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tv   The Papers  BBC News  December 20, 2020 9:30am-10:01am GMT

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for a while, but by the the lows for a while, but by the morning we could see temperatures of nine to 11 celsius in the southern counties. turning dry run, but some patchy rain or drizzle. moving up towards scotland in the afternoon, but six or seven celsius and up to 15 in south—east.
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this is bbc world news, the headlines: millions of people in england and wales have been told to stay at home as tough new coronavirus restrictions come into force. we cannot continue with christmas as planned. in england, those living in tier 4 areas should not mix with anyone outside their own house christmas. similar rules will follow in scotland. suedes of the country will be placed under the toughest
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restrictions from boxing day. the netherlands bans passenger flights from the uk as it detects its first case of the new covid variant that is surging through southern england. let's get all the latest sports news. john watson has news of liverpool's 7—0 win over crystal palace. thank you, liverpool marching on. and on this basis will take some stopping in the new year. what a contrast for arsenal — alan shearer said he wasn't sure they'd escape relegation, losing again, this time to second placed everton as ben croucher reports. the story of crystal palace liverpool as told byjuergen klopp.
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habbie at 1—0, happy with the fourth and by the time six and seven went on, he had run out of celebration. sometimes it is better winning at 1-0 sometimes it is better winning at 1—0 rather than 7—0, but i am happy. sadio mane‘s shot made it two and roberto firmino made it 3—0 just before half—time. jordan henderson curled in a fourth before roberto firmino added a fifth. with fans in the stadium, it is merry on merseyside, everton up to second with a helping hand. it is an own goal. nicolas pepe equalised from the spot but mikel arteta's side are without a league win since the start of november, in 15. if they had out
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points for the best club brand where, southampton would be climbing the table. manchester city deal in raheem sterling. if they handed out prizes for unfortunate comedic and gold, matt ritchie would be in with a shout. left red faced as newcastle drew 1—1 with fulham. it's looking good for rangers in the scottish premiership. a 3—1 win over motherwell leaves them 16 points clear. a goal for cedric itten and two from kemar roofe in the final 17 minutes ensured they bounced back after defeat in the league cup. british boxer, callum smith, was well beaten in his super middleweight clash with saul canelo alvarez this morning who inflicted the liverpudlian‘s first defeat. alvarez, widely regarded as one of the best pound—for—pound boxers on the planet, takes smiths wba belt and the vacant wbc belt. he won on a unanimous points decision.
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he himself has only lost once before. i made the weight 0k. no excuses from me, he is a good fighter, i have lost. we could have been a better version of me tonight. it is what it is, he turned up and performed and he is the better man today. rugby union's champions cup's been hit hard by covid outbreaks in four squads this weekend, but gloucester kept up their hopes in the competition with a dramatic win over ulster. a try from george barton with the final play of the match turned defeat into victory for gloucester, who were cheered on by 2,000 delighted fans. ulster are now close to elimination after two losses from two. elsewhere in pool 2 munster beat clermont auvergne. northampton have now lost 12 matches in a row after another champions cup defeat, this time to leinster. it finished 35—19 to the 2018 champions which puts them on the verge of the knockouts. elsewhere in pool1 edinburgh
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just edges past sale. deta hedman lost on her pdc darts debut yesterday, but her delight in qualifying clear to see. she said she ‘cried like a baby‘ when she found out she would be playing. she was up against andy boultan and won three legs in a row, taking a set to put pressure on the englishman. but in the end boultans experience played it's part as he took the match by 3—1. she becomes the first black woman to play at the tournmanet. two english women are right in the mix at the lpga's season ending tour championship in florida. charley hull is four off the lead with 2018 women's open winner georgia hall one shot better off. five birdies in seven holes on saturday means she'll tee off in the final group this afternoon. following in the footsteps of a famous father is never easy, made even harder if yours happens to be tiger woods.
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but woods junior looks every bit as good as his dad, with charlie paird alongside him at a tournament in florida — a competition that pairs professionals with a family member. this is the 11—year—old setting himself up for an eagle at the third hole. charlie and tiger posted a 10—under round of 62 to tie for sixth place with five other teams. charlie is the youngest to play in this 36—hole event that began in 1995. i really don't care about my game. i am just making sure charlie has the time of his life, and he is doing that. people are making sure that he is able to enjoy all this, because he is having so much fun, i have to.
