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tv   BBC News  BBC News  October 13, 2020 5:00pm-6:01pm BST

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this is bbc news with me rebecca johns, the headlines. * my address is the prime minister and calls for this this is bbc news. the the introduction of a 2—3 week headlines. a further 143 deaths lockdown for england. a so—called circuits breaker to reduce within 28 days were recorded on infections from coronavirus. you know that this scientific evidence tuesday. it is the highest daily backs this approach. you know that figure in more than four months. the restrictions you introduced will not be enough. you know that the ministers defend the new coronavirus restrictions in england as it circuit breaker is needed now to get emerges that their scientific advisers had called for a short circuit breaker lockdown weeks ago. this virus under control. it follows the sage advice that ministers revelations that the governing received is of course published and scientific advisers had called for a short lockdown weeks ago. ministers we have had great debates in this house about that and it is published defend and you coronavirus restrictions in england. this sage and then we make decisions that are guided by the science taking into advice that ministers receive is of account all the different considerations that we need to look course published and we had great at. we will not divide the house belief in this house about that and it is published and we make against these restrictions because decisions that are guided by the same as taking into account all the
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we believe as far as they go they different considerations that we need to look to. a further 143 are necessary. but i fear the government now need to go further. the sooner the prime minister is deaths within 28 days of a positive clear with the british public the test for coronavirus were recorded on tuesday. it is the highest daily better. mps are currently debating figure in more than four months. the new measures which will see police say three young children on a tighter restrictions in parts of 29—year—old woman from the same england from tomorrow. police say family have died in a car crash near the three young children and a oxford. more evidence of the 29—year—old woman from the same family have died in a car crash near economic impact of coronavirus, the sharp increase in unemployment and oxford. more evidence of the the three months to august. that is economic impact of coronavirus. a sharp increase in unemployment in the three months to august. because over to the bbc sport centre president trump's nominee for the and here is catherine again. 90 for string chords says she has no agenda as she faces her first question and that. hello rebecca. that evening everyone. practical and given tests a nswer as she faces her first question and answer session in the us senate. and cristiano ronaldo has tested the footballer cristiano ronaldo positive for coronavirus. he is test positive for coronavirus. he said to be well without symptoms and reported to be doing well, without in isolation. symptoms, and even isolation. portugal faced sweden symptoms, and even isolation. portugalfaced sweden in the group again tomorrow. the remainder of the
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squad have tested negative for covid—19 and they are available for selection. period of was quite corresponding. when aldo last played on sunday, he was part of the portugal theme but is really 0—0 with friends in paris. he is welcome to bbc news. health obviously one of the worlds most famous football is, he made his name secretary has that coronavirus poses a formidable threat and tell a first at manchester united then at rail madrid, he has been named the vaccine can be found. opening a debate in the commons on the new world player of the —— world player of the year some five times but government three tier lockdown others say he will be missing from system matt hancock warned that cases had were quadrupled in the portugal's team tomorrow nights because he tested positive for last three weeks. if more people in coronavirus. you remember last week hospital in hospital than there were we saw covid—19 cases in scotland. when the country into lockdown. labour has accused the government of it shows cristiano ronaldo is not the first footballer in recent weeks lacking a clear plan to tackle to have tested positive on the eve coronavirus. after scientific advisers revealed that ministers had not followed their advice for a of scotland's game against israel last week. three scotland players short lockdown in england three had to withdraw from the squad after weeks ago. in the past hour, the they tested positive. israel also had a couple of positive cases in government's daily coronavirus figures have been released and there their camp. we have seen it in rugby has been a steep rise in the number of daily deaths registered. 124 union as well over the last week or
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so. the sale sharks rugby team more deaths have been recorded today —— than 20 players and staff in their camp testing positive. he had to 143 compared with 43 yesterday. forfeit theirfinal camp testing positive. he had to forfeit their final match of the anyone who dies within 28 days of a season. we are seeing cases more and more in white affecting natchez and positive test and it is the highest affecting squads that they say since the 10th ofjune. it takes the total number of people who have died christina rinaldo has one of the most famous football is in the world and the most high—profile case that we have set anything in the last few from covid to 43,018. the number of weeks. i will update you on those a positive cases is also up with moment but for now, staying with 17,234 new cases being registered international football. england will today. our political correspondent be without these players by their joins us now from westminster. nick, illegal match against denmark tomorrow night. he has been given a leave of absence for personal thank you for being with us. let us reasons why he came back into the talk about the debate currently squad after being left out due to a going on in the house of commons. i breach of coronavirus wills but he just wonder how much pressure the has not withdrawn live in injury. government is under, not only from they have plenty of options. 28 its own mps, but also from the players available for his 23 man opposition. i think it is under increasing pressure, frankly. on two next day squad. manchester city is back into embezzlement squad for the fla nks increasing pressure, frankly. on two flanks you have got some tory mps first time in almost a year. nikita
