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other pressures on all the various countries health systems. the interesting thing in the uk is that it's around rhenium of movement between the different parts of the country in the addition of whales to say you cannot travel into wales from certain hotspots in england and scotland saying something different. in france they are not restricting movement whereas the first time around they are very restricted on that and you cannot travel more than 50 climbers from your home. this round they are not doing that. i'm afraid it's too soon to be able to judge what works and what does not. the rules keep changing as fast as they are changing and they actually become very difficult even with hindsight further down the line to work out exactly which steps did have a real impact. that's a really good point. one thing that we do know is that the most vulnerable, the elderly, there were just about
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the elderly, there were just about the impact of the first time around to the daily telegraph not picking up to the daily telegraph not picking up on this suggestion that care homes are being asked to take back road patients who have been discharged from hospital. it is the paper discharged from hospital. it is the pa per exactly discharged from hospital. it is the paper exactly saying? we've been here before and it was actually devastating the first time around. this is a worrying story in the front page of the telegraph. as we know at the height of lockdown we had thousands of patients that were discharged without so much as a test and your disasters. 15,000 people on the number of care home residents in the number of care home residents in the uk that died from coronavirus related symptoms so far since the pandemic started in the fear of course is that we could see a repeat of that. a few things to note here, first of all it said they were first discharged many did not have a test and it seems to get obvious thing that policy now take into account the don't leave hospital to go anywhere without that test. the
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second issue the uk had is that with shipping and care home workers from other parts of the country that were hotspots. he had care workers being shipped up to rural parts of scotla nd shipped up to rural parts of scotland that had not been affected by the virus yet and there were a simple medic carriers bringing the virus with them. it exists a strong argument that we be isolating care home workers that's going to be difficult but perhaps that's where we need to put resources to make sure the virus camaro we are doing everything we can to keep the virus from getting into care homes but the last thing i will send the is that we seen in the briefings for weeks 110w we seen in the briefings for weeks now they're worried about more and there's talk about delaying millions of surgeries were people all different ages, yet again being told that there will be delayed again after being delayed at the start of the pandemic. i think there will be a lot of questions asked as to what has been done to rebel capacity if anything over the summer months. people are essentially told that patients, beneficially be told this
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but they're going to be prioritised so but they're going to be prioritised so heavily again they will have a lot of relatively young people without treatments. the impact will be immense. about four minutes left, the new york times to give a vaccine but there's always a but. what is the but? a vaccine will not be the silver bullet that many of us have been hoping it would be we are holding on putting up with all of this because sooner or later a vaccine will come along and and everything will be all right. clearly that's what president trump in the political elements of the story, president trump is been suggesting this vaccine will solve everything, clearly in want in there will be a number of vaccines, may be that the first ones that come online wa nt that the first ones that come online want to be quite as effective as we are all hoping there will be, people still need to wear masks and his other measures while the vaccine is rolled out, competing vaccines and nobody quite sure which is the best
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one in which one to go for. especially with this piece in the new york times is saying is we all hope there will be a vaccine it will make life easier for us but talk to the experts who really understand how vaccines work in the story is much work obligated than that. would have picked up on this is the idea that they could have all worked together on this but it was a business concern about doing that, companies coming together to work together, that's not happening. i'm sure that there is some truth in that combat that the cynic in me says of course there's opportunity here, but at the same time it's important to diversify when you are try to get a vaccine that different companies, universities in the private sector are diversifying working towards a vaccine because some are not going to work, some that are in phase three will not be able to be administered to us, i don't think it's necessarily a bad thing that you have competition here and probably a good thing. we fed
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similar reports here from kate bingham, head of the uk task force saying love the hype around the vaccine is wrapped up, only 50% effective, not obvious everyone will get one especially if they are young and healthy, this is a process, not and healthy, this is a process, not a silver bullet. this is vaccines, the metro is focusing on tests. medical students had discovered when it came to swab tests that they were handed over. yes, in birmingham in the midlands and united kingdom the tragic situation, appalling situation of used tests being given out on the streets of birmingham in an area particularly where a lot of students live them and some of those students live them and some of those students noticed that the packets had already been opened, they reported it by the time the
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authorities followed up on the fact that there was a problem, number of students had already used these swab that of course there were absolutely mortified and horrified cabal that has to be set at this stage does not seem has to be set at this stage does not seem that anyone has come to any harm. yes, sophie and tosha noticed that similar their housemates that already used the test and describe themselves as being left to shocked and violated. not surprising really. we will leave it for now for the time being, i'm sure that we will go through these papers a little bit more in depth with some of the other papers that come to us but with the time being thank you so much and don't go away, we will make sure you get the rest of the papers as and when we get them and also to our viewers as well we will be back in the next hour or so for the next edition of the papers. thank you for watching.
