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tv   Review 2020  BBC News  December 26, 2020 8:30pm-9:00pm GMT

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former mi6 officer and soviet spy george blake has died, aged 98, in moscow. we'll tell you about the sport that is high speed and environmentally friendly. welcome to the world of extreme e, backed by f1 champion lewis hamilton. let's ta ke let's take a look back at some of the lives we have celebrated over the lives we have celebrated over the past year in we remember. bond. james bond. i'm just going to put some clothes on. 0h, don't go to any trouble on my account. do you expect me to talk? no, mr bond, i expect you to die!
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i had no awareness of that scale of reverence and pressure and what have you, and i found it a bit of a nightmare. my name is pussy galore. i must be dreaming. they weren't used to writing a woman who is the equal of a man. and it really did, i think, advance feminism. well, judging by the letters i got. isn't it customary to grant a condemned man his last request? you asked for this. she wasn'tjust physical, she was also pretty well equipped. intellectually, she was as clever as a man. computers...
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she was very self—sufficient. you're full of surprises, contessa. so are you, mr bond. do you always arm yourself for a rendezvous? the lords in westerros are sheep. are you a sheep? no, you're a dragon. # lean on me, when you're not strong and i'll be your friend # i'll help you carry on for it won't be long till i'm going to need someone to lean on... # ain't no sunshine when she's gone
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# it's not warm when she's away # ain't no sunshine when she's gone, # and she's always gone to long any time she goes away... # does an angel contemplate my fate? cheering and applause hello and welcome to this brand—new series of love island. # thoughts running through my head, and i feel the love is dead, # i'm loving angels instead.# cheering and applause bop bopa—a—lu a whop bam boo, tutti—frutti! tutti—frutti! i wanted to sound different. we were tired of all that slow music. we wanted to boogie.
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# tutti—frutti! so what i did, i started singing tutti—frutti loud and just screaming! # bop bopa—a—lu a whop bam boo! # lucy! # baby, satisfy my heart. # you picked a fine time to leave me, lucy, with four hungry children and a crop in the field. # i've had some bad times, lived through some sad times, # but this time your hurt... my mum said it very well one day. she said, "that boy never worked a day in his life. "all he ever did was sing."
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# i promised your dad not to do the things that you do. # now please don't think i'm weak. # now please don't think i'm weak. #no # now please don't think i'm weak. # no partner, i sure hope you understand. # islands in the stream, that is what we are, # no one in between, how can we be wrong? # sail away with me to another world, and we rely on each other # from one lover to another...# # sailaway...# and now, from norwich, it's the quiz of the week. i'm proud of the fact that i helped create a huge success. you don't buck success.
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hello and welcome to the sale of the century. but i don't want to be remembered just for sale of the century. as a straight man, you know how to throw the lines silly comic to throw the lines so the comic will have a good springboard to come back and make some humorous and witty response. and also, you know how to take a joke at your expense, cos the comedian, the straight man in the relationship is always put down. # i'm woman, hear me roar, in numbers to big to ignore, # and i know too much to go back and pretend. # oh, yes, i'm wise, but it's... # yes, i've paid the price, but look
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how much i have gained. # yes, i can do anything, i am strong, i am # yes, i can do anything, i am strong, iam invincible, iam # yes, i can do anything, i am strong, i am invincible, i am woman. i didn't know what you could and couldn't do. but i was full of what orson welles called the confidence of ignorance. you know, it's like i don't know that i'm breaking rules because i don't know what the rules are. we won't be there when you cross the road, so always use the... green cross code.
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i almost got the sack from the government because they thought that my image as darth vader would have a detrimental effect on my image as the green cross code man. you are part of the rebel alliance and a traitor. take her away. could you explain this to me? what? this, this stuff on my plate. it's your dinner. i know it's my dinner, but could you identify the various heaps? very well, listen, blackadder. i won't repeat this. put your underpants on your head and stick two pencils up you nose. #my # my boy lollipop, you make my heart go # my boy lollipop, you make my heart 9° giddy-up. # my boy lollipop, you make my heart go giddy—up, you're as sweet as candy... # never ever leave me, because it would grieve me, my heart told me
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so. there's an old saying in my game, son. you can't put in what god let out. you leave it to me, i'll watch you, i'll observe and if i think i can help, if i can see the big prize there, believe me, i won't waste any time. i need a holiday, a very long holiday. and i don't expect i shall return. what? nothing. no, it'sjust i've never seen an elderly person with pink hair.
