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tv   The Papers  BBC News  October 17, 2020 11:30pm-11:45pm BST

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hello. this is bbc news with lukwesa burak. we'll be taking a look at tomorrow morning's papers in a moment. first, the headlines — more than 16,000 new coronavirus infections are recorded in the uk in the past 2a hours, with the number of covid—linked deaths rising to 150. millions of people are now living with tighter coronavirus restrictions in england. lancashire moves into the highest alert category, but there's
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still a stalemate over greater manchester. french police say samuel paty, the history teacher who was beheaded in a suspected islamist attack, had been threatened for several days. new zealand's prime minister, jacinda ardern, and her labour party have won a second term in office with a landslide general election victory after campaigning on their success in handling the coronavirus pandemic. hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. to what the papers will be with me are nigel nelson, the political editor of the people and sunday mirror, and the political commentatorjo phillips. tomorrow's front pages, starting with. .. according to the sunday express,
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borisjohnson is resisting a "circuit break" to tackle covid—19 because of fears it will drive the country into an endless cycle of lockdowns. the observer speculates that a jobs crisis is poised to hit up to a million young people within weeks due to the pandemic‘s economic effects. the sunday people says the nhs is facing a perfect storm of front line staff shortages and a lack of tests for coronavirus this winter. the sunday telegraph reports that tony blair has been accused of a breach of covid—19 restrictions after appearing to fail to self—isolate for m days following a two—day trip to the us on a private jet. the former prime minister has denied breaking any guidelines. and the sunday mirror report that a convicted killer, who helped foil the london bridge terror attack, has been pardoned by the queen.
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so, let's begin. nigel and nigelandjo, nigel and jo, great to have you back and we will start with the front page of the sunday express. nigel if you could kick us off with that story and it is all about circuit breakers. it certainly is. it is the express say number ten is ruling out doing a circuit break which would meana doing a circuit break which would mean a two week national lock down over half term, which is what sir keira starmer is calling for. the reason they are rejecting it is the argument is if you have one you have to have another and we end up in some kind of endless cycle. all i would say is we don't know that. borisjohnson promised would say is we don't know that. boris johnson promised to follow the science. what the sage scientists are saying is that the present restrictions will not work. they
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advocate a two week circuit break. and that's what we should be deciding. now indeed it will hurt the economy. but then not doing anything could hurt the economy as well. the shadow chancellor showed some figures this week where she says if infections continue to rise, you are talking about £110 billion hit to the economy. and what someone like borisjohnson hit to the economy. and what someone like boris johnson is hit to the economy. and what someone like borisjohnson is got to realise is that leadership is not about choosing between good and bad. that's the easy decision. leadership is about choosing between bad and worse. and at the moment, i think the local lockdowns are the worst of all worlds. they are divisive. their rules which are difficult to follow and people are on one side of the street seeing families and people on the other who cannot. and so if you have a national lockdown, the stay—at—home message were to the first time, came too late, let's not
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be too late on this one. jo commit really keen to know your take. talking about circuit breakers and the effects of it but what do you make of the game or the strategy that andy burnham is playing for manchester? well, i think eddie berman and the people of magister should be extremely proud of someone who is standing up and fighting for them. —— andy burnham. as nigel says, these local lockdowns seem to be arbitrary. the 3—tier system is totally confusing. you have got different rules applying under the same system and i think he's right. it is all about the government saying we are playing two thirds of people's wages. if that is two thirds of the minimum wage, then clearly it is not enough people to live on. and nobody is going to be able to say to their landlord i can only pay two thirds of the rent this month or two thirds of the fuel bill. so it is an absolute and as nigel said this is a real test of
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anybody poss met leadership i'm afraid it's found a borisjohnson sadly wanting. it is about balancing the economy and it is about balancing public health. but it would be far better since we have managed to completely screw it up over the managed to completely screw it up overthe summerto managed to completely screw it up over the summer to actually have a lock down to try and reset, maybe we will even get track and trace working, who knows? because that seems to me but to be the underlying key to this, is not a magic bullet but it is... we can track and trace people, we will all be in a better position because of the moment it seems as though the government are ignoring scientific advice, making it up as they go along to my penalizing people in the north of england without compensating them. so will be much better to say we are going for two weeks now and then maybe two weeks at christmas and then maybe two weeks... we cannot pretend that this is going to go away. we are going to be living like this probably four months to come. so let's try and manage it in a way that people can deal with instead of
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expecting people to try and understand and overcome located rule. these are made up on the back ofa rule. these are made up on the back of a kit. if we then go to the front page of the sunday telegraph, nigel, how on earth are we going to work out an exit strategy because boris johnson is coming under pressure for that as well? he is indeed from his own mps and grantees in the party. so if the two of the telegraph are quoting the former chancellor norman lamont and also certain grandma brady, the head of the tort —— tory backbenchers. —— certain grandma brady. they are right, we should have a exit strategy but not the one that brady is calling for. you must have a time limit on these restrictions, have a talent when everything gets back to normal. now that's got to be ridiculous. the virus does not have a time limit. some on the basis of that, we cannot possibly know when we can actually