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and you get the chance to vote for your sports personality of the year tonight. it's taking place here in media city in what has been a very different sporting year. jo currie looks at the contenders for us. a glittering event that looks back at the sporting year, celebrating su ccesses at the sporting year, celebrating successes and special moments. ben stokes claimed last year's award, but this year will be different. no arena, no public injust a small audience of winners and nominees will be present. 0n the shortlist for the main will be present. 0n the shortlist forthe main award... will be present. 0n the shortlist for the main award... stuart broad, who took 16 wickets in the final two tests against the west indies taking him past the magic 500 numberfor his career. holly doyle notched up 146 winners this season, breaking her own record for a female jockey. a champions day double, one of her highlights. boxer, tyson fury, became a two—time world heavyweight champion in february against deontay
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wilder. lewis hamilton equal michael schumacher‘s record of seven formula 1 world championships and surpass the german's total of 91 grand prix wins. jordan henderson captained liverpool to their first league title since 1990, year after leading them to european success. ronnie 0'sullivan won his sixth snooker title at the crucible to become the old est title at the crucible to become the oldest champion for more than 40 yea rs. oldest champion for more than 40 years. marcus rashford is being honoured this evening for raising awareness of child food poverty, but whose name it will be engraved on the main trophy this year will be determined by a public vote. as strange able still some great sporting moments to be enjoyed. you can watch it on bbc one from eight o'clock. that's all the sport for now. now on bbc news, the papers.
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hello and welcome to our look at what's in the sunday papers. with me are the sunday times journalist katherine forster the economics editor of the independent ben chu. let's have a look at the front pages, starting with. thank you for sharing your sunday morning with us. the sunday telegraph says borisjohnson has effectively cancelled christmas for 16 million people last night, by placing them in new draconian lockdown measures to combat a new, more infectious strain of coronavirus. the express says says the fast—spreading variant of coronavirus has ‘wrecked christmas‘. the papers reports the prime minister was "bitterly disappointed" to axe festivities. ‘lost christmas‘ is the headline in the sunday mirror, which says there was a public fury over the ‘last gasp‘ change of mind. the sunday times leads with christmas being cancelled by surging mutant virus. the paper says the new strain is thought to account for the majority of new infections
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in london where intensive care units are already operating at full or nearly full capacity, and non—essential outpatient care is being cancelled. the mail on sunday asks, ‘will this nightmare ever end? and says the pm is facing anger in his own party over the decision. yes, christmas is cancelled for millions? not necessarily true but heartbreaking news? yes, 16.4 million people going into the tier 4 category, which means no household mixing at all over the christmas period. that is a quarter of the population and also, everyone who is not in tier 4 you can only mix in households for one day. it is not
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christmas being cancelled literally, but it will feel that an relative to what people have been led to expect for many weeks, if not months, which they would be an armistice christmas. people would be able to get together with two other families for christmas for five days after this horrendous year they have had, after not being able to see people at all for much of the year. this was going to be the moment when families could come together. it is off, it is cancelled and that is a massive decision by the prime minister and the government last night. the reverberations, i am sure people are still processing what that means for their plans, for their ability to see people. it is all still sinking in, i their ability to see people. it is all stillsinking in, ithink. let‘s look at the other front story, on the sunday telegraph. it is a piece byjudith woods, saying it is a blow to the battle weary britons weary
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solar plexus, after the most horrendous year, christmas was all we had to look forward to? yes, it really is dreadfully disappointing for virtually everybody in the country. the headlines, christmas is cancelled, mutant virus. you wouldn't have believed it possible a year ago, where we would be now. a lot of people have been clinging to the idea we would have this time at christmas, see relatives we have not seen for many months. something to look forward to and that has been taken look forward to and that has been ta ken away very look forward to and that has been taken away very abruptly yesterday afternoon. that is going to be extremely difficult for many people. also, i think the timing of it is very problematic because of course, people had made plans and actually, lam not people had made plans and actually, i am not saying it is the wrong decision, but ultimately the priority lies to saving christmas,
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but we have got so close to the days everything was going to be relaxed, people have made plans, book tickets, invested time, money and huge amounts of emotion and hope. it is very difficult. it would have been helpful if this decision had been helpful if this decision had been made earlier. it is yet another abrupt turn because only a pmqs last week, borisjohnson abrupt turn because only a pmqs last week, boris johnson said abrupt turn because only a pmqs last week, borisjohnson said to keir starmer, it would be inhuman to cancel christmas and calling him mr hindsight and people need this. three days later, he says, sorry, forget the plans you have made because christmas cannot happen, i am sorry. the times, christmas cancelled, same headline as the telegraph. boris johnson will say cancelled, same headline as the telegraph. borisjohnson will say it isa telegraph. borisjohnson will say it is a massive u—turn by him, but one that has been forced on him by the
