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tv   BBC News  BBC News  November 8, 2020 11:00pm-11:31pm GMT

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this is bbc news live from washington and london. america prepares for a change of leadership. joe biden is projected to be the 46th president of the united states, defeating donald trump. mr biden spent his first morning as president elect at church in his home town, after an address in which he appealed to supporters — and to tens of millions of americans who did not vote for him: i pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but unify. who doesn't see red states and blue states, only sees the united states. president trump finds solace on the golf course — though on twitter he continues to assert that the election
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has been "stolen". there is far more that unites the government of this country and governments in washington anytime at any stage than divides us. and — kamala harris will make history by becoming the first female, the first black and the first asian—american vice—president. bell rings. the queen attends a ceremony to mark remembrance sunday to honour the dead from the two world wars. people across the uk observe a two minute silence. hello and welcome — i'm laura trevelyan in washington, lukwesa burak is in london. joe biden is wasting no time in making preparations for his move to the white house.
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the president—elect attended church this morning in wilmington, delaware. on saturday night, he said he wanted to ‘restore the soul‘ of america and promised to heal and unify the country. but first, he'll have to address the health of the nation. the covid pandemic has so far claimed 238,000 american lives. he's already announced he will form a coronavirus response committee to ensure it is ready to implement decisions from his inauguration day in january. previously he said he wants to provide free testing for all and hire 100,000 people to set up a national contact—tracing programme. and says that all governors should mandate wearing masks. meanwhile, donald trump has yet to concede the election. his campaign says it will contest the legality of votes in several states but has shown no evidence that anything went wrong.
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fresh from another round of golf — the president was back on twitter — asking ‘since when does the lamestream media call who our next president will be? we have all learned a lot in the last two weeks!‘ nomia iqbal is in wilmington, delaware — mr biden‘s home town. mr delaware — mr biden‘s home town. biden preparing significant mr biden preparing to make some significant announcements tomorrow on coronavirus. what are you expecting? that is right. he has made the pandemic one of his priorities on the election campaign and he wants to tackle the virus and get the economy back on track and we can see the the cases are going up and potentially reaching that crime son of 10 million recorded cases and we are expecting him to announce that he is putting together a tax for tomorrow with more than 2a people scientists and technology experts that will work together to
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find that vexing. that's putting together a task force. so they can deliver that to the american people. we expect him to talk about testing and more testing and getting americans to keep wearing masks. nomia, we have been talking about how divided the country is and how much work mrjoe biden what to do but we are now starting to hear rumblings from within the democratic party as well. there's been a scathing interview perhaps in the new york times from alexandria cortes talking about the progressive list. is there a splinter there that he will have to address? definitely. —— alexandria or kiesel cortes. some of them just one more of a seat at the table. think back to the primary, joe biden was of the paper. bernie sanders is somebody who is still a hugely popularfigure in this country back by people coming younger members of the party and
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they will be looking to see more action from joe biden. —— alexandria 0casio—cortez. looking at things like climate change, alexandria 0casio—cortez if somebody was really pushing the new green deal and also they will be hoping for some more kind of tougher words and stronger action when it comes to police brutality, has been one of the big issues throughout this campaign, donald trump from his message was law and order and he accused joe biden of wanting to defund the police butjoe biden said he would never do that. but i think there are those members of the party which will want to see him moving more to the left and he has done before. nomia, without the president officially conceding, does that make ita officially conceding, does that make it a little tricky for the transition team at the white house is not really cooperating?” transition team at the white house
