the last five years. and a spiritual change. this has been said by
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some people to be the most important us election ever. how important us election ever. how important is it for christians? i think this is the most important election as far as christians go. we have a very clear choice in this country during the selection. we have a president who is very supportive of religious freedom and we certainly appreciate that. as we've got the other side who show very little regard for christian values. the left will do everything i think in their power to undermine the people of faith. icame here undermine the people of faith. i came here to ask for your support, your help and your prayers. and wow, did you deliver. since winning in 2016, trump has made it clear he won't forget he loyal evangelical backers. you didn't let me down and i will never ever let you down. you know that. he has consistently championed their agenda on key issues like abortion and religious freedom. we are proudly announcing historic
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steps to protect the first amendment right to pray in public schools. you have the right to pray and that is a very important and powerful right. and there is a reason to keep them onside. their concentration in swing states and high voter turnout means they wield a disproportionate level of influence on elections. in jesus's name, we bless you. amen. for the rank and file white evangelicals like rhonda, trump's commitment to their causes is what really matters. judge amy coney barrett. his recent nomination of conservative christian judge amy coney barrett for the us supreme court has gone down well. i will continue to support him in his bed for election as long as he continues to bring forward conservativejudgements. —— judges. we need christian
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conservative judges to keep this a christian country. go trump. most importantly, i appreciate his support for israel and moving the embassy tojerusalem. the israel and moving the embassy to jerusalem. the bible israel and moving the embassy tojerusalem. the bible again very clearly states that if you area very clearly states that if you are a friend with israel and god's people, then you are a friend of his. if you are an enemy of israel, then you will be an enemy of his. is there anything you don't like about him? there's not a whole lot i don't like about donald trump. if he does nothing else but maintain ourway of if he does nothing else but maintain our way of life and oui’ maintain our way of life and our freedom, maintain our way of life and ourfreedom, than maintain our way of life and our freedom, than he maintain our way of life and ourfreedom, than he has done plenty. after four years in afterfour years in power, donald trump can't bank on all christian conservative voters backing him again. when i talked to reverend knox up the street... just across the state
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from rhonda is sean lamont, a former republican politician. it would be difficult i think for any christian to see donald trump and not acknowledge that he isa trump and not acknowledge that he is a long way from a christian man. that his value system is extremely flawed. as a christian, as a republican, what are your specific objections to him? how can a christian like myself with two daughters possibly support a man that says he can grab them — grab my daughter's by the genitalia because he is rich and famous. it saddens me greatly to see the republican christian right excepting this man in any shade. sean has been so appalled by the president's actions that he 110w the president's actions that he now actively campaigns against him. i served two terms in the north carolina state legislator. it was an
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honourable party and was taken over a party and it is wrong. asa over a party and it is wrong. as a republican, as a christian, we simply cannot allow this man to be re—elected. the rhetoric‘s become hate filled. anybody that disagrees with us is your enemy. that's absolutely new. there was always an element of that in our politics but now it has become the overall consistent drumbeat within the republican rhetoric. it is despicable. it is disturbing and it is dangerous. when the republican party goes with donald trump, it is not so much me leaving the republican party at the republican party leaving me. you are a lifelong republican, you are conservative and yet it sounds like you are leaning towards wanting a democrat to win. in this instance, yes. i will definitely be voting forjoe
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biden. i am going to encourage everybody i know to vote for the joe everybody i know to vote for thejoe biden. everybody i know to vote for the joe biden. joe biden is another thing that is different this time around. hillary clinton found it difficult to make any significant inroads into the christian faith. but joe biden is a lifelong catholic and not afraid to use the language of faith.” catholic and not afraid to use the language of faith. i go to mass and i say the rosary, i find it to be incredibly comforting. in the west of the state, it is a small rural town of newton.”
