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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 6, 2020 1:30pm-2:01pm GMT

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she's delivered posters to neighbours to put up in their windows and put poppies on all the lamp posts. i think we should be remembering the people who served us in the army because they risked their lives for us. maisie‘s dad james was medically discharged from the army in 2017. it's hard to describe the pride i have for her and the fact that it's all come from her heart is just truly amazing. the royal british legion is urging everyone to gather on their doorsteps at 11 o'clock on sunday morning, to come together as a nation, to remember. graham satchell, bbc news. time for a look at the weather. here's louise lear. when i think of the month of november i think of fog and fireworks. we may not have had the
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organised displays last night but we have had a display of fog over the last few days, some of it quite dense this morning in places. some of us had some beautiful november sunshine. look at aberdeenshire, not as warm but nevertheless glorious. the cloud is picking up on the far north—west of scotland to produce a little bit of drizzle. and a bit of a breeze for the rest of the afternoon. elsewhere lots of sunshine coming through. breezy into the as well. stronger winds here but in terms of the feel of things fairly uniform across the country with temperatures peaking between ten and 13 degrees. through this evening once again we can see yet more fog returning. it looks as though the drizzle will linger and they will be a little more cloud generally through the far north—west of scotla nd generally through the far north—west of scotland but down to the scottish borders and enter the midlands and parts of south wales we will have some dense fog in places. low single
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figures for some but a relatively mild start for the far south—west. some of that fog could linger once again we will have to keep an eye across central and southern areas. it could be a bit of a disappointing start to your weekend. the further north you come a brisk breeze could dry and a few showers to the far south—west but with a little more sunshine generally we will see 15 or 16 degrees and further north just nine or ten. the high pressure that has kept things relatively quiet this week drifting into the near continent a weather fronts to push on from the west so for the second half of the weekend it will be cloudy with outbreaks of light rain living mostly through western areas but clouded with bits and pieces of rain through the day on sunday and temperatures on the mild side in comparison to what we have seen for some of us with maximum of 11 to 16. it looks as though that trend is set
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to continue into next week so to summarise the weekend it will turn milder and it is going to be dry for many with most of the rain across western fringes. another weather front brings showery outbreaks of light rain from the west on monday and the best of the drier weather will always be further east on monday and things quieten down just a touch into tuesday. death has just been announced in the last few minutes of actor geoffrey palmer who was 93 and had a very long career on tv and in particular and so famous in roles in the likes of as time goes by. the death just announced of geoffrey palmer. that's all from the bbc news at one — so it's goodbye from me —
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and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. good afternoon. it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news. i'm olly foster at the bbc sport centre. ole gunnar solskjaer says speculation about his position is just part of being the manager at manchester united. solskjaer was questioned about his future following the team's defeat in the champions league this week. they also lost at home to arsenal in the league last weekend, leaving them 15th in the table. they play everton tomorrow lunchtime. sources at the club have denied that they have been courting mauricio pochettino as a possible replacement. you as a possible replacement. have to be mentally str have you have to be mentally strong, you have to be, of course, there are demands on a manchester united player and coach and manager. there is also an expectation, because you
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don't expect to have anything but criticism then, it is just how you deal with that setback and, from what i have seen from the boys, they have been very focused since we came back, ready to give a response. there's another international break coming up next week. gareth bale is back in the wales squad for their three games. he's still building up his fitness and has been used sparingly at tottenham since re—joining them. jose mourinho says he hopes the wales coaching staff take note, but has his concerns because one of them, albert stuivenberg, is also an arsenal coach. the fact that one of the coaches is an arsenal coach doesn't make me very comfortable, honestly, it doesn't make me very comfortable. i think national team matches, they should have coaches that work
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exclusively for them and not coaches that work for other clubs. some football fans in scotland will be allowed back into matches from this evening . clubs located in tier1 areas, such as the highlands, can let in up to 300 supporters. that will include ross county's premiership match against livingston tonight. it's too early to have any sort of real significance financially, but what it does is give everybody a bit of hope and something to hang on to regarding getting back out and watching football. we obviously have a small band of loyal supporters here in the highlands and what we want to do is give them value for money in their season ticket and the money they have put into the football club. the only way we can do that is by letting them watch live football. thankfully, we have an opportunity to do that. nigel clough is back in football. he's the new manager at league 2 mansfield town. clough stood down from his position at burton albion in may to help ease the financial pressures at the club following the pandemic.
