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tv   BBC News with Katty and Christian  BBC News  December 9, 2020 9:00pm-10:01pm GMT

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this is bbc news — the last supper? or can boris johnson and ursula von der leyen salvage a last ditch brexit deal over dinner. we may find out this next hour. we will bring you the very latest from brussels. if the prime minister is hoping to bridge the gap this evening he didn't get off to the best of starts. keep your distance says the european commission president. as thousands more people in the uk get the pfizer vaccine — a new warning goes out to those with serious allergies. also in the programme... the three justices donald trump nominated to the supreme court bench, decline to hear his legal arguments of electoral fraud.
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so is that it? you're watching bbc news with me not likely, says the president. katty kay in washington, christian fraser is in london. our top stories. i see kathy. i love her. i am here. boris johnson, and the european commission president, ursula von der leyen are currently holding a crucial dinner meeting on the future of uk—eu relations. but will a trade deal be on the menu i see kathy. i love her. i am here. with the petit fours? i see you. at the centre of cher, meet katty meet cher — america's covid storm. yes i was there too, to hear all about the singers heroic we'll speak to one er nurse who says efforts to save the loneliest she cries on her way to work —— elephant in pakistan. and on her way home. but at the hospital, she has a job to do. also in the programme. one of the companies tasked hello i am katty kay in washington, with protecting governments around the world from cyber attacks christian fraser is in london. don't expect an agreement to emerge — has itself been hacked. from tonight's ‘dinner of destiny ‘in brussels. that is not really what it's about. and — when superstar cher saved the world's loneliest elephant — this is more about appetite for she'lljoin us later. compromise. we know what the problem is. the uk wants to set its own laws on, labour rules, environmental standards, all of that kind
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of stuff, but the eu does not want the uk to have privileged access to its single market, if its diverging from their rules is to the uk's competitive advantage. what must it be like to go into work every day knowing it comes down to sovereignty — which in the end that the patients you care for, is a political issue. might die, alone, without family. those who voted for brexit find fighting to breathe? the whole principle of being forced what does that do to follow eu rules in perpetuity, to people who care. as completely undermining the nurses, the doctors, the people who have worked the whole purpose of brexit in the first place. on the front line of this terrible so the prime minister and ursula von der leyen must decide covid battle, day in day out. whether there is room for compromise, whether there is any purpose to further negotiation, and how frustrating must it be, amid all that to see people ignoring or whether ultimately their demands are just incompatible, how about this tweet from a doctor in which case there will be a giant in rhode island: dr rebecca karb rupture in just 23 days time. let's head to brussels. what do you make of it so far? to get any clues as to whether there is warmth in iowa, there are 900 in hospital, between boris johnson 140 admitted in the last 2a hours. as to whether there is warmth between borisjohnson and could that help this evening? well, what can we and of those 900, judge? we can judge 200 are in the icu. help this evening? well, what can we judge? we canjudge the help this evening? well, what can we judge? we can judge the sort of
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photo opportunity where they didn't shake hands because of covid—i9. but so, let's speak to alison wynes, they stood awkwardly next to each who is a nurse practitioner in the intensive care unit other. briefly remove their facemask of the university of iowa's hospitals and clinics. and the prime minister got told off by the european commission chief for tell me about that sentiment that we not keeping his personal, social told our viewers about in the distance. that's not really the headlines. you cry on your way into thing tojudge. i think the eu try work and you cry on the way home. how do you cope with that? yes, you to put in a little bit of humor. the only other detail we have at the moment are what they ate for dinner. deserve to get your emotions out before you can come to work to do if you think of the three main yourjob. it has been a long road, sticking points that exist between the two sides number one is fish. it it has been a heavy load for all of us it has been a heavy load for all of us to carry and sometimes this is was a very fishy dinner. herbert very cathartic to get those emotions from main course. scallops for out and leave all the negative starters. if you think about scallop thoughts or heavy thoughts in your wa i’s carand thoughts or heavy thoughts in your car and come to work with the good starters. if you think about scallop wars between the english channels between the british and french attitude so he can be strong for your patience and your team—mates fishing communities, quite a pointed and then come if you need to on your dinner, i think. fishing communities, quite a pointed dinner, ithink. all sorts fishing communities, quite a pointed dinner, i think. all sorts of dreadful jokes way home, do the same things you can dinner, i think. all sorts of dreadfuljokes on social media about keep functioning and be strong for your friends and family as well. turbot charging the talks. and so on. what you basically have are the head to 12 on the point but it must two lea d e rs ta ke on. what you basically have are the two leaders who say a deal is still head to 12 on the point but it must take a huge emotional point —— hate possible but if we stay with the