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and local mayors around england who paris is also in the squad for the feel that some of the new friendly against germany on the 27th restrictions they are going to face of october. the ceo of british as part of this three tier system are two extreme, they are worried that they're going to have a huge gymnastics game —— game out has said impact on local economies and go too she will stand out from her position far. on the other side in a in december. she says her is about particularly since we got those sage retirement plan not as a direct papers last night which suggest a lot of the government experts want a consequence of allegations of bullying in the sport. she has been full circuit breaker lockdown of speaking to our sports editor.|j some sort, they warned that might be bullying in the sport. she has been speaking to our sports editor. i am devastated about the fact that the necessary last month, we are also athletes felt they had to come seeing increasingly some calling for forward. i feel the athletes have stricter measures. really been so in speaking out but at the interesting in that debate in parliament earlier hearing john end of the day, i have got to look labour to the dilemma john ashworth saying that the government might at what are the barriers that are in have to go further. that is a view place that has stopped the athletes being echoed by a number of from coming forward mps the things opposition politicians including that need to be fleshed out by the some labour mps who are now suggesting that the circuit breaker group —— review and hopefully be idea is almost inevitable and there able to make some changes to ensure will come a point where they will that the athletes can speak out when have to be a short, sharp shock as these things happen to them. with it seen where you'll see big swings of economy closed for a couple of
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weeks to try and stop the virus just four days to go on till rugby spreading. we are going to hear in a temp —— challenge cup the red devils few minutes from the labour leader keir starmer as well. he is hosting stage of their players tested positive for coronavirus. the idea his own press conference to talk to pay the rhinos in the game on about covid strategy. it will be interesting to see whether he talks saturday at wembley and it is the about specifics of what he wants to first final in more than half a see now that labour are talking century. they say two pairs have about further measures are being tested positive light other two are neededin about further measures are being needed in addition to what the government announced yesterday. inconclusive. so all four are now nick, as you are saying, we are isolating. southward less than match against the hollow angst rovers by waiting for the labour leader keir starmer. he is holding his first 24 points. two teams have withdrawn because of positive coronavirus live televised press conference as tests. if you pulled out after four labour leader and i think he might be just arriving now. positive tests while they also labour leader and i think he might bejust arriving now. let labour leader and i think he might be just arriving now. let us listen in to what he has to say. good followed suit after their rival tested positive. it's rather afternoon. we are the decisive moment in the fight against overshadowed the race but in the coronavirus. the figures are stark tense stage the three—time champion won the hundred 77, km run from and i'm afraid there are all heading in the wrong direction. the number auntie adriatic coast. he extended of covert cases has quadrupled in his overall lead to 34 seconds. that the last three weeks. cases may be
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doubling as quickly as every seven to eight days. there are now more event from me. and on the bbc sport people in hospital with covid than oi'i people in hospital with covid than website and that's including details on the 23rd of march when we went of the bbc sport expressed that the international lockdown. and while year award which it has been confirmed will be held in suffered the numberof international lockdown. and while the number of cases is rising more on that 20th of december this year. sharply in some areas, it is rising we will have sports before you at across all regions of the united half past six. back to you. as he kingdom and in all age groups. we know from bitter experience and had been hearing, the labour leader ca ra had been hearing, the labour leader cara starmer has called for a 2—3 great personal loss were all this weeks circuit breaker lockdown leads. three things and are clear. setting up a minister he said act according to scientific advice. so what do other opposition parties the government has not got a make up his call? let that speak to credible plan to slow infections. it the smb health spokesperson. thank has lost control of the virus and it you forjoining us. he has called is no longer following scientific for this second break, this many advice stop the sage minutes from lockdown to bring the rate of the 21st of september published coronavirus infections down. would yesterday underlined this. they are you support something similar in scotland? we have already clear, they are warned that a got that. sorry to interrupt. he is package of stringent interventions is now urgently needed. sage also
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says that not acting now will result advocating something much, much ina very large says that not acting now will result in a very large epidemic with stronger. you have got tightened catastrophic consequences. they restrictions across the central area of scotland. our tightened warned thatjust as in catastrophic consequences. they warned that just as in the first wave, the burden of a large second restrictions are tighter than that tier three that that government have wave, the burden of a large second wave would fall disproportionately published. there is no alcohol in oi'i wave would fall disproportionately on the frail list in our society and the west anywhere in scotland. pubs oi'i on the frail list in our society and cannot just stay open on those of lower incomes, the black the west anywhere in scotland. pubs cannotjust stay open as restau ra nts, cannotjust stay open as restaurants, it is very tight across the central about and where i live asian and minority ethnic communities. among their which isjust outside. so, it's recommendations is a circuit still a very significant circuit breaker, a short period of national breaker and as i say, it's much tighter and the level three or tier restrictions that sage believes would bring the r rate down and three restrictions in england. for reset the incidence of disease to a places that have 500 or more cases per hundred thousand whereas in the lower level. sage's advice is that central belt, you still talking this could set the epidemic back by about the 300 per hundred thousand. up this could set the epidemic back by up to 28 days or even more. and they the problem is it's the speed at are very clear that the more rapidly which all of this is growing. i mean these interventions are put into the presentation yesterday he talked about how it had changed even from place, the greater the reduction in cove rt place, the greater the reduction in
