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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  December 29, 2020 6:30pm-6:46pm GMT

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a new type of prosthetic limb has been designed by engineering students, for young children. and tributes are paid to legendary french fashion designer pierre cardin, who's died at the age of 98. now on bbc news it's time for sportsday. hello i'm olly foster, here's what's coming up on sportsday this evening. with rising covid cases across the leagues, should the football season be suspended again? from an all time low, india bounce back to square the series against australia. wade joins an exclusive club with a nine dart finish but he's still knocked out of the world championship.
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good evening, cases are rising, restrictions are tightening, and though most fans are locked out across the country, how long can football carry on? we saw manchester city had to pull out of last night's game at everton, the premier league has recorded the highest number of positive cases since the weekly testing started at the beginning of the season. seven fixtures in league one are off tonight, including rochdale against crewe. the club doctor at spotland has questioned whether the season should be paused. having that period where people could go in see their family probably wasn't the wisest thing, not just probably wasn't the wisest thing, notjust in terms of football, but
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for the general spread. i have spoken to the players yesterday, a lot of them were with their families, family members who may have other comorbidities, or may be older. so obviously they are not concerned if there is a possible spread within the club. you know, has that now gone on to affect their family? so a lot of it is wider than football. these players are put under pressure to come out and perform when deep down they may have serious concerns. you perform when deep down they may have serious concerns. you know, they've got young kids and family members and elderly relatives. at the end of the day, the players are human like eve ryo ne the day, the players are human like everyone else. and it sometimes begs the question of, you know, should the question of, you know, should the season still be going on? the fa ct the season still be going on? the fact that we have these cheer for places where people cannot travel, footballers are able to go in and out and take things back to the family, it's probably not the wisest thing at the moment.”
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family, it's probably not the wisest thing at the moment. i amjoined by simon. evening two. leaguei has been really badly hit. the fixtures decimated, but the premier league have released their weekly results of testing, and 1500 tests, 18 is the highest figure. it doesn't sound a lot, but quite a significant rise. it's concerning. the previous highs was 16 in november and went down quite quickly after that. yes, we know that manchester city clearly had an issue because their game was called off last night at everton. sheffield united have said that they have had an issue. they didn't ask for their game to be called off. so, yeah, it's a concern, and the more cases rise around the country, the more you would imagine that they will rise within the premier league, and that is when the decision has to be made about whether matches can
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carry on. yes, because these figures have kind of reflected what's going on in the country as a whole. we know that city to to kerb this outbreak, they have retested the squad and closed training ground. i've spoken to people in manchester city today, they are expecting those results back tomorrow. they will do two further rounds of testing before their scheduled game against chelsea on sunday. so they are leaving nothing to chance. i think they are expecting more positives, but they won't know until they get their results. and if there are more positives, then it goes back to the premier league to decide whether or not the game that chelsea can go ahead, and then beyond that, they also have an efl cup semifinal against manchester united at old trafford next wednesday, anybody who tests positive we know it has to isolate for ten days, so anyone
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positive in the latest round of testing and subsequent ones won't be able to play in that game, so there isa able to play in that game, so there is a lot of uncertainty around manchester city at this moment, and a lot of uncertainty, it has to be said, around the premier league. these pictures are coming fast you are trying to work out who played who and who has possibly come into contact. a match at st mary's without the manager at the dugout at the moment because of family member has tested positive. so he's got to self—isolate. that is against west ham, who's manager had to manage the team from his house, basically, because he tested positive and wasn't allowed to go to the training ground or go to go to the training ground or go to matches. so it's these kind of things that clubs are having to deal with almost on a daily basis. we understand they are linked up bodily and visually, we will have an update on that injust and visually, we will have an update on that in just a moment. let's get away from covert if we can. burnley, long—running saga, this, a few
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interesting parties. but are we closer to a takeover? yes. we expect and have been told that the takeover involving alan paes who is an american businessman owns company alk capital. that's expected to go through by the end of the week in time for burnley‘s match against fulham on sunday. and that is important because that game will be the first one in january the tra nsfer the first one in january the transfer window is open injanuary, and burnley have had huge problems in terms of recruitment. they have not been able to bring any players and. this deal will go through in time for alk to provide the money for them to buy some players. some brighter news for burnley. many thanks indeed. off to united tonight, let's bring you up—to—date with some of the latest scores in the premier league. really good news for burnley, they have taken leader
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against sheffield united, no goals between brighton and arsenal at the moment. most of the action going on at the hawthorne, a comedy own goal from sawyers gave leeds the lead. they have doubled the lead for leeds. final score on bbc iplayer and the bbc sport match, you can follow all of these matches. manchester united wolves kicks off at eight p:m.. if united when that's, they will move up to second. the manager has been really impressed with how his players have handled this festive workload. when the last game you played at old trafford gave you six goals, i'm sure the boys will look forward to it. it gave us confidence come about performance, it also gave us a little gauge on how fit we are that we could match them fitness wise. so we could match them fitness wise. so we know that we have loads of games ina we know that we have loads of games in a short space of time, but even shorter turn around this time, but they had a good game.
