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the most famous game in their history. so, as a local supporter, i was glad to help. the club will also get money from the song, which, in keeping with fa tradition, has a rousing finale. # oh, oh, oh!# mike bushell with such reports. this is bbc news, i'mjane hill. and you can watch marine take the headlines at 2.00pm: on spurs live on bbc one on sunday, from ii.30pm. —— mike bushell with that report. as the ‘r' numberfor the uk time for a look at the weather. is estimated between 1 and 1.4 — which means covid's spread has not abated — the mayor of london another very cold day with further declares a ‘major incident‘, sleet and snow forecast, it is a warning the virus could overwhelm hospitals in the capital. winter wonderland behind me, a the moderna vaccine is approved for use in the uk. recent picture from knaresborough in it's the third vaccine to get north yorkshire. i will show you passed and 17 million where the snow is falling, another doses are now on order. passed and 17 million no entry to the uk without proof
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stationary weather front line across of a negative coronavirus test. northern england the north wales, tougher measures for travellers, including uk nationals, will start the heaviest is across the north next week. yorkshire area with some flurries ministers say they're necessary to stop the spread of covid. into the midlands, mainly rain around the coasts. it looks like the what we're trying to do now is stop a new variant, sleet and snow will fizzle out which isn't established here, through the afternoon, affecting from coming here. northern england, parts of north and this is the south wales and the west midlands. rather african variant. grey for most of england and wales with limited brightness, scotland and northern ireland faring best with the sunshine, it will struggle to make it above freezing where there is snow and it will be cold everywhere. sleet and snow in the north begins to shift further southwards this evening and then settled, leaving a legacy of cloud. you could see mist and freezing fog patches develop. away from the north—west of scotland it will be a very cold night, you could see a really ha rd very cold night, you could see a really hard frost in central, northern and eastern areas, may be -11 northern and eastern areas, may be —ii or —12. plenty of sunshine around, that weekend could start with freezing fog patches in the
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south, lifting to patchy cloud. staying dry for many, a change across the north and west of scotland, a bit more of a breeze, rain, hill snow, temperatures creeping up, another very cold today for many. into sunday the weather front for many. into sunday the weather fro nt m oves for many. into sunday the weather front moves off the atlantic affecting north of the uk, we pick up affecting north of the uk, we pick u p westerly affecting north of the uk, we pick up westerly winds, high pressure holds onto the south, central and southern areas will stay dry after a cold and frosty start, more cloud further north, outbreaks of rain in northern and western scotland, there will be some winteriness over the high ground but with the westerly winds coming off the atlantic, temperatures creeping up a degree also across western areas but feeling rather cold. the area of high—pressure retreat southwards next week, weather front will move then off the atlantic, bringing thicker cloud outbreaks of rain to the north and slightly milder air
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for the south. colder air always looming to the south and east but as we move through the week the milder airwillwin we move through the week the milder air will win out. next week will be nowhere near as cold as it has been, precipitation will tend to fall as rain with a little bit of hill snow, the driest of the weather is further south. some changes taking place to the weather next week. a reminder of our top story... no entry to the uk without proof of a negative coronavirus test. and we have heard that the rate of infection across the uk has risen to between one and 1.4. as such major incident is declared in london, stay with us, i will speak to mayor par ati:40pm on bbc with us, i will speak to mayor par at 1:40pm on bbc news. on bbc one,
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good afternoon. it's 1.33pm and here's your latest sports news. as we've just seen, it is fa cup third round weekend this weekend. liverpool's tie with aston villa is on tonight despite 14 positive tests in villa's first team bubble — one of two games played this evening, kicking off the action. although it's not the only mach to have been affected by the virus. the outbreak at the midlands club forced the closure of their training ground on thursday. but with the virus isolated within the first team, with ten players and four staff testing positive, villa will fulfil the fixture by fielding players from their under—23 squad. manager dean smith wont be in attendance. our football reporter simon stone has been following developments. villa have taken the same option that derby county have taken as far as their match with chorley on saturday morning,
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or saturday lunchtime, is concerned, in the fact that they will use their under—23 and under—18 squads to fulfil these matches. they have been training in a different part of the training ground so they are unaffected by the same covid issues that the first team have been affected by, and that could have an impact on next week's premier league games. for now, those two matches are going ahead. a match that is not is shrewsbury‘s game against southampton tomorrow, which has been called off. that is being investigated or looked at by the fa and they will decide what to do about that. as you say, it is a number of issues now affecting football. football is not immune from the problems in society, and these are the things that they are having to deal with now. and increasing infection rates could see more games affected in the coming weeks. with the beggining of the vaccine
