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about wm va— packham, and this is about wildlife shoots, grouse shoots and so on, and apparently the telegraph is saying he has a high court challenge coming in the next week over the large numbers of game birds around sites of interest, which is in essence using reserves by natural england, the release of large game birds in that area has a detrimental effect in other birdlife and other wildlife, and the result of this according to the telegraph, there's going to be restrictions on exactly that, the release of game birds around, within about 500 metres of, any scientific interest. often the terrain those game boards are being released and is around this type of sites and the story is that therefore, that will have a massive impact on the game bird shooting
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industry and the numbers being released. sorry, were you going to add something to that? quite a significant victory for that, if this is confirmed, if that is what happens. the industry is not very happy about it, but i think many people support chris packham, and i probably do as well. caroline, could you take us to a story lower down the front page of the telegraph and a continuation of what we saw yesterday? do you know yesterday, i had a text from a friend of mine — does anybody care aboutjeremy corbyn any more? clearly, this is i nte rpa rty corbyn any more? clearly, this is interparty warfare, however, ticket is clearjeremy corbyn was the case that made the labour party unelectable for many, in those crucial years we have just seen, including him not campaigning for the remain, when his party was meant to, sol
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the remain, when his party was meant to, so i think keir starmer is in this unfortunate position of seeing his party run ragged when it should be united in holding the government to account. however, he is what you have to act a little bit stronger. he has temporarily suspended jeremy corbyn. and then all the kind of... people saying he has on dodgy legal ground, he is the former director of public prosecutions, i'm sure he is consulted on what he is allowed to do. i think the temple,... jeremy corbyn is a very good and p, he makes a very good activists, and perhaps he is all standing to his principles. we would love aprons about person —— a principled person to lead the country, but publishes the power of possible. at the moment, i think the laws on keir starmer‘s side. moment, i think the laws on keir starmer's side. a means to go on come martin? you after member the source, the paper does not want keir
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starmer to be prime minister, so you have to read into that, and the two things are, and the ability of the situation is, of course there is still a significant constituency of people within the labour party, grassroots and so on, who are corbyn supporters and so pathetic to him. and secondly, the logic of his suspension was corbyn made this accusation that the whole thing is been overblown —— corbyn supporters who are sympathetic to him. clearly, if that was you've suspended 70 from and they were to retract what they said, the logic is you have to accept that apology and therefore acce pt accept that apology and therefore accept them back in. what he does that or not, corbyn, is another matter but that is the logic of the position of the first place. he was not suspended simply because of what he had done as a leader, he was suspended because of reaction, and that particular point, trying to betray him as the victim, and people
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are accusing him of getting it wrong and overblown. we have got a few more seconds, turning to the daily mirror, painted beach to nobby stiles. —— paying tribute to. mirror, painted beach to nobby stiles. -- paying tribute to. one of the remaining heroes of 1966! a sporting hero but also one of us. the delight of holding the world cup in one head and his false teeth in the other, i think it is one of the things that will go down in history. yes, charlton died earlier this year, didn't he? another sad loss, i am afraid, but he had a great life and great memories. he is obviously not been right in recent years, so it may not have been a surprise but bit of a relief, but, yes, a sad day for all football supporters and other people as well, of course. martin bentham, caroline frost,
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thank you very much. i will see you next hour. i will see you at the top of the hour. 20 more stories coming up of the hour. 20 more stories coming up here on bbc news, but goodbye. —— 20 more stories. good evening. i amjohn good evening. i am john watson with the latest from the bbc sport centre. tributes have been paid to england world cup winner nobby stiles, who's died at the age of 78. he was a key part of the 1966 side beat west germany in the final at wembley, a combative midfielder who will be fondly remembered for his dance alongside sir bobby moore after that famous win. gary lineker called him one of a kind. he was just a real character. and obviously, he was an old—school type of player, a hard man. he'd take people out the game like he did with eusebio in the semifinal. he's probably the sort of player that'd actually struggle in the modern game,
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with the law changes and the amount of fouls that he'd give away. in those days, of course, you could be a lot more physical. but, yeah, a great player, a player with a huge heart, and he will be seriously missed. the tributes have been pouring in. sir geoff hurst, team—mate from that world cup—winning side, says he's... england have added their thoughts... manchester united said he was...
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the former manchester united player gary neville has also posted a picture of them together. stiles having worked as a youth coach at the club. he said... stiles, of course, known for his tackling on the field. nobby stiles, manchester united and england legend, who has passed away at the age of 78. wolves are up to third in the premier league after a 2—0 win over crystal palace at molineux. teenager rayan ait—nouri scored on his debut to give them the lead with this first—time strike after 18 minutes. portuguese winger daniel podence doubled the hosts' advantage nine minutes later. it means wolves are now level on points with leaders everton and champions liverpool, who both have a game in hand. the six nations will be settled this weekend, seven months later than planned.
