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tv   Click - Short Edition  BBC News  December 26, 2020 11:45pm-12:00am GMT

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before that. i hate the new year.” will be staying before that. i hate the new yearli will be staying in as well. i am in a tear four will be staying in as well. i am in a tearfourandl will be staying in as well. i am in a tear four and i can't seem us of going error. we will all be in, have a cracking new year's day even though you hated, jo. but it it is... lovely to see both as ever. it has been loving to have you with us as well for subdue same with us here in bbc news. next, it's click. cheerio! ah, there you are! come on in! welcome to clickmas 2020! i hope you're doing 0k. it's all a bit different
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this year, isn't it? normally we'd be getting together around the table, having a laugh, cheering, having a good time. well, pretending to have a good time. filming a clickmas party is the most stressful thing in the world. butjust because we can't all be together doesn't mean we can't all be together! hello, everyone! hello! there you are! look at you all! it's the fam! chris, loving the jumper! candles are a go atjen's place. lj, that must be a musical rainbow, i'm guessing. omar, christmas furby, i see. and paul with his christmas duck, of course the well—known symbol of the festive season. oh, the duck is brilliant and spencer, your house looks so festive! you have totally outdone me with your decorations once again. thank you. not to mention the outfit — amazing. how is your clickmas going so far? costly on the electricity front, i have to say. but guys, i'm really missing you. i really just want to get in the same room with you again. i just wanna do that. oh, it's been a tough old year but we are so grateful that we have stayed on your screens and today, at least we can have a get—together
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— albeit 2020 style — for the last show of this year. yeah, that's right, and for this show, we've been able to go out and about filming just a little bit, and if santa had asked me what would i like to do for christmas, if i could do anything at all, what would i say? i'd say "i want to be like you, big guy, and fly". well, it's pretty early in the morning. i've been told to meet my driving instructor richard here, and he's told me i need to wear these. don't know why. loud whirring dramatic music music reaches crescendo yeah, so it turns out richard's not in a fiat panda then. he's arriving goodwood speed week
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in style as the chief test pilot of gravity industries — a start—up that believes they've finally nailed the jet pack. i hatched this idea in 2016 of could you reinvent flight byjust adding a minimalist amount of equipment and using your brain and your body to fly in a very unusual way? no logical reason — that was just an interesting idea, i thought. chuckles so, i'm going to have a go in this. mm—hmm. any tips? actually, it's like watching a child learn to ride a bike because if you described a bicycle to somebody who'd never seen one, it sounds very clever and complicated and difficult to learn. but our experience is when you let the inner balance brain take over, then it's remarkable how well that collaboration between machine and human works, and this is the same. right, so what we're going to do is put the harness on. that will do a good job of kind of connecting you to the suit as best as possible. if you stress and overthink it, it's really hard. walking and standing up is much more complicated than learning to fly this, so just relax into it and enjoy it. the jet suit is pretty daunting
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and although it is also pretty heavy, there's not that much to it — two turbines on each arm and one at the back and well, that's it. right, so if you look in the end, see the trigger? just get used to the pull of it. that's the throttle. so when you're up there, when you squeeze it and you can feel the engines gradually ramp up. this finger will actually nudge the power up, and that will nudge the power down. a couple of nudges — each nudge gives you a couple of kilos more thrust. so the idea is that you're learning about lateral stability and rotation, but it will still shove you around a bit, but once you get your weight over the top of it, you'll notice that it's really not very much. right. i mean, it's really scary cos i can feel the power and i can feel the heat all around me. the diesel fuel lasts for up to ten minutes. all of which, for me, will be spent at most a few centimetres off the ground.
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what the helljust happened?! that was honestly really good. that was incredible! that's — that's — i don't know whether that's adrenaline orjust sheer terror or excitement or what. but, um... phew! the main application, richard thinks, is in entertainment — imagine seeing jet pack races across lakes, for example. but in september 2020, richard joined the great north air ambulance service to show how paramedics might quickly get to casualties in the rough terrain of the lake district. the great north air ambulance reached out and said that there appears, according to their analysis, to be a large cluster of cases where if they could move very quickly out of a vehicle with this, that would work. and so, we went up and tested it. the headline result was i got to the casualty in 90 seconds
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when it took 25 minutes to walk there. hardly surprising, since richard broke the guinness world record for fastest speed in a body—controlled jet engine power suit — twice. they're noisy, impractical, and expensive butjet packs are now real, which is a good enough christmas present for this little fan boy. who is up? paul: i have a present, except my present is a gift for all of you, notjust one. thanks paul! sweet! what is it? i will be the ghost of christmas past and take us all back to the 19505, specifically, to a jazz club in vancouver called the palomar. it was demolished in 1955. but thanks to the magic
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of live motion capture, and an incredible singer called jill barber and her band, she's recreated it for one christmas only, so grab a drink, sit back and let's go back in time. # oh, the weather outside is frightful # but the fire is so delightful # since we've no place to go # let it snow, let it snow, let it snow # it doesn't show signs of stopping # and i've brought some corn for popping # the lights are turned way down low # let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...#. that was jill barber
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and the phantom jazz band. after the performance, i managed to catch up with her at the bar. so, jill, just to start with, can you tell us about where we both are? sure, you and i are sitting at the palomar supper club which is a club that was demolished in 1955. how are we doing that? i am actually sitting in front of a green screen in a film studio in vancouver british columbia, canada, and you are 7600 kilometres away at a studio at the bbc in london. but through the magic of cross reality technology, we can be here together at the palomar. showcap, the company behind the performance, created this virtual venue
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using the unreal engine, a platform created for gaming. with the performers in motion capture suits shot against a green screen, they could be transported to the ‘505 while maintaining their intricate human movements. # i quit pretending...# historically, motion capture and virtual production techniques have been used in the creation of blockbuster films, in big budget video games, but with cinematic quality computer graphics that can be rendered in real time, we're starting to really sort of explore the use of these things in live performance. jill's first palomar concert was broadcast online in november, but unlike many other performances we've all watched over the last year, for me, something about this really stands out. it's more than just you performing in a space.