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now lets round up some of today's other stories. diego costa is a free agent after atletico madrid agreed to terminate his contract 6 months early early. the former cheslea striker has had injury problems and fallen out of favour in his second spell at the club. the 32 year old has been lonked with arsenal and wolves welsh forward jake ball will leave scarlets at the end of the season to be his family in australia. that will also rule him out playing for wales because he only has 49 caps and needs 60 if he isn't playing for one of the welsh regions to be able to carry on playing for his country. and alex hales has nudged the england selectors again with a rapid half century to help sydney thunder beat the melbourne stars in the big bash league. hales is a t20 specialist but hasn't featured for england since failing a recreational drugs test before last year's world cup. 10 west indies players have opted out of their tour to bangladesh in the new year beacuse of covid—related concerns. kraigg brathwaite will now lead the team for two tests and jason mohammed will be skipper for the three one—dayers
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after getting bowled out for 36 and well beaten in the first test, india have turned it around against australia, levelling the series. they won by 8 wickets in melbourne with a day to spare. drew savage reports. from offal in adelaide, to marvellous in melbourne. the hugs, the handshake say at all, in india side that had just made a different kind of cricket history. i think this will go down as one of the great comebacks in the history of the game. to be bowled overfor 36 and then into days to get up and be ready to punch is outstanding. and punch they did. the first breakthrough came from jasprit bumrah, ending a 57—run partnership between pat cummins and cameron green. green, australia's top scorer with only a5, soon followed — the most important of three wickets for debutant mohammed siraj. india bowled out their
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hosts for just 200 — a team missing several key players including captain virat kohli needed 70 to win. considering they'd been bowled out for 36 in the first test, the nerves might have beenjangling, enter ajinkya rahane. what a shot! india's skipper in kohli's absence did a greatjob to see them home. another captain's knock, first 112 in india's first innings and here he was scoring the winning run.australia beaten by eight wickets, the series all square the tables well and truly turned. so a sobering result for australia ahead of the third test which starts on 6th january. australias star batsman steve smith needs to find some form. he's yet to reach double figures in the series but his captain is sure he'll come good. someone like steve in particular hasn't been able to get in yet. once he does, he will find a way like he always does, and the rest of us will follow suit. we need to improve, there's
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no doubt about that. these are not plans we are encountering for the first time. plenty of cricket going on. south africa have taken the first test against sri lanka at centurion. they cruised to the win by an innings and 45 runs. the second and final test starts in johannesburg on january 3rd. tim southee is the third new zealander to take 300 test wickets as the black caps close in on victory against pakistan in the first of two tests. southeejoined sir richard hadlee and daniel vettori when he dismissed pakistan batsman haris sohail. they ended day four on 71 for 3, needing an unlikely 373. the pdc world championship continues at alexandra palace. james wade has joined an illustrious list, producing only the 10th 9—dart finish in the history of the tournament, but it didn't stop him getting knocked out, with stephen bunting progressing to the last 16. imran sidat reports.
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alexander pallas looks a little different this year, but one man who a lwa ys different this year, but one man who always puts on a show is james wade. at the exit of several big names, the number seven seat may have started to fancy his chances. in the man known as the machine showed why early on, some exhibitionists —— exhibition finishing saw him open up a two set lead, but his opponent is a two set lead, but his opponent is a former world champion and he used all his experience on the big stage to level the match. howard —— how would wade respond? have a look at this. back to back when 80s only means one thing... a chance to hit a nine dark finish the sport's greatest achievement. two more perfect arts left double 12 and it was sporting history for wade. the first one of the world championship in five years, but you wouldn't have known it from his reaction. a nine dirt or on the wednesday one leg and it didn't seem to faze bunting as he came earning back to take the set. there was just no stopping the bullet as he wrapped up the match in the next two pose yet another upset.
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a bittersweet day for wade, for bunting, one of the biggest wins of his career. that's all from sportsday. a quick update from the primarily, because the goals have been flying at the hawthorns. big sam's phase is not a pretty picture. leeds absorbed a couple more, 4—0 up heading into the break, 4—0 at west brom, burnley still eating sheffield united. that is it for me and the rest of the team. coming up next on bbc news, it's click.
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ah, there you are! come on in! welcome to clickmas 2020! i hope you're doing 0k. it's all a bit different this year, isn't it? normally we'd be getting together around the table, having a laugh, cheering, having a good time. well, pretending to have a good time. filming a clickmas party is the most stressful thing in the world. butjust because we can't all be together doesn't mean we can't all be together! hello, everyone! hello! there you are! look at you all! it's the fam! chris, loving the jumper! candles are a go atjen's place. lj, that must be a musical rainbow, i'm guessing. 0mar, christmas furby, i see. and paul with his christmas duck, of course the well—known symbol of the festive season. oh, the duck is brilliant and spencer, your house looks so festive! you have totally outdone me with your decorations once again. thank you. not to mention the outfit — amazing. how is your clickmas going so far? costly on the electricity front, i have to say.
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but guys, i'm really missing you. i really just want to get in the same room with you again. i just wanna do that. oh, it's been a tough old year but we are so grateful that we have stayed on your screens and today, at least we can have a get—together — albeit 2020 style — for the last show of this year. yeah, that's right, and for this show, we've been able to go out and about filming just a little bit, and if santa had asked me what would i like to do for christmas, if i could do anything at all, what would i say? i'd say "i want to be like you, big guy, and fly". well, it's pretty early in the morning. i've been told to meet my driving instructor richard here, and he's told me i need to wear these. don't know why. loud whirring.


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