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meal and analogy, no deal is still to dwell. patient struggling to breathe and then, giving up. how do very high on their menu. because it's not just about the three you deal with that? it is hard to sticking points, the fish, competition regulations, how to deal with that. we have been dealing enforce a deal where there are still gaps between them but what you have here is what you have right at the with critical illness or whole beginning of these talks. it is a careers, so we signed up to do is will be left to do. but covid—19 is clash of ideologies that you referred to there. the uk wanting to a different disease. it seems hold onto the national sovereignty rougher and tougher than a standard after brexit and sanc why would we respiratory illness and definitely leave the eu to sign up to eight new prolonged. so, you get to know these rule book with brussels? and he was patients, you get to know their families, talking to them on the saying if you want preferential phonein families, talking to them on the phone in the brief they are allowed access to our single market, our to visit and it is hard to watch it priorities is to protect our single market from what could be unfair go on and watch the suffering go on much longer than we are use to end competition to uk businesses for the top so you have to sign up to some it it's taking its toll but we have kind of principles. and if you break it we need an enforcement measure to su ccesses it it's taking its toll but we have successes and we really hold onto punish you for it, if you like. the successes and know that although we are doing some good we are doing there are still however many days it is to go 20 odd. is this really, the best we can. you under a huge really, really the deadline? 0r is to go 20 odd. is this really, really, really the deadline? or if they would go to try to get a deal amount of pressure and you're also a
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could they stretch it until the 31st of december? all i can say is that mom andi amount of pressure and you're also a mom and i am wondering what impact this is having on yourfamily. considering how many years i've been watching eu politics there is, you mom and i am wondering what impact this is having on your family. my daughter is nine and she is aware of are hard pushed to find a deadline what covid—19 is, she is acutely that's not made to be flexible. i aware of what it is and what it know we are getting very, very close means to go to work with these to the deadline here and we do patients and the risk that it must put myself in and bring that is calm actually have after many false brexit trade negotiations, we have or not. we have all learned to adapt the heart of the deadline of the end of the transition period. and you need enough of a question for eu and adjust to it but she is a leaders to sign off on a deal if it champion of mass glaring at school is agreed. and the prime minister wa nts to and getting outside to play with her is agreed. and the prime minister wants to bring it in front of the uk parliament as well. but you could friends as opposed inside, it is pushit parliament as well. but you could push it very far down the line if you really wanted to. and if you put hard. unfortunately, they have to carry the emotional burden of having yourself into the shoes of boris their mom be someone who is in the johnson, he might be tempted because nicu and surrounded by covid—1920 47 he's going to come under attack and also try to help them get whatever happens. if there is no through not being at school or not being able to see their friends and deal then the opposition will clobber him for it. they will be family the way that they want to and many uk businesses that will say, it's really made it a heavy year for how could you do that when we are everyone. you there are a bit already suffering so much from
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covid—i9? but if he does make the stressed out to, the kids are. compromises needed to agree a deal everyone's been more than they then brexiter is in his own party will normally are. given all of that, accuse him of the trail? why do it when you hear stories like that when now if you have a bit more time to in rhode island, the woman who held make the eu sweat? could happen but it could have a bit more time to a thanksgiving dinner for 22 make the eu sweat? could happen but in rhode island, the woman who held a thanksgiving dinnerfor 22 family members and they all ended up it could've happened a month or even testing positive, imagine thatjust two months ago. there is political compromises needed to be made. they makes you want through your hands up are difficult and uncomfortable for and banged her head on the table, both sides. doesn't it? i try to bang my head on thank you. my table because i need all of my tom tugendhat is a conservative mp who also chairs parliament's foreign rain cells that have left to care affairs select committee. hejoins us now. for the patients —— try not to. picking up the point they do say if you can't walk away from a rain cells that have left to care for the patients -- try not to. what is your reaction when things like negotiation then you aren't really negotiating. i wonder if you strive that? so, it is frustrating because, the conquerors of west minister, do you feel the pie minister has the backing of his party and the country the public has been warned and they to walk away if you need to? he's know the risks of getting together got a majority base so he's a master with families and the virus in the us is very thick and it spreads of all he surveys. the reality is everywhere and so the risk of
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there are a few premises strong getting together, even with ten or position as he is. for the best part 15 people and having exposure to someone who may be positive is quite ofa position as he is. for the best part of a decade or more. he certainly high. so, it is frustrating and it got the opportunity on his side. you also makes me feel really sad for area got the opportunity on his side. you are a diplomat these days. i'd love the families. i imagine there is a to bea are a diplomat these days. i'd love to be a fly on the ball tonight. who lot of survivors guilt if you are goes first? is there a danger that the person who held that event or the person who held that event or you telegraph what you really thinking? it's like the penalty of the person who passed on covid—19 to have when your family and somebody doesn't do well, that is something the 89th minute. this is really high—stakes the 89th minute. this is really that you may have to live with high—sta kes stuff. forever so we try to treat everyone the 89th minute. this is really high-stakes stuff. of course it is. the reality is that actually vendor with kindness and compassion and we know that families important to line is in a head of state. she eve ryo ne know that families important to everyone but it is also important to doesn't actually have very much room eve ryo ne everyone but it is also important to everyone to be around next year and for maneuver. all she can do, she's so, wejust everyone to be around next year and so, we just really wish people would a bit like the lawyer you hire to not do it. yeah, you dojust kind of doubt your house or to buy somebody ta ke not do it. yeah, you dojust kind of take a deep breath and sigh and move else's. she's got to take forward anyways. we salute you are instruction for her clients. her clients and other heads of state and doing, look after you and keep up government from the member states the european union. and her room for the good work. thank you for talking to us. manoeuvre is the european union. and her room for manoeuvre is very to thank the good work. thank you for talking to thank you for having me. the european union. and her room for manoeuvre is very limited. if she tries to do anything more than she's allowed to do she has to go back to counsel. and ask for permission for
