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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 11, 2020 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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clear. this england as the sky is clear. this clear sky is tied in with this high pressure, a long way to the south but just getting its pressure, a long way to the south butjust getting its way towards us temporarily. that means a zone of brighter skies but not for all of us. starting off across scotland, north england, midlands and the east of england with cloud and showery rain which will cling on across eastern areas all day whereas out west we will see brighter skies, a bit of sunshine, albeit one or two showers. temperatures eight, nine or 10 degrees, wind relatively light. the clear skies will not reach eastern areas before sunset so too late for any sunshine. the clear skies arrive in time to let the temperatures drop during ten saturday night. temporarily it will be quite chilly, the old folk patch but milder by the end of the night in the west because he is more cloud and rain. —— the odd fog patch.
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brisk winds as well, gusts of a0 to 50 miles an hourfor exposed coasts, may be stronger in one or two places. the wind coming from the self bringing milder air, temperatures as high as 12 or 13. brightness for some on saturday, rain returning on sunday. tributes flooded in for the actress dame barbara windsor who has died at the age of 83. that's all from the bbc news at six, so it's goodbye from me , and on bbc one we nowjoin the bbc‘s news teams where you are. hello, a packed sportsday on the way. coming up: heated words at the weigh in, as pulev warnsjoshua he's powerful and hungry. scrutiny on solskjaer — but is the criticism fair as he prepares
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for the manchester derby? and charley hull leads british hopes at the women's us open. also coming up in the programme... and with break dancing now an olympic sport, we meet the 1a—year—old who's going for gold. in paris 202a. anthonyjoshua and kubrat pulev, kept apart at their weigh in — the former the heavier of the two heavyweights as the world champion prepares to put his belts on the line against the bulgarian. he will want to avoid the huge upset which saw him lose them
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to andy ruinr last year. before winning them back in the rematch, his last bout a little over a year ago. a clear edge though today between the pair, a sign perhaps of what's at stake. when i look at kubrat pulev, i'm saying, "that boy can't beat me. that boy can't beat me. i'm too good, i'm too quick." saturday, we must fight. we must win. and this is very important for me, to stay alive. we really want the undisputed fight, and kubrat pulev is the only one that stands in the way. but we
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also know the dangers of the division. we see it time and time again, and that's why ajay is box office. the fight is live on 5live tomorrow and our boxing commentator mike costello will be ringside. hejoins us on he joins us on the hejoins us on the programme he joins us on the programme this evening. he gave us a sense of what's to come, and a little bit of bite as we saw from those two today. do you think that shows any signs of nerves perhaps from anthonyjoshua? i think it shows sides democrat nerves on both sides, john. it's been calm and even—tempered all week, and i'm talking to you from the hotel across the arena from where it'll take place. it's not the first time we've seen heated exchanges like this, and it's hardly surprising, given there is so much at stake here. for anthonyjoshua, who cares so much about leaving a lasting legacy on the glorious history of the heavyweight division, if he is to suffer another blip here having been beaten with such
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surprising fashion in the middle of last year by andy ruiz surprising fashion in the middle of last year by andy ruinunior, then that makes a severe dent in his hopes to leave that lasting remark. as for kubrat pulev, this is his second world title chance. coming after his first chance six years ago. he knows that at the age of 39, that it won't be coming around again, and if he loses here tomorrow night, his career is pretty much over. i thought actually both men we re over. i thought actually both men were in control. they got close enough to launch at each other if they wanted to, but they were holding onto their emotions. i know joshua in particular has been talking to me this week about how important it is, as you go through fight week is a champion, to hold onto as much nervous energy as you can. and an occasion like today's way in, any energy used up his wasted energy. they're both aware of that. but it has added another
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dimension to what is a championship heavyweight fight. joshua wants to leave his mark on the division, doesn't he? as far as the fight goes, doesn't he? as far as the fight o doesn't he? as far as the fight goes, we know all the talk will be arguably dominated about that potential match up with tyson furey, the two fights that have been seemingly agreed by tyson furey and anthonyjoshua. will that way on joshua's mind? is that even a factor? it has to be, but this is a element that is crucially dealt with before hand, and before the andy ruiz before hand, and before the andy ruinunior fight which he lost last year before winning the rematch, there was talk ofjoshua talking —— taking on wilder, but all that talk was dismissing injuries junior, talking about, when willjoshua fight wilder? he's learned from that occasion and taking his focus away from thejob in hand. this time
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around, it got to the stage this week where in the early part of the week, he was happy to field questions about tyson furey. yesterday he met with a group of newspaper reporters and refused to even countenance and he kind of question about furey. those are two potentially monstrous occasions next year, and the manager has said categorically those fights will happen next year, particularly the result, they will be to next year. they could be colossal events, and anthonyjoshua knows they could be colossal events, and anthony joshua knows he they could be colossal events, and anthonyjoshua knows he cannot get it wrong this weekend. he can lose two fights this weekend because if he's beaten by kubrat pulev, then the fight against tyson furey doesn't happen either. when it comes to punching power, it doesn't become much more powerful than in the heavyweight division. and it won't escape people's mindset this fight comes when there is concern over the
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links between brain damage and football and boxing. give us a sense of how the governing bodies are trying to mitigate against those dangers, as we know they have been for a long time now and presumably continue to do so? yes, and the boxing authorities, in particular the boxing board of control has been seen as world leaders in improving safety measures ringside. when the tragedies come around, they've mercifully been much fewer in recent yea rs mercifully been much fewer in recent years than in years gone by. measures are taken, investigations are held as to why it happened, what could've been differently. in many cases they are accidents that could have been dashed couldn't have been prevented. but the big difference from modern—day champions like anthonyjoshua from modern—day champions like anthony joshua and from modern—day champions like anthonyjoshua and previous champions going back to the likes of mohammed ali and the... those champions would fight multiple times
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a year, and it's notjust what we see in public under the lights, it's the amount of sparring behind—the—scenes in the gems that they do. hundreds of rounds of sparring. just as rugby players are talking about the damage inflicted in training as well as on match day, those are the same and boxing. but joshua and champions like him fight only twice a year, and they've learned over time from the past misdemeanors that they can curtail their sparring to the absolute minimum that they can use on fight night. that's the big issue here, they fight far fewer times and they use to in days gone by when many accidents happened. fascinating stuff, really interesting to get your insight on that subject. mike costello, many thanks indeed for that. plenty more to come from mike as they build up to tomorrow's fight, 10pm on bbc radio 5 live.