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covert related deaths and the friday to the presentations he was quicker they can be eased. the prime doing yesterday. that these high areas are moving south. it is minister has not acted on this spreading, exclaiming very quickly. i don't think that there are many advice. in the last three weeks, he areas that can afford to be complacent and the advice from our has introduced two sets of far less stringent restrictions, one on the first minister took a lot of abuse 22nd of september and one yesterday. last week for bringing in this two weeks circuit breaker but this is exactly what was advised by sage and both times the prime minister has promised that his measures would come close to or control the virus that would bring the numbers down and drive down the rate. but we now and in essence value 28 days of know that this is not supported by grace. then thinking about what you evidence. we also know that sage has will delete it and what system will have afterwards. i appreciate that scotla nd have afterwards. i appreciate that scotland has got dietary concluded that the £12 billion test restrictions across one particular and tray system has only having come area which affects about 3.4 million in theirwords, marginal and tray system has only having come people out of a total population of in their words, marginal impact. we about 5.4 million people. there are also know that 19 of the 20 areas of great amounts of scotland which that have been under local are not subject to the tighter restrictions for over two months, restrictions itself ask you again, infection rates have gone up not he is calling for a many lockdown
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across the whole of england, much down. it is no longer time to give tighter restrictions than are in this prime minister the benefit of place in scotland, would you support the doubt. the government's plan is that for scotland ? is simply not working. another course place in scotland, would you support that for scotland? is it a good idea? obviously our first minister is needed. that is why i am calling will make those decisions on the information but as you say more than for a two to three work circuit half of our population are under break in england in line with this that typist so higher than tier—3 sage recommendation. a temporary set but outside of that you cannot serve alcohol in the and you cannot have of clear and effective restrictions any household mixing. it's very designed to get the rate down and clear from the sage paper, what they reverse the trend of infections in say is the key is reducing the hospital admissions. this would not mean schools closing, but if it interaction of one household and another. we have not had any household mixing alone for two happens imminently it can be timed weeks. so we are already at a high to run across half term to minimise level and that is right across scotland. because the rule of six, disruption. but a circuit break when the rule of six is allowed to would require significant sacrifices across the country. it would mean continue in england, have been talking about six people from six only a sin or essential work and different households. to me that seems crazy. if mixing household is travel stop but anyone who can work a key driver whether in a pub or in
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from home should do so. none essential offices should be closed, a key driver whether in a pub or in a house, then you want to try and reduce that. so even with the household mixing should be restricted to one household except central belt, the restrictions in scotla nd central belt, the restrictions in scotland are still significantly for those who form support bubbles. tighter than what has been talked all pubs, bars and restaurants would about in tier number two and —— be closed for two — three weeks but compensated so that no business loses out because of the sacrifices tier—3. we all have to make. it should also about in tier number two and —— tier-3. our hairdressers and james closed across scotland been because mean that the uk parliament moves to thatis closed across scotland been because that is what would happen if there isa that is what would happen if there is a total lockdown? hairdresser is remote working. a circuit break not but james, bingo would also provide the opportunity is a total lockdown? hairdresser is not butjames, bingo halls, yes they are close. because everything would to reset and to rectify some of the be closed if there was the sort of mistakes that the government has lockdown that starmer is advocating apart from has been no school.|j made in particular to get a grip on totally understand calling for an testing and handover track and trace even tighter lockdown yes. i would to local authorities. a circuit support that. but our first minister breaker will have to be accompanied will be looking at exactly the numbers in the different parts of by extensive support forjobs, for scotla nd numbers in the different parts of scotland and obviously we have a large sleeve of scotland which is businesses and for our local very real well and very low
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economies. because if we are population and still has very low requiring businesses to close, we numbers. so it is trying to get a must provide the financial support balance, the majority of our necessary to protect people and our population as you said lives across the central belt and up the east coast so it might be places like local communities. because every job matters and every business matters. dundee, aberdeen, though cities they go on climbing and they may get introducing the kinds of added into the tighter restrictions as well. we are really grateful for restrictions is not something anybody wants to do. this was not your time. thank you for talking to inevitable, but it is now necessary us. the pendant astaire has rejected if we are to protect the nhs, fixed a demand from the first minister of testing and get control of the wales for a travel ban on people virus. i also want to say this from high—risk areas of england crossing the border. he whined he directly to the prime minister. you could close the border unless boris know that the scientific evidence johnson acted to prevent people visiting wales from covid—19 backs this approach. you know that hotspots. at bailey street the restrictions you introduced will spokesperson said there are no not be enough. you know that a physical borders between wales and england and that guidance was very circuit break is needed now to get clear. our wealth correspondent says it as circuit break is needed now to get itasa circuit break is needed now to get it as a virus under control. you the lengths government could still cannot keep delaying this and come try and close the border. the welsh
