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social negative for coronavirus. social distancing, of course, no elbow bumps or anything like that, you can't really imagine it, can you? they met staff involved in anti—terrorist and explosive detection, scientists involved in the novichok incident in 2018 and scientists involved in the national response to covid—19, porton down closely involved. the queen said, 110w closely involved. the queen said, now it's doubling itself again. she asked questions but the important thing is that she is out and about again for herfirst thing is that she is out and about again for her first formal outing outside the royal residence but with understandable caution. nick witchell, thank you. finally this lunchtime, an 11—year—old liverpool fan has had his anxiety about moving to secondary school eased — after receiving a letterfrom his hero. lewis wrote to the club's manager jurgen klopp in the hope of getting some advice about how to deal with nerves. the manager responded with a heartfelt note, admitting even he gets nervous. i like this bit. it says, your support means a lot
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to me and to everyone at lfc, so i hope this letter shows that we support you too. well, i was worried about meeting the teachers and starting, because the school looked really big when i went on the tour, and i was also, like, a bit nervous making new friends, because...but then now the teachers are really nice. i've got new friends and the school doesn't seem really big now, to me. that's good to know, isn't it? now let's ta ke that's good to know, isn't it? now let's take a look at the weather prospects with nick miller. many others enjoying this quite a speu many others enjoying this quite a spell of weather, plenty of sunshine so spell of weather, plenty of sunshine so far today in the south—west. the north—east of scotland and eastern england, we are seeing more cloud and even though high pressure is close by the uk, that would suggest it's settled, it's not dry everywhere because the flow of air around this coming in from the east
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01’ around this coming in from the east or north—east has got plenty of cloud with it and some showers as well. he was the satellite picture so well. he was the satellite picture so far today. within the area of cloud in scotland, it's a little damp and drizzly in places, the speckled cloud in england is where we will see a few showers and we will continue to see them in the afternoon. some drifting into the mist lens, may begin to the west country and north wales. northern ireland, south wales, south—west england, with sunshine. with the flow of air england, with sunshine. with the flow ofaircoming england, with sunshine. with the flow of air coming in it's a little bit cool so temperatures are below average for this stage of october. into tonight, still a few of these showers drifting a little further west may get some towards the south of northern ireland later in the night, but for many others some cloud and clear spells and temperatures staying several degrees above freezing although in the clearer parts of scotland to the west you may end up close to freezing, maybe a touch of frost in a few spots going into tomorrow morning. this is how friday is shaping up. it's the same weather pattern. it's the very same weather.
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still a few showers, mainly in the east but some drift a little further west as the day goes on. some sunny spells again south wales, south—west england favoured, maybe northern counties of northern england in the afternoon. there is no weather change going into the weekend. a quick look at saturday and sunday. saturday, areas of cloud, a few brucie bonus sunny spells here and there. the thickest cloud may produce a light shower, many places staying dry and by sunday, we have changed the day, we haven't really changed the day, we haven't really changed the day, we haven't really changed the weather. it looks very similaron changed the weather. it looks very similar on the changed the weather. it looks very similaron the map changed the weather. it looks very similar on the map behind me. most places still dry. it looks by sunday it could be turning a little bit cooler into scotland. if you are enjoying this spell of quieter, drier weather, well, look away now, because into next week its low pressure coming back, so goodbye high, here comes the low pressure, and that does mean that winds are going to pick up and we are going to see some spells of rain at some stage as the week goes on. more about that as we get closer to it. a
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forecast on our website as ever and go there for the latest climate check video, wild wild fires, flooding and what el nino means for the world's weather. that's all from the bbc news at one. 0n bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. bye— bye. news teams where you are. good afternoon. it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news. clubs in the english football league will meet today to decide if they'll accept a bailout from the premier league worth £50 million. the offer will help teams in leagues one and two, but not the championship. 0ur football reporter simon stonejoins us now. and, simon, this is the offer that's been made after clubs in the top flight unanimously rejected the more radical changes proposed by project big picture? yes, that is right, jane. there was too much nuance in terms of voting
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rights and the way the league was going to be structured in favour of the six biggest clubs in the league for the rest of the premier league to accept. but what they do understand is, at the ef l level, especially leagues one and two, there is an acute need for finance so they made this £50 million offer. it is in the form of a grant, and thatis it is in the form of a grant, and that is now being discussed today. my that is now being discussed today. my understanding is that the chairman of the efl and the chief executive rick parry and dave baldwin are meeting with the clubs from the championship first of all, week one, and lead to, and then they are going to come to some sort of agreement with the efl board about what they are going to say to the premier league. my understanding is that even the championship clubs might say that this £50 million should be accepted, but whether it
