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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  October 23, 2020 6:30pm-7:00pm BST

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will be much stronger. i the winds will be much stronger. i had a bit, with clearer skies, temperatures four or five celsius. the rain is moving eastward tomorrow, and it will be heavy, there could be a short short burst of heavy rain and squally winds, also might. then sunshine and showers, mainly scotland and normal are —— northern ireland. it will be are —— northern ireland. it will be a windy day, and the strongest will be on that rain as it moves east. ahead of it, before it arrives in the south—east of england and east anglia, temperatures will be 16 or 17 celsius. the rain arrives here by the end of the day, and it still could be heavy. that moves through. remember, the clocks change on saturday night, sunday morning. what remains the same as that area of low pressure in the north—west, so here it will be windier, showers or longer spells of rain. elsewhere, sunny spells on sunday. there will be showers pushing inland, most of them around southern and western
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parts of england and into wales. the wind not quite as strong on sunday, but the temperatures will be lower, 11-14 c. into the but the temperatures will be lower, 11—14 c. into the early part of next week at least, it remains wet at times but also some very windy weather on the way. a reminder of oui’ weather on the way. a reminder of our top story: a16 day lockdown has begunin our top story: a16 day lockdown has begun in wales to try to reduce the spread of coronavirus as tougher restrictions begin in greater manchester. that's all from the bbc news at six, so it's goodbye from me, and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are.
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hello, and welcome to sportsday. i'm jane dougall.
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i was irresponsible. the words of one barbarian player who breached covid rules. and now the match against england at twickenham is off. this one's definitely on, though! the premiership final goes ahead on saturday with wasps against exeter. we'll have all the build—up. and they are back on track, but only after furious giro d'italia riders stopped the race in protest over safety fears. also coming up in the programme — the king, pele, celebrates becoming an octogenarian by doing what all the best footballers do — releasing a record! music.
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welcome to the programme. not one, but two breaches of covid rules led to 12 players being stood down and has led to the cancellation of the barbarians match against england this weekend. it has caused chaos. the players left their hotel bubble contrary to team protocols to have dinner at a restaurant in central london. chris robshaw admitted he had been irresponsible. richard wigglesworth said he was embarassed to have let everyone down. they, along with sean maitland, jackson wray and eight other barbarian players, left the rfu with no alternative but to cancel sunday's match against england. our rugby correspondent chris jones joins us now. very controversial. talk us through the timeline of these revelations please? it has been unprecedented anything to be saying that a lot at the moment. it was about this time yesterday that it turned out a whole
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host of barbarians players had gone out on wednesday night for dinner and in the process breaking team protocol and breaching the covid—19 code of contact they signed up to when theyjoin the barbarians camp. and then during the investigation, it emerged some players also left the hotel on tuesday as well so not one but two breaches. and because the bubble environment had been p°pped the bubble environment had been normed by the bubble environment had been popped by that tuesday breach regardless of the wednesday one, it meant the rfu had had no choice but to cancel the game. the barbarians had been trying to find replacements for those 12 that it breached on a wednesday but wants to tuesday breach came to light, the bubble environment according to the rfu had been irreparably damaged in the game is off. the game is off but what punishments will the players face if any? that is a good question. we are dealing with a lack of precedent on
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something like this. the rfu say in investigation is ongoing and they will be talking about certain individuals or any repercussions until that investigation has been concluded. but there are huge knock on consequences to this, financial consequences. on consequences to this, financial consequences. we know the english gaveis consequences. we know the english gave is standing on a financial precipice at that moment. there would have been a whole number of people who would have been relying on sunday for work. television had obviously paid the rfu a significant amount of money to broadcast a match of the repercussions are vast. but you think the players know that more than anyone. both robertshawe and wigglesworth along with jackson wray in others have apologised today and and this will take some getting over for them but certainly it has been a com plete for them but certainly it has been a complete and utter mess up from them and whatever you feel about the covid—19 bubble or about the very stringent protocols in place can be cannot deny the players knew what they had signed up to and they have got this one badly wrong. moving
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away from barbarians and england for away from barbarians and england for a moment, there are other test match is going on. there are. it is a very busy weekend of rugby union. scotla nd busy weekend of rugby union. scotland art in action against georgia and a warm—up match ahead of their six nations returned and whales are playing france tomorrow night and something similar. but there is the proper six nations with ireland and italy and a resumption of the women's tournament as well so it is all happening before the return of super saturday, that final round of the six nations next saturday with england in italy, wales hosting scotland and france hosting ireland. for teens could still win, france, ireland, england and scotland and not to mention the premiership final on saturday which is going ahead after it so much drama around the covid—19 situation with wasp squad that goes ahead, england and barbarians are not. well, the other rugby union match affected by covid, for different reasons,