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some actually the reality is, the uk spokesman says dinner between european union isn't really negotiating. it is just presenting borisjohnson uk spokesman says dinner between the options that it's negotiated boris johnson and ursula uk spokesman says dinner between borisjohnson and ursula is still with itself. slightly take it or leave it it's one of the reasons why ongoing. having a second helping? the european union has much a strong yes, i would too. negotiating in international trade around the world. you get to a point where the european negotiators and a combination of covid, christmas, and brexit congestion is causing delays at some south korea orjapan or wherever say of the uk's biggest ports — look, take it or leave it for some and if you leave it i'll be back in congestion so severe that some toy companies are worried four to five years after. with 27 that their most popular products will go out of stock others. so tom, if brussels had come in the christmas rush. and it's notjust presents. into this with a prefix position who honda the japanese car maker has had to suspend production at its swindon thenif into this with a prefix position who then if this ends in no deal who factory because of missing parts stuck on lorries — owns at? who will be held to blame and there are warnings or the eu or the uk? everybody. i'm that the disruption could get worse when the brexit transition period not sure you can divide it like that. i think these talks started on expires at the end of this month. com pletely that. i think these talks started on completely the wrong place in 2016 or 2017 when they really got going. richard balla ntyne — the chief executive and they've never really got on the of the british ports association right track. and the problem is the joins us now from london.
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reality of the referendum was when are you telling me that christmas is britain voted to leave the uk left cancelled, i do not know if i could cope with that. absolutely not. there is challenging times but it's the european union complete an entire put it where you live. and very much a global issue but not what we should have done is started from the principal we were out of everything and negotiated our way cancelling christmas in the uk. my back in. we didn't do that. in the presence will get through, that is european union didn't do that. we good news. on a serious note, if you kept trying to hang on to bits. we've ended up sort of approaching overlay no deal on top which are this from the wrong end of the facing and reports of the moment, what would that mean? if you bring telescope. thank you very much for it around to brexit, it is interesting because a deal and a no joining us therefrom brussels. i was deal did not want too dissimilar because we are going to be a single wondering when we might get a sense of what the timing is on this. christian, do you have any idea, how market transition and that means is long does a meal taken brussels? i going be new controls for our know they've got all those courses borders. and there will be a lot to official stop children, scallops and whatever is coming for dessert and a do for operators, freight operators to process their goods but it is bit of wine as well. and a delicious going to look very similar, i would pavlova of tropical fruits which say, things like tariffs which doesn't sound very european. i hear they're discussing with counterparts they're going to talk first they
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going to go into dinner at 730 our in the european union at the moment will be slightly different but they time. about an hour and half ago. are not something that you will that's why we probably think we might get every doubt. that's what collect at the border. it is not conditional on goods entering the we get, a readout in the next hour if we get that. we will see country. i was hoping that you be catherine bring it to us. 0kay. able to explain by very large and at 90 years of age margaret keenan has world notoriety. expensive christmas present has not gotten expensive christmas present has not gotte n to she is patient a. expensive christmas present has not gotten to him yet and it's because the ports. i'm sure it is on its the first to be injected outside way. more seriously, we have been focused on the news of the yesterday trial, with the new pfizer vaccine. in the uk and just to clear the sub, is there any concern that this could have an impact on vaccine supplies? this afternoon she left hospital not at the moment. the vaccine is to a warm welcome from her family. coming through belgium and mrs keenan, who turns 91 next week, transported on lorries going through was one of 100 people vaccinated on the first day role ports and indeed the timeless of the rollout in coventry. margaret is fine but there were two will. it is a different challenge to nhs workers who suffered an adverse response to the jab yesterday. the one that is being faced at some they have recovered. of our largest container terms where but it has spurred the uk's medicines regulator into changing we are seeing a search of container the advice for people with severe allergies. activities and on a global basis 0ur health correspondent which is slowing down the impact and dominic hughes reports. some of those operators. because
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they've been together ever since they met while working christmas is a factor in this, you at basildon hospital more than five decades ago. now, vic and penny griffiths have are expecting this log to ease up returned to the place after the christmas holidays? yes, i think it is fair to say that we are where they each served for a0 years, from where the covid vaccine offers through the peak of it possibly and some hope of better days ahead. we are looking at this continuing 0ur zest for life doesn't diminish when you get older, for a brief period of time, possibly but the anxieties are there into the first quarter of next year. about catching something or doing but the phrase in logistics is not a something that may stop the span of your life. resilient one and there are lots of as far as i'm concerned, routes and options and certainly we do not want to create an impression both of us want to have it done and get on with life. sharp scratch now, angela. that will accommodate this deal but but as vaccinations continue, is probably fair to say that they a warning from the medicines regulator — two nhs staff, both with a history of serious will continue into the next couple allergic reactions, suffered side—effects of months next year. but it will after receiving the vaccine. wind down hopefully through some we need to strengthen our advice now period of march. ok. joining us. we've had this experience in the vulnerable populations, the groups that have been selected as a priority. we get that advice to the field immediately.
