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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 21, 2020 6:30pm-6:46pm BST

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until after m: “m fu— ii‘ul‘ei "fl“ fu— ii‘ul‘ei "nu—”m l5 “a“ he he "l—fil eta there until after the latest welsh lockdown which ends on the 9th of november. despite the weather and a muted socially distanced sendoff, the sense on the dockside was one of pride. knowing what she is going out there to do and what we have achieved as a team, as a company to get her to this point where she is sailing off, probably one of my biggest achievements. with my daughter, she is probably one of my biggest achievements today. these arejust biggest achievements today. these are just the first tentative steps for the £200 million vessel. she will set off at the antarctic, the play she was built for in november 2021. victoria gill, bbc news. time for a look at the weather here's stav da naos. good evening. it was a wash—out day gci’oss good evening. it was a wash—out day across england and wales. some of the heaviest of the rain was across the heaviest of the rain was across the south—east of england and we saw some localised flooding in places and pretty atrocious conditions on the road. wet again across the north
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and west of scotland, thanks to this area of low pressure. a complicated system with one affecting northern scotla nd system with one affecting northern scotland with strong winds on this one contained the remnants of what was storm barbara which moved from spain and portugal. you can see how heavy and widespread the rain was, but recently it started to thin and break up but it stays wet across the north and the west of scotland with gusty winds through this evening and overnight. further south it is an improving picture as the area of rain continues to move away, it will leave a legacy of cloud and showers. but we see clear spells moving into the south later in the night. because of the breeze and cloud around it will not be too cold, loads of eight to 12 degrees. tomorrow morning it is an improving picture as a ridge of high pressure sta rts picture as a ridge of high pressure starts to move in from the south—west. that will kill off a lot of the showers for england, northern ireland and wales. plenty of strong winds across parts of scotland. but here it will start to ease down during the day. these
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are the main wind speeds tomorrow, lighter winds further south thanks to the ridge of high pressure. we could see 15 or 16 degrees in the south—east given some sunshine, but a slightly cooler day tomorrow. 0n sunshine, but a slightly cooler day tomorrow. on friday, and at system spreads into the country and the start of the weekend, quite a deep area of low pressure to the north—west of the uk and that will bring rain and widespread gales. pretty unsettled to end the week but it will be milder as we work through saturday. that's all from the bbc news at six. so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are.
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hello and welcome to sportsday, i'mjane dougall. relief for wasps — they will play at twickenham in the premiership final this weekend, despite previously returning 11 positive coronavirus tests. with a growing injury list how will klopp set up against ajax? while guardiola knows manchester city have to deliver against porto. we'll have all the build up to tonights champions league. plus, more medals for women, the 2022 commonwealth games in birmingham is set to be the most inclusive yet. we speak live to the federations' president. also coming up in the programme... it's been a tough year for speed skater elise christie, but she's dug deep to find an inner strength and is ready to
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compete again. my my fitness is higher than normal and things are going in the right direction and a much more robust than i've ever been. it's been a tense week for wasps. at one point they had 11 members of their squad and staff testing postive for coronavirus, putting their premiership final injeapordy. however, the news today that — after the latest round of testing — wasps have been cleared to play — has been met with relief from lee blackett‘s side. bristol were on stand—by if wasps had been unable to field a team against exeter chiefs on saturday, that will not be necessary. 0ur rugby correspondant chris jones joins us now. chris, how tight was this for wasps?
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stange situation for bristol to be in? what strange dates for everyone involved. when they had protests there would have been a lot of concern at the club but when they had those for their positive tests, the testing to pay saturday and the results came out on monday. when that happened, bristol where really put on red alert and add to the exit to review today they thought it was more likely they would be playing bristol in the premiership final rather than the wasps but they cut the all clear today and they are backin the all clear today and they are back in training now and it's relief all around. notjust back in training now and it's relief all around. not just for players back in training now and it's relief all around. notjust for players and coaches and staff and fans but premiership rugby because this would have threatened to damage the credibility of the competition that's already had its integrity hit left right and centre this season if they were able to get the right premiership feminists. they were able to get the right premiershipfeminists. it they were able to get the right premiership feminists. it is first and second and after all we might still have a final that befits
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the competition. because of the hand printed this situation, will the wasps have some issues in the lead up to this match 01’ issues in the lead up to this match or live exit or be favourites? they are favourites already given the rated chiefs have played this season they are the best team in england and at best team in europe as last saturday in the champions cup revealed. it's quite right to raise the question how many players are amongst the seven who have been hit with these positive tests. we will find out on friday when the team is named and even if it's only been some french players or academy players who have been affected, what about their training. they were not able to train until today and they we re able to train until today and they were hoping to have a good extra week preparation than the exeter chiefs a weapon in european competition last week. i imagine now they have got a feeling of relief and a feeling of excitement and a can go ahead and give it a go even though they will be the underdogs even more so after though they will be the underdogs
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even more so after the events of the last few days. a few other rugby lines to tell you about and johnny sexton will captain ireland against italy in saturday's six nations match in dublin after shaking off a hamstring injury. it's the game that was called off in march when the coronavirus pandemic hit the sporting calendar. flanker will connors and wing hugo keenan will make their test debuts. glasgow hooker fraser brown will captain scotland for the first time in their warm—up match against georgia on friday. it's in the absence of stuart hogg, who's still on club duty with exeter. finn russell returns to the bench for the first time since he was sent home from the squad injanuary for breaching team protocol. and the british and irish lions will play japan for the first time next summer. the match on the 26th ofjune at murrayfield will act as a warm—up for their three—test tour of south africa, which starts a week later.
