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tv   The Papers  BBC News  November 1, 2020 11:30pm-11:46pm GMT

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first, the headlines. a senior government minister warns the second national lockdown in england could last more than a month, amid fears that the rise in coronavirus cases could overwhelm hospitals. from thursday nonessential shops, restaurants, pubs, gyms, and hair and beauty salons will be forced to close. the uk opposition leader has welcomed the new measures, but is calling on the government to use the time to ramp up test and trace. with two days to go before the us election, last—minute campaigning from both candidates in states where the vote could go either way. rescuers continue to search for survivors in the turkish city worst hit by the earthquake which has killed more than 60 people. typhoon goni has made landfall in the philippines, with sustained winds of more
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than 140 mph. the most powerful storm this year has caused the evacuation of over 200,000 people. hello, and welcome to our look ahead to what the the papers will be bringing us tomorrow. with me are rob merrick, deputy political editor of the independent, and olivia utley, deputy leader writer for the sun. nice to have you both back. a quick look through some of those front pages. lockdown measures in england are the focus of many of tomorrow morning's papers, and the financial times leads with calls for more support from businesses, for what the paper describes as a "lockdown body blow". the metro warns lockdown could last until christmas, reporting quotes from the cabinet
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minister, michael gove, who says measures could go beyond december the second. downing street has "slapped down" michael gove for suggesting there could be an extension, that's according to the independent. the daily mirror shares fears over a possible christmas lockdown. it says labour leader sir keir starmer is warning new measures will be tougher due to delays in introducing them. the guardian reports that the prime minister is facing what it calls "tory fury" over the lockdown meaures in england. and the telegraph says borisjohnson will seek to end the national lockdown at the beginning of december, but that will not rule out further measures. it also leads with a photo of the england world cup star sir bobby charlton, who has been diagnosed with dementia. let's start our chat. and this time
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around, rob, iwonder let's start our chat. and this time around, rob, i wonder if you could kick us off. we will be looking at the front page of the times, and lockdown could last to next year, that's the warning. yes, more ugly news, remember that the lockdown sta rts news, remember that the lockdown starts on thursday and is supposed to end on the 2nd of december. when he announced yesterday, the prime minister described as time—limited, stressing that it would not be like march where the lockdown went on for some time, of course. michael gove turned his head this morning when he was asked if the lockdown would be extended, he answered yes. he then said it would be a review date, december two, rather than an end date, and the government would be driven by the data. now there must be huge doubt weather that data, whether it's the infection rates, hospitalization rates, or the death rates, but that could be turned around in time to justify lifting the lockdown on 2nd of december. so i think there is a real possibility
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it will be longer. but having said that, there's a backlash from downing street tonight, which is coming on very strong, with the message that the intention very much is to end it on second december, and there's a real split between boris johnson and michael go, who is his deputy. olivia, what you make of this light split and extension, or the possibility of? i'm really astonished at the split. i mean, this is so basic — is this a nip in the bud, one more lockdown, come on and get it together, one more push and get it together, one more push and we can change the narrative? 0r is it, this is what we've got to face for the next few years, which is what michael gove is saying? that is what michael gove is saying? that isa is what michael gove is saying? that is a seriously big split. if it is a miscommunication, then that isjust terrible optics. and if it's not, then what's going on here? because businesses really need to plan, and people need to plan for the rest of
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their lives, you know, are we buckling down for years and years of different lives and multiple lockdowns over and over again, where employers will have to make people redundant? if it's a one—off thing, employers will furlough them, but they can't afford to keep doing this, so they will have to make people redundant. so this is a huge thing, and it is amazing how plainly you can see it on the front pages of the papers tonight. we are talking about the times here, which says lockdown could be extended. i think you've also got the daily mail saying that, then the independent, the express saying it won't be extended. that's as basic as you get, and right at the top of the government, the prime minister and his defective deputy disagreeing on something so fundamental. staying with the times, i don't know if you've got children, rob, but what do you make of the suggestion that secondary school pupils should be made to wear masks in schools? yes,
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this came from the welcome institute, he is also a sage adviser. today he says we need to go the way of scotland where masks are worn in communal areas in their schools. i believe that is already happening in many schools. i have children, and certainly in their schools, they do have to wear masks when they move around the school, albeit not in the classrooms. i don't know whether that would be such a dramatic difference from what is happening already. to be honest, i think the bigger issue in schools is that today, to northern leaders broke the political consensus and said that schools must close for several weeks if the lockdown is to bea several weeks if the lockdown is to be a success —— two northern leaders. several scientists over the weekend also pointed to the likely need for that, he said that if the lockdown had happened when it was recommended earlier this month, then we probably could've gotten away with it without closing schools. now
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things are so much worse that maybe we won't. olivia, i'll take you to the front page of the daily mail. we've really discussed most of this, but i want to ask if you caught the projection on parliament yesterday — lockdowns don't work, was the image? yes, it was. it was an interesting piece by daniel hammond in the telegraph either today or yesterday -it telegraph either today or yesterday — it was yesterday. about the way the lockdown sceptics have gotten together. and it's kind of interesting how their messaging is a bit of a mess. there the people that i fall into this category saying that lockdowns worked a little bit but are disproportionate, and the effects on cancer sufferers, people with heart problems, people with mental health problems plunging donation in the mass unemployment and poverty — there's the people saying that lockdown isn't worth it. then you have the people saying that lockdowns don't work, which is a
