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owe i’ turn to who would replace him over the weekend grand prix. we know it will be 22—year—old george russell, a young man with a golden opportunity to drive by the silver arrows. wessel was a junior and reserve driver with mercedes and has been handed the keys to the championship winning car after williams agreed to a temporary loan. he posted on social media saying nobody can replace this guy but i'll give my all for the team in his absence from the moment i stepped in the car. so what are his chances this weekend? the mercedes is a very dominant car in 2020. there is no doubt about that. they have got position won every race so i think it's highly likely that he could finish on the podium could he when? maybe, just maybe we could see george russell in his first race for mercedes winning a race. there space va cates mercedes winning a race. there space vacates that it will be filled by jack a team who will be giving his formula i debut at the penultimate race of this event. it was also a
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huge announcement for next event will stop their name schumacher will be back on the formula i grade. that's because mick schumacher, son of seven—time champion and michael signed what's been called the multiyear contract. the one for my three and 2018 and currently leads formula 2 with one round remaining. here is what he had to say. really looking forward to next years challenge and next years work and it's really been a dream that i've a lwa ys it's really been a dream that i've always seemed about that now it's finally coming true so i'm really happy and i'm exploding. juan mata has dominated the recent past the formula 1 but are we now getting a glimpse of the future? so the schumacher name returns to a sport so familiar with it. a big moment for mick then — but how will he settle in. we can get some more on this now with german formula one broadcaster, inge stracke who's in 0berstdorf. how is this new‘s being received in schumacher‘s homeland 7
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it is huge excitement. i have my things and many formula 1 means in one day, i don't know how many radio stations called me up where i could give them a report and assessment of what kind of character is. it's not like he came out of nowhere. i had been watching him and watching him rising up the ranks and he has been doing a really good job of course the whole of germany is excited and of course everybody is questioning well go and be as crazy fan base as it was for his father? so it's going to be exciting times. he's a very successful driver in his own right. mick has done his time in racing, can seal the f2 title this weekend how much pedigree will he bring to the top table? he has been moving up the ranks very cleverly. h is he has been moving up the ranks very cleverly. his new boss said he's a very mature man, young man as a
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very mature man, young man as a person as well as a racing driver. if you look at his times in european formula 3 he did 2017, 2018 and 2017 very much under the radar then setting the 2018 is like he is scoring points and then he won the championship. seminar this year with formula 2, last year from elective, last year he was doing good and winning one race and he's having a good time at this year moving up in the championship and eating 1a points ahead and there's more races to go. he paid tribute to his parents on social media how much pressure will mick feel to live up to his father's legacy. i think he has grown up knowing the pressure especially when michael was still racing and it's really interesting because when he started
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raising carts he wasn't racing under the maiden name of his mother, his signed up and later he would say that as mickjunior and if any one of us had common knowledge it was him then they started using the schumacher name and for the first time ever we saw the team posting a video where michael shoemaker having one—year—old medic and putting him in the go—cart and telling him the steering wheel and having him on his shoulders. this is footage on seeing before. haas one of the smaller outfits in f1, with a relationship with ferrari, a stepping stone to follow in his dad's footsteps at ferrari? definitely. i think his plan and way she set my dream is coming true racing in formula 1 but he is a ferrari academy driver and they are
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being crimped to eventually drive for ferrari did the same moving up the ranks as he is planning to and yes, he is a ferrari customer team and they don't want to hear that but they are the bpm and it's a good opportunity for him to learn and grow into the sport and i'm pretty sure he's hoping to one day race for ferrari like his father did. it's 25 years since colin mcrae became the first british driver to win the world rally championship title and at the time, was the sport's youngest champion. richard burns was the next briton to become world champion in 2001. but this country hasn't produced one since. that 19 year wait could be ended by elfyn evans. he's leading the championship by fourteen points heading into the final rally which gets underway tomorrow. nick parrott reports.
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there are just there arejust a there are just a few more steps to ta ke there are just a few more steps to take four of them to write his name alongside the likes of colin mcrae and richard behrens and writing history. second place in a with a guaranteed a championship lead over the world title after a truncated season that it's finishing later than usual. it has been a strange season i could have been for most people and they have to go with the travel restrictions and at the same time we have had not their normal number of rounds but the same opportunities. and he has grabbed them, he has won two of the six righties this year in sweden and turkey and has yet to finish outside the top four. that consistency in his player to have seen him outshine his player to have seen him outshine his french team—mate and closest rival the six—time world champion sebastien. but this is no overnight success for the 31—year—old. it's been a long time coming. the first
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year truly challenged at the front of the fights and six years it took for me to arrive at a position to be ina for me to arrive at a position to be in a world championship series and lucky for me i was able to win the junior championship in my first year and that open door is with the team the following year and that led to the following year and that led to the following year and that led to the following year. it took a while. despite being the son of a former righty driver he has had to earn his opportunities. i worked in the family dealership since i was 13 and washing the cars and eventually worked my way to other departments in the garage and spend time as a mechanic and in the body shop and i spent most of my time behind the service desk looking after the sales and servicing etc. he was able to give up the dayjob three years ago
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but not until after following his father and burns by also becoming british ratty champion. achieving the ultimate success is not guaranteed. so the prospect has been pushed to the back of his mind. guaranteed. so the prospect has been pushed to the back of his mindlj have not given it too much thought and just focused on trying to do the bestjob he and just focused on trying to do the best job he can and just focused on trying to do the bestjob he can and thinking about that it will come at the point that it happens. if it happens. winning and rallying is all about pushing to their limits without exceeding it. if evidence can manage that one last time he willjoin the greats. that is all from us here on sports day. thank you for watching and we will have more this evening. take care.