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back to the house of commons every few weeks with another plan that governmental to be pushed ahead with the legislation it says it can enact will not work. so act now, break the in order to stop people coming into wales from coronavirus hotspots in england or other parts of the uk and cycle. if you do, you will have the the first minister has also written votes in the house of commons, i can to administrations in scotland and a assure you of that. you do not need ireland and repeating this request for a travel restrictions. to balance the needs of your barty basically, what the price and if against the national interest. as that would like is the same rules that would like is the same rules the deputy chief medical officer that they have, lockdowns here and said a few days ago we are at a tipping point. but if we act now, if also lock ins if you are in the council area and lockdown you should we follow the science and break the not leave without a valid reason make work or delivering care. circuit, we can get this virus under therefore, he would like the same control. if we do not, we could rules apply to people in english, scottish, and not irish zones and if sleepwalk into a long and bleak that does not happen in the winter. that choice is now for the administration they can enforce a bomb here in wales. we have been prime minister to make. i urge him to do so. thank you. reporting —— enforce a barn. how is it looking e—mails?
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reporting —— enforce a barn. how is it looking e-mails? so said to me the rates are lower than the are seeing in merseyside in places like nottingham for example in nottingham you are now talking about a return over 800 cases per hundred thousand toa and places like pembrokeshire that you are now talking about a return to a blanket national approach. is this not going to be a huge cost to the economy and is it not better to taking cases per hundred thousand have a tailored approach to every but there are hotspots in the areas single reason? i do think local authority leaders should be much in cardiff where i am now which are more involved in the process of in lockdown and the number of deaths joint decision—making. a lot of bare skin and finger figures but speaking to people in intensive care people have been calling for track and trace to be done that way for a they are starting to see growing long time. but what this is about is admissions and inevitably we expect a break to the circuit to make sure that we get the infection rate down they will cause the death toll to so that we get the infection rate down so that in all of those areas can rise. for members of the same family get the virus under control much more easily. in relation to damage the economy, i think damage the including for young children and a economy would be caused by weeks and 29—year—old woman who have died in a crash near oxford. it happened on a months of the approach the government has set out. this would 40 the rest of the cityjust before break the circuit, bring the ten o'clock last night. the victims infection rate down and give us a who were all from oxfordshire chance to get in control of the included two girls, aged four and
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situation. you just said that we are eight and included two girls, aged four and eightand a included two girls, aged four and eight and a six—year—old boy. that 30—year—old man and then at... you want to see more action 18—month—old girl who went with them in the carare 18—month—old girl who went with them in the car are in critical condition and urgency. yet tonight in the in hospital. that is update you with house of commons, you had the the headlines now on bbc news. the opportunity to do something to force the primacy‘s hand. you can vote against the measures that he is labour leader kier stormer addresses the penman astaire and calls for the trying to introduce. unless you want introduction of a 2—3 week lockdown to correct me, you are not going to vote against them, but you're not for england, a so—called second going to vote for them either. if break to reduce infections from you don't think is the right plan, coronavirus. if it follows why not vote against? and if you're regulations that the governing scientific advisers had called for a worried about no measures at all why short lockdown weeks ago. ministers are you going to... i think the defend the new coronavirus restrictions in england. a further restrictions the prime minister introducing, i do not think they go 143 deaths within 28 days of a farenough introducing, i do not think they go far enough which is why we need a positive test for coronavirus where circuit breaker and we knew that now. that is the message and getting recorded on tuesday. it's the highest daily figure in more than across. but tonight on the vote, we four months. now time to get answers are not going to vote down a package of restrictions because restrictions are needed. the problem of the vote to your questions on the new in parliament is that is the take it restrictions being brought in to or leave it vote. nobody in any of england on wednesday. with my
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the areas where the infection is colleague ben brown and your questions answered. gone it is calling for no restrictions. it is in the national interest that we have circuit break now, but we will not vote against restrictions in the meantime. are now on bbc news it is time for your questions answered. we will talk you talking about a lockdown more or about the new restrictions in less identical to the plate the england and with us to discuss them first one except that schools will as my health correspondent in the remain open and have you costed your city of and also we have doctor chris smith, a virologist at proposal to help both people and cambridge university. welcome to you both and thank you for taking on businesses? it is very similar to these questions. we had a lot coming the first lockdown, it is in line m, these questions. we had a lot coming in, not surprisingly. let us start with michelle if we could with you, with what sage was recommending but we do not want schools closed. it is david wants to know what will happen much more important to keep schools to vulnerable people who were open. but there is the opportunity if we act now, to have this circuit shielding in the first lockdown. there has been some new advice for them today. new advice has come out break over half term. and this means that for one week or even ten days today. it is not advising that people who are very vulnerable the schools would be shot in any event and it would help a great shield again yet, the reason for that even though we are seeing deal. in terms of the costing of it, rising cases across most of the uk.