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slightly different message. 0r lockdowns don't work, which is a slightly different message. or that coronavirus is a conspiracy, another message altogether. so you have these few fragmented groups on the anti—lockdown side, and it'll be interesting to see if they pull together in a more unified way over this lockdown than the last. and nigel farage is changing the brexit party into the reform party, which is supposed to be an anti—lockdown will that bring all that support together into something more unified which could potentially oppose politicians in parliament who are calling for more lockdown? that didn't work last time, so we will see if it works this time. rob, the daily telegraph questions dates, figures and statistics. yes, the front page is a reminder that much of the media is anti—lockdown. going back to a second to that daily mail headline — that is simply untrue. not to diminish the very tough time
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that we have ahead of us, it lockdown overwinter where we will have for whether, and it could go on longer into the new year. that'll be really, really tough for people. but to say is without end is wrong. this isa to say is without end is wrong. this is a very real, prospect of a vaccine next year or improved treatments. the media is obsessively anti—lockdown in this headline is misleading. the government did not base its decision to go into lockdown on an estimate that daily deaths would reach 4000 a day. that is one figure very much of the top of the range of possible projections. the figures that government used to decide to go into this lockdown is that the nhs would not be able to cope, they will run out of space on for december unless these harsh restrictions are introduced. i don't see that anywhere in the daily telegraph story. ok, olivia, let's go to the
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front page of the daily star. this is something we saw back in march, the headline of their trolleys — the hoarding, the crazy shopping again. yes, crazy shopping. i've personally seen less of it then in march, and we all know what to expect this time around. it is still pretty worrying and we will have, again, as we had la st and we will have, again, as we had last time, those people who think that now that everyone is hoarding, they should just go out and buy a few more rolls of loo paper. we also have to remember that everyone hates these crazy shoppers, but once all pubs, restaurants and food establishments that are serving people outside our closing, we are all eating more at home. so supermarkets will just all eating more at home. so supermarkets willjust be under a lot more strain. i think it is slightly unfair to be having a go at the hoarders. i understand, i stocked up because i would normally have a couple meals at work — can't
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do that any more. so we will all be doing a bit more shopping. we know what happened with the nurse were getting very upset...|j what happened with the nurse were getting very upset... i completely understand, just saying the other side, as well, it's easy to knock the hoarders at some point let's turn to the front page of the guardian, i'd like both of your opinions on this story. the middle class are now the new hungry and turning to the food banks. rob? yes, i think this is very much a development that is taking place and will take place, because of course many of the people who sadly are losing theirjobs because of the pandemic or because of the restrictions that are being imposed would never imagine theirjobs would be injeopardy. would never imagine theirjobs would be in jeopardy. they would never imagine theirjobs would be injeopardy. they lived in the vulnerable lives of people we've seen vulnerable lives of people we've seen flock to food banks disgracefully over the last hundred yea rs, disgracefully over the last hundred years, they've exploded in number in
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the government simply doesn't care. many of the people losing theirjobs will be turning to universal credit, and they'll be shocked at what they find, that the benefit pay is so low, their tougher restrictions, you don't receive any if you have savings, if you carry out a full week's worked looking for work then you can be struck off the eligibility list. so we will see a new category of people going to food banks. we can only hope this will be a wake—up call for the country because the existence of food bakes is an utter disgrace. dust food banks. the government's total refusal to do anything about it. the government would point to this £20 a week top up in universal credit, olivia? i presume it will be extended beyond april, which is when it was supposed to end. but this is a very worrying story because if
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middle—class people are going to be using food banks from now on, what's happening to the people who are using them before? it shows exactly how quickly we've slipped into sup a deep recession, from record employment to this. it is seriously alarming and it will only get worse. soa alarming and it will only get worse. so a sick gary story in the guardian. front page of the ft, all eyes on the united states election. rob? i so much want to say that donald trump is going to lose. the greatest shock ever if trump is to pull it off. the figures are disastrous for him. not only that biden has been a in every single pole by huge margins, not only that biden is ahead in all the battle ground states, but the vast number of people who voted already, 90 million people have voted already in the states. the evidence must be that those are the people going to
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the polls who haven't been before because they're desperate to get rid of trump. so yes, trump will almost certainly lose — but the greater fear perhaps for people who want to see the back of him is that he simply won't accept it. he's already said that he will contest the results, and the news out of america is he may even try to declare an early result before all the results have come in and although the postal votes have been counted. he's already tried to fix the election by making it impossible to vote by post. i don't —— i used the phrase full fascist earlier, and i think that's an accurate description of his behaviour. he won't accept democracy, if you won't allow the public to make this choice. we've already seen him denigrate and abuse the free media. this is fascist behaviour, that's what we would call in any other country and we should say it now. can you second-guess what will happen wednesday morning, olivia? i hope that robert is right
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and that trump will go. but i think, as he says, there's a very good chance he won't accept that. i think what there will need to be is a landslide for biden, which i still think is quite a serious possibility. although there's a difference in polling, we can see in the british papers tomorrow, you have the ft saying that the polls are barely changing, the story they're talking about here in the key states, pennsylvania and florida, but the times are saying that biden's lead is narrowing a bit and that democrats are still very worried about the next few days. obviously they still remember the clinton disaster. so yeah, it is not in the bag for biden, and i think they must be praying for a real landslide because that's the only thing which might get rid of trump for good. ok. olivia and rob, thank you both very much indeed. most of the papers today do have a picture of sir bobby charlton with


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