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the two staff members are now well again, having received treatment, but those who experience significant one of the largest allergic reactions have been told to avoid getting the jab for now. cybersecurity companies in the united states — has been hacked. experts say of the thousands the company is fireeye and it's used who is received the vaccine yesterday and in clinical trials, serious reactions were very rare indeed. by companies and governments around at bradley manor care home in belfast, staff and residents were receiving their jabs. the ceo of fireeye by the end of the year, more than four million doses of the pfizer biontech vaccine issued this statement. should have arrived in the uk, and gps will start delivering vaccines next week. but, from the government's most senior scientific adviser, a warning — this is no time for complacency. we have a very important light we're joined now by lisa forte — a partner at the end of the tunnel at red goat cyber security. with vaccines, we've got a lot to do to roll out the vaccines, we've got a lot to do to make sure the vulnerable are protected. it's not the time to suddenly say idid not i did not know whether you pronounce we relax everything, and if that the ee on the end. this is a bit of happens we will have a big surge. the vaccine is now reaching the most a problem, if you're the company vulnerable, even in some of our more remote communities. that's providing the tool box to today some doses arrived in 0rkney
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stop state backed cyber attacks, you in the far north of scotland. but as we embark on the biggest mass don't want to hand over the tool vaccination programme we've ever box. no, definitely not and you saw seen, expect some bumps along the road. a similar issue happened with the dominic hughes, bbc news. shadow brokers who managed to get a load of the tools and weapons and on thursday — here in washington, the government body in charge use those as well and this is part of vaccine approval will meet to discuss emergency use of the problem i suppose, having authorization of the pfizer vaccine these tools of these weapons at your and potentially pave the way for rollout of the vaccination in the us. fingertips. what are the telltale as we prepare for vaccines to be made available — it also means understanding signs that it would be backed by the pros and cons. state security? we do not know yet. they were laid out by — emergency medicine physician, dr. it is very difficult process and it cannot be done in 2a hours, however jeremy faust, benefit of pfizer/biontech vaccine: you are 95% less likely to get the fbi have set the level of covid—19, which can kill you. sophistication scene is consistent with that of a nation state attack. risks: mild injection we have to go off what we had seen site reactions, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, chills, joint pain, fever. so far look at who they might be.” we're joined by dr faust now from cambridge, massachusetts. would assume you have a lot of tools
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in your database that you use what's happened in the uk with those defensively in the case to protect two health care workers who had not governments and companies against really covered but had a an allergic cyber attacks. will the hackers now reaction to the pfizer vaccine, as i have access to those tools as well and do they know what your weapons can impacted all of you think the fda's deliberations?” are? we do believe they've had can impacted all of you think the access to those tools or weapons fda's deliberations? i don't believe it well. i think that one of the depending on what you want to turn benefits of having a longer safety the mass, but we have been very tale, we asked for two months of transparent and handled incredibly follow—up was so that if things like this happen even the initial well so far and we have issued a roll—out, we can confidently say whole load of countermeasures so look, this vaccine has been given to companies can detect if the tools tens of thousands of people. and the are being used against them. and occasional side effect like that is probably to be expected and compared what kind of impact of the self to the idea that you are avoiding a globally on governments? what is the potentially life—threatening illness is absolutely an acceptable risk. potential? they've had a lot of it's going to give people the jitters when the rubber meets the government data as well and road and they start to come out. hopefully that will have been on a it's really nice that we can lean different network than the one that back and say ok look, we have so would hold the tools that they were much back and say ok look, we have so m u ch safety back and say ok look, we have so much safety data on these vaccine using. the do not believe that it coming out that we can say it yes, has been taken but hopefully that is this is something that is kind of pa rt this is something that is kind of part of doing business. eight lot of the case and obviously, if it is
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effort is been put into the not, that could cause very grave distribution of the vaccine around consequences. but i do think it highlights the need to start taking the us. how much effort do you think is been put in by the administration into the communications part of this separate text much more seriously. to try and assuage the concerns of those people who are looking at the back seat and saying, then i could ta ke back seat and saying, then i could take it because they don't think thank you very much forjoining us. it's a? i think that leadership has a great opportunity to show up to this fight. to say look, the i am perpetually losing my phone, my wallet. my keys. president even though he's already and i have been known to pick up other people's too —— been infected maybe he should be but i always try to return vaccinated on television. certainly them in good time. a lot of top physicians and leaders there is a name for people who pick up other have said and past presidents have people's keys at a party. but anyway. said we will go on television and be surely you can't be worse than the person —— vaccinated. i think when people see identity unknown, who borrowed that their neighbours, friends and even the people that they look up to the key which opened on tv are being vaccinated that will the doors of an 11th be very reassuring. 0ne century tower in kent. on tv are being vaccinated that will be very reassuring. one of the great side effects unrelated but the f0 back in 1973. sightings were down. i kinda feel the same about this. when people nearly 50 years on, the brass key to st leonard's tower has now been start to see look, my neighbours and my colleagues are getting the returned, sent with an anonymous vaccine and nothing bad has happened note to english heritage saying, to them. that will sort of ramp down ‘sorry for the delay‘.