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will be accepted in the form it is being offered remains to be seen. it does appear as though the efl will come to some kind of an agreement to accept this £50 million. thank you very much. the england boss gareth southgate has defended harry maguire after his red card at wembley last night. the manchester united defender was dismissed just half an hour into england's nations league match against denmark — which they went on to lose 1—0. maguire looked short of confidence before the red card. southgate says the defender has his full support, but there have been calls for him to be rested. he is playing like he has got the world on his shoulders, the stuff thatis world on his shoulders, the stuff that is going on and off the field. he does not look the player that he was, but he is still a really, really good player. he will come through this. you will come through it stronger and a better player because he is that type of guy. i
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have met a couple of times and he is a very confident guy. it is really ha rd a very confident guy. it is really hard when things go wrong for you, you know, you really think why is it happening to me? bit of history for scotland, who are on form at the moment. they beat the czech republic 1—0 at hampden last night, and are now eight games without defeat — their best run in more than 30 years. they top their group, as do wales, who beat bulgaria 1—0, but northern ireland lost to norway. salford red devils have been dealt a blow in the run up to their challenge cup final at wembley after two players tested positive for coronavirus. dan sarginson and jack 0rmondroyd will miss out on saturday's match against leeds after returning positive tests. it comes on top of a spate of injured players also being ruled out of one of the biggest games in the club's history. it looks like conor mcgregor may be coming out of retirement again. the former two—weight ufc champion says he's agreed a date to fight
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the american dustin poirier in texas next year. the 32—year—old had announced his retirement in june, but that was his third retirment in four years. he says the fight will take place on the 23rd january next year. that's on the 23rd january next year. all the sport for novq i'll have more for you in the next hour. a very good afternoon. you are watching bbc news. i will take you through all the afternoon's developments around coronavirus, new restrictions. quite hard to keep up—to—date but we will endeavour to do so. lets your first of all from scotland's first manager nicola sturgeon. she has been talking in the last hour. the restrictions on household gatherings will remain in place as the country is at what she called a "critical and precarious point" in the pandemic. the first minister advised people not to travel to blackpool after 286
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cases in scotland were found to have stemmed from visits to there. she also announced that face coverings will be mandatory from tomorrow in workplace canteens and corridors. let's hear some of what she has been seeing. the new regulations on face coverings and the availability of support for businesses are the two immediate issues i wanted to highlight today. but i also want to look ahead briefly to ever approach to managing the virus in the weeks and months to come. last week, we introduced tough temporary restrictions affecting hospitality in particular. the regulations giving effect to these temporary restrictions on hospitality are due to expire on the 26th of october. however, it is important to stress, though i believe everyone already understands this point, that given the ongoing challenge of covid, that will not herald a return to complete normality. the restrictions on household gatherings, for example, will remain in place until it is considered safe to ease them. and more generally, we intend to replace the temporary
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restrictions with a new strategic approach to managing the pandemic. part of this new strategic approach will set out the different tiers or levels of intervention and restrictions which may be applied in future, either locally or across scotland depending on how the virus is spreading. when we publish this new framework, which will then of course be subject to debate and decision by parliament, we will indicate, based on the latest advice from the national incident management team and from our clinical advisers, what level of intervention should apply to each part of the country when the temporary restrictions and on the 26th of october. the tiered approach to intervention will clearly be a central part of the new strategic framework. however, i want to stress that the framework will go beyond that. it will also seek to strengthen and improve the effectiveness of measures which we currently have in place to strengthen our resilience to live with this virus
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for the period ahead. nicola sturgeon at her briefing just in the last hour or so. a former government adviser on homelessness is warning that the country faces what she calls a "period of destitution" where families "can't put shoes on their children's feet". the treasury has promised to pay two—thirds of wages for workers if their employers are forced to close under tougher covid restrictions from november 1st. but speaking to the bbc‘s political editor, laura kuenssberg, dame louise casey said that the reduced level of support was "not going to cut it". when i watched the press conference and saw the announcement about the move to two thirds, i immediately thought, you know, i know they are trying to help, but this just is not going to be good enough. it is like you are saying to people you can only afford two—thirds of your rent, you can only afford two—thirds of the food that you need to put on the table. there is just a sense, i think, from downing street and from westminster that people will make do.