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will go ahead, and both teams who qualified will be there! wasps will play exeter in the premiership final at twickenham, but wasps were very close to not being able to field a team after 11 players and staff members tested postive. they got the green light on wednesday and have been focusing on the match since then. with more, here's austin halewood. as chris said chemically be fancied a lot of this match is actually going ahead at twickenham and with the two best teams in the league as well. covid—19 really has disrupted the build up for a few days as it look like wasps going to be able to field a team and today the referee returning after a positive test. so it's hardly been a perfect week of preparation for wasps. 11 players from the squad unavailable. that's because they all either tested positive or they'd been in close contact with someone who had. now, four of those players
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would've been involved in the match—day squad. these are the four — kieran brooks, simon mcintyre, brad shields and alfie barbeary. so it's hardly the ideal preparation for lee blackett, but the wasps head coach isjust delighted the match can go ahead as planned. we cannot understate the emotion that has obviously gone with it. it is the pinnacle of the domestic competition in this country. you worked so hard to get there and everything is out and you can travel it is pretty hard to take but it will make it even more special when it comes to the weekend. so, wasps are delighted they will get the chance to play, jane, but of course the real challenge lies ahead at twickenham against an in—form exeter chiefs. they play exeter, arguably the in—form side. are they favourites? i think they will hundred percent art the favourites mainly because of this picture right here. well, this really is a remarkable story, one that shouldn't be understated. last weekend, the chiefs were crowned european champions, but that's a far cry
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from where the team first came from. they are very much riding the crest ofa they are very much riding the crest of a wave right now. just over two decades ago, this was exeter rugby, a very different picture to what it is now. the team were in the fourth tier. and it's from there that they slowly started to climb the ranks. now, it was ten years ago that they cracked into the premiership for the very first time. fly— half gareth steenson kicked the penalty that got them there. he's still at the club, and tomorrow will be his final game before he retires. and he told me that despite winning the biggest prize in club rugby last weekend, the celebrations didn't last for too long. if you cannot enjoy achieving something as big as that, you are in the wrong game. it was very much a bit strange as honestly most guys we re bit strange as honestly most guys were straight on the phone and face time with family and friends people who just were not there. but we got
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ourselves in the room and spent two or three hours in the changing room and singing songs and i think the realisation really came the next day when we were saying this is the schedule for the week. keep yourselves ready because we have another big game albeit not knowing who we are really going to play. and it was very much all geared towards that. it must be so special to see the chiefs come to where they are now from where it started.|j the chiefs come to where they are now from where it started. i seem to come in at the time when the club really started to go. it really was obviously putting things in place and 15 years ago, it is not happen overnight which kind of makes it feel right. we have never sat still and if continued to haul up and i had no doubt the club will keep going forward and hopefully we can in years to come. going back to this weekend and the final, what would it mean to be able to win them and what
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will be your final game for the chiefs and cap off a brilliant time with the club? i've been very fortu nate to with the club? i've been very fortunate to be part of a lot of first at the club and i feel really lucky but to be involved in the first ever double would mean come next week whenever the boots are hung up that i can go off very satisfied and know there was nothing else i could do with exeter chiefs in terms of being a player. and hopefully go forward there might be some big days ahead may be on the other side of the camera. exeter's gareth steenson there, and such is the ethos at the club, he's staying with the chiefs in devon as kicking coach next season. but, of course, jane, he'll be desperate to go out in style with a historic double tomorrow at twickenham. often, thank you very much for that. let's take a look at some of the other sports news stories making the headlines today. england men's centrally contracted players have agreed to a 15% pay cut for the next 12 months. it comes after what the ecb has described as a "substantial shortfall" in revenue as a consequence of
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the covid—19 pandemic. dan evans‘ quarter—final at the european open exploded into controversy at the end of the second set. bad temper from evans‘ opponent karen khachanov, overcome with rage when he lost the set, taking his anger out on the net and then the umpire's chair! evans going on to win the match. bit of a frantic practice session ahead of the portuguese grand prix, with piere gasly's alpha torre catching fire. mercedes‘ valteri bottas was fastest, but team—mate lewis hamilton down in eighth. max verstappen was second quickest despite a collision with lance stroll. ireland‘s sam bennett, in the blue shorts here, came through a frantic sprint finish to just take victory on stage four of the vuelta espana. it‘s been a great season for bennett, who took the green points jersey at the tour de france. defending champion primoz roglic still has the overall lead.