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so, who was it? the fever pitch about major that‘s what i want to know. apparently english heritage says concerns. i'm not talking about a they‘re not in trouble, they‘d just quite like to understand little fever i'm talking about major concerns. i think when it gets out there that's when people began to what happened over 5 decades. notice that things are pretty safe. it's it‘s not the sort of key that you it's interesting when you read some would, ignore it in a drawer. it is of the data that pfizer excluded not a yield key. but i also want to people with significant adverse reactions in the clinical trial. so know is why the heritage just could these people weren't part of the not pick the lock on the 11th test and part of the original data century lock, can be that that the fda's looking at. the problem is with what we've seen sophisticated, kenneth? there‘s a today as we don't know the lot going on in the world and you denominator do we? we don't know how clearly spend far too much time thinking the ski today. come on, many people have had the vaccine without any problems. well, i think then. what else is going on? to stay that we can certainly say that the vaccine is expected to cause a lot with us on bbc news. nothing of mild side effects is that there's a term that's being thrown around happening at all. the pop star, how the their reactorjunk. this is a vaccine that we, generates a she saved the worlds loneliest reaction for the top we want it i elephant. mean reaction. what we take along with it is the side effects was up i we return to the coronavirus vaccine now. think overall the purpose of these at the age of 90 —
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grandmother margaret keenan was made monitoring during the trials to famous around the world yesterday really keep an eye on anything major as she became the first person happens is so that we can say on a to have the pfizer coronavirus jab — kind of scale of tens of thousands as part of a mass vaccination programme. kicking off britain‘s so—called ‘v‘ of people that we feel pretty good day she said she felt privileged to have it. about anything major. especially in comparison to quite frankly, one of mrs keenan, who has lived in coventry for more than 60 the most deadly virus outbreaks that we've lived through. years but is originally from northern ireland, had been admitted to the hospital the most deadly virus outbreaks that we've lived throughlj the most deadly virus outbreaks that we've lived through. i tend to pick a few days before herjab. up we've lived through. i tend to pick upa bit we've lived through. i tend to pick up a bit of anxiety in america today the retired jewellery store assistant said it was "great opportunity" to be offered the vaccine, and urged that the medicines regulators had people to follow suit. put out was so broad. 0f that the medicines regulators had put out was so broad. of course, there are so many people who are and this afternoon she left hospital skittish about taking this vaccine. to a warm welcome from her family. those who are predisposed to not a warning our health correspondent taking it that's all they want to catherine burns‘ report contains some flashing images. hear. certainly people are always yesterday, margaret keenan going to do what we called became the most talked about 90—year—old in the world. confirmation bias. they are looking it‘s the moment we‘ve forward to something they'lljustify all waited for... doing that thing and if they're untranslated. trying to avoid it they'll find a ..margaret keenan... way to out of it. i think when you stop and consider that in less than she was the very first one year's time these vaccines have person outside of clinical trials to have the pfizer vaccine against coronavirus. been proven to be safe and applause. effective, it's a crowning
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achievement of a human endeavour of science in the past hundred, seven today she got to leave hospital to eight several hundred years of progress was up to eight several hundred years of after making plenty of goodbyes. progress was up i think despite those jitters that people want to be a part of that moment. because they bye! wa nt to a part of that moment. because they thank you. want to be a part of the future. she's like royalty, isn't she? her daughter sue and grandson that means surviving this crisis. so yeah, i hearyou, itake your connor were waiting. that means surviving this crisis. so yeah, i hear you, i take your point that we need to have this conversation with our patients. and come on, mum! hello, granny! she says this whole thing‘s been with a community but i think ultimately the fact that these are a whirlwind and she‘s pleased to get home to her family. there were a few tears so effective is really the top line. when she saw them. are you 0k? that i think so good to see you. most people are hearing. let's hope so. good to speak to you today. and like any worldwide superstar, the inevitable fans asking for photos. the overwhelming majority of people i know say they are going to take margaret turns 91 next week and says the vaccine. i happen to speak today to two women about the news in the this vaccine was the best early birthday present. uk one have some said to me she was but a bunch of flowers is always a give and take the vaccine because she believed there was a microchip a welcome extra gift. input into your body. the other side to me that she'd never had a flu jab in 30 years and she had heard that if you have the coloured vaccine you have a bad reaction to it if you've never had a flu job. that scepticism
