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he was so excited. his little face just totally lit up and he was absolutely over the moon. i mean, he idolises them, so it was really, really special. and itjust shows, you know, tony's life is difficult as well. this week, 48 hours ago, he was under a general anaesthetic as well, so his treatment is ongoing and will be for the rest of his life, and, you know, it has been difficult, but we are so, so proud of him. well done, tony, a fantastic achievement! time for a look at the weather. here's louise lear. good afternoon. i know what you are thinking, is that the best i could come up with, a wet, muggy field? it's an indication of what's happening across the country at the
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moment. we have everything in the forecast today, rain, wind, even temperature a talking point as well. this weather front has brought the rain and this pyramid of weather fronts is dragging in the stronger winds, coming all the way up from the south—west and it's pushing this mild air across the country. you might not have noticed it at the moment but you will, possibly through the night tonight. we have some rain pushing steadily north and east, gradually moving into scotland. behind it quite a clea ra nce scotland. behind it quite a clearance so an improving picture across wales, central and southern england, may be cloudy and drizzly along the coasts here and still a windy day but the heaviest of the rain across north—west england and south—west scotland, widespread gusts in excess of a0 miles an hour, is possibly stronger, 50, close to 60 on exposed coasts as well but temperatures should be at 16 degrees, slightly above average for the time of year, and the rain will start to ease away out of scotland. it will leave a trail of showers following on behind. we've got this
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wet weather continuing to drift into wales, but just look at the temperatures overnight minimums of low to mid teams, incredible for this time of year. i'll start to friday, we have the rain through wales and south—west england which has to clear across the channel coast. it will do so, slowly brightening up into north wales, northern england, northern ireland and scotland. a few scattered showers into scotland and top temperatures between 9—16 . a real gear change for the start of the weekend. low pressure waiting like buses out in the atlantic. this is significant low on saturday could be quite a potent storm. it's going to bring a spell of very heavy rain. look at the brighter colours mixed in there along west facing slopes. that will slowly push its way steadily eastwards. a wraparound of persistent rain continues into scotla nd persistent rain continues into scotland and northern ireland and widespread gales, severe gales in places, gusts of wind in excess of 60 miles an hour, may be stronger, but it's still going
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to be mild, 11-17 . if but it's still going to be mild, 11—17 . if you have planned this weekend please keep abreast of the forecast because the combination of the gales and the rain may well lead to some travel disruption. it's all a bit depressing, isn't it, really? it is autumn but bear in mind into next week, the beginning of november, like an end with a glimmer of good news, high pressure builds and it brightens up quite nicely. a reminder of our top story... while we've been on the air, jeremy corbyn has been suspended from the labour party over his reaction to the equality and human rights commission's report into anti—semitism in the labour party under his leadership. and almost 100,000 people are catching coronavirus every day in england according to new research. that's all from the bbc news at one. it's goodbye from me. 0n bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. have a very good afternoon.
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good afternoon. it's 1:30pm and here's your latest sports news. the legendary wales, british and irish lions and llanelli wingerjj williams has died at the age of 72. the at the age of 72. welsh rugby union described him as the welsh rugby union described him as one of the greatest wings to play for the country. he scored 12 tries in 30 tests as wales won four five nations titles during the 19705, including two grand slams. williams also scored five tries in seven tests for the lions across two tours. wales captain alun wynjones will break the world record for most test match appearances when he leads his country against scotland in the six nations on saturday. the second—rower will make his 1a9th appearance for wales
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and the british and irish lions, overtaking new zealand's world cup—winning skipper richie mccaw. in the last three or four years he started to get the recognition for what he has achieved in the game and for wales and it took a while so hopefully he has a great outing against scotland. it would be nice for the team to perform well so it's a game to remember. when you break a record like that, someone like ritchie, is some achievement and he will go down as one of the greatest players in welsh history and he deserves all the accolades and what he has achieved in the game. srum—half ben youngs will become just the second englishman to win 100 test caps in the six nations finale against italy this weekend. world cup winnerjason leonard is the only other england player to reach the milestone. meanwhile, fresh from helping