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roll—out, the burnley manager sean dyche has proposed a shift from testing to vaccinating players should come at the earliest opportunity. the amount of money being spent on testing in the premier league — i can't speak for the other divisions — if that money was therefore channelled back into the nhs, and into the vaccination system, surely that's a better place to be than it is just to continue testing a load of footballers two, three, four times a week? west ham forward sebastien haller — the club's record signing — has joined ajax for a fee ofjust over £20 million. it represents a significant loss for the club, who paid £16 million for the forward back in 2019. bought by manuuel pellegrini, he's failed to fit the system under current manager david moyes, who's expected to reinvest the funds on finding a replacement. rugby union's european cup competitions are in doubt as the french governement considers pulling its teams from their remaining fixtures. the new strain of covid—i9 infections has led to urgent talks among the french government,
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the french clubs involved and the tournament organisers, who hope revised protocols will allay any fears they have. there are two rounds of champions cup and challenge cup pool games remaining this month. australia's steve smith has scored a long awaited test century on the second day of the third test against india. he hit 131 at the sydney cricket ground, his first test century since the ashes series in england back in september 2019. there was a big score, too, for marnus labushane, who got 91, as australia finished their first innings on 338. india are 96—2 in reply. i read a lot of things, as i think i have said numerous times, and many people said i was out of form. it was nice to, i guess, come back into form, if that is what you want to call it. it was only about three or four weeks ago i think i scored two
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of 300. it kind of makes me laugh sometimes when people say that kind of thing. i have missed out in the first two test matches obviously, but came back today and help put us ina but came back today and help put us in a decent position. that's all the sport for the time being. good afternoon. you're watching bbc news. we'll take you through coronavirus development and more. we will take the next little while talking and trying to summarise all the latest coronavirus news for you, because i will be talking to lemay of london, sadiq khan, in the next little while, because you might have heard in the news at one, that a major incident has been declared in the capital. —— talking to the may
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out of london. i will ask him what that means. let's assess the situation in wales. let's assess the situation in wales. wales‘s lockdown restrictions will be further strengthened in supermarkets, workplaces and schools and colleges in an effort to limit the spread of coronavirus, first minister mark drakeford has said. here he is speaking at the welsh government briefing earlier this afternoon... the new strain is undoubtedly adding a new, dangerous dimension to the public health crisis. wherever there's mixing, wherever people come together, the new strain is spreading. it is highly contagious and spreads very quickly from person to person. this is the background against which we have carried out the three—weekly review of the current restrictions. the outcome of that review will not be a surprise
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against that background, and it is that the lockdown will continue for another three weeks, till the 29th of january, when it will be reviewed again. scotland's first minister has also been holding a news conference. international travellers to scotland will soon be required to show a negative covid test result when entering the country. nicola sturgen has explained how that will work. the risks of international travel are, of course, particularly acute at the moment as new strains of this virus emerge and as case numbers globally continue to increase. indeed, that is why it is as of now illegal for anyone to travel to or from scotland unless it is for an essential purpose. and i want to reiterate that point right now. you should not be travelling within scotland and you should not be travelling out of scotland or into scotland for anything other than an essential reason. even with such a reason, anyone who is travelling to scotland
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must still comply with quarantine requirements if they are coming from a country that is subject to those requirements. last night, the scottish government, along with the uk government, announced a further measure aimed at reducing the risk of importation of the virus. people travelling to scotland from overseas will be required to present a negative covid—19 test result before they embark upon theirjourney. we are currently working with other parts of the uk to confirm the exact start date for this new requirement, but it is likely to be from the end of next week, and we'll set out that and further details as soon as possible. the test will be required to be highly reliable in terms of their specificity and their sensitivity, and so, in practice, they are likely to be pcr tests. they will be required of anyone travelling to scotland from outside the common travel area and will need to be taken no more than 72 hours before people start travelling to scotland.
