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tv   BBC News at Six  BBC News  November 4, 2020 6:00pm-6:31pm GMT

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five to finish the of selection, the outcome numbers depends on the results in just a few states they are still counting. the close to call... knowing the ballots left to sift hello, i'm ros atkins, through, doctor palardy claims without evidence that he has one this is 0utside source. saying the democrats are trying to steal the election. we will be going things are still very tight in the to the us supreme court. we want all us election. the outcome now depends on the results injusta voting to stop. we don't want them outcome now depends on the results in just a handful of states and the counting goes on. this election is to find any ballots at four o'clock too close to call. multiple battle in the morning and add them to the ground states... there are millions list. joe biden's team has called of ballot still dared to sift effo rts list. joe biden's team has called through. donald trump has already efforts to stop the count and claimed without evidence that he has millions of the shipment votes outrageous. we're going to have to one and he says the democrats are trying to steal the election. we
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be patient until we, until the hard work of telling the votes is will be going to the us supreme finished. and it isn't over until court. we want all voting to stop. every vote is counted. every ballot we wa nt is counted. court. we want all voting to stop. we want don't want them to find any ballots at four o'clock in the morning and add them to the list. joe biden is calling for efforts to stop the counting of millions of male and votes outrageous. we welcome has an election ever been more followed around the world? going to all of you wherever you are watching and the count in america goes on. the weight goes on. we knew it would, it's all a standard part of the electoral process that does not lessen the drama. maine is the only state to have been projected in the last few hours with three of its four electoral college votes projected to go tojoe biden. that means in the electoral college at the moment we are expecting joe biden to be projected to have 2027, donald trump 213. to become president and eat 270. the us
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election projects compiled by an economic of the adversity of florida estimates of the total turnout is a record 150 million voters in that figure includes more than 100 million early voters. and of them 65 million early voters. and of them 65 million voted by mail. donald trump has launched many attacks on women voting... —— a male in —— mail -- mail in —— mail in voting. it was always going to be like this, that donald trump would have a lead and some of the states. we know that democrats are more likely to vote by mail and democrats —— republicans in person.
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there has been no ballot dons, and in this election or in any recent election. the body camp was assertive from the start of the night, it was joe assertive from the start of the night, it wasjoe biden who spoke first saying he thought he was going to win. and he was a senior biden campaign officials saying in the last two hours... joel rubin, senior official at the state department during the 0bama—biden administration, chevy chase, maryland. thank you very much indeed for joining us. how do you gauge the way that the biden campaign is playing this? they're playing it like a campaign that believes in the united states should be playing at. our democratic process is sacred and enabled us to have a thriving
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country for two centuries now. and we need to make sure that we count every vote. the will of the people is what matters in every election and this one is no different. that's why vice president biden in his messaging is saying let's count the votes. we a re messaging is saying let's count the votes. we are americans, this is our democracy. for those that don't want to count votes are being anti—american and unfortunately donald trump is promoting the idea that somehow american votes should not be counted because he doesn't wa nt to not be counted because he doesn't want to lose. and have been criticised by some of his own party because of his speech last night which was very counter to the american history and to our legal structure. and how perilous do you feel this moment is for american democracy? i'm not worried. that was the moment is like we had in 2000 or 2004 orange 2016 can we have to be calm and patient and it's not a
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national election. if the 50 states plus the district of columbia. all individually governing their elections so we have good processes and a person officials of the state and a person officials of the state and local level and we have the courts ready to ensure the vote has integrity and as long as we remain calm and clearly that's not what donald trump wants, but that's what the american people want, we can see a victor and that victor should assume the white house in january. victor should assume the white house in january. and les will have to wait to see which way this goes. either way we are far enough into the projections to know that there has been no significant blue wave. joe biden has not swept the board and given all of the different circumstances of the trumpet ministration, are you critical of the biden campaign not delivering something that is more clear cut? joe biden has 51% of the popular vote now which is a significantjump from four years ago, and it's only going to grow because the vote of not been counted that are male in ——