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mutation in the virus that is making it so much more infectious and transmissible? this is going to be the key political fallout discussion, if you like, from this. he was saying in the downing street press c0 nfe re nce he was saying in the downing street press conference yesterday, the circumstances have changed. we have to change as well, policy has to change as well. probably most people would agree with that principle. the decision here is a did not change clicking. it was clear to keir starmer, it was clear to many scientists weeks ago that this was problematic, a major opening up, an armistice at christmas where people could mix with families. they were saying, it wasn‘t looking like a very sensible idea. but he said, it would be inhuman to cancel christmas, only on tuesday they said they would go ahead with these plans. the problem was, and what will be examined closely, is whether
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the government and the prime minister should have realised earlier this would not be possible to continue with the plans. that would have given them all warning and then people would not have been led to believe they could mix a christmas. it is not that they didn‘t follow the science, they didn‘t follow the science, they didn‘t follow the science, they didn‘t follow it closely enough. this is going to be, as i say, very intensely scrutinised. catherine, the sunday times have a piece about borisjohnson himself the sunday times have a piece about boris johnson himself saying, the sunday times have a piece about borisjohnson himself saying, what the sunday times have a piece about boris johnson himself saying, what a haunted look he had on his face when he made these announcements. saying he made these announcements. saying he is not enjoying thisjob he wa nted he is not enjoying thisjob he wanted all of his life as prime minister. i am wanted all of his life as prime minister. iam not wanted all of his life as prime minister. i am not sure who would enjoy being prime minister at the moment? this is a piece by tim shipman, referring to the fact that borisjohnson shipman, referring to the fact that boris johnson announced when he was little, he wanted to be king of the world and being prime minister is as close as he can get to that appointment. but who would want to
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be, who could possibly have imagined a year ago he had this amazing victory and turned the red wool blue, 80 seat majority? he was looking forward to levelling up the country, getting brexit done and here we are, potentially 11 days from crashing out with no deal. this is not getting much coverage, but it is not getting much coverage, but it is not getting much coverage, but it is not going well and we have this virus that has now mutated, as viruses are prone to do and has become up to 70% more transmissible. it is no wonder he is not looking happy, because he really does have the weight of the country on his shoulders and you have to take the action he has done must be awful for him. although, i stillthink, it is a pattern that these things are done too late. he is naturally cheerful, he wants to be optimistic, he wants
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to believe in the best and be positive. but again and again, that optimism has been misplaced and decisions are taken reluctantly and later that perhaps they might have been at the consequences being worse asa been at the consequences being worse as a result. the consequences are pretty dire for businesses. the observer inside say they have shops and businesses in despair as the christmas bonanza is halted. the last few days, running up to christmas are so crucial for the retail industry and now they will have to shut down in the tier 4 parts of england? absolutely horrendous for businesses. it is a great bit of reporting from the observer. they went into a plant shopin observer. they went into a plant shop in bethnal green in east london to ask the owner what they made of the decision. he said, i have all
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the decision. he said, i have all the stock of the christmas and the plan was to sell these plants over the next three or four days. i cannot sell them now. all that investment will go to waste. imagine being that business owner. anyone who has got perishable stock who bought it in for the next week in these tier 4 areas, is absolutely turned over by these news, multiply that story round the country. it does raise the question of should there be additional helpful businesses after this. was the decision made fast enough. if these companies had adequate warning, if the prime minister of the country wasn‘t saying we are going ahead with this no matter what, this opening up over christmas, it would be inhuman not to do it. if he had used more careful language, my business owners around the country make different stocking decisions. that is the question that will come to the fore. should they have additional support now given the way
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their plans have been overturned this decision and the way that the government rhetoric, ministers‘ rhetoric may have led them into bad spending decisions? catherine, last night after this announcement from borisjohnson, there was a mad rush to the shops, people who hadn‘t done their christmas shopping had to go and do it. also a mad rush to the railway stations and the airports and extraordinary pictures. it was like the last train out of saigon? there is pictures of mayhem at st pancras and also at heathrow. lots of people suddenly trying to get out before the tier 4 restrictions came in at midnight, trying to get to other parts of the country to their loved ones. it is very difficult. clearly, there were announcements saying it won't be possible for
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social distancing on the trains, only get on the train if you are ok with that. lots of people will have changed their plans and have decided to stay put, i am sure. and also a lot of people, clearly, have decided to move and get out of tier 4 while this bill can. the scientists are saying, if you are in these areas you could be asymptomatic and getting on the trains, carrying the virus and they may go to areas with lower rates of infection and they may infect people that they love and that may have serious consequences. there is no easy decisions, but it is very sobering to see this. also at heathrow, if you are in tier 4 you shouldn't be going anywhere. if you shouldn't be going anywhere. if you are in the other levels, think very carefully if you are thinking