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staying with cycling, and there were extrordinary scenes in italy when the giro d‘italia was stopped abruptly because riders refused to continue over fears for their safety. heavy rain meant the teams were concerned that dirt and bacteria from the road would be sprayed through the peloton, giving them a greater chance of contracting coronavirus. organisers eventually agreed to start the stage in a different location. imran sidat was watching as events unfolded. treacherous conditions in northern italy saw stage 19 halted early on with writers voicing their concerns over safety. they were forced to ta ke tea m over safety. they were forced to take team buses to the starting location with a shorter route in place to continue the race. once they were under way again, the overall leader was hoping to extend his advantage but the gap with the leading pack had increased to over a minute which led to the veteran calling off the search. great britain‘s started the play in second place with the time difference building can with a 25—year—old
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londoner like he was having a cell for tamara‘s in class as he targets his first grantor victory. with the stage to win up for grabs he would ta ke stage to win up for grabs he would take the initiative? well the check rider made his move but could he hang on? despite late pressure, he kept his composure to claim a first stage win. two days of action remain with everything still play for. one game in the premier league tonight as aston villa host newly promoted leeds. it‘s a good time to be a villa fan. the only club with a 100% record in the league and if they win tonight, they‘ll go top. we‘re joined by villa view presenter dan ba rdell. four wins from four, why have you had such a good start? unusual times we are in. and the last thing i expect he was aston villa to come through and ijust
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think really we have picked up where we left off last season. we are doing a lot of things well with the big boys who cannot seem to do. we are one of the team to can actually defend in this clean —— three clean sheets and are dangerous going forward. it is that carry—over from the end of last is a we survived on the end of last is a we survived on the last day and the feeling continued for the summer months and here we are now, gooding to go top of the league tonight. far cry from last season when you finished one point above the relegation zone. what do you think has made the difference? i think actually surviving and having that to try and stay up brought everyone together. we had a very busy summer last summer whereas this summer the need was focusing on quantity and we could bring in quality to add to the group we already had. and i think that added to the feeling in the work that we did do in lockdown was so good defensively and we have come back and the players have ball and
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in the summerto back and the players have ball and in the summer to go with the likes of jack greely. we in the summer to go with the likes ofjack greely. we have in the summer to go with the likes of jack greely. we have a good first 11 and if we can keep everyone fit i think we can put us to the top eight the season. they can about that 7-2 win over liverpool. again a big smile on yourface win over liverpool. again a big smile on your face there. but the thing is it is still very early in the season and are you wary of being optimistic? i have been burned by aston villa 100 times in my life and not a fan can get carried away. but i suppose if you cannot enjoy the good times there is no point suffering the bad times. it is early days we have seen pass teams start well and then follow but i really think that we have got something good going here. we have a aston villa fan as manager and one is captain so there are lots of positives and there is no point watching football if there are not going to enjoy the good things. hopefully go top of the league tonight. tonight‘s match, leeds have been on form, despitejust being promoted. what are your expectations?