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it is worth me reminding you the latest rate of infection, because that number came through in the last half an hour also. we are hearing that the r number, which was before christmas between 1.1 and 1.3, is now between 1.1 and 1.11. so that figure absolutely not going the way that scientists or indeed anyone want. that, crucially, it says it there, it remains above that crucial figure of one. that is the latest r numberandl figure of one. that is the latest r number and i will be talking to our health correspondence over the course of the afternoon about all of that as well. lack of access to fast broadband during the pandemic is increasing economic inequality between the rich and poor — that's according to a report by a group of mps. the public accounts committee says a "litany" of failures from government in delivering faster internet connections, means people who are worse off and those in rural areas are being left behind, as our technology correspondent
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rory cellan—jones reports. it was a hugely ambitious election promise — give every home in the uk access to state—of—the—art gigabit speed broadband by 2025. but now that's been scaled back to reaching 85% of homes by the same date. and mps are worried that even this reduced target will be hard to meet. they warn that people in rural areas could lose out, struggling with slow broadband for years to come. this report says the government has failed to set out how the public money needed to give gigabit broadband to ha rd—to—reach places will be spent. the pandemic has shown how vital good internet connections are, for everything from home learning to keeping small businesses going. and the concern is the digital divide between town and country could widen.
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there is going to be difficulties in rural communities in terms of economics and economic disadvantages. and doubling that with the digital disadvantages those communities have will really mean that recovery in these areas will be a lot harder hit. and we really need government to deliver for those communities to make sure they're not further and further left behind. the department of culture, media and sport disagreed with the report, saying it contained a number of inaccuracies. it said it expected half of all homes to have access to gigabit broadband by the end of this year. the mayor of london, sadiq khan, has today declared a "major incident" due to the rapid spread of the coronavirus across the capital and the increase of covid—19 cases in hospitals, which has left the nhs at risk of being overwhelmed. in a moment, we'll
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speak to sadiq khan — but first lets take a look at what a ‘major incident‘ means. major incidents have previously been declared after the grenfell tower fire injune 2017 and the terror attacks at westminster bridge and london bridge. today's announcment comes as the coronavirus infection rate in london has exceeded 1,000 per 100,000 people. london fire brigade said more than 100 firefighters had been drafted in to drive ambulances to help cope with the demand. i'm joined now by the mayor of london, sadiq khan. hello and good afternoon. good afternoon. explain more about your reasons behind declaring this. the reasons behind declaring this. the reason i have declared a major incident today is because this virus is out of control. the nhs in london
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is out of control. the nhs in london is at risk of being overwhelmed. the staff are working heroically, but there is a real risk over the course of the next couple of weeks that u nless of the next couple of weeks that unless the virus reduces and there are fewer people going to hospital, we could run out of beds. across london, on average, one out of 30 londoners now has the virus stop but in some parts, it is one out of 20. the number of people now in hospital with covid is 35% more than the peak in the spring. the nhs is doing an amazing job and they are stretched. to give you an example, normally the amlin service on a daily basis receives around 5000 calls a day. they risk are receiving between eight and 9000, and that is why we are bringing firefighters to drive ambulances. it is essential that londoners heed the warning from the
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best way you can help the nhs is by staying at home. how much do we know about what exactly is driving this? how much of this is about the new strain that we know about? how much is about londoners not doing as much as they might try to contain it, not keeping two metres apart, pulling their masks down the minute they get into a tube carriage, that sort of thing? londoners over the course of the last ten months have made money mental sacrifices and i am so grateful. the reality is that the new strain —— have made monumental sacrifices. one of the ironies is that we now have more confirmed cases in london than any time since the pandemic began. but the restrictions are less serious now than they where in the spring. that is one of the reasons i am calling on the prime minister to stop collective acts of worship. they can still take place in london, to apply