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of travelling internationally or otherwise. the sunday times is focusing on what it is doing to people and how much they drink. people drink a fair bit over christmas but we are drinking 15% more now than in the first lockdown. all of the mental health aspects, including how much people are drinking, people increasing addictions, drugs, alcohol and so on, side effects of this desperate crisis? yes, it is a headline that a lot of us could relate to. i remember during the long first lockdown during the hot days of summer, having a few too many gin and tonics to cool down. i think it is interesting that this headline, they could have had a headline that people have given up booze this year because the proportion who did not drink rose to 41.2% between march
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and september. they could have told the exact opposite from the statistics. although it is true the proportion who were drinking a lot did rise from one in 20 up to one in 30. it is too early to tell what impactand 30. it is too early to tell what impact and alcohol consumption i suspect this year has had. we will need to look when we get through it, we are no mains to it yet. funding for local authorities to tackle addiction has gone down over the past four years. that does not look like a very sensible cut. not if the thrust of the problem drinking elements of the story is accurate. catherine, something to cheer us up, strictly last night, i don‘t know if you were watching, maybe you are watching reruns of the prime minister making his announcement from downing street? but there it
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is, bill bailey has won it. it is rather wonderful. i must confess i am nota rather wonderful. i must confess i am not a strictly watcher but i think i have been missing out. a bit of happiness is what we need at the moment. this seems to have been supplied in abundance by last night's strictly. bill bailey at age 65 is the oldest winner. he was incredulous at winning and his dance partner 0ti mabuse has won for the second year. it is lovely watching the clips, the absolute joy and disbelief. it was very, very close. they had the same point at the end and it was the decision of the audience, all of the people watching around the country and they made them the winner. it is rather wonderful and a bit of light in a miserable time, which is what we need. are you a strictly fan? i am
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not, but i watched the clip this morning. i saw bill bailey and 0ti mabuse hugging. and i thought, that is not allowed! but then i remembered they were in the strictly bubbles. that is part of it, people like to see human contact when you are denied it yourself, it is quite pleasa nt to are denied it yourself, it is quite pleasant to see others doing it and amazing dancing. bill bailey, you know, not the most natural person you would expect to be a winner, but if you look at what he has done, it is incredible. he has learned some seriously difficult dance steps and done it with amazing energy. the idea he was a novelty contestant, there to be eliminated in the first round, you can see why he wasn‘t. full credit to him. noting that this is the only one who has won it twice out of the professional dancers. yes, going for three x to. thank you
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both very much. we have been reviewing some rather gloomy newspapers today but happy christmas to you both and i hope you can enjoy the festive period as best you can. that‘s it from the paper this morning and i will be back at the top of the hour with the headlines. hello. billowing clouds once again which could threaten thundery downpours at times. but like yesterday, there will be sunshine around. in eastern parts of scotland and eastern england there could be a few showers to the day. some of you will stay if not larger dry, com pletely will stay if not larger dry, completely dry. showers will be most frequent across the southern counties of england and the west. i suspect there will be bigger gaps between the showers during the afternoon on what will be a bloody day. wind gusts towards the west of
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scotland. making it seven or 8 degrees and temperatures down. showers will fade from us in scotla nd showers will fade from us in scotland and temperatures can dip down to two or three degrees. lifting later, particularly in the south and it is here where more persistent rain moves in. grounds are still saturated and river levels high so keep up—to—date with the flood warnings on the bbc weather website. but this is where the mildest air will be around this low pressure. the strongest of winds to the south and east of that. further north, still stuck in cooler conditions, denoted by the blue colours. the air of low pressure pushes eastwards bringing early rain across parts of england and wales. some of that will be heavy at times and turning drier through the afternoon. wet for a while in northern ireland and eventually across southern and eastern parts of scotla nd across southern and eastern parts of scotland but showers frequently west of scotla nd scotland but showers frequently west of scotland throughout and wintry over the high ground because this is
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where the coldest of the air will be. compared to 15 of the southernmost counties. in the evening there could beat clear skies in the north. north south split on tuesday with rain in southern counties. wet weather with this air of low pressure the further south you are in wednesday. in dundee it stays dry and by thursday, christmas eve, most places becoming dry again and most places feeling cold as well. that will lead into a chilly night to go into christmas morning with a widespread frost. particularly across england and wales. they will be a few showers around the east but there will be rain later in the highlands and islands of scotland. for most it will be a white christmas, except for the white frost in the morning, but it could be a sunny one. take care.
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this is bbc world news. this is bbc news. our top stories... millions in england and wales are told to stay at home, as tough new coronavirus restrictions come into force. we cannot continue with christmas as planned. in england, those living in tea rful planned. in england, those living in tearful areas should not mix with anyone outside their own household at christmas. last night‘s announcement prompted a rush to london‘s stations — footage on social media shows large crowds trying to board trains. similar restrictions will follow in scotland. swathes of the country will be placed under the toughest restrictions from boxing day. it makes me want to cry, as i'm sure many of you listen and link to it
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will want to cry. i


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