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i think it will be a tough game and will be tight. leads have a couple of teens —— players missing so when you were in the league things like injuries can go your way in at the bottom everything goes against use of getting little shreds of luck like that at the moment. this is a very good side and honestly they lost monday night to wolves but because we can defend so well i feel we can shut them out and would a lwa ys we can shut them out and would always back us to score as well. so ifi always back us to score as well. so if i had to predict i would say 1—0 _-1_ if i had to predict i would say 1—0 -- i- 02 if i had to predict i would say 1—0 —— 1— 02 aston villa tonight. if i had to predict i would say 1—0 -- 1- 02 aston villa tonight. that you so much for your time. somewhat controversially, jack wilshere‘s contract was terminated by mutual consent at west ham on deadline day. the midfielder has madejust16 premier league appearances in two years at the club he supported as a boy. wilshere has told bbc he left because he couldn‘t face the prospect of a year on the sidelines with no hope of playing. he‘s been speaking to our football reporter simon stone. idid not i did not want to be around that
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environment. i wanted to get out. still a lot to come? i feel like there is and one to be given the chance to show that. i‘m ready to go when called upon and i think to pick a club where i‘m going to be an important player, play and be happy as well. i obviously had another year left on my contract and i could have stayed and just trained but i was not ready to a cce pt and just trained but i was not ready to accept that and i am fit and training for a while. ijust never really got a chance to play. i have not set myself like a deadline but at the same time i don‘t want to be out of that environment for too long. we have got four kids here and it‘s a mad house all day. i normally wa ke it‘s a mad house all day. i normally wake up and go to work and then come back around 2pm or 3pm and then three orfour
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back around 2pm or 3pm and then three or four hours with the kid. it all day if something else. my hat goes off to my wife. fair to her. i have got so much to give and i still have got so much to give and i still have that love for the game. i have a rough idea of what i want and where i wanted to be. but all i can do is focus on that and wait for the right thing to come. there is nothing more draining and zapping of than when you know you are not going to play. it is not matter what you do in training and it does not matter what the other players are doing. if they lose three have a zero, you know you will not give him an opportunity and towards the end of last year i was so frustrated and down because i wanted to play football. people say you were getting paid well and that is always the thing for us but finally you get toa the thing for us but finally you get to a place you can give your all and help the team and not to be given the chance is frustrating. still a lot to come? i feel like there is and! lot to come? i feel like there is and i want to be given the
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opportunity to show that. who knows where we‘ll all be this time next year, but all going well, 12 months from now england are scheduled to play samoa at st james park for the first match of the rugby league world cup. for the first time ever, the men‘s, women‘s and wheelchair events will be staged simultaneously, and despite a number of obstacles to overcome, the organisers say they are full of "hope and optimism" for the tournament. our sports news reporter laura scott has been speaking to clare balding, who‘s president of the rugby football league. an eight year‘s time we will have learned to live with us. we have got to. i learned to live with us. we have got to. lam learned to live with us. we have got to. i am so excited that the major events in this country is a rugby league world cup that is so symbolic in many ways and is such an exciting sport to watch. so my message would be to those that had never been to a game before, this is the one you wa nt to game before, this is the one you want to come to. by and to get in with the support england or wales or
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whatever you do, come along because it‘s a great sport to be a part of and isa it‘s a great sport to be a part of and is a wonderfully warm community and is a wonderfully warm community and is a wonderfully warm community and isa and is a wonderfully warm community and is a good crowd to be m. and i think we missed notjust the shared experience but the applicability of sport, the adrenaline rush you get every match and would be a good occasion. so it‘s a great thing to note tickets have already sold really well but this is the chance the general public to get in there and get themselves that treat the you have got in the diary and say by then everything will be all right and we will be there to support our nation. let‘s hope so. staying with rugby league, and wigan warriors are playing challenge cup runners—up salford red devils in the super league. it the second half and coming up on 57 minutes, it is we can ali—12. —— wigan warriors. for many, he is the king, one of the greatest footballers ever to have played the game. we are of course talking about pele. the brazilian turns 80 today and has celebrated his birthday
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in a rather unusual way. many footballers have released singles, but usually at the height of their careers. to celebrate becoming an octogenarian, pele has released a song telling people to listen to the old man. good advice, as patrick geary reports! these pictures are half a century old but they still crackle with energy. the man they shipped climbing to the top of the world is now climbing to the top of the world is now 80 and the time has slowed pele it has not silenced him. always a lover of music, this is his new single. listen to the old man. fitting then that he also released it. translation: about my 80 years, first i have to thank god for giving me health so i can be here today, lucid. many times not so smart but