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the broad answer is that if we do there are other measures that all of not do this, the cost of the economy us are now doing that we want to do would be much greater in the long backin run and that is really important us are now doing that we want to do back in march, face coverings, keeping our distance which means you're helping to try and keep on because if the the infection rate top this virus although it is still continues as control it will be the out there and so the current advice economy that pays. this will actually save money in the long run. thank you very much. for the people who are most vulnerable is to really speak to the social distancing guidelines. hence, face, space and also in the hotspots we have this new tier system they are giving extra tips and advice that was keir starmer holding his according to the risk in your local first lame conference with regards area. so even in the tier—3 is not to one virus. he is calling for a two to three weeks circuit breaker shield but it is to contact to a lockdown in england in an effort to minimum. thank you. this is one for bring those coronavirus cases. our you chris. from kc and liverpool which is in the tier—3 area. can political correspondent was watching that with me and he joins us now. separated parents in a high—risk area scare see their children if nick, the question is labour has been broadly supportive of the they don't limit them? you might government's actions so far in dealing with the virus. why this
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remember this was the problem that change of tone, change of direction? bit of a headache for michael gove but at the beginning of lockdown would you call it? i think keir when he was asked this question and they had to change their guidance starmer, we got the impression from his comments that he does not think around this. he acknowledged that a the current strategy is working. you profound benefit the children of input from both their parents and are right, four months we did see it's critical to their well—being the barty broadly working together and their safeguarding that they have access to both parents and special provision is made if you to try and come up with a coherent look on the definite's kind plan to tackle the virus. this is a guidelines, the provision made on big moment because you now have a that meeting friends and family arrangements section at best a where barty that is explicitly arguing for there is a situation where a child another mini lockdown for the does not live with both parents you circuit breaker idea which will see significant restrictions of are excluded from following that particular provision. so provision hospitality pubs and restaurants and is made and it can still see both bars closed. it will be a ban on your parents if it live with one pa re nt your parents if it live with one parent and another parent moves household mixing. and apart from support bubbles. it would be a big away. roberts wants to know how are move. it matters because we know they new restrictions affecting weddings if you are in a clear that some of the scientific media are calling for that, we have seen number two area. weddings are still those sage papers which said that allowed but there is a cap on how
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many people you can have as a guest was the best way to break the which is 15 and england. so transmission of the virus. since obviously if you are one of those 15 then the number of cases, the number of debts, the of people in hospitals that's been impacted and allowed to go along you should still be keeping in england has risen quite a distance from anybody there unless dramatically. clearly, labour think that that needs some pretty radical you are bubbled with them which means you are living with them in your household already. another one action and it does mean that this idea of a circuit break is going to for you from chris in yorkshire, become a key part of the debate we will those most vulnerable would are seeing in parliament. interestingly, of course, boris need to shield any he already talked about that be given financial johnson had been pulled on the other support if they cannot work? depends direction by some of his backbenchers who think that some of the measures he is bringing insofar ona support if they cannot work? depends on a persons individual are going too far. he is meeting circumstances and of if you are off some of them right now to try and on sick leave because he cannot work justify the action that was then you can get statutory sick pay announced yesterday. there is this and is also disability allowance and real momentum building up within parliament among opposition parties that that idea of a short, sharp income support and universal credit so the best thing to do is go online and check the information and see shock as it is put, a circuit break, which ones are eligible for and you 2-3 shock as it is put, a circuit break, can also ask for advice. chris care 2—3 weeks will see significant curves, there is support for that. it's going to be interesting to see is one from susan. can we travel for what the government's responses to our pre—booked short break from
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south yorkshire to norfolk next that. it's approach is unilateral. week? the government guidance at the it isa that. it's approach is unilateral. it is a tailored approach to different parts of the country where moment is that the hospitality incidences of the virus are a industry is still operating and if different levels. that is right. we you are in an area that is no risk you are in an area that is no risk had a three tier strategy announced you can go to an area that's also lower risk and that will be to yesterday were depending on how numberone so local outbreaks are, they are facing lower risk and that will be to number one so that should not be any curves similar to now and if they reason you cannot go on your pre—birthday and as long as you are worth you would have a ban on observe the root of six rules is no household mixing and in the top tier reason why you cannot do that. this uc pretty significant restrictions on things like hospitality. however, is also one for you from carolina in we also know that the chief medical cheshire. i live after two of my officerfor england grandchildren what onto two different bays but they are from we also know that the chief medical officer for england said yesterday different bays but they are from that they'd did not on its own go different households, can i still do this? well. if you are in a low risk far enough. it would not be enough to control the virus to can bring area, there is no problem because you can look at the child and as the transmission right back under one which will stop the growth of long as you don't have more than six people from six different, sorry, the virus. i do think there is people from six different, sorry, people from six different, sorry, people from two different households together, six different households increasingly questions about whether the government is taking proactive together, six different households together in the house and that's