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lift all the restrictions, so i think that any exit strategy has got to be based on the idea we might have to live with this virus for a very long time. so if we go then to the observer and have to live this for a long time, terrible news for young britons. yes, i mean this is hardly surprising because i'm sure many young people are already experiencing this with this is quite a large piece of research it is going published on monday by a professor from bath university who isa professor from bath university who is a specialist in economic and social policy and labour market. and basically says that 1 million young people between the age of 16 and 24 are facing a job crisis within weeks. so if they are not an implement at the moment and are not in training and are not an education, then their chances of finding ajob are education, then their chances of finding a job are pretty remote which is hardly surprising given the numberof which is hardly surprising given the number of people who have been laid off and people with experience and
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training and qualifications. and i think what this does again goes back to this thing of leadership and it goes back to the whole idea of thinking longer term. goes back to the whole idea of thinking longerterm. not goes back to the whole idea of thinking longer term. not about what happens in the next two weeks or before christmas or the new year, in the 19305, president roosevelt introduced the new deal in 1933. to try and help americans recover from the great depression and it lasted until 1939. and it put an awful lot of people into work. public work. arti5tic work, a whole load of really important things that really help5 rebuild america. and that is what is required now of politicians, whether it's bori5 what is required now of politicians, whether it's boris johnson what is required now of politicians, whether it's borisjohnson or whether it's borisjohnson or whether it's borisjohnson or whether it's keir starmer or whoever it is. you've got to think about the future and how we don't squander a whole generation of young people as well as all the old people who are going to be consigned to implement
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for years. we know what damage that does to communities, two families, to individuals. there has got to be something in that requires a lot of thought, a lot of imagination and some strategy. the front page of the sunday mirror, your paper come until some of the front page. it sounds like it's a great story. it certainly is. this is a man who most will recall as the man who was wielding the norwalk tuscola london bridge when the terrorist attacks there. and because he risked his own life, he saved many others. now he was coming to the end of a 17 year sentence for a particularly brutal murder, and the queen has not given him a royal pardon. what this will mean is he will probably come out of prison ten months early. people will probably have to decide that there is always a fine dividing line between hero and villain, and in
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this case i thought he probably has been both. but as far as we can gather, he has been rehabilitated in prison and he is a changed person. 0k, very quickly, jo. it's not like you've got another 20 years to serve. he was actually attending the course near london bridge where the people running who is photographed with him on the front page, the man who was killed, so i think you cannot, you have to look at the evidence and presented with a have a look at the evidence and said he is a changed man and he did obviously save some lives. not all completely but he was brave and it would be good. jo phillips and otto nelson, that you very much for your time and enjoy the rest of your weekend but for now and this addition of the papers, thank you and goodbye. and thatis papers, thank you and goodbye. and
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that is it. all the day's sport next, followed by the film review. goodbye. hello there. i'm 0lly foster with the latest from the bbc sport centre. everton have dropped points for the first time this season after a thrilling merseyside derby. the league leaders came from behind twice to draw 2—2 against liverpool. sadio mane put the champions ahead in only the third minute at goodison park. michael keane equalised. mohamed salah put liverpool ahead again only for dominic calvert—lewin to get another equaliser. richarlison was sent off later on. and jordan henderson thought he'd won it for liverpool in injury time, but his goal was disallowed for a very marginal offside decision against mane. somebody showed me the situation with the henderson goal, and i don't know where the line
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is and where you can do offside at. ijust don't understand it. so, yes, obviously we should have won this game, but we didn't. so, we accept that obviously. it was a much—needed win for manchester united. they beat newcastle 4—1, but they only secured the victory very late on at st james' park. they'd missed a penalty, and it was 1—1 with five minutes left to play before goals from bruno fernandes, who'd missed that penalty, aaron wan—bissaka and that from marcus rashford deep into injury time saw them pick up their second league win of the season. they lie 14th in the table. chelsea missed a chance to move into the top four. they were 2—0 up at home to southampton thanks to two strikes from timo werner, his first league goals since joining in the summer. but southampton clawed their way back into the game. theo walcott‘s shot was turned in by danish defender jannik vestergaard in injury time, and it was 3—3. arsenal also lost ground today, beaten by manchester city
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at the etihad stadium. raheem sterling with the only goal of the game. city are up into the top half of the table. rangers have gone four points clear of celtic at the top of the scottish premiership after beating them 2—0 at celtic park. connor goldson scored both goals. there were wins for st johnstone's and kilmarnock. st mirren had only eight available outfield players because of coronavirus, so their match against motherwell had to be postponed. exeter chiefs are rugby union european champions for the first time. they beat french side racing 92 31—27 in bristol. austin halewood reports. no fans and empty stands — an understated backdrop for the biggest prize in european rugby, but the exeter chiefs don't care. getting to this point has been decades in the making, from the fourth tier to the very top of the game. it's power that's taken them there, and once again it didn't let them down, time after time.
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exeter into an early lead, but this was a clash of styles. the chiefs brought the muscle, and racing brought the flare. back—to—back tries bringing the french side right back into the match, but often the biggest of finals are decided by the smallest of margins. an interception thrown by scotland's finn russell opened the doorfor the chiefs. the fine line between brilliance and foolishness. a pass he'll be desperate to have back, and it was a gap that racing just couldn't close as exeter captainjoe simmonds sealed the win. from english minnows to european giants, it's a transformation the sport has rarely seen before. but for exeter, there's not long to celebrate — the premiership final‘sjust a week away. austin halewood, bbc news. well, there was another big final today. it was incredibly close, but leeds rhinos won rugby league's challenge cup, beating salford red devils 17—16. this try from ash handley, his second of the game, pulled the rhinos level.


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