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mail in votes and most of those are democratic. it was not a perfect night for democrats but a strong night for democrats but a strong night and we still have the house, we blend some in the senate and it looks like the democrats are on the path to winning this electoral couege path to winning this electoral college mandate as well for the presidency. perhaps the more fundamental problem for america is that it's divided as never before and there's nothing about the results being projected at the moment that suggest that division can be easily healed in the future. i think you are right. fundamentally we have a very divided country. this isa we have a very divided country. this is a new moment, this is part of a long time trend. what's encouraging we have nearly two thirds of eligible voters, to the polls in the selection and that's a record. and so we selection and that's a record. and so we have participation and how we heal those gaps, that the challenge the next government. the challenge for the leadership and clearly for the american people but elections
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don't wipe away one side and subtly demonstrate that the other side now has a plurality, clearly visible in oui’ has a plurality, clearly visible in our history in our divisions will continue no matter who wins in this white house. and i will be a big pa rt white house. and i will be a big part of theirjob. i'm sure you've spent much of the last year is pouring over the details and different counties projecting in the different counties projecting in the different key battle ground states. i would if you have had a chance to step back and consider the point which america has reached regardless of whether donald trump wins or not this someone operating well outside of the political norms in the us, and quite evidently many americans would like it to continue to do that.|j evidently many americans would like it to continue to do that. i think that americans commit when we saw the trunk voters did not vote for someone the trunk voters did not vote for someone outside the norms. they voted for someone who they thought was going to help them with the economy. that's where he did very well in exit polls. letter discovery of the antics, but his antics are
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dangerous, they are anti—democratic and his instincts are ones that should concern americans. i think that's a preponderance of the electorate and when it came to issues donald trump was able to make an argument of the economy in particular that he for some reason had the winning hand even though the economy is contracted on his watch. a lot more work to be done for certain in these areas and the norms do matter, want to mention that as well. norms are as important as a nyways well. norms are as important as anyways in—laws as her system. after purchase for and follow the rules not just wait for the law to tell them to do so. that was very troubling about his reaction last night. thank you very much indeed, we appreciate you joining us here on outside source. the truck campaign has again indicated that it will contest of these result projections in these crucial states just a reminder both candidates or try to reach 270 electoral college votes come the way this works as each state brings with it a chunk of
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electoral college votes dipping on the population of the state. because of the system image they're focused ona of the system image they're focused on a small number of states. florida has been projected for trump, 0hio with a particular tribe but now we are down really to a handful. georgia in the southeast, and in the three midwest states of pennsylvania, wisconsin and michigan. the truck campaign is indicating it's going to getjustice ina race indicating it's going to getjustice in a race of ways. and, what are the practicalities of contesting assault in the us election? the practicalities are that they really need to find some underlying claim to raise, and one of these close states, there is an existing claim out of pennsylvania that i can imagine being litigated considerably
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returning to the supreme court. there may be some basis to challenge the final results in michigan or wisconsin, although i'm not aware of a particular problem that could be used in a lawsuit there. it's very different there with the president said last night where he seemed to be saying that all accounting should stop now and i win. there's no legal basis to simply stop the counting, there needs to be instead some legal claim that some subset of ballots we re claim that some subset of ballots were improperly included or improperly excluded. so that's what we are waiting to see. one thing i really like some help understanding, are there some circumstances in which the supreme court perhaps can ta ke which the supreme court perhaps can take a position which affects all states, or with the truck campaign have to fight this in different legal ways state—by—state by state?