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he has signed a contract until 2023. his brother simon willjoin him as head of recruitment. they are third—bottom of the table and his first match in charge will be away at sunderland in the fa cup tomorrow. afc wimbledon‘s tie at barrow has been postponed. the dons have returned a number of positive tests for covid—19. the whole of the first team squad are having to isolate. all players and staff are being re—tested. their next scheduled match is against wigan in league one next weekend. a covid outbreak at the pro14 dragons has seen the region shut down for two weeks. seven positive results were returned as part of the wru's weekly testing programme. their matches against connacht and glasgow warriors have been postponed. they lost to munster last weekend at rodney parade, and the irish team have returned a full list of negative results. mark allen has called
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ronnie o'sullivan a "bully" after the pair had an argument during their champion of champions quarter—final in milton keynes. o'sullivan complained that allen was distracting him by moving in his eyeline while he was at the table. the spat went on for some time with the players ignoring the referee's plea to continue with the match. allen eventually won to set up a semi—final againstjudd trump tomorrow. o'sullivan said afterwards that there were no hard feelings. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. news conferences, top lines and headlines coming in ahead of the premier league this weekend. jurgen klopp has been speaking, the liverpool manchester city game this weekend. i will see you this
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afternoon. a very good afternoon to you. you are watching bbc news. the time is 140 and there will be much more on the progress of the us election. before that, let's talk about the very sad news that has come in from the world of arts in the last few minutes. the death has just been announced of the actor geoffrey palmer who has died at the age of 93. he was the star of a series of popular comedies on bbc television including as time goes by and butterflies. david sillito looks back at his life. ria! i made less noise than that when i was in labour. could you explain this to me? what? this.
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this stuff on my plate. it's your dinner. i know it's my dinner, but could you identify the various heaps? in butterflies, he was a slightly world—weary dentist. those are potatoes, and that's a chop. i forget what those green things are. well, who brought the breakfast? who found it? in fawlty towers, a doctor trying to make sense of some kipper—related chaos. what's that? that's a bit of it. a bit of what? a bit of the breakfast. is there any more tea in that pot? and in as time goes by, a second lieutenant who never quite understood the opposite sex. i really shouldn't have asked that question. you set me up! even at the start of his screen career, he played figures of authority. well, keep her going, she may blow her way through it. all right. a property agent in cathy come home. £100.
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£100 would barely cover the legal costs involved. i can't go to the ministry of defence and request regular army support for you on the basis of a wild tale about monsters in caves. a slightly sinister civil servant in doctor who. drink, jimmy? ten past three? almost tea time. whiskey, please. and in the fall and rise of reginald perrin, the hopeless military plotterjimmy. geoffrey palmer had himself served in the marines, and worked in an accountant‘s office before taking up acting. i never want to hear from you again, is that clear? his face and background perfect for characters that were slightly stuffy, very british and often a bit ridiculous. but your underpants on your head and stick two pencils up your nose. outside of acting, his passion was fly fishing. i still enjoy working as an actor, but i'd rather go fishing. it seemed to sum him up. whatever the chaos, geoffrey palmer would be the one to be there in the midst of it.
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the calm, middle—class everyman, grumpy, baffled and making us laugh. tea? i'll turn the radio down. i hope to speak about successful career. for now. joe biden is closing in on the white house, with just a handful of states still left to declare in the us presidential election. he's gained ground in pennsylvania and has edged ahead of president trump in the key state of georgia, where 99% of ballot papers have been counted. president trump has insisted he won tuesday's election, and accused his opponents of trying to steal it through voter fraud.
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the rebuplican leader of the senate house, mitch mcconnell has tweeted about the issue of legal votes. in the tweet, he says... ifjoe biden succeeds in taking georgia, president trump could only achieve a draw even if he won all the other remaining states. mr biden has now edged ahead there by more than 1,000 votes, with just a few thousand left to go. earlier, my colleague martine spoke to stephen fowler, political reporter for georgia public broadcasting georgia has known for a long time that it was going to be the centre
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of the political universe, not only because of the electoral college votes, but because we have both of our us senate seats on the ballot, which could, and now will, decide control of that chamber. you know, it's 6.30 in the morning here local time, so i don't think very many people have yet woken up to the news of the votes being in thejoe biden's favour now with still more to come, but, you know, if you watch georgia politics, the people that live here in georgia, democrat and republican, have long known about the importance of this state, because it truly is a microcosm of american politics right now. a small percentage of votes still left to be counted. it still is quite a large number in numerical terms. which are the votes that still haven't been looked at? the decisive votes that switched the things intojoe biden's favour came from clayton county, which is a heavily african—american, democratic county just south of atalanta.