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well, they were not coping before covid, and i think the thing i am really worried about is what is happening in families. it is less visible, but i am really concerned about this latest change now which is taking even more income out of these families, and my own view, and i use this word carefully, is we are looking at a period of destitution and that the government should consider how you deal with a rise in destitution. notjust two—thirds here or free school meals over the summer, but something that is much more coherent about how do you really make sure we keep people not hungry and not stuck on homelessness. so the government is going to have to look at its spending review and it is going to have to look at what it wants to do in a much more draconian way than it is at the moment. i know that the chancellor probably thinks he is doing everybody a massive thing to put this two—thirds into the system, but it is not going to cut it, laura, because we have too many people in low—paid jobs.
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do we want to go back to the days where people cannot put shoes on their children's feet? this is what we are talking about. are we actually asking people in places like liverpool to go out and prostitute themselves so that actually they can put food on the table? i am not a dramatic person, i have been in whitehall for over 20 years, i have worked in the voluntary sector, and this is unprecedented. i have never worked... i remember the thatcher era right through to now, and i have never worked in a situation where i am so concerned about what is going to happen. it could be you, it could be somebody that you know. the impact of this is so broad across so many sections of our society that people on medium incomes should be worried about whether they are able to pay their mortgage, whether they are able to put food on the table, and that is what is hard to get across. it is notjust a minority of people that spent too much money on something that we think they should not spend it on. it is normal people trying
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to get on in normal life. dame louise casey there with her warnings about the impact of coronavirus. germany and france have announced new coronavirus control measures. in france, there will be a night—time curfew for paris and eight other cities. germany has recorded its highest number of infections since the start of the pandemic, and bars will now be forced to close early. there will also be limits on people meeting in areas with rising numbers of cases. simonjones reports. two leaders with two announcements, but one shared message — there are difficult times to come. in germany, there's a warning that the disease is growing exponentially. there will be new restrictions in areas with high transmission, including a curfew for bars and limits on people meeting. translation: i'm convinced that what we do and what we don't do in the coming days and weeks will be
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decisive for the question of how we get through this pandemic, because we can see that the curves of the infection rates are pointing upwards, in parts, quite steeply. germany has recorded more than 6500 new cases — a record figure for a single day. translation: we are much closer to a second lockdown than people would like to believe. if we look at how the numbers are developing, then it's high time, maybe not even five to midnight but rather the stroke of midnight, to set the right course. in france, there's real concern that hospitals and intensive care units will become overwhelmed. to try to stop the spread of the virus, there'll be no more late night dining in paris. people there and in eight other major cities will have to stay indoors from 9pm to 6am. the curfew will come into effect from saturday and last for at least four weeks. president macron appeared on tv with a sobering message,
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accompanied by a rallying cry. translation: we have not lost control. we are in a situation which is worrying and which means we shouldn't remain inactive, but we shouldn't panic. we cannot get through this if everyone doesn't play their part, doesn't do their bit. an example of this in the czech republic — police raid a restaurant which was supposed to be closed. they found the guests had moved to a cellar to carry on drinking and partying. and in the netherlands, a last hurrah. bars, restaurants and cafes are closing. the warning there, like in many other european countries, is that if the coronavirus rates don't come down, more drastic measures may be needed. simon jones, bbc news. the headlines on bbc news: london moves into higher restrictions from midnight on friday —
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meaning no household mixing indoors. other parts of the country including essex, york and north east derbyshire will also face higher covid restrictions from midnight on saturday. no agreement in talks between greater manchester leaders and the government over moving the region into the highest level of restrictions. a mother of a young boy with down‘s syndrome has made a series of cue cards which lets people know what language is appropriate to use in relation to the condition. she created the cards after she experienced unintentionally hurtful comments about her son. a hospital in cornwall has recently started using them. anna varle reports. can you say "bubbles" ? b-b-b-b... when i had arthur, one year ago, i did not know he had down syndrome, so when i was told, it was a real