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exeter to a premiership and european cup double, lockjonny hill will make his international debut in rome. we needed to find a big, tall, strong player to replace george cruz. johnny has been doing thatjob for exeter, good in the line—out, goodin for exeter, good in the line—out, good in defence and around the ruck area, stopping the opposition, so he has been consistent in that. he's got a great attitude, great work ethic and he's a really fine example of what exeter produced. this weekend's women's six nations game between ireland and france has been called off due to an outbreak of coronavirus within the french squad, with ireland told to prepare fora training camp this weekend instead. it's not clear whether france will forfeit the match or if it will be postponed
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until december to coincide with italy and scotland's meeting. champions england go in search of a grand slam against italy, having prepared for the match in a covid secure bubble. we got told as soon as we were going in there, we have to keep two metres apartand in there, we have to keep two metres a pa rt a nd co nsta ntly wear face in there, we have to keep two metres apart and constantly wear face masks and when we go out to train, we have and when we go out to train, we have a training block and we have to wash oui’ a training block and we have to wash our hands, sanitise our hands, then we go back in, the balls get washed. it has become the norm in the last couple of weeks. at first we were like, what is this, this is ridiculous. but it's about safety. we don't want the virus to come into the squad and wipe a lot of players out, we want to keep them, so hopefully we can put a show on four fa ns hopefully we can put a show on four fans next weekend. john lundstram looks set to be leaving sheffield united after manager chris wilder revealed the midfielder has turned down the club's offer of a new contract. lundstram is in the final year
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of his current deal, and wilder says he could now leave injanuary, rather than on a free at the end of the season. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories, as well as following the latest from stage nine of the vuelta a espana, and dan evans' bid for a place in the quarterfinals of the vienna open tennis. we'll be back in the next hour. labour has suspended jeremy corbyn over anti—semitism during his labour leadership. in light of his comments made today, a spokesman said the labour party has suspended jeremy corbyn pending investigation. he has also had the whip removed from the parliamentary labour party. it comes after the former labour leader said
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thatjewish after the former labour leader said that jewish labour after the former labour leader said thatjewish labour members were right to expect the party to deal with anti—semitism and that he had regrets that it took longer to deliver that change than should have done, but he also said he does not accept all the findings of the report. the equality and human rights commission found the labour party responsible for unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination, prompting the labour leader sir keir starmer to say it was a day of shame for the labour party. let's get more analysis from our political correspondent at westminster. a day of shame but also high drama in terms of what sir keir starmer has decided to do about jeremy corbyn. incredibly decisive and swift action from sir keir starmer in response to this report by the equalities and human rights commission. it's worth saying it didn't single out individuals
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and talked about the leadership and party as an entity but the focus quickly focused on jeremy corbyn party as an entity but the focus quickly focused onjeremy corbyn and political interference coming from the labour leader's office at the time, anti—semitism complaints cases. the context is his response on trying to root out anti—semitism that he did say that the issue had been exaggerated by some of his opponents. overstated was the word he used and in keir starmer‘s own report, he said that the idea the issue was exaggerated had no place in the labour party. he was pushed ina in the labour party. he was pushed in a news conference when he made those comments about whether that would actually apply to his predecessor and he refused to really go there but within minutes he issued a statement saying that
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jeremy corbyn had refused to retract his comments and therefore he was being suspended. it shows that keir starmer is determined to make a clea n b rea k starmer is determined to make a clean break and is showing the due community —— jewish community that he is prepared to reassure them that the anti—semitic chapter is truly over. it will be provocative to the wing of the labour party that supportsjeremy wing of the labour party that supports jeremy corbyn, wing of the labour party that supportsjeremy corbyn, the left of the party, that hasn't been particularly enamoured with keir starmer‘s leadership in the first place. but the calculation that sir keir starmer has made is that it is worth being provocative to provoke the anger of those allies ofjeremy corbyn in order to put this issue to bed once and for all. will there be some questions about keir starmer himself in that he was a prominent member of the shadow cabinet under jeremy corbyn? and questions about, why didn't he speak out more at
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the time? that certainly has been one of the questions raised about his culpability himself for the culture because the report talks about the culture inside the labour party although it is the leadership that is to blame. sir keir starmer was a senior member and so it may be seen he was complicit in that. he said today he spoke out on the issue from within the shadow cabinet and outside it so he is trying to distance himself from that culture and certainly today showing with this action againstjeremy corbyn, unprecedented to take that kind of action against the former party leader, to be suspended from the party in such short shrift, very determined to move on and say, the party is clearly under new management, he has no connection, when it comes to the handling of anti—semitism. when it comes to the handling of anti-semitism. in terms of a political calculation by keir