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there are also about 5000 or so ballots remaining in suburban gwinnett county, which is the most diverse county in georgia. and a few other ballots here and there in counties that will favour democrats, so the margin is expected to get a little bit bigger. but there are also other ballots that we don't know exactly how many, but they should come in today. they are provisional ballots, military and overseas ballots, and ballots that had problems that have to be cured, for things like missing signatures. so there is still more to come, and it is very, very close. how much pressure do those counting the votes feel that they are under? after all, it is accuracy rather than speed that people want to see, i am sure. it's a lot of pressure. election workers in these counties have been working round—the—clock for weeks before the election to get ready for early voting and prepare absentee ballots. we've seen, several nights this week, different counties work into the night. these votes came in at 4:30am local time for clayton county after they had been working
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for about 12 hours to process them. so there is a lot of pressure to get things right. there is a lot of pressure to do things accurately and fairly and, ultimately, with the result being so close, everyone is just under intense stress and pressure. what has the impact been of the coronavirus pandemic in georgia in this election in terms of how people have voted and the numbers who have turned out? that's right. so georgia has record—setting turnout in this. it's approaching 5 million of the state's 7.5 million voters. 4 million of those votes were cast before election day. you had record number of people request and return an absentee by mail ballot. you had a record number of people show up and wait in lines during our three weeks of in—person early voting, and, you know, you just saw this unprecedented shift in the way people vote to do
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things that are earlier and a little bit safer because of the pandemic, and that led to shorter lines on election day and a much, much quicker count than if things had gone differently. it's difficult for you to comment on the entire public of georgia, but what is the general reaction, if you can sum it up, stephen, of donald trump's claims that this election has been corrupt? well, you know, his claim is false because he said that democrats were responsible, but georgia has a republican governor, a republican chief election official. most of georgia's 159 counties are republican counties with republican local officials, so it is just not grounded in reality. and, you know, there are plenty of people here that are going to be disappointed that donald trump loses if he does lose, but our republican elected official, the secretary of state, brad raffensberger, has really ensured that people should trust the process and that's something that you will find in these coming days, it's that the process will be trusted even if the outcome is not
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what people desired. live at very test. in scotland, there have been a further 1,072 positive tests for covid—19 recorded in the past 24 hours. that takes the total number of positive cases to 70,732. first minister nicola sturgeon revealed the figures at a press briefing earlier and said while there were signs for cautious optimism, she warned against complacency. we are seeing signs for cautious optimism in our data in scotland, but we cannot be complacent if we are to continue that progress, and we must accelerate that progress, then it takes all of us doing all of the right things.
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the good news is we know when we do those things, difficult though they are, they do make a difference, but this should also remind us that none of us are powerless in the face of this virus. so if you are living in one of the areas at level 3, which is most of the central belt and also dundee, please don't travel outside your own local authority area unless it is essential. you can find out what we mean by essential on the scottish government website, but it includes work that you can't do at home or caring responsibilities. people in other parts of scotland, please do not travel into a level 3 local authority except for the same essential purposes, and as i indicated earlier on, we are asking everybody right now not to travel outside of scotland to other parts of the uk or overseas, again unless you have an essential reason for doing so. travel restrictions are essential. as i indicated earlier on, it was one of the things in the context of covid that the british—irish council
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discussed earlier on, how as we all seek to suppress the virus within our own borders, we work together to ensure that it doesn't spread from high to low prevalence areas. that's important between countries, but it is also important within countries, particularly when, as is the case in scotland right now, we are trying to apply restrictions in a targeted and proportionate way, which means there are variations in different parts of the country, so please remember the travel restrictions and of abiding by those. no matter where you live in scotland right now, you should not be visiting somebody else‘s home, again for very specific purposes like childcare or caring for a vulnerable person. we know transmission within homes is one of the biggest risks, and has also in recent weeks been one of the biggest reasons because people have not been doing that that we have seen the virus start to flatten off, and hopefully now go into decline.
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the number of coronavirus patients in hospital in wales has passed the peak of the first wave of the virus in april, according to the health secretary vaughan gething. speaking at the government briefing, he said there are currently 1,365 people with covid—related symptoms in welsh hospitals, which is 169 higher than at this time last week, but says the fire—break lockdown will still end next monday. after that, he said wales will be expected to adhere to a new set of national measures. our new set of national measures will support us all to change the way that we live our lives. the firebreak was designed to slow the spread of the virus and prevent our nhs from becoming overwhelmed. it's also given us an opportunity to improve our nhs wales test, trace, protect service.
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we are supporting our successful contact pacing service by creating a national surge team, which can be rapidly deployed when the number of people testing positive rise sharply in a particular area. as you know, we're shortly launching the £500 self isolation payments, which will help reduce the financial barriers that too many people face when they are advised to self—isolate. and we are piloting new testing technology, which we hope will help to reduce turnaround times and speed up contact tracing, find more cases, support population surveillance and, most importantly, help us to return to a more normal way of life. 2020 has been a long and difficult year for all of us. every time we have asked, you have done everything you can to help in coronavirus under control and slow its spread. you are keeping wales safe. i am tremendously grateful.