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steps and there are concerns that absolutely fine. as long as you get the government is having to change its mind quite regularly. it was together with just absolutely fine. as long as you get together withjust the absolutely fine. as long as you get together with just the grandchild and you on monday and have different only three weeks ago that we have a households and another day and you cu rfew only three weeks ago that we have a curfew brought in. before that, it are not maxing out the number you are not maxing out the number you a re allowed was only a couple of weeks before we are not maxing out the number you are allowed there is no problem. it changes if you are in a high—risk had the rule of six brought in. what we heard from keir starmer was the area and this is the thing to look at. if you go into a high—risk area argument that the government where you live in a high—risk area basically has lost control. he needs the rules will be different because to try and wrestle back control by there is a provision made against breaking transmission with a two or mixing between households in that three—week shutdown. the argument setting. but there is provision made that the government makes from the if you are in a childcare support level. so if you do childcare you can have a childcare bible and you can have a childcare bible and you can also have a social bubble which prime minister they argued against a is specific for single occupancy more restrictive lockdown at this household so there might be a way to stage is that that he has to balance at least look after the grandchild the economic necessity that the of one of those households under country has, the need to keep certain circumstances but at the businesses afloat, the need to keep people earning money with the health moment if you are in a low risk area there is not a problem with meeting there is not a problem with meeting risks. that is an argument that we the grandchild on two different days of the week. michelle, this is a have heard again from the government today. but it does seem that there is an increasing... there is question from alex. i am in a tier—2 increasing calls from some people in the scientific community that a area, cani question from alex. i am in a tier—2 area, can i still see the other person in my social bubble inside my
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circuit breaker and it will be interesting to see how that argument developed for the next few days. home? iam person in my social bubble inside my home? i am disabled and ifind nick will leave it there for now person in my social bubble inside my home? iam disabled and ifind it very difficult to get out so i thank you very much. as we have been really need to know. that is from alex. if they are from part of your support bubbled then they are not hearing, the uk has recorded its breaking any wills. carers can come in as well if you need that and also highest number of daily coronavirus deaths since mid june. 143 debts if needed to go for an nhs we re deaths since mid june. 143 debts appointment and the nhs is still were announced within 28 days of a open for business for non—covid—19 positive coronavirus test. our stuffed so do not delay getting seen health correspondent is with us. when you need to. another one on these are sobering statistics, nick. can you put them into some context travelling. can someone travel from for us? 143 deaths is the highest a very high risk area to a medium since earlyjune, but it is a risk area to stay in work? this is tuesday, which means we have this issue of reporting delays over the what the government says about this weekend. so often on a tuesday, we i should write it down. it says, on do see quite a jump in the number of the very high—risk, people should deaths being reported. it was 50 try to avoid travelling outside of yesterday. i think what we're at is very high areas that they are in or a trend, the weekly outreach and at entering a very high area other than for things like work, accessing the moment it is 82 deaths a day being reported on average. that youth services to meet caring
5:22 pm
number is doubling every two weeks, responsibilities or if they are in transit and the second section says which is what is causing concern and people should avoid staying overnight in another part of the uk is what has prompted the labour if they are a resident in a leader to call for a circuit break. high—risk area or avoid staying because that in the sage committee overnight in a very high—risk area if their residents elsewhere so it will set the pandemic bat 28 days. does not say you absolutely cannot, you could cannot, euclid for work travel across those boundaries and you could stay away in another place if you had to for work but you the climb in death rate also mirrors should try not to. so if you can what is happening with hospital admissions. we have seen 655 new make provision not to have to go in admissions. we have seen 655 new and out of these areas that's an admissions to hospitals, we had six optional solution but at the moment days where the admissions were over it does not say you absolutely cannot, it says you are advised not 600 people per day and they have to. this is from sundre who says, i been climbing rising and doubling every two weeks. there are some know children are at a low risk of catching covid—19 but can they be a signs that that has started to slow carrier of the virus not knowing down and you will see that with that they are spreading it? hospital admissions because and with absolutely, i stand about two thirds debts it might be a few weeks before of the population. the bacon we had we see any impact on the measures so far suggests more than 60% of the government announced yesterday. people who catch this may have no or