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additional support to those who have to self—isolate. many are working in a gig economy and have no choice but to leave home and work. because u nless to leave home and work. because unless they were, they cannot pay for the roof over their head. also, it is really important that the government now makes compulsory for us government now makes compulsory for us to where face mass in crowded places. in crowded places, deeming outdoors? i would like to see a compulsory wearing of a facemask outdoors. the government is relu cta nt to outdoors. the government is reluctant to do so, at least in crowded places, but my message to londoners is, even though it is not compulsory, or the evidence suggests that wearing a facemask outdoors reduces the chance of passing the virus if you have it i don't realise. please do wear a facemask whenever you leave home. you are asking people to stay at home and 20 people have to travel to work, that
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is allowed under the rules. —— plenty of track people. what is your sense of how public transport is working? and how people are behaving on it? transport for london are providing an almost full service because we are keen to make sure people have these public transports. and ensure that people can travel safely. the message is to avoid rush—hour and make sure you understand the law. the law is in must wear a facemask to use public transport. today we have had more people using our tubes comparing that to last year. more people are using as well. people are heeding the advice to work from home. it is more than in spring and the good news is the vast majority of passengers are wearing facemasks. those that do not being by the police or enforcement officers. 15,000 fines have been given.
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hundreds of thousands have been spoken to to remind them of the rules and they are adhering to the rules. you say avoid using the tube or buses in the rush—hour. i don't wa nt to or buses in the rush—hour. i don't want to sound flippant when i said yes that we all have to live with this, but sometimes that is not realistic, is it? if someone finishes at 5pm, that is when they finish. there is not much that individual can do about that. this is the reality of living in any urban economy, not just is the reality of living in any urban economy, notjust london, all over the country in big cities. it is the nature of going to work. u nless is the nature of going to work. unless you completely shut country down, lining completely, there is no option but to live there we are living right now, is there? that is why we have continued to provide 100% of public transport and not reduced the service. we understand that key workers, shop workers,
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firefighters, those in the nhs, many of whom have to go to places of work to work, so the transport is running and we would encourage those that can avoid the rush—hour to do so and leave it for those who cannot avoid it. we have also had really good employers who, although staff have had to go to places of work, have adapted the start and finish times to allow people to use public transport out side of the rush—hour. the key thing is to wear a base mass whenever in a public space because it reduces the chance of the virus being spread. you'll need to understand in the have a major incident being declared and we are ata incident being declared and we are at a real risk of the nhs being overwhelmed and the virus is already under —— out of control. we are concerned that there is a possibility of the nhs running out of beds, which is why do so important that if you can comment you work from home. with schools, unions have been making the point that they think some schools in the
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capital and elsewhere are somewhere as high as 70% occupancy because the definition has been tweaked around who is a key worker or how many key workers you need in your family before a child goes to school. other changes you think need to happen with regard to that? —— are there changes. it is remarkable we have teachers and staff going to school and providing a place for children to learn. vulnerable children and children of key workers who cannot learn from home, it is really important parents appreciate schools are open are open for a limited number of reasons. we have been in touch with head teachers across london concerned that in primary schools in particular, they are seeing a larger number of children in schools than they had planned for and can provide safe places for. we wa nt and can provide safe places for. we want our schools to be covid safe and it is really important that if