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the champions league is back with a bang. last night saw manchester united beating paris saint germian 2—1, while chelsea ended in a goaless draw against sevilla. tonight, it's the turn of manchester city who host porto and liverpool who've travelled to the netherlands to play ajax. joining us to discuss this is former liverpool defender stephen warnock. they've travelled without virgil van dijk, his injury is a huge blow for them. put a dent in their champions league campaign? i think it probably does. i think when you think of the quality that he brings to liverpool as a team as ask what he has improved since he joined the club and you are going to get effective when you lose a pair of his quality and use a world—class defender. even before van dijk was injured, liverpool were conceeding goals, alisson is out injured too. major problem defensively? they do a little bit because people are learning now to run from deep and counteract at the play
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and teams are going on the past that and the most glaring statistic is when they don't play and they are 53% as opposed to 80% when they do to show the impact they had on the team. i think they will probably play at centre back as well and they drop into that position and liverpool so it's an opportunity to put him back there and it looks like he has picked up an injury after the derby so picked up an injury after the derby so he is out injured as well. jordan henderson played last season so humility can call if needed as well. for manchester city, they were out of the compeition at the quarter finals stage last season — guardiola will want a more successful european campaign this season. there is always pressure because the competition that they want to elevate them into a super club if you like and put them on a global map and the money that he spent in
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the past it's been ten years now without them winning the champions league since he wanted at barcelona and that's a long time for a manager of his quality. arsenal midfielder mesut 0zil has spoken out for the first time since being left out of the club's 25—man premier league squad — registered yesterday. 0zil hasn't played for arsenal since 7 march and can now only play for arsenal under—23s until his deal expires next summer. he posted an emotional statement on social media claiming he's been shown a lack of loyalty. he says he's deeply disappointed and that "upon signing my new contract in 2018, i pledged my allegiance to the club and it saddens me that this has not been reciprocated. loyalty is hard to come by nowadays. no matter what, i will keep fighting for my chance and not let my 8th season at arsenal end like this." staying with football and the national league will share out the £10 million support package from the government
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on an average attendance basis. it means the majority of clubs in the national league north and south will get around £30, 000 a month, in comparison to others who'll be given £95, 000 a month. joining us is one of thejoint managers of chester football club, anthonyjohnson. i began by asking him if chester would be worse off? clubs like us who are family—owned and have 2000 supporters coming through the gate for every home game itjust does not make sense. there has been no real formula passed to us as to how they came up with this figure but we know what we need to is what we were told before the season started.“ what we need to is what we were told before the season started. if you are to continue getting £36,000 a month, does that mean that the club will not be able to operate for much longer? it just
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will not be able to operate for much longer? itjust means that will not be able to operate for much longer? it just means that the will not be able to operate for much longer? itjust means that the club cash reserves will start to be depleted and it went out of business two and a half years ago and a long time to build them back up and we have no overdraft aquatic facilities and everything that comes through the gate is when we make our money. we will be coming this first three—month period december, january when it ends because they have been told what goes on after that and we have not got a clue. what action can we ta ke have not got a clue. what action can we take to try and appeal? we as a clu b we take to try and appeal? we as a club i released a statement a couple of hours ago basically or an hour ago basically saying or asking from some clarification of how to come up with this distribution it might be too thousand people getting the same asa too thousand people getting the same as a club perhaps you get a fifth of what we get when it's based on income and none of it make sense and asa income and none of it make sense and as a company we are looking for more clarity and transparency and how that can work because
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we are asking them and there's no money in the budget because the budget that we set did not exist any more and into i3 weeks when the money comes in we could sit down and discuss the contracts and we have been told today that you are receiving less in the air expecting it and we ask them to trust us and we can undo what that's like from a contract point of view. we cannot have that conversation with players so we need to sit and have a futbol club barcelona segment that looks like going forward. let's take a look at some of the other sports news stories making the headlines. england will take on the republic of ireland in a friendly next month. the game will be played behind closed doors at wembley on 12 november. gareth southgate's side were due to play new zealand on that date, but they withdrew over concerns about travel and availablity in the pandemic. tomorrow's super league match between catalans and hull fc has been postponed after five dragons players and two backroom staff tested positive for covid—19. the french side will now face another round of testing in the coming days.
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and england's white—ball tour of south africa next month will go ahead. eoin morgan's side will play three twenty20s and three one—day internationals behind closed doors. they'll be england's first overseas matches since the coronavirus pandemic earlier this year. australia's ben o'connor won stage 17 of the giro d'italia, as portugal'sjoao almeida held on to the leaders' pinkjersey. o'connor missed out on victory yesterday by just seven seconds. the ntt rider made up for it by taking the lead with five miles to go and holding on for the biggest win of his career. britain's tay—oh geoghegan hart finished eleventh and remains fourth overall. some of the riders at the vuelta a espana faced more than the usual challenges. five ponies keen to get involved in the action, fortunately they all managed to avoid each other. the second stage was won by spain's marc soler. primoz roglic was second — extending his overall lead. but it was another tough day for chris froome who lost another 18 minutes
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to the leaders. formula one now and racing point driver lance stroll says he tested positive for coronavirus after the eifel grand prix weekend in germany, despite his team not reporting his illness. stroll did not race and has since tested negative. earlier, i spoke to our racing correspondentjennie gow and asked her if racing point should have reported stroll‘s symptoms? it is interesting that every since russia he has been family has not been feeling well and he was tested multiple times and that is the thing i think that is of relevancy. he was tested before he got to the grand prix and it all came back negative so racing did everything they believe they should have done and they say they did everything they should have been done and it seems there was an anomaly in the testing process and when lance flew home


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