5:23 pm
also finally another 17,000 234 new such trivial systems with coronavirus that —— trivial symptoms that it might be inconsequential. cases announced. the weekly average there are people are being urged to is just cases announced. the weekly average isjust under 15,000. seeka there are people are being urged to seek a test if they think they might cases announced. the weekly average is just under 15,000. if we remember have coronavirus because people feel three weeks ago the signs warning a set of criteria of a sustained that we could be seeing 50,000 cases call for high temperature or about per day by mid—october. we see the the loss of sense of smell or taste trajectory once it is going up is but if you don't have any symptoms not as bad as we were considering a you don't know to go and get a test and you don't know to do any few weeks ago. there is some signs tracking or tracings of that is why of hope but the figures are sobering. thank you for being with we had run away cases of this because it's so hard to keep a us and for that update. the health handle on the because two thirds of the time it's invisible to us. children can fit that mould as well but at the moment what we know about secretary has insisted that government policy on coronavirus is guided by science. that's after schoolchildren is that levels remain low in schools and there is not criticism that expert advice had outbreaks happening in schools so so been ignored. minutes of the meeting far we outbreaks happening in schools so so farwe do outbreaks happening in schools so so far we do not think children are spreading this in an invisible way. by the sage committee which were published last night so that that may change and obviously it under surveillance but for now i can scientists called last month for a reassure you that the levels are short circuit breaker blackdown in england. labour called the minutes low. catherine asked at work in a
5:24 pm
alarming while in some regions have petrol station and haven't a quarter criticised the three tier system proposed by ministers. our political of the customers i served do not wear masks orface of the customers i served do not wear masks or face coverings, can you clarify for me the rules on face correspondence reports. the prime minister met his cabinet this coverings? so a petrol station is morning to discuss the coronavirus effectively the same rule as a shop crisis. but ministers are under silicate inside should be a face pressure to explain why they did not ta ke pressure to explain why they did not take more action last month to slow covering and very young children or people who might have breathing the spread of infection. opponents difficulties or health conditions that make it hard for them to their say the government has abandoned its face coverings but people should be commitment to follow the science. last night minutes for a meeting wearing them and they can be big from sage the government scientific fines if they don't do it, up to advisers were released. it was read that in september 21 they were £200 in england. the parties can put a fine £200 in england. the parties can put urging ministers to... in other afine on £200 in england. the parties can put a fine on you. let me ask you a question. you have these three tiers words a short sharp lockdown to effect a trite virus‘s this of restriction in england, the eating they is it simplify for people? does it clarify things or transmission. does it make it even more complicated? no one likes change. they also want to... certainly not the sort of change when we have to learn a whole new
5:25 pm
set of rules and try and back to living in a whole new way. hopefully when people get used to this will become easier for people to live government action for far short of that. is it too little too late? but with. but i think it takes a while to settle in and we must be prepared government say is a balanced approach listening to economists as for more change because the one thing that is absolutely true about well as scientists to predict livelihoods as well as lives. we did this coronavirus outbreak it is expected and there will be more ta ke livelihoods as well as lives. we did take action at the time. that is turns down the road witness and we when we clarify the rule of six, will have to accept that it's here thatis when we clarify the rule of six, that is when we brought in 10pm for the long term and we are going to have to remain very flexible in curfew for pubs and restaurants. but we have reviewed that and other our approach to how we live and how evidence and that has contributed to we live with this virus because the decision of the prime minister otherwise we are going to really made an announced yesterday to introduce the three tier approach struggle. as ever, very good to talk with further measures in those parts to you both. many thanks for being of the country where there is a high rate of the virus. last night the with us as well. today it was a prime minister but liverpool and the surrounding region into the highest pretty cool day for all of us but in restrictive tier. that means most pubs will be closed from tomorrow. terms of the look of the weather there are some big variation. this in addition bookies, casinos and james will be shut. putting the's is this theme in the afternoon, gloomy conditions that outbreaks of and chief medical officer said that rain, bright skies although there might not be enough to put the virus
5:26 pm