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knocked out of the champions league in the week, manchester united manager ole gunnar solskjaer is under scrutiny heading into tomorrow's derby with manchester city. this despite sitting above their rivals by a point in the table. in fact, a win over west ham last weekend temporarily moved united to within two points of the premier league summit. so is the criticism fair? joe lynskey‘s been finding out. the last manchester derby was march eight, 2020 — the month the city and the sport were to change. fans have not been in old trafford since. that day still left manchester united 13 points behind city. in this season's table, read his behind blue. another win on saturday could put united two points off the top, but the last nine months have veered between extremes — sometimes they're brilliant, sometimes not. and manchester united will not be competing in the champions league. instead, they are consigned to the europa league. the group was
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disappointed on tuesday night. it's just natural. we really wanted to go through that tournament. now the reality is we are not, and we've just got to move on. after that, the focus has been good. the focus is spent on this game and the manchester derby. that's probably the best game you can ask for after such a disappointment. in nearly all united's wins this season, they've had to come from behind. they've got just for league points from their five games at home. but now with four wins five games at home. but now with fourwins ina five games at home. but now with four wins in a row, they're still in touch at the top. so why is this side so streaky? if only anyone knew the answer to that. it baffles and confuses fans. even within matches — i'm not saying united fans are com pletely i'm not saying united fans are completely convinced, there does not. big—name players with big fees who are among the best paid footballers in the world need to stand up in games like this. that the feet and march was city's
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seventh of last season — their worst ever tally into the pep guardiola. still they are seeking consistency. in every match, they try to show they can still be a force. every game you are able to win is so complicated and difficult. and every time we are able to do it, it's a big complement. so this is how we have to live our profession. they hopeifs have to live our profession. they hope it's the first and last class of manchester inside an empty ground. this december derby will be a test of character on a much more silent night. joe lynskey, bbc news. a man who needs no introduction is manchester united's former striker, zlatan ibrahimovich. he's amassed 31 trophies, scored over 560 career goals, and still playing at the top in italy with league leaders ac milan. he's been telling alex howell — how at 39 — he's showing no signs of slowing down.
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at 39, his latin year continues to d efy at 39, his latin year continues to defy the odds. at ac milan, he is syria's leading goal scorer. unbelievable form. are you doing this? as he said, we are an unbelievable form. we are doing great. 2020 has been an amazing year. but still, we haven't won anything, and we need to keep that in mind. come back for 2021 with the same attitude. you're the top goal—scorer beating cristiano ronaldo and romelu lukaku. how does that make you feel? i don't focus on them, i focus that make you feel? i don't focus on them, ifocus on myself. and the best way to help the team is by scoring goals. the first time i came to milan, i taint, or came to a club that was fighting for the title. the second time i came was in a situation to bring the club, team back to the top where it belongs. it was a different challenge, and when they say it's too difficult, it's
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almost impossible, that's where i come into the picture, and that's where i feel alive. the former striker has played in the top division in seven countries. hidden his two years manchester united, he scored 28 goals and help the team when two trophies. you played with marcus rashford here in manchester united. have you seen the work he's done raising money and providing free meals for disadvantaged children? i think he's doing amazing things on the field and off the field. he's a guy with a big heart. he wants to make a big difference off the field and on the field. i'm happy for him and i'm happy for what he's doing. there's been lots going on in the world and football, and especially with racism issues. what have you made of the past nine months? i think it's not about the last nine months, this is an issue people have been talking about for a
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very long time. and in my world, it doesn't exist — colours. we are all the same. when we talk about racists, i think it is badly educated people that have no clue what it's all about. we are living in 2020 now. what's next for you? what's next is bringing milan where they belong and keep going. what's next is bringing milan where they belong and keep goinglj what's next is bringing milan where they belong and keep going. i saw you ina they belong and keep going. i saw you in a video yesterday running in the snow and saying, "try to stop me." like i said, try to stop me. not even the snow can stop me. it's very simple. next up: these were the images from tuesday night, a date which will forever be remembered as a watershed moment in the fight against racism. that's according to pieerre webo, the assistant coach at istanbul bashakshehair, who it's alleged was subjected to a racist slur by a match official during their champions league tie with paris saint germain.


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