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is out there. one of the dads of our there are many things football match on sunday said he that popsta rs can use their platform to achieve. wasn't gonna take it. i simple if you don't take it you're putting and the singer cher has used her‘s your parents ever has. and he said to good effect over the years. oh yeah, i suppose so. i mean when i she is politically active, she is a human right‘s campaigner, go to see the parents maybe i will she is a philanthropist, have to take it. maybe those are the besides being one of the worlds best conversations we all have to have. selling music artists. but her latest venture is probably the strangest she has ever been yeah. it's very hard to persuade asked to get involved in. and all because her twitter people who have very fixed views. followers wouldn‘t let it drop. it's very hard to persuade people who have she has been out to pakistan. for those watching on bbc world news — we'll be right back. to save a long suffering elephant from a zoo in islamabad. his name is kaavan. the chairman of tesco says food his mate died in 2012 and since then he has been alone, prices could rise by up to 5% tormented by his keepers. in the event of a no—deal brexit, with some products the locals liked to watch him dance. increasing even more. course it wasn‘t a dance the swaying john allen said import taxes of the head were the first signs could push up the price of brie of a mental breakdown. by as much as 40% and warned but now thanks to cher‘s consumers could face some campaiging he is safe. and she came in to disruption to supplies while the industry adjusted to the new situation next year. mr allen also said tescos had tell us all about it. been stockpiling some non—fresh food as it prepares
9:20 pm
for potential shortages. so i think there will be an impact in terms of pricing on customers because those sorts of tariffs can't i met this man through bob geldof, be absorbed either by the producers who was his manager, or the supermarket chains. and we got in the wrong cars and we started talking about elephants. but we will also change the mix and so my twitter followers kept of that of which people eat. bothering me about save kavaan, our people are going and i was thinking, "yeah, fine," and go to pakistan. and so i had. i thought, "i‘m an entertainer, to eat quite as much. i can‘t do this. "so, i called this guy, mark, and i said, "do you remember me? brie costing 40% more we rode in a car together for their domestically produced. and what do you think about saving we calculate the overall impact an elephant in pakistan? "and he said, "oh, good, going to be low, single digits. i‘ll go right now. about three to 5% on food prices. and so he went there and the first thing he did, obviously, a vast more he walked into the zoo, he said, "put a top on the shed, take off the shackles, on some selected items. give us some water, give us some toys," and they did it. and then, cher, you got kavaan flown to cambodia there is an ongoing question and you were there to meet him. as to when, if ever, what did that feel president trump will accept like when he arrived? the results of the election. it was amazing. there is no lawsuit to speak of that it was amazing because we were also has changed the outcome so far. and yesterday, the supreme court happy, i had my friends dealt another blow to mr trump, the 9 judges threw out a challenge tojoe biden's victory with me, and we were amazed in pennsylvania. and not one dissenting opinion. that we actually did this.
9:21 pm
i am amazed that we actually did this because i never thought republicans in the state had wanted to stall the certification of the result, the brevity i would be going to pakistan, of the ruling from the and i never thought i would be bench spoke volumes. bringing an elephant to cambodia. it‘s a huge amount of effort, cher, they responded to the request in a one sentence ruling denied. mrtrump weighed in, saying that didn't matter his focus for one animal, for one elephant. was actually on another lawsuit. why this one? the case, he tweeted, what was it about his story in particular that you felt that everyone has been waiting for is the state's case with texas and numerous others joining. it is very strong, all criteria met. how you feel but the next four years he is referring to the case filed in us politics? i do not know by the republican attorney general of texas who is asking because i know donald trump is doing everything he can sing but if you the supreme court to throw out can‘t live in the white house, he the voting results in georgia, will burn it down. i do not know, michigan, pennsylvania and wisconsin thatis will burn it down. i do not know, that is i‘m trying to get those two alleging those battleground states senators, i went to nevada and i made unconstitutional changes to their voting laws before the 2020 election. went to arizona and i worked hard experts say it's the longest of longshots. let's bring in our senior north their and i‘ve done lots of things but in person as the most important america reporter anthony zurcher. thing to do, even though i was really scared both times and even in anthony, yesterday republican
9:22 pm
congressman brooks was on this pakistan are scared to because programme making the same case that there‘s so much covid—19 going on there‘s so much covid—19 going on there but i feel that i have this the whole election where voters had mailed in their votes was illegal saying, stand and be counted or sit because the constitution doesn't allow you to mail in those. so does and be nothing. or sing and be this texas suit have much merit?” could characterise it at the longest counted. happiness is the thing, the of longest shots. may be an broadway classic forjoe biden.” understatement for up it's in the near impossibility for texas to win rewrote that song because i felt so this case wasn't one state talking about what another state or other states are doing with their own strongly, i feel so strongly, elections which they are giving rewrote that song because i felt so strongly, ifeel so strongly, i‘ve considerable power to do under the known joe strongly, ifeel so strongly, i‘ve knownjoe biden since 2006 and a i constitution seems like something the supreme court is not going to knownjoe biden since 2006 and a i wa nt to the supreme court is not going to know him well in the first time i want to go anywhere near. you are saw him, he invited me to his talking about throwing out millions of legally cast ballots. you're office, i invited myself. and it talking about giving dates the ability to take other states to court. the supreme court could very wasn‘t unpleasant, but i kind of well dismiss this lawsuit in 81 wa nted wasn‘t unpleasant, but i kind of wanted to grill him, i wanted to know who he was and i was not there sentence answer. as well. but it is to be nice, is there to be something new for donald trump to focus on for the piece going from interested , to be nice, is there to be interested, but i wanted to know who he was. it is been a long difficult lawsuit to lawsuit saying that he has a chance to reverse the results of this election for but this has yearfor
