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tv   BBC News  BBC News  December 9, 2020 6:45pm-7:01pm GMT

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feel in their first major, i feel like they are excited. there are a lot of nerves that go into it and probably sometimes over preparation that players do going into it thinking that they need to step up their game more. but really ijust think it's an exciting thing to be able to play ina an exciting thing to be able to play in a major, especially the us open. i think it's the biggest major in women's often the most prestigious in my opinion. so to be able to say you played in the us open is an experience in and of itself. 21 players aged 20 or younger. cristie kerr and angela stanford are the oldest at a3. 43 is not old. stanford's in her home state, she knows how to win in texas, she won the volunteers of america classic on sunday and she's got to be feeling her experience can take her far? she has actually played very well this year. she has had a finish in
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third and six and she just one coming into this. she knows texas conditions very well so i think that plays into her favour. conditions very well so i think that plays into herfavour. and i actually think that having experience as a veteran in these majors plays in theirfavour experience as a veteran in these majors plays in their favour because you know what to expect and mentally i think you're more prepared for how to handle any bad breaks that you get. so as far as being older, i don't think it serves as any disservice to those players and actually think it works in their favour in the long run. british fans can be hopeful, too, can't they? there've been lpga wins for georgia hall and mel reid since lockdown ended, and charley hull's hit form, too. ifi if i had to choose any of the british players to win, i will put my money on georgia hall. she has had obviously a couple of good years on the lpga and she has a strong head on her shoulders. the fact that she won the british open, which in
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my mind have similar conditions to what the conditions could be like this week in terms of wind, if the course plays hard at all in terms of the course being fast and hard. i think she will do very well in this setting and she has played very consistently over the last few years so consistently over the last few years soi consistently over the last few years so i think that plays in her favour as well. emily pederen won the last three events of the ladies european tour in november. south korea always strong. thank you very much forjoining us from washington, dc. thank you. next to cricket. a new look big bash tournament gets under way in australia tomorrow. x factor substitutes, something called a power surge and a bash boost are being introduced to deliver more excitement and what organisers hope will be better tv ratings. but some players are calling the changes to t20 cricket ludicrous. our reporterjoe lynskey has been looking at this for us. these changes are extraordinary in a
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way but it is there to try to ramp up way but it is there to try to ramp up the ratings and get people connected to it. the state to state divided opinion. the big bash is modern cricket's most well—established t20 franchise tournament, really, so it's become a model for the rest of the world to follow as this sport looks to grow its audience through new formats. remember, that's just what the ecb is trying to do with the new hundred competition next summer. this is the tenth season, though, of the big bash. every year, it attracts massive crowds who get behind their local teams. it's played in australia's most iconic stadiums, and all that means it attracts the game's top players. but the tournament this year has brought in new rules that could change how the sport is played entirely. the power play's been cut from six to four overs, with a power surge option in the second half of the innings. there's also a change in how points are awarded for each match. it's now three for a win and a bonus
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point to the side with the most runs after ten overs. that's called the bash boost, but some players have questioned how it'll work in rain—delayed games. most controversial of all, though, is the x factor substitute. now, one—day cricket briefly brought in subs 15 years ago, but it didn't really work. the big bash is trying again now, but not many see their thinking. new zealand'sjimmy neesham asked how much x factor can a player really have if he's not starting a match, and australia's usman khawja said the rule changes "complicate what is an already complicated game". so, are these new rules gimmicks, or will they change the game for the better? there has been some derision for sure. i guess it's worth while looking at while they have decided to make changes, and there is definitely a feeling they have done that because ratings have been
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sliding in the past few years for the big bash, although it is still very popular. the season now goes for a lot longer than it used to and because of that, they are finding it harder to attract big—name overseas players for the full tournament. so you do get a little bit of a sense that they are trying something new and jazzing it up and making it more exciting. but are theyjust putting a band—aid on their elbow because they have bruised their ankle? covid has also made it difficult for these franchises to attract talent this year. three england players have pulled out of the big bash, with tom curran and tom banton putting that down to the strain of life inside the strict biosecure bubbles cricket's had in place in 2020. but these are the players from england and around the world that will feature, although liam livingstone and dawid malan are among a group who'll have to wait until after christmas because of australia's quarantine rules.