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is not really cooperating? i think that the joe biden is not really cooperating? i think that thejoe biden team would like that thejoe biden team would like that convention to be observed where the president does concede and congratulate him, but i think they're also realistic in knowing thatis they're also realistic in knowing that is not likely to happen. there's been a lot of different reports this morning that president trump was going to concede and encouraged by his wife the first lady but none of that has happened and melania trump tweeted back in ca re and melania trump tweeted back in care has been‘s substantiated claims and the truth is that the world is not going to wait for donald trump also already we are seeing the leaders mull over the world congratulate joe leaders mull over the world congratulatejoe biden. leaders mull over the world congratulate joe biden. —— leaders mull over the world congratulatejoe biden. —— leaders all over the world. and i think it will go ahead as planned. he will hit the ground running, him and, the harris have arty been having meetings about policy and we expect the announcement of the coronavirus task force. —— kamala harris. some names will fill the administration. remember the constitution says quite clearly that donald trump will have
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to leave the white house at some point, january the 20th is when mr joe biden will take up residency there. nomia thank you so much. well — as we've been been reporting, president trump remains unwilling to concede defeat — and has vowed to contest election results on several fronts. in georgia where the margins are tight there will be a recount, althouthoe biden‘s lead has stretched in the past day to just over 10,000 votes with 99% of the ballots now counted. mr trump also wants a recount in wisconsin — his lead there just over 20,500. and the trump campaign has now filed a lawsuit over ballots cast on election day in arizona that it says were incorrectly rejected. jo biden‘s lead there is 18,550 with 97% of the ballot counted. arizona's secretary of state, says the president is "grasping
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at straws". if the election result is challenged — it would require the president‘ legal teams to begin their fight in the state courts, before it got anywhere near the supreme court. and so far no evidence has been provided for the alleged voter fraud. in the past few hours, the former republican president george w bush issued a statement congratulating joe biden on his election victory. president bush said... the statement will increase pressure on senior republicans to recognise the projected result. senior figures in mr trump‘s republican party have remained largely silent, but one report in the us media suggests his adviser and son—in—law, jared kushner, has tried to persuade him to concede.
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speaking on nbc‘s meet the press, utah republican senator, mitt romney, said mr trump was within his rights to question the results and he will be an important influence in the republican party, irrespective of the outcome of the election. he has every right to call for recounts, because we are talking about a margin of 10,000 votes or less in some cases, so a recount could change the outcome. he wants to look at irregularities, pursue that in the court, but if, as expected, those things don‘t change the outcome, he will accept the inevitable. he is without question the most powerful voice in our party. he will have an enormous impact on the party going forward. i believe the great majority of people who voted for donald trump want to make sure his principles and policies are pursued, so yeah, he is not disappearing by any means. he is the 900lb gorilla ruler when it comes to the republican party.
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0ur north america editorjon sopel says that there is little chance for president trump conceding anytime soon. there is pressure. there are also reports that the first lady, melania, believes that the president should concede and so too his son—in—law, jared kushner, who was a key adviser. against that, his two sons say you have got to fight this to the end, and other senior republican voices saying that. but you also had former president bush coming out and congratulating joe biden. the only thing to do in the circumstances is congratulate him and kamala harris. this looks as if
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these legal challenges are just going to keep coming. for some committee will be a numbers game. this really is going to muddy the waters. if he keeps knowing the challenges at him. yes. i think the other thing about this, i read commentary today saying thatjoe biden‘s victory with a repudiation of donald trump. and trumpism. donald trump got more votes in this election than he did in 2016, and donald trump marches to the tune of what is base wants to hear, and if they believe that he‘s still fighting on immigration doi do i think it is him and he will pick up the phone and say tojoe biden, i was wrong about the fraud, andi biden, i was wrong about the fraud, and i concede? i don‘t think that
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will happen anytime soon at all. sources say these lawsuits are largely performative and so far they are ten for a zero in the courts. they will run out of rope this week u nless they will run out of rope this week unless they bring the evidence that trump shall say they should produce if they will process with this. we‘ve heard a lot of allegations. we fret a lot of suggestions there was fraud and people voted that should have been allowed to vote and dead people voting in all the rest of it. where is the evidence? where is the evidence that he will overturn to go back to mitt romney that will overturn ten, 20,000 majority in the states ? overturn ten, 20,000 majority in the states? when you get a recount come to my 100 or 100 or 150 folks might change hands if you look at the past election whatever recounts, very small numbers of votes changing hands. he will have to find fraud on what was seem to be a systematic scale that stretches from wisconsin