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hello, and this is your sports news — all four home nations were in action tonight as the current international window came to a close. england were looking to build on a win over the world's number one ranked team belgium on sunday as they took to the wembley turf again. ben croucher wraps up all the action. it's that time of year for autumnal colours, this is england in blue. this is harry maguire receiving a yellow. this is harry maguire receiving another one, the combination of yellow and red was not so pleasant for the centre half. the other one was still on the pitch and also filing gains. this led to a penalty which kristian erickson duly dispatched, and uphill climb from there on in but close to east glazing. if he thought the final was
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a wood spare gareth any pain, the top rate rhys james, red card number two. first time typically players up and sent off in the same game. modern history was made in glasgow, 32 years of scotland last went eight without defeats, six minutesjust for ryan frazier just without defeats, six minutesjust for ryan frazierjust be sent on their way six minutes from time, all their way six minutes from time, all the most settled it beyond doubt, the most settled it beyond doubt, the steve clarke side went on to achieve something no scottish team has for a generation. an early goal in glasgow and sophia had to the 85th to beat bulgaria, a williams a special with the cross, johnny with the finish, everyone with the celebration. top of their group and unusually for northern ireland too. these are fans of the football stadium, saw norway win in a northern irishman. it's back to back defeats now, bottom of the nations of group. for northern ireland not a
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pleasa nt of group. for northern ireland not a pleasant fall. ben crutcher, bbc news. the english football league will meet with all efl clubs tomorrow to discuss the proposed financial support put forward today by the premier league — an approved 50 million pound grant and loan facility for league one and two clubs only. the premier league meanwhile "unanimously agreed" that ‘project big picture‘ will not be "endorsed or pursued". reacting to the news the culture secretary oliver dowden took to social media shortly afterwards and said today's meeting represented ‘a good start. i urge them to work together & stay focused on helping clubs through this crisis" here's our senior sports news reporter laura scott today marks the first opportunity for the 20 clubs to get around the table, albeit the virtual one. since those plans first emerged on sunday and yes they were led by liverpool and manchester united. and perhaps supported by other members of the members of the big six.
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but there's not really any point pursuing a plan if it's not going to get the necessary 1a club majority that we no significant decisions in the premier league need to. i suppose what has happened today and what appears to have happened based on the statement is that they've all got around the table and discuss project big picture and has gone down so badly with the premier league executives and clubs that it appears they've decided to ditch the proposal. what has done is part of the wider discussion about the future financing and structure within english football. and it has brought to the full urgent need for financial support for efl clubs and what they've decided today is to advance £50 million rescue package to leagues one and two. it's on top of the solidarity payments that there had already advanced. reaches some £77.2 million. fans of che patient clubs wondering where it leaves them in with the premier league has said is there will be ongoing discussions regarding any
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support to championship clubs. but yes, project big picture today appears to be dead. four wasps players and three staff members who work in the playing department of the club have tested positive for covid—19. those who returned positive results are self—isolating and the club said they're all "in good health overall". wasps are scheduled to face exeter chiefs in the premiership final at twickenham in ten days‘ time. better news for rugby league side salford though. co—ca ptains lee mossop and mark flanagan will be able to play in saturday's challenge cup final against leeds after testing negative for coronavirus. both feared missing the wembley showpiece after "inconclusive" tests earlier this week. two other salford players tested positive yesterday and will continue to self—isolate. it was another day for the sprinters at the giro d'italia and another day to shine for arnaud demare. the frenchman came out on top at the end of the eleventh stage to claim his fourth win of the race. portugal'sjoao almeida retained the overall lead. britain's tay—oh gaygan
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hart remains 14th. mark cavendish says he has no "desire to stop" racing, three days after suggesting he was set to retire. he raced in belgium today and said confusion regarding the calendar was behind his previous emotional interview but the briton doesn't yet have a contract for next year. and that's all the sport for now. hello, wednesday was a sunshine and showers day for most parts of the uk. we will continue to see some of those showers as we head through the evening and the night. gradually drifting their way westwards. i think the showers will be becoming increasingly focused across eastern counties of england for the second half of the night. at the same time, a lot of clouds rolling in across northeast scotland, and if you fog patches could develop through the central belt. lowest temperatures across western
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scotland down to one or 2 degrees. more widely four to 7 degrees. tomorrow, a predominant lead friday for most, best of the sunshine for the southwest of england, wales, northern ireland, baby southwest scotland. northeast scotland will tend to see quite a lot of cloud and once again like today will see showers rolling in across central and eastern parts of england, they should be quite well scattered. temperatures in the low side ten to 1a degrees, but not quite as breezy as it has been. friday and weekend will be largely dry, often rather cloudy and it will feel fairly chilly. that's it, bye for now.
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this is bbc news, with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. a night—time curfew for paris and eight other cities in france, as the country struggles with a rise in coronavirus infections. as schools close in northern ireland, borisjohnson rejects so—called "circuit brea k" restrictions for the rest of the uk. could grey power be the by—factor in the presidential election? we'll report from a retiring — but not shy — battle ground in florida. four years ago, donald trump won a huge victory here in the villages. but the latest polls suggest joe biden is well ahead amongst the over—65s. and could air transport bubbles help rescue asia's


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