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starmer, does he think he is in full control of the party? he doesn't really need to know about the corbynistas, the hard left wing of the party any more? he's tried to make that clear since he took office, making tackling anti—semitism the number one priority. he was quick to sack rebecca long—bailey, the shadow education secretary who was a close ally ofjeremy corbyn who had challenged him over the leadership. he was quick to sack her when she had retweeted an article that contained an anti—semitic comment and that was a show that he was determined to not mess around on the issue and again try to prove that he was really determined to make a break and he has tried to really put some clear water between that faction of the party and his leadership so he has already had
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ample chance to do that, today provided him with another opportunity to do so. there was a lwa ys opportunity to do so. there was always going to be a challenge on keir starmer to basically match the words that he has been saying and i think the suspension ofjeremy corbyn really is an example of that. thank you for that analysis, leila, oui’ thank you for that analysis, leila, our correspondent at westminster. lots of reaction coming into that news. the labour mp harriet harman said thatjeremy corbyn's suspension is the right thing to do. she said, if you say that anti—semitism is exaggerated for fat —— factional reasons you minimise it and keir starmer says that's part of the problem, so support from harriet harman. speaking before the news of his suspension was announced, jeremy corbyn was asked if he was surprised by the findings of the report into labour's failures over
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anti—semitism. labour's failures over anti-semitism. i'm not surprised, and accepting the recommendations of the hrc report that has come out. we need to ensure our processes the hrc report that has come out. we need to ensure our processes are better worked and ensure there is a much better and stronger education process within the party. that's what i started doing when i was leader. you say you don't agree with all the findings. which ones do you disagree with? i think they don't acknowledge the work that i did to ensure acknowledge the work that i did to ensure they wear proper processes brought into place, but let's be clear, one anti—semite in the party is one anti—semite to many and when i became leader of the party, some complaints were received, i asked for a review of all this which happened, the reviewer made a number of recommendations on processes which were not implemented quickly enough underjennie formby‘s period of general secretary, much more progress was made, but the numbers have been exaggerated, in my view,
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that public perception in the opinion poll was one third of all labour party members were somehow or other under suspicion of anti—semitism. the reality is it was 0.3% of party members had a case against them which had to be put through the process and so i think it is clear that we do not accept, i do not accept, keir starmer does not accept anti—semitism in any form whatsoever in our party. the report says under your leadership, the party committed unlawful acts of harassment and discrimination. is the report wrong on that point?|j don't accept we were harassing or disseminating against people but i do recognise that there was an insufficiency of process in the party and after iain mcnicol had ceased to be general secretary and beforejennie ceased to be general secretary and before jennie formby, there ceased to be general secretary and beforejennie formby, there was a short break for a couple of months. during that period, staff were seconded to make sure the process
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was taking place quickly in the party and i did pressurise the party to deal with cases much more quickly because the process was far too slow and in the last year of my leadership, the number of cases dealt with went up very rapidly and it was a much more effective process and that's the process now in operation. to be fair, the equality and human rights commission recognises that we did change and improve processes and it had improved in the latter part of my leadership. jeremy corbyn speaking before the news of his suspension. ina before the news of his suspension. in a conference earlier, the labour leader sir keir starmer said the party had failed jewish people and that labour would implement the recommendations in full from the report. as the report makes clear, this cannot be solved just by changing the pa rty‘s this cannot be solved just by changing the party's processes and structures. we also need a culture change in the labour party. it
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must become once again a welcoming place for people from all backgrounds. under my leadership, zero tolerance of anti—semitism will mean exactly that. if you're anti—semitic you should be nowhere near this party and we will make sure you are not. and if after all the pain, all the grief and all the evidence in this report there are still those who think there is no problem with anti—semitism and the labour party, that it's all exaggerated or factional attack, then frankly you are part of the problem too and you should be nowhere near the labour party either. this report is painful to read, but i urge everyone to do so because this must be a line in the sand. there can be no more missed opportunities, no more denials or excuses.