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you can, as a parent, keep your child at home and provide online lessons, you do so. i appreciate the pressures schools and parents are under. does the government need to think again about this policy? head teachers and government... we need expertise to speak to those in education to make sure everyone is clear on what the rules are and if there is a need to reduce the physical amount of children in schools, because it is not covid say, we do so. for those who do not live in the capital, you have outlined clearly what you think should be done, what more powers do have? are you at a point as the layout where you have to write the prime and request these things? —— as the mayor. are there any other readers you can pull? across london, we are united about the concern about the virus being out of control
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and the need for further measures from the government, whether it is local councils, the nhs, fire or health service, the police, all of us agree health service, the police, all of us agree that unless there is a reduction in the virus, the nhs will be under more pressure. i have written to prime minister asking for more measures, not least in the separation in the run—up to the vaccine. i am also calling on londoners to understand the scale of the challenge and please stay at home and only leave home if you have a good reason to do so. and please way facemask. but you have not verbally discuss that with boris johnson? this is a request at this point. my officials have been in contact with government officials and ira directly to the prime minister setting out why i played a major incident and what i am hoping for. ——i major incident and what i am hoping for. —— i wrote directly. he understands the very few occasions
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and we will take the relevant measures to and we will take the relevant measures to reduce and we will take the relevant measures to reduce the virus spreading urgently so we do not have a situation where the nhs is overwhelmed. you have mentioned this a few times, but i'm interested to leave our viewers with a thought about what you would like individuals to do now. to those watching this, i speak many times during the course of the day were collea g u es during the course of the day were colleagues in the nhs, they are overworked and stretched and are at breaking point. many are traumatised and will take months to recover from the work they are doing. the best way to help these amazing staff is by saying at home. reduce the chance of you passing the virus are catching it. if you must leave home, where a facemask. sadiq khan, thank you. much more on that coming up after tpm. much more than all the day's coronavirus is up and down the
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uk. here are the weather prospects. hello there. it has been another very cold day right across—the—boa rd. it has been a very wintry day as well for parts of northern england and wales. heavy sleet and snow around. this will continue to move southwards and gradually ease down and we should see quite a bit of sunshine across the north of the uk throughout the afternoon. certainly for scotland, northern ireland, pushing into the far north of england as well. generally, though, for england and wales, a lot more cloud around. there is that area of sleet and snow slowly pushing south westwards into wales and eventually into the south west of england later on. but rather grey and cold for many. a cold day wherever you are, even further north, despite the sunshine, hovering around freezing where we have any lying snow. through this evening and overnight, that sleet and snow fizzles out, as it pushes south westwards. it will leave a legacy of cloud and we could see mist and fog developing across southern britain. under clear skies, a very cold night for all of us, but particularly further north we could see a severe frost.
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—11, maybe —12 in a few spots. we start saturday on a cold, frosty note. plenty of sunshine around. could start off with mist and fog, freezing fog across southern areas, which will slowly lift through the day. we see a change taking place across the north west, a weather front pushing into scotland will introduce thicker cloud, outbreaks of rain here and some will fall as snow over high ground. for most it will be dry, with the sunshine, again, another cold day. 3—5 degrees for many of us. as we head into part two of the weekend, this weather front will be influencing the northern half of the country, higher pressure further south and westerly winds will push in across the north and west of the uk. that atlantic influence will lift temperatures but rather cloudy in the north, outbreaks of rain across northern and western scotland. again, some snow on the hills. just signs of seeing temperatures creep up across western areas, closer to the seasonal norm,
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four to 7 degrees. should see a bit of sunshine per england and wales. intellectual, more than atlantic influence generally, so a bit of a change to our weather as these atlantic fronts push in to the west, introducing this slightly milder air as well. particular costal areas, as you will see, fairer cold snaps in the north. not quite as cold as it has been of late, most precipitation falling as rain at times. a bit of snow in the north. 00:28:32,071 --> 2147483051:51:00,751 the driest of the 2147483051:51:00,751 --> 4294966103:13:29,430 weather in the south.
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