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think my most prized possession is the taylor swift autograph. wobbled —— robert white lee, lg btq wobbled —— robert white lee, lgbtq plus. eyewear bowties so it has a little bit of a resemblance. to me. i guarantee you joe biden knows more about the bible than donald trump. joe biden is a deeply committed person faith and he has energised so many of us in the faith realm to be energy east for him. —— energised. something that robert lees will challenge the dominance of the evangelical block which was so influential in 2015. people assume that the christian vote isa assume that the christian vote is a monolith thinking that every single question in the united states is going to vote
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for it donald trump, that couldn't be further from the truth. it seems to me that for the longest time, the evangelical church has been a loud voice. people let me say not so fast. donald trump was able to mobilise a base in 2016 that included the evangelical vote. it really did propelled him to victory. he is hoping to do the same this time. well, but, the unfortunate thing for him as we have had four years of president trump four. many christians are not happy with the way that he is portraying not only our faith and how he is treating others in the name of ourfaith. is treating others in the name of our faith. coronavirus is treating others in the name of ourfaith. coronavirus may well fate ——. of ourfaith. coronavirus may well fate --. coronavirus may well fate --. coronavirus may well shape the way african—americans decide to vote. no matter what we go through, no matter what the situation looks like, god is
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with us. this is what the situation looks like in north carolina these days, thanks to a pandemic. . some of us have lost loved ones. some of us have dealt with unemployment so low, we thank you. michael brickhouse is a pastor. like other african—american committees, his congregation has been affected disproportionately by coronavirus. will god is still working! god is still good. he has organised a foodbank to help those in need. this week you will find some collared greens, some squash. you will find some collared greens, some squash. the loss of life, the loss of employment is being held in our community, in my own family i have lost my
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grandmother to the virus stop this moment should pull at our hearts. we have been able to serve 150,000 deals since march 15 and we are going to continue to go while covid is still making its way through our community. president trump has said that nobody has done more to help african—america ns said that nobody has done more to help african—americans than himself. i wonder what you make of that statement. how can he make that claim when we are witnessing more devastation happening to the african—american community and i believe that this president has been absent from the pain and suffering that is felt in these communities. when she says are you registering for vote and you say yes, you click yes will stop in 2016 black voter turnout well sharply. michael is out to do something about it. you are voting,
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great, wonderful. the black christian vote is more energised this election cycle because what we have seen is that lives really do depend on it. you are going to do it in person, 0k, it. you are going to do it in person, ok, that is what i wanted to know. many of our members are resolute that they are going to vote in this election in that their family members vote. in person, all right. since president trump came to power, there has been a surge in political activism in black and progressive churches. north carolina has more african—american voters than any other swing state. we have to hold them accountable and the best way for me as a pastor to hold them accountable is i have a congregation that is willing to vote them out when they are not doing what is right for our community.
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injune, in june, black lives injune, black lives matter protesters were cleared from near the white house. donald trump was heading to church are not for a service but for a photo opportunity. the president held up the bible at stjohn's church yesterday. i just wish he opened it once in a while. instead of transitioning it. he is following the radical left agenda. hurt the bible, hurt god... american politics has rarely been as divided and angry as it is today. and it's even reached the quiet suburbs where sean lives with his family. what we have got here isa man family. what we have got here is a man who is intentionally scaring people and making you afraid of your neighbour. this is the stuff that will cause a nation to meltdown. this is the kind of stuff that will destroy the fabric of a community. the
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polarisation of the christian voting element in the united states is extreme. it is a level of hate and discord i could never have envisaged in north carolina. families that won't talk to each other, families that are completely split. even sean's15-year-old daughter has experienced this animosity. my friend since a second and third grade, she is a trump supporter, herfamily asa trump a trump supporter, herfamily as a trump supporter, just this year she decided, without an argument or anything, to just stop talking to me. unlike... i was just very disappointed to see a friend that i have told my deepest secrets to and told everything to just go away. however, it is the unprecedented level of this conflict which shawn believes could ultimately be my trumpet‘s undoing. could ultimately be my trumpet's undoing. we were a peaceful country until the last six months. now we have had protests a nd six months. now we have had
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protests and writing going on in most christians say that has got to end and do most christians say that's donald trump's fault? yes. donald trump's fault? yes. donald trump famously has had huge support from white evangelical christians. how important is it to him that he maintains that support and even expands it? there is absolutely no doubt, he will not get re—elected without that entire group being behind him. within the christian group, polls clearly show he has lost about 8% and 8% of that voting block is pretty significant, frankly. but for diehard evangelicals like rhonda, god is on trumpet's side. i believe he was put here for this day and time for a reason. and she is hopeful for november's outcome.