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thank you very much. a major hospital in birmingham has postponed all planned procedures because of a surge in admissions of covid patients, as well as other seriously ill people. the queen elizabeth hospital said it had been an extremely difficult decision, which hadn't been taken lightly. our midlands correspondent phil mackie has more details. i was at a briefing with some of the senior medical officers there just over two weeks ago, and they were warning then that the number of admissions they were getting from coronavirus patients was rising so quickly that they feared that they might have to cancel elective operations. they said at the time that they had effectively 30 itu beds set aside for covid patients. everything else they needed for emergency operations, cancer patients and things like that, if it went above 30, they would have to cancel the elective operations. today, they have 36 covid
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patients on itu in the qe, so this is inevitable, i'm afraid. it means that people who have been waiting for a knee surgery, you know, hip surgery, that kind of thing, it is going to be postponed. it may already have been postponed from earlier on in the year, but that is because the number of patients they are getting in the hospital at the moment is just increasing all the time. they have 389 patients across the four hospitals in the trust with coronavirus now. that is half as many as they had earlier on in the year at the height of the first wave, but far more than they had two months ago when they only had 60 across the trust. they are also saying that some procedures for gynaecology will also be paused for the month of november at one of the other hospitals in the trust, the good hope in sutton coldfield, but across not just the midlands but across the country, we are seeing that even though lockdown has now come back in england, there is still a lag
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in the effects that it will take and they are still expecting the number of admissions to go up over the next few weeks. sad news, but what a long and remarkable career. it is extraordinary when you look at the programmes he was part of, it is like a greatest hits of british television. it starts right back in the 1950s with the army game which launched so many careers. he was in the avengers, a bond film, the saint. and then comedy roles, i first remember him in the fall and
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rise of reginald perrin where he was the hapless military plotterjimmy, a role that he sort of took on at exactly the same time in a series after that, and then another series, butterflies, the lyu —— lugubrious hangdog ben, and that was what he was brilliant at, the calm, still heart around which all the chaos could happen, and he had a lugubrious presence, and it was also the voice of grumpy old men, but he did say, i'm not grumpy, it isjust how my face happens to be. but he certainly has a mark of, well, he has been in so many great comedy moments, blackadder onwards, over the last 60 years. for people of our age, many generations, he is someone who has always been there, you
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mentioned his face and how he responded to that, because he had a beautiful speaking voice but also his face as well were so identifiable. immediately. it was a mark of great acting, often doing as little as possible, and just a slight movement of an eye or a certain look, to the skill of tv acting as well especially comedy. you could always push it too far, but he managed to get the laugh, a little look, a bit of a reaction. he didn't always have to have the funny line to be the funny person in the series. but of course that amazing voice. the advert for so many yea rs, years, vorsprung durch tecknik, and the one thing that amazed me was
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that there was a list in 2005 of the greatest ever british programmes, the top three were cathy come home, the top three were cathy come home, the wednesday play from the 1960s, fawlty towers, he was of course the doctor demanding his sausages, and also doctor who, three episodes, three separate roles over many yea rs. three separate roles over many years. the three greatest tv programmes according to the bfi over the last 50 years, and geoffrey palmer was in all of them. david sillito, thank you very much. the actor geoffrey palmer, who has died at the age of 93. now it's time for a look at the weather with louise lear. hello there. early morning fog lifted away for many of us, a quiet day with lots of sunshine coming through. take a look at this beautiful picture from west sussex. through this evening, we could see the return of more fog once again, starting off across parts of south
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wales into the midlands, may be through the vale of york and close to the scottish borders as well. here it is going to be a chilly start to saturday morning, with low single figures, and prepare that —— compare that with 10 degrees down in the south. it looks likely that the fog will lift and set as low cloud, temperatures will struggle, but hopefully the south coast could see some sunny spells, and plenty of sunshine further north as well. highest values through the afternoon 15 or 16 degrees, elsewhere 9—12. weather fronts start to show their hand down in the south—west and they will bring outbreaks of light rain for sunday, the best of the dry, brighter weather for east.
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this is bbc news. we are in and in london. joe biden is building momentum in the battleground states. we have had a crucial news from pennsylvania in the last few minutes. i'm in the battleground state of pennsylvania where joe biden is in front by 5500 votes. joe biden also leads in georgia for the first time since counting started. i'm in atlanta in georgia wherejoe counting started. i'm in atlanta in georgia where joe biden counting started. i'm in atlanta in georgia wherejoe biden ‘s lead is facing resistance with republicans planning contest it. as to the
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