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you've created a back story and a feeling around it. tell me about how that came about, and for example, why the palomar? the palomar also has this incredible history of hosting the likes of ella fitzgerald and louis armstrong and the mills brothers, billie holiday, and i thought how cool to continue that legacy and perform on the same stage that those artists graced back in the day. oh, that is so brilliant. that is just so brilliant, but i'm afraid that is it for the short cut of our special clickmas special. the full—length cut is waiting for you right now oniplayer the full—length cut is waiting for you right now on iplayer and hopefully, we'll we'll be back to normal next year. now, normally, the show that follows clickmas is a look back at our last 12 months, but who here really wants to look back to 2020?
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thought so. so, instead we will bring you a special live show where we look back at the past 20 years of click. that's right! until then though you can find us on social media, youtube, instagram, facebook and twitter... spencer, are you 0k? yeah i am, i'm just taking it all in really... i mean, this truly has been a special day. we didn't think that we'd be able to do it, but we posted the gifts to each other, we got everyone together, and when i say everyone, i mean everyone! it's been a challenging year for us all, but we have done our best to bring you your weekly dose of click. and everyone on the team just wanted to be here to say thank you. thank you for watching us, thank you for being part of our click family, so until next time, it's goodbye and merry clickmas! merry clickmas!
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# hurry down the chimney tonight #. hello. after a night of wind and rain, sunday won't be as windy. there will be showers around but also sunshine, too. but right now, it's still very wet and very windy out there for some of us. from this area of low pressure, storm bella as named by the met office to raise awareness of the impacts from the wind and rain but notjust that. in areas that have seen the back of the rain and the strongest winds overnight, the colder air moving — and for some of us in scotland and northern ireland icy,
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and a few wintry showers around to start the day. damaging winds from storm bella could cause some disruption, particularly into parts of england and wales and there will be more heavy rain in areas already seeing some flooding. so, that's not going to help. the greatest chance of disruption from the wind will be in the areas where the met office has an amber warning in force for the potential of some gusts up to 80 mph or so to slowly easing as we go on through sunday morning. once this overnight rain will have cleared away, clearing around mid—morning from the east of kent. you can see it's a colder start the day, particularly across scotland and northern ireland where it will icy in where it will be icy in places, potentially parts of northern england. we have these wintry showers moving in. some snow, mainly on hills, but perhaps not exclusively on hills. it is the west that sees most of sunday's showers. it is sunnier and drier the further east you are. it is still windy. these are wind gusts but we're talking around 30—110 mph, just a little higher around some coasts in the west. and it is going to be a colder day, temperatures in scotland just hovering close to freezing
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during the day, and a longer spell of snow pushing across parts of scotland, northern ireland, northern england, north wales overnight sunday into monday — notjust on hills, that snow. a few centimetres to lower levels in some spots, too. and even where you don't get that, it could be icy, frosty as monday starts. so, a cold start to monday. the area of low pressure right across us. so if you are close to that, we can expect some cloud. and around that, there will be some bands of rain, sleet, and snow around on monday morning. so, there could be some problems from that. it could well be that the further away you are from that low pressure system in scotland and northern ireland by the afternoon, the greater chance for you to see a bit of sunshine. but it's cold, and it's a cold week to come. but a reminderfrom storm bella — damaging winds potential, and also further flooding. there are weather and flood warnings. keep up—to—date online.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. i'm lukwesa burak. the new coronavirus strain that first emerged in england is spreading across many european countries and has now been confirmed in canada and japan. us federal agents search a house on the outskirts of nashville as part of their investigation into the christmas day explosion in the city. president putin pays tribute to the former mi6 officer and soviet spy george blake, who has died aged 98 in moscow. and a fast food joint, roman style — archaeologists unearth an ancient takeaway restaurant in pompeii.


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