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tv   Click - Short Edition  BBC News  October 24, 2020 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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headteachers in england say they're "bitterly disappointed" that the number of laptops they're given for deprived children has been cut by 80%. i voted for a guy named trump. president trump casts his vote for the us election in the key state of florida, where early voting is under way. we'll have all the sport at quarter to eight, but first it's time for click. hello and welcome to click. i hope you're doing 0k. i think it is time for
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a bit of star power. what do you reckon, lara? are you up for a bit of star dust? 0h, definitely. now, many a rock star and musician has swapped the mic for a go at being a movie star. madonna has done it, mickjagger has done it, beyonce too. but these days, video games are bigger than music and film combined. so no surprise one of the most famous names have appeared in games. stormzy is one of the most successful names in the music industry right now. but he is going to be swapping his next gig from the stage at glastonbury, to the virtual streets of london in a video game. we met stormzy to chat about a game set in his hometown, and how the art form has grown up and is now tackling material that talks to the troubled times that we live in. multi—award—winning rapper stormzy‘s new single rainfall has a video with a bit of a difference. music.
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it features the croydon musician as a video game character performing inside an actual game. i'm about to meet stormzy in the flesh. the game he is appearing in is set in the nearfuture london, and has themes of protest and resistance. i am keen to find out if he thinks this video game has any parallels with things that are going on in 2020. one of the game's main themes is about ordinary people banding together to resist and to fight back against an oppressive regime. do you think that is saying anything about the world that we live in right now? it is very reflective of the times in the sense of, yeah, we, as people, need to be coming together.
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do you know what i mean? that captures that perfectly in the sense of like, your everyday person being more important than they realise, you know. so, yeah, definitely. a third—person action title, watchdogs legion takes place in a dystopian version of a future london, a state controlled by corrupt corporate interests. the player can recruit and control any of the thousands of characters they encounter on london's streets. performing missions that will ultimately bring down the authoritarian regime. all right, everyone! stormzy plays a version of himself and in this fictional world, he is a rapper whose message of resistance is transmitted via a pirated video signal. he spent three days being performance captured at the toronto studio. so, follow the gps, that should take you there. whoa, whoa. stormz, what are you doing? riding recklessly.
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on the back of there... it is so london. is it special being in the game that is set in london? it's the most. i am london. london is me. like i am a proper london boy through and through. and so, it's my city and i love it dearly. it is a big part of me as a man and an artist and my character. this is mad. my bank is up there, literally. if i turn... for people that don't know london, that's coutts and co. the same bank as her majesty the queen! bro, that is me. that is more me than a flipping picture. this is mental! stormzy is not the only musician in a video game, he joins a long list of other artists that include
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the likes of 50 cent. and who could forget david bowie? you are not the first video game player to get your soul trapped. some efforts could be put down to cashing in on star power to shift games. but sometimes as about an artist experimenting with the new medium. and there are some points of convergence between the two art forms. there is a long history of music being used for protest and to provoke thought about things that are going on in the world today. do you think that video games have the power to do that as well? 100 million %. any platform whatever way, shape orform, or whatever mediums we use as creatives and artists, it's a platform to speak out against injustice, for it to be like pillars of truth or whatnot. especially with video games.
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even down to the reach of video games is astronomical. yeah, 100%. especially with the times we are in, anything can be a platform to speak out. away from games and your music career, your bursaries to universities like to do the things that you're doing? how important is it to use your position to do the things that you are doing? i feel so blessed. i have so many platforms and so much reach, and i feel that it is my duty and responsibility to share what i have. so there is something wrong, that there is something that we need to think about things a little bit differently? these things are set up to address the uneven and injustices in a lot of these areas of society. so, there's so many other people of influence or artists or public figures doing these things to try to just, to uplift
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those who needed a bit. from best—selling grime artist to glastonbury headliner, and now taking on the world of games. the south london star continues to shine. while microsoft and sony are racing to be crowned champion in the next generation console wars. nintendo has done something very nintendo and said, never mind that ultra high—definition gaming, how about some augmented reality racing cars? this is mario kart live home circuit, which takes the best—selling nintendo game and turns your house into the race track. and the way this works pretty clever. it contains a camera that streams live footage of your living room to the nintendo switch console which you use as the remote control. in the box are four cardboard gates. you can set them up around your home and whatever configuration space will allow
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you to form your racetrack. the software can recognise the gates as you drive through them, creating the course as you go. you also give his cardboard barriers with arrows that will augmented with animations. these are recognised by the software. once you are set up, and it's like a regular game of mario kart. there are other characters to race against. there are power ups and weapons to use against them. but it's all taking place of your own living room. you can also race up to four of these karts together to play multiplayer in your living room if you got the space, so it will need a nintendo switch console for each one. it goes without saying that you need a fair bit of space to set this up. but you can arrange it in a modest—sized living room and that is because even though on screen it looks like the karts are zooming around the racetrack, in the real world, the kart isjust trundling around the living room fairly slowly. it can also make some pretty sharp turns, so you can set it up in a smaller room.