under control. i am not confident are some shower clouds in the background and we had some wet and nor is anybody confident that weather and dry weather and i think the tier three proposals for the of it the next few days we with the highest rates, if we did the increasing amounts of dry weather. still some shower is to contend with absolute base case and nothing more through the night into the early would be enough to get on top of it. hours of wednesday. rain across that is why there is a lot of fax parts of scotland and shall raise ability. | that is why there is a lot of fax ability. i think moore is going to down towards the south and five to 8 be needed and i thought it was very interesting to see the chief medical degrees for most of us but some spots in the far north of scotland officer being so clear about that will get very close to freezing. and aligning more in the spirit with into tomorrow we have high pressure what sage said on the 21st of in the north and low pressure to the september. labour has accused the south and east or north easterly government of losing control of the wind across the british isles and it virus. throughout the pandemic there have been supportive of the measures can make you feel rather chilly. borisjohnson has introduced. but show every rain to start off maybe now they are putting a bit more some of that into northern ireland distance between themselves and the and through the day we see further prime minister and calling for showers from the north sea across further restrictions. i'm concerned east england into the middle and stepping into parts of east rails they didn't go far enough and when through the day as well. between the you look at hospital admissions in shower as some sunshine, windy for manchester in the northeast you can see that this virus is out of most of us, windier than it was
5:27 pm
control. there are more and more today across the south. not quite as people going into critical care. i many as it was today in the north. think they should have gone further temperatures are a bit higher than yesterday and put more in place. the they have been today and it will opposition and some scientists are urging the prime minister think still feel rather cool and into about more restrictions. some of his thursday another cool day. cloudy i own mps think that even the existing think and the wind coming in from measures are still damaging the the north sea picking up cloud and economy wrecking button... maybe the odd spot of rain but most places dry and some change in the protecting livelihoods and jobs as west but a very cool field to the proving tricky. let us remind you weather and a similar story for friday. large amounts of cloud in about the government's tiered system of alert which comes into force the sky, using odd showers. bright tomorrow. most of england will be spells here and there. the put on the medium level where the temperatures are struggling between rule of six and at ten p m them and 13 degrees. as we head into hospitality curfew will apply. some them and 13 degrees. as we head into the weekend, high—pressure is going areas will be put on the high level and that means there will be no to be in charge, it looks as if the household mixing indoors, but the height will be strong enough to fend rule of six applies outdoors. the off the advances which will be most severe level is very high. that sending down to the southwest. as means no mixing of households far as the beacon itself is anywhere, pubs and bars were closed concerned looking dry for the most u nless anywhere, pubs and bars were closed unless they provide a substantial part, and big changes next week. the meal. the london mayor has told the low pressure will win out and it
5:28 pm
bbc it is inevitable that the city will turn wet and windy but also will eventually move into the second tier of a new covered restrictions mild. —— covid restrictions. tier of a new covered restrictions -- covid restrictions. i would be upfront and frank with the londoners. i'm afraid the bad news is that we will all be... with all the new cases and the indications of positivity rate admissions to hospitals, admissions to icus and cases of elder people, all the indicators we have other things are going wrong direction. londoners today at six. have made monumental sacrifices and thatis labour accuses ministers of leading have made monumental sacrifices and that is one of the reasons why we haven't had that as bad as in london the country into a long bleak winter as other part of the country. i'm it comes after ministers keen to sure that we as a city goal rejected their scientists advice on the pandemic. as one. i will on a daily basis documents show the experts wanted speak to council leaders, tied my much tougher restrictions three public health england and others to weeks ago, a circuit breaker they called it, keir analyse the data. i'm afraid the bad news is that it is inevitable that starmer wants that now. the government has not got at some stage we will pass the a credible plan to slow infection. trigger point and need to go from
5:29 pm
it has lost control of the virus, the medium to high. that is the and it is no longer following scientific advice. second tier and the government's three tier system. the mayor of london. and wherever you are across this pandemic remains a formidable the uk, if you want to know the rules in your area, you can search threat. our strategy is to stress by your postcode on a website and the virus, supporting the economy, thatis by your postcode on a website and education and the nhs until a that is at... vaccine makes us let us catch up with the weather now. good evening we had wet weather and dry weather. over the next few days, the emphasis will be increasingly on dry weather. but still some showery rain through tonight in the early hours of tomorrow some rain across the south east of scotland and showers out of the south is doing and in parts of wales as well. maybe some rain into northern ireland later into the night. temperatures five to 8 degrees but called on the far north of scotland. some sheltered spots to get down to freezing. into tomorrow some showery rain in southern
5:30 pm
scotla nd some showery rain in southern scotland and maybe some of that in northern ireland further showers moving across the eastern and central parts of england and perhaps getting into eastern wales. for most of us it is largely fine some sunshine, a fairly windy day and a fairly cool feeling. temperatures in the face of it, a little higher than they were today and the wind will ta ke they were today and the wind will take those off the value. it will be largely dry with cloudy days and it 00:30:25,416 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 will be decidedly cool.
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