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she saved them from the hand of the enemy, she ready —— he rip —— he redeemed him. god knows, we know the end of the story. this can only help in north carolina! donald trump has visited five times since august and joe biden has campaigned here, too. this estate matters and how its christians vote may well help determine who wins the keys to the white house in three weeks time. hello there. during friday, we saw colder air sweep down across the whole of the uk, accompanied by a fair number of showers as well. this weekend, it remains on the chilly side. again, a mixture of sunshine and showers. the showers much more widespread, though, on saturday. we've got the colder air because the winds are coming
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in from the north or north—west. and that is because we have lower pressure sitting to the east of the uk and higher pressure towards the west. during the second half of the weekend, that high pressure m oves a little bit closer, so the winds will not be as strong and the showers will be few and far between. saturday could start dry, sunny and cold across southern england, but the winds are blowing down these 0bands of showers which could be heavy at times and pushing them southwards. the showers continue to rattle into northern scotland. sheltered central, southern scotland seeing fewer showers and more sunshine. and the afternoon may well be drier across northern england. it may not be too many showers for the south—west of england. 1a degrees likely here. for many, it is 11—13 degrees again and feeling colder in those blustery winds, especially when the showers come along. the winds will gradually ease after dark. the showers continue to run into some coastal areas. for many inland parts, it becomes dry and clear, and cold. those temperatures will be down to 5—6 degrees in some towns and cities, but easily 2—3 in some rural areas. on sunday, we have one or two showers first thing
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for northern ireland, wales and the south—west. those won't last long. what showers there are will be running into eastern scotland and down those north sea coasts of england where the winds are still rather keen. elsewhere, the winds will be much lighter, we'll see a build—up of cloud developing, but it should be dry with some sunny spells and temperatures very similaragain, 12, 13, maybe 1a degrees on sunday. the weather starts to change as we move into early next week. instead of those northerly winds, we look to the atlantic, and we have weather fronts coming in from the west. so, much more cloud around on monday. we've got outbreaks of rain steadily pushing its way eastwards. it does mean for some western areas in the afternoon we see sunshine, giving temperatures a boost, but after a dull and damp day and a cold start across eastern areas of uk, temperatures may struggle to get into double figures. and there is more wet weather around as we head into tuesday as well. we end up with low pressure sitting across more south—eastern parts of the uk, bringing wind and rain. further north—west, higher pressure, so it should be drier and brighter.
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this is bbc news, i'm lewis vaughn jones. our top stories: donald trump is due to return to the campaign trail with a speech at the white house, but he can't confirm he's covid—free. i have been retested and i haven't even found out numbers or anything yet but i've been retested and i know i am
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either at the bottom of the scale or free. azerbaijan and armenia agree to a temporary ceasefire in their conflict over nagorno karabakh, and talks between them will now begin. hurricane delta makes landfall on the us gulf coast, with winds of more than a hundred miles per hour. meet the maestro — the mini—maestro — the six—year—old french prodigy who certainly knows his way round a piano. hello and welcome. president trump says he has stopped taking any medication against covid—19. speaking to fox news, he said he'd taken "pretty much nothing" for the last eight hours. he said he'd been re—tested
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but hadn't found out


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