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to michigan to pennsylvania and arizona to nevada and georgia. is there really a suggestion that that is the level of organisation are fraud that took place in this election? the state of georgia is now the focus of members from both parties, with not one, but two senate runoffs scheduled for early january. larry madowo is in atlanta, and joins us now. so, larry, potentially control of the senate there at stake where you are in georgia. absolutely. january five is the big day to mark a or colour there because that is when the runoff for the two senate seats in georgia will happen. even of the candidates got more than 50%. —— two mark on your calendar. if the democrats are lucky, david price two and kelly loeffler will both lose their seats to raffaella ward and to john are soft. it looks unlikely the people we talk to. more likely the
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recount for the race will remain as it is an donald trump will still lose georgia tojoe biden but the senate race is more unlikely but i‘ve here all afternoon at a protest by supporters of president trump would feel the election it was stolen from them. i have stacy with me, why were you here?” stolen from them. i have stacy with me, why were you here? i was here to support president trump. just based off all of his policies and procedures that he has put into place. whether we win or lose i want to show our support. do you believe joe biden won this election?” believe that is what it shows at this point. if he wins by honest integrity, then i am all for it because i will support whoever the president is. why do you like president donald trump?” president is. why do you like president donald trump? i like president donald trump? i like president trump because i'm actually i've beena president trump because i'm actually i've been a democrat my entire life. i'm evena i've been a democrat my entire life. i'm even a registered democrat now. three or four months ago, i saw
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something in the news that alarmed me. sol something in the news that alarmed me. so i started on the research myself. and i have a family of interracial family with both blacks and latinos, and i adore my family and latinos, and i adore my family and whenl and latinos, and i adore my family and when i dug when i saw was more suppression than from joe biden then donald trump. what did you see in the news that alarmed you? i saw where he put it past the law for the law for to suppress the black voters, not the voters rightjust like people, and where kamala harris come i‘m disappointed at her because they lost that they put in place. where if you are injail for a they lost that they put in place. where if you are injailfora drug charge, they extend those cases to a longer timeframe and i just charge, they extend those cases to a longer timeframe and ijust am believing that. i think you do your time we do the crime but after that, you should be able to go back into society. how we'll feel when joe biden is inaugurated at the president? if he is i will support
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that 100%. i believe in america and our country. stacy, thank you. thank you for speaking to us. that if the reaction here among one of the more reasonable voters who admits he might have lost and looking forward to what happens next. i‘ve been speaking to a lot of trump supporters over the last week in pennsylvania and south carolina and north carolina and in georgia. he has the following that is very devoted, more than maybe any of the political leader i‘ve seen and our covered elections in two continents and that is why they come at her every day to declare their support for him. i want to talk about another stacy. stacey abrams. she was pivotal in achieving in thejoe biden campaign where it did. i understand she is already raised around $3.6 million in funds for this runoff injanuary. she is critical in that state, isn‘t she? absolutely. stacey abrams is the name everybody has been telling us is responsible for flipping
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name everybody has been telling us is responsible forflipping georgia blue. they believe it is a done deal with the recount happensjoe biden will still win georgia. stacey abrams ran for governor of georgia in 2018 alot to brian kemp. he was the secretary of state and in charge of the election. people here feel that she was robbed of the election and she went back to work and fight be verified and some say they registered as many as over 100,000 voters and they say they are working to make sure people turned out to vote on that runoff. —— over 800,000 voters. so the democrats can get control of the senate. thank you, larry. what kind of relationship is president electjoe biden likely to have with borisjohnson? the uk prime minister said today that he was looking forward to working with mr biden on climate change — as well as on international trade — and security. but as our diplomatic correspondent james landale reports there are some tricky issues ahead.