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shock to me and i realised that i had really outdated, negative visions around down syndrome. where's arthur? there he is! so i thought, "where do these views come from? and then i realised they've come from language. through the year, i heard it on a daily basis and each time it really hurt. can i have a kiss? becca developed a series of cards online during lockdown to change the language that people use to talk about down syndrome. rather than saying "a down syndrome baby", arthur is a baby first. he's arthur, who is a baby who has down syndrome. this is probably one of the most important to me. i hear it and it really hurts this one, this is "with a typical baby", so sometimes someone will say, "well, with a normal child..." i think, he is normal. he's not typical — he's normal. in just weeks, they have
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been shared worldwide. charities, such as mencap, are making them a part of their national campaign and becca's local hospital is showing the cards on every screen, in every department, 2a hours a day. even when we really try to get it right, sometimes we can get it wrong. so, this kind of initiative helps us hugely, both our staff and anyone coming into the hospital can have an opportunity to read and see it and there is an opportunity to understand what it's like, the emotional impact that the language we use has for them. angie is helping becca share the cards far and wide. she trains midwives, gps and consultants all over the country in how to speak to parents who have a child with down syndrome. we've come a long way in this country and across the world in how we talk about down syndrome and refer to people and treat people with down syndrome, but there's a lot more work
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to be done. so, becca's cards have come at a good time where she has simplified things right down to some simple and accessible messages. becca is now aiming to get these cards in every hospital and school in the country. let's, all together, make an inclusive world, so i don't have to hear these things, so arthur does not have to hear them growing up and they are such a tiny shift in language and they mean so much, notjust to me, but one in 1,000 babies has down syndrome, so that's hundreds of thousands of people these cards will make a difference to. anna varle, bbc news. when bury fc collapsed in august last year, a group of fans made it their mission to bring football back to their town — against massive odds. the bbc has been following them them for 12 months, watching the birth of a new football club and the struggles and triumphs that came with it. bury fc is one of the oldest clubs
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in english football. but in august 2019, it was expelled from the football league. we are heartbroken. just gutted. one group of fans decided to do something about it. i want my kids to be able to grow up with the football club. this is bury, this is bury. come hell or high water, this is the right thing to do. a group of bury fc fans have started a new club from scratch. they're local builders, marketers and engineers with no experience of running football club. we've have sat there and spoke about what the plan was, how we wanted to work. you know, we wanted it to be for the fans, by the fans.
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chris is working on the phoenix club in his spare time and everyone involved is a volunteer. it was not the intention when i first got involved to be doing this right now at all. we are doing it because we would kick ourselves if we did not. there has not been a football match at gigg lane for eight months. today, supporters of yorkshire club rotherham are making a stop in bury before their away game in rochdale. you know, we have come to support them on our way to other teams. you know, to keep them going in business, keep the community going. john and another bury afc volunteer, simon, organised the visit. it is so important tojust keep these going so then we can all come in here and say, you know, we tried, we kept them open and we kept them going. we are starting to see more
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and more that people see it as being a serious thing. they do not see it as being, oh, this isjust a group of 13—15 idiots. 0ur club has a second chance. there will be football in august no matter what. bbc news, football postpones its professional programme. all uk football matches have been cancelled. there are worries some clubs will not survive the pandemic. i do not think another bury is likely. i think perhaps dozens of burys is likely. there is no if, it isjust a case of how many. despite the pandemic, bury afc decide it is time to launch and allow fans to become members. we have put the badge out for a vote, put the kits out for a vote to the members. we have got over 500 members now, which is brilliant. bury afc have been accepted into the north west counties league division one. meaning we start off at the very bottom of the non—league pyramid. but it is another step closer to getting football played again in the borough of bury. and today, bury afc
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are announcing their new manager. this town is a hard—working town, that is what i will demand as a minimal out of the players. we are at goshen sports centre, and it is where we hired for the year for training facilities for the team. it is spot on. it was a dream, obviously now becoming a reality. manager andy has managed to put his team together in three weeks. the day we signed, the welcome we got from people who support bury afc wasjust incredible. at the level very afc are at, most players get around £35 a game. not quite getting paid anywhere near as much as the premiership players. yeah, nowhere near. at the end of the day, everyone here is doing it for the love of it. it is the day that bury afc have been working towards for months. long road, isn't it, to get here? they now have well over 1000 members, sold over 1000 shirts.