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good evening. you are watching bbc news. it is take you back to our top story this evening. then there is that the uk has become the first country in the world to approve the pfizer beyond tech coronavirus maxi and paving the way for mass vaccination to begin in the next few days. having said that some people have said that they don't want to have said that they don't want to have any kind of covid—19 vaccine and social media is awash with conspiracy theories and false claims about the vaccine. so, how can we spot false stories and conspiracy theories and mbe who is spreading them. let us talk to the bbp specialist this information report there with me now. what sort of stuff is around on social media about the vaccine? there are all kinds of conspiracy theories about a coronavirus maxine that have been spreading on mine for months but whenever there is big news about a maxine mike today received the same narratives we surface and frank spent the day we saw a member of bill gates means going back out
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again making allegations that he wa nts to again making allegations that he wants to microchip everybody or that this is part of some of plan and the costs bill gates invests a lot of money and then vaccination programme is looking to deliberately harm and control people. he is a —— these are false allegations and no evidence to substantiate them. all it seems to ta ke substantiate them. all it seems to take it a scary picture of bill gates to spread best this information and people recognise them instantaneously. these are limited to ha rd—core them instantaneously. these are limited to hard—core conspiracy circles on social media. names like this one are on a local facebook with and also a number of parent chats making these claims about microchips and the suggestion that this is part of some kind of surveillance and we know that these often originate either an anti—boxer or pseudoscience influencers of been promoting a number of conspiracy be made about the pandemic. for insta nce made about the pandemic. for instance allegations that it was caused by 5g. that's not real at all. in the downing street briefing
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we heard the deputy chief medical 0fficer seeing a few want to and you have to take the vaccine. but what do the authorities, how do they counter that kind of conspiracy theory that is as you say it out there on social media? something to address today. they spoke about the need to tackle this information social media about the vaccine but how to do that is another question. labour has called for legislation to outright ban a lot of content and we would have to see how that will play out with lots of critics arguing again actions come into late but one thing we can do is talk to people who might be believing this kind of stuff on social media and it's best to not be dismissive or i say that sounds really weird or crazy and instead they need to try to get to the bottom of the concern because these conspiracy theories are worlds away from it did in these people might have about the vaccine and
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check they have not turned to these conspiracy theories to quell the stairs and to interrogate what they are seeing. 0ften stairs and to interrogate what they are seeing. often i find it helpful to ask see how i believe everything you said that that make sense? how would that work? how would be microchip everyone and that can be the best way of undoing the narratives. thank you very much. that is it from me, much more coming up that is it from me, much more coming up at the top of the hour but let's get a look at the latest weather forecast. today it has been turning colder from the northwest with quite a few blustery showers coming in as well. 0vernight the showers a night in ireland and scotland are going to be turning more winter and it will lead to icy conditions here as well when we are likely to have a frost in scotland and northern ireland. not quite so cold for england and wales. crowd will be increasing again and lately they're pushing into wales and southwest it will be a light bay here on thursday and that crowd and maybe they'll head to the midlands to what you anglia and southeast. friday north brightness for a wide and went to showers and
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in scotland and northern ireland they should get pushed away increasing amounts of sunshine as it tends to dry up here. it would be a cold crisp sort of day. temperatures barely above freezing here. high temperatures will be along the south coast of england but the rain is going to be developing. for all of us over the next few days it will be feeling cold and wet weather most of it will be rain, some seats as lead and the threat of some snow.
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hello, i'm ros atkins, this is 0utside source. britain becomes the first country in the world to approve a vaccine for coronavirus. we've been waiting and hoping for the day when the searchlights of science would pick out our invisible enemy and now the scientists have done it. the secretary-general of the un has told the bbc that the world faces a moment of truth on climate change. humanity is waging war on nature. this is suicidal. nature always strikes back and does so nature always strikes back and does so with gathering force and fury. creek are urging the hong kong authorities to stop stifling
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opposition after it imposes


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