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it would be a challenge to the results of a particular state, but now it's also possible that in adjudicating a case that came from a particular state supreme court could lay down a new rule and do understanding of it, a constitutional principle for insta nce constitutional principle for instance that might have implications in other states even though the proceedings from another state were not formally before the supreme court, but what we are looking at right now as election lawyers is what kinds of claims could come from a few of these particular states. and it's unlikely that with the supreme court might do in one of these cases would really affect the count of the ballots in any other state. professor come alive from us from ohio, the trunk and paid reiterating its attention
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to legally challenge some of the results that are being —— trump campaign. the margin in wisconsin, one of the states we are focused on is now less than 1%. that would allow a candidate to seek a recount after a result is declared. if the final result does come within1%.|j spent the last couple of weeks here in wisconsin, i've been going to donald trump's rallies, and in those rallies he continues to make one of the main talking points this idea of voter fraud. he was leading up to this, so when he came out and get that press conference i certainly did not feel shocked hearing what he was saying. because i was hearing it over and over was saying. because i was hearing it overand overagain at was saying. because i was hearing it over and over again at these rallies where he was telling his base, telling the supporters who were there that my concern is voter fraud, he's been saying it across the board. here in wisconsin the
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other thing i found quite interesting that came out of that press conference from the election commission was in a numbers were seen commission was in a numbers were seen coming out is being done by the media. being dead by cable news, we have not had become issued any of the official numbers as of yet. while we are hearing things like 90% of votes are being reported, that this county has released a votes or that county has released votes have to reiterate the things that the numbers are coming out from the election commission, their numbers from outfits like apr projecting. the election commission also reiterated that most of the time the numbers are accurate, so there's no reason to doubt that. but it certainly isn't something that the election commissions are doing themselves. it's hanging by a knife edge here, the democrats have declared victory in wisconsin but that certainly is not with the election commission is staying. they are saying just hold your horses, be patient. these things take time. 1.9
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million people in wisconsin voted either by mail in or only early voting. so this thing is going to ta ke voting. so this thing is going to take some time. for both candidates this comes down to what we call the path to 270 — the path to winning a majority of electoral college votes. and with some states still to have their results projected — both men still have a path to 270. reeta chakrabarti is going to help us with this. hi reeta — how does this break down now. yes, so this is the electoral map as we see it. right at the momentjoe biden on 227, donald trump on 213. you can see great swathes of red they are in the middle. lots of them very solidly republican states and some very solidly blue democratic states as well. some interesting
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holds by donald trump, really crucial holds for him earlier in the night. last night i suppose in florida, 0hio night. last night i suppose in florida, ohio and in texas. they are so florida, ohio and in texas. they are so evenly balanced that each man is cubberley saying that they have a path to victory. so how might they do it? let's have a look. i'm going to use my blue pen and plot a course forjoe biden first of all. last time around hillary clinton took nevada for the democrats. let's assume thatjoe nevada for the democrats. let's assume that joe biden nevada for the democrats. let's assume thatjoe biden matches that and we will not find out about that until tomorrow at the earliest because they suspended counting a little bit earlier today. democrat said there were very competitive in arizona, so let's assume the democrats win arizona. that leaves joe biden short by 26 electoral couege joe biden short by 26 electoral college of votes. wisconsin is you we re college of votes. wisconsin is you were just hearing, very, very tight. the democrats locally think that they have got it, it may be
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contested by the republicans. but at the momentjust contested by the republicans. but at the moment just for arguments contested by the republicans. but at the momentjust for arguments sake we give it to the democrats that puts joe we give it to the democrats that putsjoe biden we give it to the democrats that puts joe biden short we give it to the democrats that putsjoe biden short by 16. on the assumption that he then winds michigan the democrats are hopeful because of the swing there that gets joe biden to the line of 270 votes which would put him in the white house. let's do the same thing for donald trump. go back to my map of the states as they are now. this time use a red pen to colour in the very states that have not yet been declared. the arizona, let's conversely now assume the arizona goes to donald trump. let's say that he holds georgia and north carolina which are both still counting where it is still very competitive. still short by 15 votes. that brings up to 255 votes. that means that donald trump must keep pennsylvania where
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he won by a wafer thin majority in 2016. he must hold onto pennsylvania in orderto 2016. he must hold onto pennsylvania in order to hold onto the presidency. of the weeks and months that we have been following the campaigns we so often have said it might well be that pennsylvania is the key. well it is now looking as if it might be. thank you very much indeed. keeping a close eye on the candidates efforts to reach 270. as we have these partial totals that she was highlighting, don't be, let's do an event for drawing conclusions from what those partial totals are telling us because in both cases sometimes towards biden ortrump both cases sometimes towards biden or trump the early voting can skew one way or the other. not necessarily represented that where the state as a whole is going. need to reserve ourjudgement until those states are projected. lanhee chen is a former policy director for the romney presidential campaign — and joins me now from mountain view,
