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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is outside source. the transition has officially begun, for the first time, and the next president's the league assembled introduced his top appointees, an all—black officiating crew. the former nfl playerjason bell spoke to me earlier and started in foreign affairs. by explaining just how significant it's a team that reflects the fact a moment this was. that america is back. ready to lead it is amazing. and it is long the world, not retreat from it. we overdue. it is great especially the have to proceed with equal measure player. if i was on the fields to look up and feedback, something that's never before and i think the of humility and confidence. humility because as a president—elect said, we can't solve all the nfl has made a push for diversity worlds problems alone. and inclusion especially this year with everything going on in the world. so it is good to see that the another blow for outgoing president donald trump — play out on the field with the pennsylvania has formally certified joe biden as the winner. officiating crew making history. european countries start play out on the field with the officiating crew making historym has been such a turbulent year. outlining their plans following the death of george floyd. sports men and women across the world taking amy. what you personally what does that mean to you? it means everything because as an athlete and especially in the us, especially being a man of colour we
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use a platform we are given one of the huge ones for athletics so we don't need to have all the answers but we need to stand up there and be at the forefront of anything that we feel passionate about and want to use our voice and very proud of athletes around the world chosen to do that because people do listen because they are watching. here in britain there are no officials of colour —— colour in the top—flight of football here. what can be learned from the nfl here in britain? it's all about finding the talents and having the measures in place where they can move up the chain and achieve and the main thing in every thing is when i looked at it, you always want the youth to be able to look up and see someone that looks like i'm doing something. that gives them the ability to go and try to be achieving that sale they need to be achieving that sale they need to find a way to show that people of
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colour came to be certain jobs and the youth will try to pursue that also. the man that started their meal before a match is of course colin kaepernick he has hinted again on social and the media that he will be available to be selected. do you think after he directly called out owners on what was happening to anything he might be considered? we know colin kaepernick can play. he has been out of the league for a while but he has the talent to being the lead. i think he has an amazing job being at the forefront of this movement. he will go down in history because of that and that will come forward. he has done and stepped out there in ways other athletes have not and a lot of us had followed in the cell his name is etched in history regardless of if he plays or not. thank you for your time.
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with christmas fast approaching, children will be writing their lists for santa, with many hoping to find a football kit under the tree. however, after a year of financial strain for so many people, that may not be possible this year. one family in gloucestershire have decided to begin an appeal for old strips to be donated to send to kids who might not otherwise get a christmas present this year. comedian mark watson and his brother paul call their campaign — ‘kitmas'. we're joined by mark watson. mark, it's such a lovely idea, how did it come about? it was my brother is 80, he had some spare ones knocking about and each one of those could potentially make a nice christmas present as you said because these presents are really in demand but expensive so he thought about ways he could distribute them to community centres and stuff and we could just gather up shirts and give them out to people who want to
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it's been a lot since they are. kits are so expensive, for some children and their parents, a new one would be completely out of reach. what kind of kits have you been getting. how can people donate? they are phenomenally expensive and thatis they are phenomenally expensive and that is bad enough for an adult but yes, that is bad enough for an adult but yes , even that is bad enough for an adult but yes, even in kid sizes shirts are way too expensive really aren't there are lots of reasons why it is but i think if you are a kid you don't necessarily need the newest one or the most expensive one. it is just the threat of wearing the shirt itself i think because of the way they get turned over every year as well people spend this money and then its out of fashion within a year and that seems like a ridiculous waste so hopefully this gives another life that shirt. can you tell me the different clubs and countries that got to my brother is receiving them at the rate of several an hour at the moment so
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alongside the clubs you would expect we had all sorts of different european clubs like the dutch club, portuguese the required quite nerdy when it comes to football shirts and all of them i welcome because they make christmas for a decade. and to get that excitement that you talked about. that smile as they whip up in the paper. how can people donate?‘ you look on twitter for example it's called and you can find it where there is a p0 called and you can find it where there is a po box and he's going back and forth to it several times a day but all the details are online and can make money if you don't have any spare football shirts so look on my twitter but it's up to search for and they can keep going as long as he can. thank you for expanding it to us. it's time to update you on
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the football, it is half—time at no spitting rain and chelsea. that is it from sports baby will have more throughout the evening but thank you for taking the time to watch tonight. goodbye. you are watching bbc news. more now on our top story. england, scotland, wales and northen ireland have agreed on broad uk wide rules to allow families to gather for christmas. the cabinet office minister michael gove said they needed to find a balance between allowing people to meet loved ones and the risks involved. so for five days from the 23rd until the 27th of december people will be allowed
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to have a christmas bubble. that means that three households can get together. so that families can enjoy something closer to a normal christmas. now we all know that christmas this year won't be as it has been in years past. but all governments agree that we should balance the need to protect public health but also allowing people to be with their loved ones. is there a public health risk and relaxing the rules in this way? well, we have to be careful. and the prime minister emphasised last night in his press conference that it isn't critically important that we recognise that this vibrance is not yet beaten. so a balance needs to be struck. people want to be with their loved ones and those close to them. what is the most important holiday of the year. but at the same time the limits and restrictions we are placing just five days and just three