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from the days of margaret thatcher, joe biden has been no stranger to britain, making it his business to know the prime ministers of the day. at least, until now. for borisjohnson has yet to meet the president—elect and the two men have their differences. mr biden has described the pm as a "physical and emotional clone" of donald trump. and as for brexit... had i been a member of parliament, had i been a british citizen, i would have voted against leaving. views shaped in part by his ancestry. mr biden, a quick word for the bbc? bbc? i'm irish. he‘s made clear that peace in northern ireland should not become a casualty of brexit, with a uk—us trade deal very much on the line. a warning repeated by allies. there are of course significant concerns here about how any departure arrangement,
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final status, between the uk and eu might impact the border in northern ireland. from downing street, the prime minister insisted the us was britain‘s closest, most important ally, and there was a good chance of a trade deal. there is far more that unites the government of this country and government in washington, any time, any stage, than divides us. we have common values, we have common interests, we have a common global perspective. there are issues where mr biden agrees with mrjohnson. being tough on russia, reviving the deal curbing iran‘s nuclear programme and agreeing new carbon reduction targets at a big climate summit in britain next year. above all, a president that supports multilateral organisations such as nato, unlike his predecessor. but... the hard truth is that britain outside the eu is less useful to washington,
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and so, whenjoe biden wants to influence europe, he will go to paris and berlin, not london. there was a time when american presidents were so important to britain that 160,000 people paid a few pounds to build a statue of one, like franklin roosevelt here. but those days are gone. joe biden‘s priorities will begin at home, fixing covid and the economy. allies, trade deals, they have to take second place. so for now, a relationship, not as special as once, but more predictable than of late, with perhaps fewer tweets. james landale, bbc news. we understand president trump will make immediate appearance in about an hourand a0 make immediate appearance in about an hour and a0 minutes. will be appearing on a podcast fronted by a little supportive. is that a first for him, podcasting? i think he is and plenty of it but this particular supporter,
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mark levine has suggested that when the electoral college meets, that people sit and necessarily vote for the state thatjoe biden has one if the state thatjoe biden has one if the results could be said to be corrupted by the president. it may be the president will throw his weight behind this particular theory about the electoral college and we will have to wait and find out. he still has not conceded thatjoe biden is the president elect and when the selection. so much to come. let‘s concentrate on news here in the uk. -- let‘s concentrate on news here in the uk. —— and one the selection. other news now — and here in the uk, the queen led the remembrance sunday commemorations — as people around the country paid their respects to the fallen largely from home — because of coronavirus restrictions. this year‘s events come 75 years on from the end of the second world war — and the queen was joined by other members of the royal family and political leaders at the cenotaph in london. 0ur royal correspondent, nicholas witchell was watching. music: nimrod by elgar. the numbers were depleted,
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but for all that the massed bands and everyone else had to be socially distanced and the pavements were empty of crowds, the purpose was unchanged. 0n remembrance sunday, in a year when loss has been more keenly felt than most, the ceremony of remembrance at the cenotaph had a particular power and poignancy. as 11 o‘clock approached, the queen took her place on a balcony, as the prince of wales led other senior members of the royal family to their places in readiness for the two minutes‘ silence observed in whitehall and around the nation. big ben chimes the hour.
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music: last post. in whitehall, the prince of wales placed the queen‘s wreath against the cenotaph‘s northern face. other members of the royal family followed. absent, for their different reasons, were princes harry and andrew. the wreath—laying by the politicians, a small group of commonwealth high commissioners and the military chiefs would normally have been followed by the march—past by thousands of veterans. the record will show that in 2020, 100 years after the cenotaph was unveiled, things had to be done differently. the veterans were represented by a group of 25. yet, for all the changes required by the pandemic, lives lost in war and more recently were recalled and honoured, for
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remembrance is carried in the heart. nicholas witchell, bbc news. there have been celebrations in the vice president—elect‘s ancestral village in india. the people of thulasendrapuram, a small village in the indian state of tamil nadu, woke up early to celebrate the first south asian american to win the second—highest us office. carrying portraits of the vice president—elect, residents gathered around fireworks and took part in prayers. 0thers drew colourful kolams, calling her the ‘pride of the village‘. harris‘ mother emigrated from india to the us aged 19. i love the story because there was a tweet from abc news that went out.