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back to you. we will leave it there and head straight back to the news tea m and head straight back to the news team in london. we wa nt we want to let you know that the prime minister boris johnson we want to let you know that the prime minister borisjohnson has just left the ambassador's residence in brussels as he heads for that meeting. these are the live pictures from brussels and we did just see the prime minister stepping into his carand he the prime minister stepping into his car and he will be arriving at the commission building very shortly because it is not a huge distance there. he is due to meet ursula von der leyen along with key players on their staffs, lord frost and michel barnier, they are due to meet for half an hour barnier, they are due to meet for halfan hourand barnier, they are due to meet for half an hour and then have dinner. a lot is being said to rest on this meeting to see whether there is any point and both sides, the eu and the
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uk, continuing with these final negotiations. and of course the arguments have continued in the last few days about the key sticking points on a fishing and level playing field and the argument about sovereignty being pushed very hard by those who don't want the prime minister to give too much ground. on the other hand, the threat of eight no deal brexit, the warnings about the economic impact, all of course unfolding with the end of the year the final deadline for the transition period to end. of course we have heard today from tesco is that food prices, if there was a no deal brexit, could go up by 5% or more in some cases. we have heard about supply chains and the problems at the ports. there has been a deal of course on northern ireland protocol initially for three months to try to ease the complexities
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around those borders with concerns about the good friday agreement but also about the single market. we just want to show you pictures of the prime minister a couple of moments ago. borisjohnson fully mashed up there, a brief wave to the cameras and as he steps into the car. flanked by the usual security and he is heading overfor this dinner with ursula von der leyen to see whether any last minute can be made. those who feel the prime minister has not done enough say he could and should have been in brussels personally holding these talks much earlier. if he was indeed focused on getting a deal, focused on the detail himself. we know michael gove has been in brussels this week also. but others say of
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course that personal chemistry, the personalfinal course that personal chemistry, the personal final political push can be essential at a point like this to try to open things, to try and push things forward to see whether both sides ultimately it now will give ground and head for a deal. of course many who are promoters of brexit don't want any compromise that goes too far. they say no deal actually opens up more opportunities for the uk to trade around the world. but of course this has all come in the midst of a global pandemic that nobody foresaw. the prime minister that was elected to deliver brexit, that one in labour heartland people had voted for brexit, has been of course very much distracted and not of course some will say by the pandemic and therefore making this huge political decision has been made even more difficult to focus on with government time if you delete split and dealing with coronavirus in the first instance. our political correspondent
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jess parker is in westminster. watching these pictures from inside the commission building with both flags there as we normally see, that is the image inside the core doors in the commission where we expect possibly a meeting between ursula von der leyen and borisjohnson. we arejust von der leyen and borisjohnson. we are just waiting von der leyen and borisjohnson. we arejust waiting for von der leyen and borisjohnson. we are just waiting for the prime minister to make his way in the car to that building. and jessica parker, a lot ofjokes about what is going to be on the menu at this dinner this evening. note fish at all because they would argue about whose waters they were caught in. all because they would argue about whose waters they were caught inlj think there will be a lot of interest and maybe what they have to eat this evening over this dinner but the format as i understand it going forward in the next couple of hours without is a borisjohnson now en route to the commission to meet with ursula von der leyen. they will have a short meeting before they actually sit down to dinner we think with their chief negotiators, michel barnier and lord frost, president and then dinner joined
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barnier and lord frost, president and then dinnerjoined by a small number of officials and that will be the moment. that will be the hour where the two of them will have to decide whether there is any life left in these trade talks, as has been discussed extensively over the past days, weeks and months. there are three key sticking points, fisheries which he referred to a moment ago, how ideal would be governed in terms of how it will be policed going forward, and they will wa nt to policed going forward, and they will want to pick apart these issues to some extent and decide whether there is any room for negotiators. just to interrupt, we can see the cars pulling in to the commission building there and the police escort. the prime minister, boris johnson, making his way to the commission for this keep meeting that will help determine potentially the future of the uk. many feel that already with a deal or without the
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brea kfast already with a deal or without the breakfast that we are facing is a pretty ha rd brexit breakfast that we are facing is a pretty hard brexit because we are out of the single market, out of the customs union but the prime minister and many within his party have said if it is possible to get a deal, that would be preferable. because the economic cost, the bureaucratic cost of the political cost will be less. equally for the eu, we know that it less. equally for the eu, we know thatitis less. equally for the eu, we know that it is there interest to have a deal as borisjohnson's convoy pulls into the commission building and we think we will see some shots of the prime ministerjust think we will see some shots of the prime minister just making think we will see some shots of the prime ministerjust making his way inside there in brussels. he flew over today after prime minister's questions. and here are the images there. here are the pictures live in brussels of the prime minister and ursula von der leyen making their way and for their meeting to see if they can resolve the brexit dilemma.
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how are you? good evening, everybody. so no chance. you run a tight ship here. thank you. 0k, ok, so already i think the europeans there taking the lead on whether to wear a mask or not. but a brief moment to take the mask off for the cameras as this key meeting unfolds, this key meeting to see whether borisjohnson this key meeting to see whether boris johnson and ursula this key meeting to see whether borisjohnson and ursula von der leyen borisjohnson and ursula von der leye n ca n borisjohnson and ursula von der leyen can get a resolution to her that there can be a deal. we know course with the sticking points have been and we know also that there might be differences of opinion within the eu between the french,
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the irish, the germans and someone but ursula von der leyen there very much with the combined eu messages of speculation that of course it is in their interest not to make it too easy for any country to leave the european union. british supporters in the conservative party who want a deal saying that it is in our economic interest in our little interest to get a deal but not at any price and that sovereignty remains a key demand for many. boris stress and facing pressure on many sides and it is will be fascinating to see what comes out of this meeting and no one expecting initially at any rate a massive decision to not. it is a question really about of this dinner can yield ground from both sides to pave the way for more it talks ahead of that final deadline at the end of this year. many saying it is only days really to go because any decision that these two parties can make have to be ratified by all of the european separate parliaments. so much riding on this evening's
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supper and we will find out what is on the menu and how successful this evening goes in the coming hours. don't go away. this bbc news. do stay with us. bye—bye. hello, i'm ros atkins. welcome to outside source. the uk's prime minister, boris johnson, is going to be having dinner in the next few minutes with ursula von der leyen from the eu. brexit is on the menu. at the moment, it sound like neither the uk oi’ moment, it sound like neither the uk or the eu is going to back down. we will be taking back control, and we have already taken back control, of our money, our borders and our laws, and we will seize all the opportunities that brexit brings. translation: we are working on it, but we are also prepared for conditions that we cannot accept. so we will keep you up on all of


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