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except maybe on clowns. are you trying to be funny? no. i never try to be funny. you can ask anyone. my name's ollie. what are you doing with your books? oh, i'm having a sort out. did you read in the papers about that lady librarian in ipswich last week. you mean he lady in a public library that said that the billy bunter stories were unfit for children? yes. that's her. you see, you have much less to do now that your prime minister. you no longer have a department of your own. everything you have always read in the press about how hard the prime minister has to work is a bit of a myth, really. put out by the press office as a matter of course, but if you think about it, what do you have to do? chair cabinets? two and a half hours a week. there must be more to it than that!
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of course, you'll have to read all the briefs and we will rush you from place to place shaking hands with people. other than that, there are lots of things people want you to do and do, and many things you can do, but very few things you have to do. after all, it's up to you. # ain't it a shame... grant! mum. i heard you were back. i was going to give you a call. your neck why didn't you? why didn't you? come on, give us a hug.
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get out of my pub! dame babs sounds nice, doesn't it? but my mum would like it to be dame barbara. she was a bit of a cocky snob, my mum, so it would be dame barbara. what would she be thinking now? my friend. oh, my dear friend. you won't ever leave me, will you? # goodies, goody—goody yum yum!# we are the goodies. yes, we know that. and we are going to do good to people. we had it tough. i used to have to get out of a shoe box at midnight, lick the road clean, eat a couple of bits of gravel, 23 hours a day in the mill
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for a penny every four years, and when we got home, dad used to slice us in half with a bread knife. hello, mrs rogers! hello! i must be in the wrong house! they can't get the fire brigade. he's not the messiah, he is a very naughty boy! now go away. who are you? i'm his mother, that's who! not only bad, but mad. trenchearous, vindictive, megalomaniac and vein. you shot them with rubber bullets and gas. they were marching over there, the leaders were going to speak to you and before we even got there, you opened fire. there is not a single injustice in northern ireland today that
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justifies the taking of a single human life. today, we can take a collective breath and begin to blow away, let's hope, the cobwebs of the past. # give peace a chance...# dave, which british artist's work was featured on the cover of the 1989 telephone directory for the city of bradford? as i always say to my mate in the pub, go with the favourite, david hockney. bradford's favourite son, one of them anyway. david hockney is the right answer, dave. well done. good evening. this time tomorrow, it'll all be over. will the grand national throw up yet another moment of drama to be written into the history of the greatest steeplechase of all? 6:30, monday, january 17, 1983. you're watching the first edition
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of bbc television's breakfast time. there's been a record glut of goals today. 15! in all. bobby charlton with the corner. jack! perfect goal! great tackle by charlton. came in like a brick wall and he's hurt, he got an elbow in the face. people try and compare us, and i used to say, you shouldn't compare us. i can stop other people playing, but i can't play. bobby can play. he's a creative player. but there's a place in the game for both types. nobby stiles in a movement which... i used to walk over the bridge of old trafford as a kid and imagine that the tannoy was going to announce that they were a player short and ask me to play.
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to go down there and walk down there and become a player at manchester united is unbelievable. i have never seen nobby stiles like this before! that was a supreme save. trying to get there... oh, what a save! maradona! i couldn't reach it and shelton was already there, so i couldn't head it, so i did like that. i believe it is a craftiness. it is not cheating. he won't need any of them! oh, you have to say, that is magnificent!
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played it boldly. that could be magical. i tried to be an observer, you get into trouble for that sometimes if you do not say the right things to the right people. thank you. on the 22, he switches it, he has richards outside him. williams, he will score! no bother!
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# keep on running, keep on hiding, one fine day i'm going to be the one to make you understand, oh, yeah, i'm going to be your man. # i can see clearly now the rain has gone # i can see all obstacles in my way...#.
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i mean, i would not swap my era for now, even though i would be better off, that is for sure. i am fascinated with what they are doing technically. it is amazing. but it isn't quite what it was.
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singing in german. i've kept a list of the insults against des o'connor. number one, eric, i've just of the insults against des o'connor. number one, eric, i'vejust heard some good news. ernie, what good news? eric, des o'connor has a sore throat. number two, des news? eric, des o'connor has a sore throat. numbertwo, des o'connor news? eric, des o'connor has a sore throat. number two, des o'connor is a self—made man. i think it is very nice of him to take the blame. # loneliness, alone you'll always... a lady came up to me at the stage door and said i'd love your show, he spy door and said i'd love your show, he spy pen. door and said i'd love your show, he spy pen, can you send me your lp? i said you can get it at the shop, i
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asked at the shop for the des o'connor lp and the guy said, are you kidding? # homeless... # homeless... # and where homeless, moonlight sleeping... # homeless, homeless, moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake. and where homeless, where homeless, the moonlight sleeping on a midnight lake. # the devil went down to georgia, he was looking for a cell to cell, he
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was looking for a cell to cell, he was way behind, looking for a deal. # everybody work that dinosaur. # everybody work that dinosaur. #we # everybody work that dinosaur. # we just haven't got a clue what to do. # just try a little wigwam, bam! come on, tommy, rock on. what do you mean, rock on? it is not a discotheque. it is not top of the tops, it is a seaside special. discotheque. it is not top of the tops, it is a seaside speciallj just saw david hamilton. it is no different, it is easy is it special. glaucon, tommy, rock on. now rock off!