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lucid. jokes apart, i can be here lucid. jokes apart, i can be here lucid and be welcomed anywhere i go. the question of who is football‘s greatest is impossible to ever fully answer. depending on how you wait history, judge style and analyse numbers. it is difficult to even count exactly how many goals pele scored and is less chronicled eight we know him he won three world cups and was voted the player of the last century and once start alongside sylvester stallone. introducing pele. you want to play football against the germans? why not. he is still football‘s leading man in many ways. one of the greatest players to ever don the boots. thank you for everything you've done. happy birthday. 2006 is one of the greatest days of my life when you give me the famous shirt with the numberten and yoursonic give me the famous shirt with the number ten and your sonic was and i will keep that with me forever. hgppy will keep that with me forever. happy birthday to his majesty, his
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highness, the one, the king. pelle celebrated his birthday away from his adoring world. his beloved home country brazil is one of the worst hit by coronavirus but at this moment what better way than to toast a man who lit up football even in black—and—white. such a legend. 80 years old today and happy birthday to pele. an update on the super league as we can warriors are ahead 46—12 after 58 minutes. totally in control. our top story again with the england match against the barbarians on sunday called up after 12 barbarian players stood down for breaking covid—19 rule. the former england captain chris rob shaw is among the players who have apologised. don‘t forget that aston villa take on leeds united in the premier league and you can united in the premier league and you ca n follow united in the premier league and you can follow the match on the support website and also commentary on radio five live. that is it for us.
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bye— bye. we had some rain today and it looks u nsettled we had some rain today and it looks unsettled into next week. we have rain coming in followed by sunshine and showers but this time stronger winds. all the weather coming in from the atlantic and this is what is heading our way. that look of cloud is signifying a deepening area of low pressure bringing wind and rain infrom of low pressure bringing wind and rain in from the west. the earlier cloud and rain we had is moving away so we will have clearing skies for a while for eastern areas but the clouds thickening to the west and more rain coming into northern ireland and later into western scotland. almost a repeat of last of this the rain heavier and the wind and the rain stronger. i had of that in the clear skies temperatures again down to 11—5 . some sunshine
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perhaps across the midlands and eastern england before that rank moves eastwards in the rain will be heavier. we may get quite a short sharp burst of very heavy rain accompanied by squally went in and isa accompanied by squally went in and is a clear suspension comes out and there will be a few showers in the northwest. it will be a windy day and the strongest will be on that band of rain so the winds do ease down a bit later in the northwest as we get that sunshine following on. here there were tears of 11—12 and ahead of the ring in the southeast could be up to 16—17. if the rain during the evening and still quite happy with that then moves away and we still keep an area of low pressure in the northwest. another thing that will change overnight and the early hours of the morning of course the clocks go back an hour or so don‘t forget that. as you head into early sunday, we have got some wetter, when he or whether continuing towards the northwest of the uk and there will be some sunshine around elsewhere and some showers wishing a limp but most of them insulin and western parts of england and into wales. not quite as
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windy perhaps on sunday but the air is cooler with temperatures a bit lower. into the early part of next week and we still keep that area of low pressure around on sunday. perhaps not quite as deep. the winds not quite as strong but still some blustery showers for a while blowing into northern ireland across scotla nd into northern ireland across scotland and into england and wells and these could be a little heavy and these could be a little heavy and also fun to read too. some sunshine away from the showers in the showers should tend to ease down a bit in the afternoon. nevertheless not especially warm out there with the temperatures again around 12-14 c.
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this is bbc news that the latest had my best headlines for the uk and around the world. the national lockdown hits 3 million people in wales in a bid to tackle coronavirus. the country is under four restrictions now for 16 days. scotla nd four restrictions now for 16 days. scotland is to introduce five new tiers of restrictions from november the 2nd, different aryans are waiting to see where they will be. until he has recorded its highest daily number of new infections since the start of the outbreak with just over 19,000 cases reported. how to handle coronavirus has become a key issue in the presidential debate in america between donald trump and joe biden. police in poland use pepper spray on


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