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england one of three teams that could win it, along with ireland and france, both of whom face each other at the stade de france. it's set to be a record breaking weekend, in both the wales and england camps. here's patrick gearey on how the nations sit heading into the final weekend. and scotland have won a famous victory! one of the most sensational tries twickenham has ever seen! the last round, the swinging pendulum, the beating heart. the conclusion of this tournament's long been a time for adrenaline and arithmetic. tomorrow, all roads start at rome, where england are poised, but their last chapter's come after months of blank pages. they've not played a game since march. can they dust off the rust and find the bonus point win against italy? that will give them a chance at the title, if france beat ireland,
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but don't thrashed ireland. and if ireland don't thrash france. three were recently made european champions with exeter. and there is motivation from outside the bubble. no, where our heads are at, and eddie made it very aware to us that obviously everyone is having a pretty horrific time at the minute. people are losing theirjobs, people are losing their lives, and we have got an opportunity to represent the country and try to put smiles back on people's faces. and as soon as he said that, it really struck a chord with me. but then all in rome must look to paris. a bonus point win for ireland over france would definitely give them the title, thanks to last weekend's big victory over italy. france won't roll over, though. they might still win the title themselves. at least in these strange times, ireland will face only 15 frenchmen, not the usual extra 80,000. but is that definitely a good thing? i've been in the stade de france before where the crowd have turned on them, and then it can become a positive for us and a negative for them, so you can look at it whatever way you want. obviously, we'd prefer to play in an empty stadium than play with 80,000 french supporters, but, look, it is what it is.
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it's not ideal. it's not ideal, an understatement for the year. but a day of escapism awaits. count the points, follow the stories and hold on tight. patrick gearey, bbc news. there was a shock in the quarterfinals of the vienna open, as world number one novak djokovic suffered the heaviest defeat of his career. the serb was beaten in straight sets by italy's lorenzo sonego, who is ranked 42nd in the world and only came into the tournament as a lucky loser. afterwards, sonego described the win as the best of his life. it's the first time djokovic has ever been beaten by such a margin, winning just three games. waiting for sonego in the last four will be britain's dan evans, who overcame grigor dimitrov in three sets to reach his second atp 500 semifinal of the year. chris gayle has become the first batsman to hit 1,000 sixes in t20 cricket. the west indies batsman achieved the feat in the ipl for his kings 11 punjab side with some trademark huge hitting.
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how h ow ofte n how often have we seen that? it didn't end too well, though, as he was remarkably bowled out on 99 — you can see how frustrated he was — just one short of his century! he's hit over 300 more sixes than anybody else. and i'm sure he will hit more. it's halloween tomorrow — and many of you may be dressing up, even if it's just at home. british heavyweight dereck chisora has got involved too. not to be undone. this was at the weigh—in today for his fight with undisputed world cruiserweight champion oleksandr usyk. chisora wore halloween face and body paint, with the word "war" daubed on his chest, as the pair went head—to—head. it remains to be seen whether chisora's scare tactics will have any effect on his opponent, who's considered one of the best fighters on the planet. all the talking will be settled in the ring tomorrow, i am sure. coverage of that fight on bbc radio
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5 live tomorrow night from 10.15pm. that, though, is all from the bbc sports centre for now. hello there. after a relatively quiet end to the working week, this weekend is looking very unsettled. we've got rain and gales in the forecast both saturday and sunday, likely to lead to some problems with minorflooding in places and also the risk of some disruption from the strength of the winds. now, through tonight, this rain will start to pile its way northwards associated with a first area of low pressure. some of that rain will turn out to be quite heavy and persistent across northern and western areas by the end of the night, the winds picking up too. it will turn much milder across england and wales, but still quite chilly across the north of the uk. now, this deep area of low pressure has been named storm aiden by the irish met service, a real squeeze in the isobars across the republic of ireland. this is where we're likely to see the biggest of the impacts, but there will be impacts as well further east and around western britain as this storm system continues to move
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northwards and eastwards. it'll send a band of heavy, in fact, at times torrential rain eastwards, very squally winds with it. behind it, skies brighten up. it stays wet for the northwest corner of the uk. gales widespread across the country, touching 70 miles an hour, though, around some irish sea coasts, so there's likely to be some disruption. despite all that, it's going to be fairly mild, although it might not feel like it. those temperatures hovering around the mid—teens for many of us. now, that wind and rain spills northwards. it's quiet very briefly before the next area of low pressure goes running into southern and western areas early on sunday. again, those overnight temperatures range from seven to 11 degrees, not quite as mild as what we're expecting tonight in the south. now, this next area of low pressure will bring another spell of rain and gales, which will tend to clear away from northern and eastern areas fairly quickly through sunday morning. and then skies brighten up again and we should see some sunshine, but there will be some heavy and blustery showers in the north and the west — in particular, some merging together to produce some longer
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spells of rain. and it really will be very windy with severe gales for western scotland. mild again in the south east, but turning a bit cooler further north and west. so a very unsettled weekend to come. the combination of rain and gales has prompted several yellow met office weather warnings, so stay tuned to those and keep up—to—date with the weather forecast. however, as we head on into next week, it looks like high pressure will start to build in, and that will settle things down nicely. but it will turn cooler.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. donald trump and joe biden campaign in the midwest — where polls suggest several us states could still go either way. experts warn coronavirus spreading "significantly" faster through england than even the government's own "worst case" scenario. a powerful earthquake hits turkey and greece — the devastation leaves at least 17 dead and hundreds injured. it's a race to find survivors — as rescue teams work through the night. tributes in nice for the victims of thursday's church attack,


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