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that is a lovely dress, scarlett darling. will you be an angel, i need you to help me receive my guests. you do not know what gone with the wind is going to be the biggest bust in town. i would not think of contradicting my boss so i said, even so, i would like to be in it, i really would. i'm spartacus! i'm spartacus! i neverthought it, i really would. i'm spartacus! i'm spartacus! i never thought of becoming a tycoon. it gave me the chance to do movies i wanted to do, like i wanted to do spartacus, i wa nted like i wanted to do spartacus, i wanted to do a movie about vikings. passive glory. would you like me to
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suggest what you can do with that promotion? they were not easy, even though they were quite successful, it was not easy to get the financing for it. # get on up stop stay on the scene, like a sex machine. on my signal, open north—west section 17. wakanda wa kanda forever! i wakanda forever! i know what it means to see somebody who looks like you and play any hero and villain. it had any freedom to both things. why should i not be glad to contemplate the clouds clearing
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beyond the dormer window and at the high tide are reflected on the ceiling? there will be done, there will be done, but there is no need to go into that. the poems flow from the hand unbidden and at the hidden source is the watchful heart. the sun rises in spite of everything and at the far cities are beautiful and bright. and i hearany at the far cities are beautiful and bright. and i hear any right of sunlight, watching the daybreak and the clouds lie, everything is going to be all right. # there will be bluebirds over the white cliffs of dover. at this girl who would never have had the opportunity if she had never been singing. if my mother had not put me on the stage. i know europe were getting multiplied, iwant on the stage. i know europe were getting multiplied, i want to go somewhere where there is not any entertainers so they said burma is the only place, you know.
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#we # we will meet again, don't know where can i don't know when, but i know we'll meet again some sunny day! storm bella is upon us, bringing some very wet and windy weather, southwards across the uk. this area of low pressure, named to raise awareness of the impacts from the rain
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and wind, with england and wales bearing the brunt as we go through the night. behind it, turning colder in scotland, northern ireland and northern england, the chance of icy patches and increasingly wintry showers as well. from storm bella, damaging gusts of wind, with the heavy rain bringing further flooding to areas already dealing with flooding overnight and into sunday. snow for some and icy conditions to follow. the strongest winds likely to be where the met office has an amber warning in force over the coast and hills of southern england, south and west wales up to 80 mph. densely damaging, certainly disruptive gusts of wind. the heaviest rain moving south over night over england and wales. elsewhere, gusts of 50—60 mph. the rain bringing a risk of further flooding, and in the colder air following it, icy and turning wintry into the hills.
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for sunday, behind the band of rain, the strong when wind clearing the far south—east of england quickly in the morning. then sunshine and showers, very few reaching the east of england or scotland, but across the west, showers of rain, sleet, snow and hail, and prolonged snow in north—west scotland in the afternoon. not as windy as it will be overnight, but gusty winds making it feel even colder. temperatures in scotland close to freezing during the day. it is scotland, northern ireland, northern england and northern wales may see some snow to quite low levels, bringing a few that may see some snow to quite low levels, bringing a few centimetres in places, turning it icy on sunday night into monday morning. on monday, low—pressure right across us and we expect from that some areas of rain, sleet and cold enough for some snow, notjust on hills. uncertainty about where it's going to be sitting on monday, so keep checking the forecast. certainly cold on monday,
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start of a a cold week. back to storm bella, impacts from the wind, rain, snow and ice to follow. there are flood and weather warnings are in force. check out the details on our website.
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this is bbc news. these are the latest headlines in the uk and around the world. millions of people in the uk face tougher covid restrictions, as rule changes come into force. as the uk grapples with the new strain of coronavirus, there are now confirmed cases in france, spain and sweden. some eu countries begin vaccinations against covid—i9, one day ahead of the planned co—ordinated rollout across the bloc. former mi6 officer and soviet spy george blake has died, aged 98, in moscow. a fast—food joint, roman—style — archaeologists unearth an ancient takeaway restaurant in pompeii. and coming up... the sport that's high—speed, but environmentally friendly — welcome to the world of extreme e, backed by f1 champion lewis hamilton.


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