9:23 pm
he was. it is been a long difficult year for everyone all around the world here in america where i am and one commentator put it is more of in the uk as well. as we get to the the press release in the guise of a lawsuit than something that has end of 2020, what do you feel actual legal significance. yes, i optimistic about? give us some words somewhat agree with you. george of hope. i feel optimistic about conway has not has been a kelly and conway has not has been a kelly and conway the president long—term adviser this is what he said about joe. i knowjoe and i know he‘s got it. they are peddling to the supreme court that notion that all of these plans and they‘re all it's anomalous that some votes very good and i think they will be in some areas at some point in time are going to be more one—sided than others. beneficial to the people who need to it's crazy and they are saying that. beneficial to the people who need to be benefiting. but i do not know is they're also recycling to do this what they have not gotten a bill in the supreme court passed to save all of these people of the united states is out aspirin who were struggling and why donald for a member of the supreme court, trump never did anything for barr to do this in the supreme court covid—19 and why didn‘t he buy the of the united states, absolutely outrageous. they are throwing in all the garbage vaccines when he had the chance and he could‘ve bought them twice. allegations of fraud the trump campaign wouldn't even put in some of their complaints in federal district court. vaccines when he had the chance and he could've bought them twice. can it's absurd. ask a question for my daughter. she yeah, and he is a lawyer he knows a isa ask a question for my daughter. she is a big mama me a fan. are you thing or two. the problem i think going to be in mamma mia three?” that this is just how it looks. times does the present want to lose the election? i know. were talking is a big mama me a fan. are you going to be in mamma mia three? i do not know. the big thing is that, at
9:24 pm
about 50 lawsuits now that donald trump has lost and won state or just did a bobble head movie. i been another, one quart or another. it's working more, i‘vejust been working so much now. but, i do not know. be curious that this lawsuit that texas is bringing is only targeting four states thatjoe body and one that happen have republican legislators. like acting better than singing? the lawsuit is a well, we should let these republican legislators decide who gets the electoral votes from well, this is how i think about it. each state. even though there are singing isa dozens each state. even though there are d oze ns of each state. even though there are dozens of states across the country well, this is how i think about it. singing is a party at someone else‘s house and acting as a party at your that change they are election laws in the run—up to the election house. that is a very good analogy. because they want to try to encourage mail and voting. but this lawsuit isn't are targeting well, i, fernando is my favourite songin republican states are states donald well, i, fernando is my favourite song in your fernando is my trump carried. 0nly these for swing states trying to get them to flip favourite fernando. i love it. also their votes. okay. ijust want when i went there, so terrified but last person there and everyone had states trying to get them to flip their votes. okay. i just want to get to another thing that is just done so much before me and i didn‘t isjust broken. know, of course and are now, but did not know anyone else, but help that is just broken. hunter isjust broken. hunter bidens is just broken. hunter bidens tax affairs. hunter biden put out a we did fernando first because statement saying the us attorney office in delaware is investigating eve ryo ne we did fernando first because everyone was listening to it. the his tax affairs. the biden harris show has been a real treat. thank transition team is put out a you for speaking to us and well done
9:25 pm
statement saying the president is with the elephant. deeply proud of us son is far through difficult including the is like being in the mutual attacks of recent months. as this can have an impact on the transition on anything? well it certainly is appreciation society. she wanted to talk to kathy, she was waving and going to be a distraction tojoe she was nervous. she was actually biden going forward. 0bviously nervous to be interviewed by kathy. hunter biden was a source of a tax but lovely to have her in the for republicans during the campaign. studio. his business dealings, his katty, how do you pronounce the thing international business dealings. there is a lot of money moving in your kitchen beginning with an m that heats up food from the night around. someone from the justice before? department looking into this making microwave. sure that everything was done duh. according to law and hunter bidens i‘m afraid not. over to you nigella. taxes could be a concern for hunter biden, certainly and possibly for i still need a bit of milk that i‘ve joe biden. if republicans keep control of the us senate going for mourned the next couple of years those in the microwave. i can't believe she is now being attacked for saying senate committees could be focusing on their own hearings looking at that. we need to get her on here. this. it could be something that last month it was toast and now, drags on for a while. okay. thank she‘s joking, last month it was toast and now, she‘sjoking, people. anyway, we you very much forjoining us. it will sick and get her on, cooks are probably won't change the minds of those people who feel of course at ona will sick and get her on, cooks are on a bet she can say microwave. the election was stolen. 0f
9:26 pm