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california. i wonder what your thoughts are on how president trump is handling the situation? president trump last night giving that speech but himself and other republicans in a very challenging position. no question about it. it should be the position of both parties, both candidates that every vote that was legally cast should be counted. that's the best position for the president given what we are seeing out of arizona and nevada comments to states in the west that we should not forget about. these two states can still be very crucial. without question if your position is let's keep counting ballots the petition also have to apply to votes in michigan, wisconsin and pennsylvania as well. you say it's difficult for the republicans, but what is so difficult? give a president claiming victory when he does not have
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victory when he does not have victory yet. shouldn't republican simply, and condemn this in no uncertain terms? you seen a number of republicans do that today, marco rubio did it, never people said, listen, no one should be declaring victory now. that's not the right approach. the president has shown is what to do whatever he wants to do. you can try to programme him, i worked on many campaigns, you can try to give them the talking points, he's going to say what he is going to say. last night we heard was what the president was thinking and feeling a you've continue to see that his twitter feed today. but nonetheless you know this is a difficult moment for the republican party because he to a politician who, for a great time of his life to him was not even particularly an explicit republican and now behaving ina way explicit republican and now behaving in a way while outside of what most republicans would consider acceptable. and yet he is your representative. your presidential candidate. this is been a challenge of trump and party all along. his
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own son—in—law describes her trump did asa own son—in—law describes her trump did as a hostile takeover of the republican party. in many ways that's an accurate description of exactly what president trump has done. with the rbc any time to control of a party they take control of the apparatus and largely take control of people who are part of that party, particularly elected officials. you're seeing that dynamic in play. that having been said gift to look at last night's election and look at what we know about the election. there are out to make elements that will be part of this even if donald trump loses. that will be an interesting point of analysis going forward. to be picked up analysis going forward. to be picked up on that, whether he wins or loses the election he has picked up more votes in total across america than he did in 2016 would suggest that many americans approve of his approach. a proof of the language he uses and the misinformation and the
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policies. not only that, they also don't blame him for the response to coronavirus. we have talked a lot about how coronavirus and the covid response was going to be a big issue in this campaign to buy what we are hearing from those voters who supported donald trump that they don't necessarily blame him for the response to covid even though he has been president of the united states the last four years. interesting to see that dynamic and we also have in some places a whole new batch of voters that have come into the electorate to support donald trump that were not part of the electorate four years ago. in florida what we have seen is that those voters who voted for trump, many of them not even voters four years ago. that dynamic will have to be parsed and discussed again as we move ahead. good to talk to you, thank you very much indeed forjoining us. we appreciate it. we will get europe,
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middle east, china and russia. and start in the uk. you should be drawn into commenting in detail what is playing out in the us. here is the uk foreign secretary. the american people will decide ultimately it's up to the american people to decide and ultimately whatever the... the election night comments from either side of the campaign, am confident and have full faith in the us institutions, the checks and balances in the us system that will produce a definitive result. so we watch with interest, but forgive me if i don't comment on the commentary. the truth is i think what is really important now is we wait to see how this uncertainty will unfold. many of the american rebels also watching closely. in a moment china — firts though russia. here's steve rosenberg in moscow apologies, we will not have that commode will have the in a moment. next let's turn to more reaction from europe. france and also to germany. we see different reactions commode of the curiosities of the trump
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in the opinion in the us has been disrupted by donald trump's approach. causing tensions around trade. was next to her to china, move around here. well, it is interesting. i think expectations here are very low from this us election, whoever wins, partly because donald trump is viewed to hear as someone who basically failed to deliver on the promises he made four years ago of improving relations with moscow, partly because joe biden is viewed here as someone who is more hardline than donald trump, someone who could impose more sanctions on russia, and that is why one popular russian news site today said that from russia the us election was all about choosing between bad and very bad. if you speak to communist party officials,
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especially more hardline communist party officials, they actually want, believe it or not, donald trump to win. and that is because they see the sort of chaos and dysfunctional nature of the trump administration as not only undermining the entire western project, but making china look good. they think that a trump us makes china and their president look like a sea of stability, so they actually want a donald trump victory. now, if you move into a more liberal wing of the party, like the department of foreign affairs, they might prefer someone else because they want to try to rebuild the bridges between washington and beijing, so i guess it depends on who you are speaking to in terms of who they would like to win. let's turn to the middle east. tom bateman is one of our correspondents injerusalem. he's tweeted. ..