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under my leadership, labour will denials or excuses. under my leadership, labourwillact decisively against anti—semitism in all its forms. we will repair the breach. i know it will take time and ha rd breach. i know it will take time and hard work but when i stood for leader of this party, i was clear that my first priority would be to root out anti—semitism and rebuild trust. that started in april. we have made progress and it will intensify today but i will only consider it at success when those members who have left —— who left our party because of anti—semitism feel safe to return and when we no longer hear the words labour and anti—semitism in the same sentence. scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon has been setting out where each of scotland's 32 council areas will be placed within the nation's new five tier system of coronavirus rules. she was speaking at
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the daily press co nfe re nce . rules. she was speaking at the daily press conference. let's have a listen. given the fragile situation we listen. given the fragile situation we face and the fact that we are migrating to this new system for the first time, we are taking a deliberately cautious approach today. at present, we do notjudge ita today. at present, we do notjudge it a safe or prudent to place any pa rt it a safe or prudent to place any part of the country into the baseline level zero. however, if we see continued progress, i hope that might change and will change in the weeks ahead however i can confirm that hyland, murray, the western isles, orkney and shetland have been assessed as level one. in time, hopefully a short time, we expect that level one to allow people to meet in each other‘s homes in groups of up to six people from a maximum of up to six people from a maximum of two households. however, at present on clear public health advice, the restriction on household meetings will continue to apply in all parts of the country for now. i'm conscious that in more rural and island communities that restriction can cause particular difficulty so
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we can cause particular difficulty so we will review the necessity of it in level one areas ahead of the 10th of november review. if the virus remains controlled in these areas, i am hopeful we will be able to lift it then. i now address those areas addressed as level two, aberdeenshire, aberdeen, five, the borders, dumfries and galloway, argyll and bute and also as i will discuss in a moment, perth and kinross and angus —— fife. in two cases, the borders and argyll and bute, the decision whether they should be level one or two was finally balanced. in both cases, a key factor was the interconnection with neighbouring areas, particularly with health services in lothian and greater glasgow and clyde. we have considered the impact of travel from nearby areas with higher prevalence of covid and have decided to take a cautious approach by applying level two to both areas. we will however consider this decision very carefully at the next viewpoint. the interconnection with
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neighbouring areas and services has also heavily influenced her decision on inverclyde. i understand why it would wish to be assessed as level two, but we do not consider it safe to ta ke two, but we do not consider it safe to take that decision yet, given the very close connections between inverclyde and other parts of west central scotland with high transmission rates, high positivity levels and significant pressure already on hospital and i see you capacity —— icu. inverclyde is level three along with renfrewshire and the city of glasgow, south ayrshire, east ayrshire and north ayrshire, stirling, falkirk and clackmannanshire, stirling, falkirk and clackmanna nshire, the city stirling, falkirk and clackmannanshire, the city of edinburgh, lothian. we know that these areas have been under restrictions for a number of weeks, particularly on household interaction. based on the data we are considering, if progress is maintained, we would hope that at a very early review point we will be able to consider moving some areas, east lothian in particular and
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possibly edinburgh, from level three to level two reasonably soon. i cannot make that commitment now but i hope we will be able to confirm it in the coming weeks. our approach to managing covid will work best when there is a real partnership between neighbouring authorities and health boards on how to drive down levels of infection, share resources and communicate with and support communities. i indicated earlier this week that we had cause for concern in relation to dundee and that we expected to move into level three. the da seeing around 185 per 100,000 cases per week —— dundee is seeing. that is higher than several areas in level three, therefore we have decided a level three assessment for dundee is correct and so from monday at 6am, dundee will move into level three. support is available for businesses which will be required to close and all businesses will have access to the replacementjob support scheme from the uk government which begins on