those people who feel of course at the election was stolen. of which there are quite a lot. we will have more coming up after this break. hello there. sunshine is going to be a very rare and sought after thing good evening. across the uk for the next few days. bit more of a breeze today, wednesday, was quite a lot of cloud so less fog around, but sunshine and this was fairly indicative of was hard to come by. almost anywhere across the country. the weather from pots and rain and we did see a little bit, the heaviest of which moving off particularly across after the near constant and the weather front splits into the shower the eastern half of the uk. you can see in hertfordshire, a he outbreaks of rain in the fall rather stunning afternoon sky here. into the western scotland and the but there was thicker cloud, start of thursday morning. quite a and that brings the threat of rain as we go through the rest of the day. lot of cloud rather dry start to the this was cumbria just day and then the showers as well and a little earlier on. that's because we've got a weather front that's moving in from the west. the rain fairly light and patchy waiting in the wings at later on. through western scotland and northern ireland, and it will be a milder story with the heaviest of which is going to be across wales and south west england 69 degrees and may be in the double as the weather front splits in two through this evening, figures into the southwest and that so we see a pulse of wet is by where we should be for the weather drifting off into the near continent, time of year. in what weather to some showery outbreaks of rain moving its way through scotland. widely, it's going to be come in the heaviest of the rain an overcast night to come. that's going to prevent those slaves be across the southern half temperatures from falling too low,
9:27 pm
so not a cold night in comparison of england and eastwards, plenty of isobars in the chart and the winds to recently, 3—8 degrees to greet us first thing in the morning. there's still going to be some becoming more of a feature particularly into the far north of showery rain moving its way through northern scotland. elsewhere, the cloud thick enough scotla nd particularly into the far north of scotland but it‘s tracking with that some milder air as the wind for a few isolated showers, a bit drizzly, a bit drab, direction to the south—westerly are i'm afraid, through much of the day. westerly a nd direction to the south—westerly are westerly and that is a milder source the cloud is unlikely to break up, so we won't see that much so we have lost that cold bitter in the way of sunshine, december feel that we had just a few but temperatures should peak between 7—9 degrees quite widely. days ago but there will be serene to the first thing on fridays friday. maybe, if we're lucky, double figures down into the south west. as we move out of thursday, we're going to see another weather but on a plus node, with the wind front pushing through. coming to the south, we could see that, again, will strengthen the winds and bring some rain. double digits across southern this time, it's likely that the heaviest of the rain england and run seven to nine will be across central and southern further north. moving out to the areas, but the good news is, start of the week, we have this with it, it's bringing some slightly milder air across the country. ridge of high pressure building, quieting things down for saturday at and you should notice a difference with the feel of the weather least and there will be some rain to over the next few days. clear away the first thing in the so, yes, there's some rain to clear morning but hopefully, a brighter away from the east of the uk. behind it, again, a drab and dreary story and we might even see more in affair, the cloud thick enough the way of sunshine as we go through for some drizzle at times, some poor visibility close the way of sunshine as we go through the day. temperatures should peak
9:28 pm
to the coast, but temperatures should peak between 7—11 degrees. between eight and 11 degrees and and there's a chance, perhaps, moving out of saturday and sunday, of seeing a little bit of brighter it will be a different story in weather across the channel coast. now, as we move out of friday another area of low pressure moving in and that it‘s going to bring into the start of the weekend, somewhat and increasingly windy weather with it as we move to the we've got a brief ridge of high second half of the weekend. looking pressure on saturday at the rest of the forecast for before another area of low pressure is set to arrive, changes to sunday, whether the so saturday looks likely system rain some of it heavy for a to be the best day. time as it pushes its way to the we'll see some drier, northeast through the day and so, brighter weather. saturday certainly the better of the by sunday, it's a case of overcast, two days through the weekend. top wet and windy at times. that's it. 00:28:29,569 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 take care. temperatures mild with that, despite the cloud in the rain will look at double digits. into monday, low pressure is set to dominate an anchor itself to the north plenty of isobars in the chart and the winds also to increase and into next week we are headed to a milder and u nsu btle we are headed to a milder and unsubtle theme to come and so on monday, there‘s more what weather particularly across the west, gusts of winds likely to feature and as the rain metals through come is going to be replaced by some squally
9:29 pm
showers as well. nine to 12 degrees again, so double figures across and will take a look into tuesday onwards not low anchors itself to the northwest and spiralling around we see a series of other fronts moving through with low pressure in charge, really no signs of any significant unsettled. he lost the frosting fog and it‘s going to stay mild but as you can see from the blood cast, there will be rain or showers at times. —— broadcast. take care.
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tonight at ten, dinner in brussels as borisjohnson presents his case to the european commission in the search for a trade deal. before meeting the president of the european commission, he said there was a good deal to be done, but not if the eu stuck to its current position. earlier in the day he‘d gone to the house of commons, spelling out some of the obstacles that remain. they are saying the uk should be the only country in the world not to have sovereign control over its fishing waters, and i don‘t believe that those are terms that any prime minister of this country should accept. after three hours, boris johnson is still in talks tonight, not clear yet what the chances of a solution really are or whether we are rapidly heading
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