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and there you have the picture of the newspaper. now we know that many israelis are hoping donald trump returns to the white house. here's tom bateman on the reasons why. president trump recognised jerusalem as israel's capital. he moved embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem, delivering really gifts for the prime minister, benjamin netanyahu, here, and the israeli right—wing, but they were policies deeply and bitterly opposed by the palestinians, so in that sense he has added to the divisive and polarised nature of the conflict here because the result was that the palestinians had cut off all diplomatic contact with the us administration and in that context we then had president trump's plan, the so—called deal of the century, finding peace between israelis and palestinians. that has really fallen off the agenda in the sense that it has made no progress
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because of the palestinian boycott, but we then had hello there. last month was not on the exceptionally wet in the uk, it was also cloudier than normal so we didn't have as much sunshine as we often see. so in today's weather mates of the of a welcome change. across england or wales load of dry weather was sunny skies, for the northwest though seen clouds gather of the snow tip to mountains in scotland, see that cloud continuing to extend not just scotland, see that cloud continuing to extend notjust in scotland but across northern ireland with a few shower clouds running down towards the irish sea. to become an odd showerfor the irish sea. to become an odd shower for northwest england to take us shower for northwest england to take us to the rest of the day. going to see proceed towards front office, but it will raptors the end of the afternoon or evening time as a temptress go not doing too badly after that cold and frosty start.
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further north, though, we are going to see some rain pushing into the far north of scotland, but that will arrive towards the end of the afternoon or the early evening time, and as far as the temperatures go, we're not doing too badly — after that cold and frosty start, temperatures 10 to 13 degrees. now, overnight, our weather fronts bringing rain in scotland pushes southwards whilst weakening, so just a bit of drizzle left on that system by the time it reaches the hills of northern england, but there will be some hill fog patches across these northern areas. further south, a cold night. we'll see some frost developing in the countryside. lowest temperatures perhaps down to around —3, —4 celsius, and there'll be some fog patches around as well. in the next few days, our weather is going to be dominated by this area of high pressure, so the weather, for the time being, is going to stay pretty quiet with a lot of dry weather and some sunshine. now, in the early morning, mist and is fog patches of clear away from wales, the midlands, southern and east anglia, with some sunshine coming out later on. perhaps quite a bit of low cloud
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and some drizzle for a time across the hills of northern england, and it may well be quite cloudy still across the north and west of scotland and perhaps northern ireland too. temperatures similar, 10 to 13 degrees, but perhaps a bit more sunshine in aberdeenshire, allowing temperatures to rise a little bit higher here. 0n into friday, well, again, we could see some mist and fog patches to start the day, so it could be quite murky for some of us, but, again, a reasonably dry day coming up for most of us, with some sunny spells baking through during the afternoon. 10 to 13 degrees top temperatures for many of us. heading into the weekend, we are eventually going to start to see some milder air move its way northwards from the near continent, but it will take a time before that reaches scotland, so saturday will be another fairly cool day in scotland. cloud will then build, we'll see rain at times, but eventually, this weekend will see temperatures pushing up 00:28:42,473 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 to about 16 in london.
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