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although i think you get more out of this the more space. there are some limitations to the software. not all the power—ups work in the way you expect them to in the regular mario kart game. you cannot hold a banana behind your kart to protect yourself from shells. even though bullet bill does steer you around the track automatically, which i think is quite impressive, it cannot detect obstacles, and you end up crashing quite a lot. so, the augmented reality layer doesn't handle occlusions. so it is always overlaid on top of the camera feed. so, here the track should disappear behind the table leg, it doesn't, and that means you tend to crash more than you would expect, although that is a part of the madness and we do crash, your character reacts on screen. the big question for all augmented reality applications is how much do you actually get out of this once you are over that initial moment of "this is cool"? most of the players i know are still playing pokemon go and have turned off the camera effects because, even though they look cool, they ultimately add very little to the gameplay.
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and i think that may also be the issue here. but, with all augmented reality games, how is is this better than playing the consul game? ultimately i think it is not. it's just different. it is a different take on mario kart and i think that's fine. hard to say whether this will have the same enduring appeal as the traditional console game, but mario kart is the best—selling game of the nintendo switch, and if any franchise can take on a mainstream, it is probably mario kart. that was chris, turning his floor into a race track. how cool was that? brilliant. let's go from race tracks in your house to lasers in the sky. back injune, we told you that this laser maestro had been showing his appreciation to carers and nhs staff by projecting love and thanks across his home city of brighton. after a trial earlier this month, laser light city is happening
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this weekend in leeds. with cities under lock and local autumn light shows unable to happen, the idea here is that 25 lasers mounted on buildings around the city will put on a show that residents can see regardless of restrictions on social gatherings. seb created all the control software himself. but this is an interactive show, meaning thousands of people were able to log on to a special website and take control of the lasers. changing the colour, shapes and direction of the beams which can be seen up to ten miles away. as the dark nights draw in, seb is hoping he can light up more cities, and bring a little laser sparkle to these unusual autumn evenings. we are normally talking about fireworks at this time of year. but i prefer a laser display any day. absolutely. fireworks come with so day. absolutely. fireworks come with so many noise issues, for animals
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and for many people as well. it's lasers all the way for us. that's it for the short cut of click. the full—length version is on iplayer and it is waiting for you right now. you can find the team online throughout the week on youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter @bbcclick. thank you for watching, and we will see you soon. bye— bye. hello and welcome to sportsday — i'mjohn watson. this the six nations is back as ireland win in dublin. a win which leaves them as frontrunners for the title. a heart stopping finale for britain's tay—oh gaygan hart
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the premier league at its unpredictable best — a stunner from michail antonio sees manchester city drop points again. and 91 and counting — why lewis hamilton is set to stand alone in race wins after securing pole in portugal. hello, and welcome to sportsday. it's been the longest six nations championship in history. it reaches its conclusion next weekend, 280 days after it began. it's ireland who top the table tonight after a bonus point victory beating italy 50 points to 17 in dublin. it was the only fourth round match still to be played and it leaves
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three teams still in with a chance of lifting the title heading into the final round next weekend. craig templeton reports. the sporting picture since this game was postponed has been anything but clear. but for ireland, the situation is. when both their remaining games with the bonus points and they will be six nations champions. an early italian penalty kicked ireland into life and after heavy pressure, cj stander found a way through. stander is a seasoned international, but it was a fresh face who took centre stage. hugo keenan with a debut try. hugo keenan's day was about to get even better as he crossed over again. just a shame that no fans are there to see it. remember, a bonus point is what they needed and with will connors also scoring on debut, that is what they got. the captain then took over from the new recruits, as jonny sexton widened the gap even
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further. they added two more to hit the 50 point mark, an impressive irish performance. one more in paris next week and the longest six nations in history will be theirs. craig templeton, bbc news. and ireland up against italy in the women's competition which also paused during the pandemic. ireland leading 14—7, having won two of their three matches before the pandemic struck. england top the group with what has been an impressive four wins from four. to twickenham next where exeter are hoping to add to their trophy collection today. as they chase an historic double. crowned champions of europe last weekend, they're hoping to become english champions with victory over wasps in the premiership final. henry slade had pulled exeter back in front early on after a jimmy gopperth penalty for wasps.


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