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what a goal! they have won some friendlies, they have lost some friendlies, but today is the big one. ahead of the match, bury afc have a message for fans. to the people of bury, nobody would have foreseen the circumstances in which we now take to the field, with limited crowds in the world turned upside down. thousands of hours have been put into creating this club. it is by the fans and it is for everyone. if hard work conquers all, then we are already winning. you have urged us to bring football back to bury. at 3pm on saturday, we will have done just that. this fact alone makes us all extremely proud. the full programme — bury: bringing football back — is available on the bbc iplayer,
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and it will also be shown on the bbc news channel this saturday at 1.30. you can watch that then. much more coming up from tpm. —— 2pm. the weather with nick miller. hello. no weather drama around for us at the moment. it is fairly quiet. a reasonably settled going into the weekend. that is a weather pattern that they were south—west england, south wales with the lion's share of the sunshine over the next few days. further north and east you are, this is where you are going to see more cloud. and even though we have got high pressure, the chance of seeing a few showers as we are today. around that area of high pressure, this easterly breeze is bringing in some cloud and indeed some showers as well. most of those this afternoon are across parts of eastern scotland, especially towards the south—east, northern england and down the eastern side of england. as we go on deeper into the day, some of these will drift further west, reaching towards north wales,
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the midlands, the west country as we go into the evening. these temperatures, sunshine or cloud, are a bit below average for the time of year. as we go into tonight, we will keep some of this cloud moving in. a lot of cloud will spread westwards across scotland, taking some light rain or drizzle with it. from the cloud running in towards england and parts of wales, you mayjust pick up one or two showers. it mayjust push towards the south of northern ireland later in the night. for most of us, tempt your staying well above freezing, but if you get some clear spells in scotland towards the west, you may well end up close to freezing as we start the day tomorrow. into tomorrow, it is that mix of some sunshine but some cloud around. a bit more cloud than we have seen today, but again south wales, south—west england, maybe towards northern ireland and northern counties of northern england, this is where we will see most of friday's sunshine. where you have the cloud, again, a few showers moving in from the east, or in scotland the chance of seeing some light rain or drizzle. temperatures not changing very much. they will not indeed over the weekend, as well. winds are reasonably light, fair amount of cloud around, some sunny spells coming through. most places are dry.
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again, you could pick up a light shower on saturday, perhaps a little bit of light rain or drizzle where the cloud is thickest, and a similar picture going into sunday as well. you will notice that very little is changing over the next few days. wall—to—wall sunshine, fair amount of cloud, little bit damp in some spots, but nowhere particularly wet. just a bit cooler in scotland by the time we get to sunday. there are changes in the weather, though, going into next week. high pressure clears away and low pressure comes back, and by the middle of next week, the weather is much more active, wetter and windier.
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this is bbc news. the headlines... millions of people in england face tougher coronavirus restrictions from this weekend — with no households mixing indoors. london and some surrounding areas will move from the medium to high alert level — but there's still no agreement about greater manchester. in other areas, currently in the second tier, where discussions are ongoing, no further decisions have yet been made but we need to make rapid progress. discussions were held this morning about moving greater manchester into the highest level — but local leaders say they need a better financial deal. there was unanimous fury on that call about the process, about the evidence base, and about the economic support packages on the table.


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