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households are a way of seeking to ensure that what we can have an opportunity to be with those that we love. it's also the case that we are taking a cautious approach wasn't mystical, did you discuss in the meeting the pay back in january for relaxing the rules as you know very well sage it made the observation that for every date you lose some over christmas it requires five more days of tougher restrictions? that will be a payback for all of us injanuary while there? again, the balance has to be struck. most people i think that most people will want to have the additional flexibilities that are there. not everyone will want to exercise them. some people will be particular cautious this christmas will stop and we have emphasised that even through three households can meet, those three households can't meet together. in hospitality settings in pubs aren't restaurants. it's only in peoples homes. and of course the prime minister laid out on monday a clear approach towards tearing. which will mean they will continue
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to be restrictions for some scotland's first minister nicola sturgeon has been giving her reaction — and made a plea for people to be sensible. we have fought very hard about this and we recognised at pressures and the desires people have for christmas and a particularly dangerous at christmas of loneliness and social isolation and i think it is right to offer this bit of flexibility but from everyday now until christmas i and others like me will be trying to say to people be responsible about this. if you have your own household and you think you can get to christmas without seeing another household. do that, wait till the spring to get together with family but if you have got a relative who is on their own and you feel you would want to be with them and this allows you to do that but to do it carefully and safely. we cannot do everything here and there isa cannot do everything here and there is a risk if we allow this flexibility for christmas and again what we do is transmit the virus from one part to another and we find
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the risks are exacerbated. i am now a specialfor the risks are exacerbated. i am now a special for people perhaps my cell in scotland than in other parts of the uk by three i stayed in a pandemic and that virus is still infectious and that hope of a vaccine on the horizon within a matter of weeks and the last thing we wa nt matter of weeks and the last thing we want to do right now is set our progress back and mitigate all of these hard sacrifices if made in the last eight months. well the first minister of wales — mark drakeford — said making decisions on christmas was always a difficult balancing act. i'm afraid the misgivings happen either way. we ask people just to stick to the strict rules we have now and i'm afraid lots of people will not be prepared to do that. so it is not a choice between relaxation or no relaxation. it is having a form of relaxation where there are wills and people will recognise and allow people to enjoy christmas but do it in a controlled way. northern ireland's first minister arlene foster
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welcomed the announcement — but said it was difficult to "balance" christmas festivities with managing the spread of the virus. apologies in advance for the poor quality of sound. we had a number of meetings around this issue and indeed we have been listening to our chief medical advisers around what it means to have christmas and we recognise that for a lot of people this is an oasis if you like and that's coming up and of course to get together for many people who have suffered from that health issue of media and isolated during this time and i think it's good that we can say with clarity that up to three households can come together over the period of christmas and that some peoples homes and places of worship and we are still advising that people should stick to their regulations at that time.
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i hope you got the gist of what she was saying there. sorry about the sound. hopefully she will give us a new microphone for christmas. now it's time for a look at the weather with matt taylor after a parody let's start to the week. something dried to the rest of this week. that will be of changes taking place today across the uk beside temperature is around 5 degrees by the end of the week a few of you will be lucky to get to around five celsius. it will turn much colder and there will be lots more in the way of overnight frost and some fog. cold air is now pushing in from the north and west and it will shove away the weather front which brought the reigning west in scotland and northern ireland. it's a dividing line with the amount vested in place. it's towards the east but across northern and england and wales he was the raymond up as the weather front pushes its way and scotland and northern ireland clear conditions developing and a few showers around that it will be called a touch of frost in spots and ice as we start
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wednesday morning. by when status is the chart. when the fund on the move but it's the chart. when the fund on the move but its progress is slowing down. not much in the way to push it along today and the weather front is buckling to the south of us and it also holds its progress. while we start with cloud and rain across northern and england males and things brighten up and to east anglia and southeast and the channel islands bringing bits of rain. sunny conditions will develop away from that but it will feel colder. showers in scotland and northern ireland but temperature is in single figures now just about ireland but temperature is in single figures nowjust about holding onto double figures with the crowd and the rain in the southeast corner. and then after a cold day and cold night with clear skies around. temperature is down enough for widespread frost and across parts of southwest scotland and england some dense patches of fog to begin thursday morning with shelter holding throughout the day and temperatures around three to 5 degrees but for most it's a lovely
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crisp sunny day and it will feel cold there but you will have the sunshine to compensate. crowd lingering around the coast and a bit more crowded into later it will be dry. we will follow with another cold night and friday morning dawns with a widespread frost but more in the way of mist and fog and it could linger around for some of you on friday and chile into the weekend onto the sunshine with cloud but at 00:14:28,617 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 least it's been wet today and dryer.
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