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monday. i would encourage all businesses in dundee who are impacted by closure and those in the supply chain to engage with the city council and also to look at the support website to find out what support website to find out what support is available. businesses across the country can access that resource. across the country can access that resource. in making this decision we consider very carefully whether perth and kinross and angus should also be placed in level three, given travel patterns and interdependency between the three authorities. our decision not to do so at this stage is based on the view of the three authorities, nhs tayside and the police, partnership working can work with cross—border transmission. people in angus and perth and kinross have a big part to play, it will be a —— be essential for them to adhere to the guidance. let me turn now to the situation
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in lanarkshire. the decision between level three and level four there has been finally balanced. lanarkshire has a high number of cases and a high test positivity and a high number of patients. however, evidence suggests the situation is stabilising which is undoubtedly down to the compliance and sacrifices of local people in the local councils, nhs lanarkshire and the police believe they have a strong partnership plans in place to maintain that progress under current restrictions. for these reasons and given the severity of level four restrictions, we have decided that north and south lanarkshire should remain in level three at present. however, i want to be clear that this has been a borderline decision and it is one that we require to keep under review, notjust weekly but on a daily basis. i would appeal therefore to people across lanarkshire to continue to play your part. please abide strictly with all the rules and guidance to help
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ensure the rules and guidance to help ensure that the rise in cases continues to slow and that more seve re continues to slow and that more severe restrictions can be avoided. back to the labour party and jeremy corbyn is fighting back after the decision by keir starmer to suspend him from the party. this is a tweet from jeremy corbyn in the last few seconds, "i will strongly contest the political intervention to suspend me. i have made it absolutely clear those who deny there has been an anti—semitism problem and the labour party are wrong. i will continue to support a zero tolerance policy towards all forms of racism." quite a fight brewing between jeremy forms of racism." quite a fight brewing betweenjeremy corbyn and keir starmer over mr corbyn's future in the labour party. much more than that throughout the course of the afternoon, but first let's get the weather. good afternoon. it is a cluttered
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weather story. between the two of these weather fronts, milder air between the two of these weather fronts, milderairacross between the two of these weather fronts, milder air across the country so you will notice the difference with the feel of the weather over the next couple of days if you can escape the rain. this has been the story so far, that rain is stretching its way north and east, not quite reaching the far northeast of scotla nd not quite reaching the far northeast of scotland and already we are starting to see a clearance across parts of the south and into wales in central england as well. some of the rain heavy across northwest england, southwest scotland, accompanied by gusts of wind widely in excess of a0 to 50 miles an hour, may be stronger on exposed coasts. top temperatures should peak at 16 celsius, slightly above where they should be for this time of year. through the evening and overnight, the rain continues to drift steadily north. we'll see a pulse of wet weather for a time, returning to wales and southwest england, but it's going to be an incredibly mild night in comparison to those just gone with temperatures
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widely staying in low to mid teens. we start tomorrow with that wet weather, still to clear from wales, pushing into the southwest and across the channel coast but friday should be a quieter day, we should get some sunshine coming through despite a few showers in scotland but scotland, northern ireland, northern england and eventually northern england and eventually north wales will see sunny spells and highs of 16 celsius possible for some. the weekend sees low pressure queueing up out in the atlantic, the first on saturday could be a significant storm bringing some very heavy rain and some damaging gusts of winds. gales widely not out of the question. that could lead to travel disruption. some of the rain really quite intense as it pushes eastwards, gusts of wind could be 60 miles an hour plus on exposed areas and temperatures again on the mild side, 11 to 17 c. it's certainly worth bearing in mind if you've
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got plans this weekend, keep watching the forecast because we are heading for a very stormy spell of weather. severe gales quite possible. take care. good afternoon. this is bbc news with me, ben brown. the headlines: labour suspends jeremy corbyn, with me, ben brown. the headlines: labour suspendsjeremy corbyn, after a long awaited report on
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anti—semitism says the party committed unlawful act, with harassment and discrimination. under my leadership, zero tolerance of anti—semitism will mean exactly that. if you are anti—semitic, you should be nowhere near this party, and we will make sure you are not. three dead in the french city of nice, after a knife attack. the mayor calls it an act of terrorism. scientists admit the —— predict the number of people infected are doubling every nine days. and we will talk to ross kemp about how you can still get involved in this yea r‘s can still get involved in this year's poppy appeal. a very good afternoon to
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