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it came to the conlcusion the fireworks in london last night — of which there were many — was the uk‘s response to a joe biden‘s victory... also picked up by the american news website the hill. this was spotted by jack blanchard, the uk political editor of politico ‘should somebody tell them? ‘ he asks. remember remember the fifth november. the gunpowder plot. and that is why fireworks are set off in london this weekend. all about life works in his plot to blow up about life works in his plot to blow up the houses of parliament. but it does seem because americans think they are the centre of the world that some americans thought that actually people in britain was celebrating joe biden in his victory when maybe it was bonfire night. yes, bonfire night and my dog did not like it at all. very beautiful but goodness me, new parents and pet
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owners were not happy. it‘s been an absolute pleasure working with you, lore and washington. from me in london, thank you forjoining aforethought right back at you, baby. hello there. it has been a rather grey and gloomy sunday for many of you, but for the stage in november it‘s actually been incredibly mild, and that mild story continues this week. what we‘ve got at the moment, two swirls of cloud, two areas of low pressure out to the west and this one will bring some showers tomorrow. this is what‘s with us today bringing cloud and patchy rain, but both coming up from a general, southerly direction and with that southerly flow, we continue with the mild theme, notjust through into tomorrow but also through most of this week. temperatures above where they should be for the time of year but do expect some rain at times and some of the wettest conditions will be from mid week onwards, especially across the west. it‘s certainly mild as we go into the evening, the temperatures staying in double figures for many
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but teens across the south, but still plenty of cloud around as we see the day out. patchy rain or drizzle, central, eastern scotland through northern and eastern england. becoming confined to eastern most counties through tonight, some clear skies in the west but then those showers i mentioned will start to push up through the channel islands, south—west england, wales into northern ireland. but by the time we start monday morning, through the night notice how the temperatures haven‘t fallen a great deal compared to what we have there at the moment. so it will be a pretty mild start to monday, but that next swirl of cloud i showed you on the satellite imagery is this hook of a weather front, a trough in the isobars whichjust enhances the showery rain we‘ll see. so some hefty showers at times through south—west england, wales, northern ireland, some of them will drift northwards and eastwards into the midlands and north—west england. very few showers across north and eastern scotland and eastern england, certainly until later in the day. and whilst there‘ll still be a fair of cloud around they‘ll be a little bit of sunshine coming and going through the day, especially between those downpours and temperatures, well, a milder day still across scotland, northern ireland and northern england. as we go through into monday evening and monday night, the showers continue
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to drift away northwards. that little kink in the isobars enhances our showers, pushing them away northwards and eastwards to take us into tuesday. another very mild start but there will be some showers particularly to the eastern half of the country first thing and we could see one or two heavier showers push up across the south east corner but overall after a fairly cloudy start to the day, optimistic there will be more sunshine developing as we go through tuesday and even though there‘ll still be the odd shower in the west, most places will finish the day on a dry note and still a pretty mild one as well. beyond that, the winds grow a bit more westerly, temperatures will drop a little bit but it does stay mild. but really through wednesday and indeed friday, we‘ll see some heavy rain and some strong and gusty winds, particularly in the west. bye for now.
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this is bbc news. the headlines... joe biden has spent his first morning as president elect at church in his home town. he is now preparing a transition team to decide key policies and priorities ahead of his inauguration injanuary. mr biden says a new strategy to fight the virus is his top priority. the number of confirmed coronavirus cases across the world passes 50 million, with over 100,000 new cases a day in the united states alone. donald trump is coming under increasing pressure to concede that his presidential rival won the election, but on twitter, he continues to assert that the election has been "stolen" without supplying evidence. and in other news, queen elizabeth has attended a ceremony to mark remembrance sunday to honour the dead from the two world wars. people across the uk and in may other countries took part


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