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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  May 1, 2021 11:45pm-12:00am BST

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appointment to view because we can watch _ appointment to view because we can watch anything whenever we want, we can stream. _ watch anything whenever we want, we can stream, binge watch, whatever. but everybody apart from you, obviously, is at nine o'clock on a sunday— obviously, is at nine o'clock on a sunday night to the television, don't _ sunday night to the television, don't phone me, don't call me, don't knock_ don't phone me, don't call me, don't knock on _ don't phone me, don't call me, don't knock on the — don't phone me, don't call me, don't knock on the door because were all absolutely — knock on the door because were all absolutely grip. it is a phenomenal success, _ absolutely grip. it is a phenomenal success, line of duty. i also think it's success, line of duty. i also think it'sjust _ success, line of duty. i also think it'sjust about success, line of duty. i also think it's just about dialogue. i success, line of duty. i also think it'sjust about dialogue. i can't wait _ it'sjust about dialogue. i can't wait until_ it'sjust about dialogue. i can't wait until tomorrow night. i�*ve it'sjust about dialogue. i can't wait until tomorrow night. wait untiltomorrow night. i've been riaht rarel wait untiltomorrow night. i've been right rarely told _ wait untiltomorrow night. i've been right rarely told off _ wait untiltomorrow night. i've been right rarely told off by _ wait untiltomorrow night. i've been right rarely told off by both - wait untiltomorrow night. i've been right rarely told off by both of- right rarely told off by both of you. i will get that box set. thank you. i will get that box set. thank you very much indeed. nigel and jo, it's always lovely to speak to you both. take care. ijust been told in my ear the iplayer, the iplayer, the iplayer. so that will be it. that is it for us here from the papers. to stay with us because it's plenty more coming up including the film
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review. hello and welcome to the film review with me, mark kermode, rounding up the best new movies available for viewing in the home while we look forward to cinemas reopening in a few weeks. at the recent 93rd academy awards, chinese film—maker chloe zhao became only the second woman ever to win the oscar for best director, repeating kathryn bigelow�*s hurt locker triumph when nomadland also won best picture. ijust looked up the value on your van.
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with that high a mileage, you're looking about $5,000 at the most. i'd probably recommend taking that money and putting it towards a different vehicle. no, well, i can't do that. i can't do that. see? cos... all right. i spent a lot of time and money building the inside out, - and a lot of people don't understand the value of that. _ but it's not something like... i live in there. it's my home. frances mcdormand, earning her third best actress oscar, stars as fern, a recently widowed woman who finds herselfjoining america's nomadic community, discovering a new life on the road. here, she meets people who found a different way of living and starts to reassess her own past, present and future. we workhorses had to gather together and take care of each other. and that's what this is all about.
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accepting her oscar, zhao noted that "i have always found goodness in the people i've met everywhere i went in the world." that's a sentiment that runs throughout her third feature, a tone poem with western genre inflections, inspired byjessica bruder�*s nonfiction 2017 book, finding rich seams of human kindness running deep within the margins of society. one of the things i love most about this life, there's no final goodbye. we just say, "i'll see you down the road." and i do. building on the experiences of her previous films, songs my brothers taught me and the rider, zhao here mixes seasoned professionals like mcdormand and david strathairn with screen first—timers playing close to home, lending a real authenticity to the proceedings. beautifully lensed by dp joshua james richards, who captures the harsh beauty of the midwest, nomadland
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is a wide—screen experience that will be in uk cinemas from may 17. in the meantime, you can find it online on disney+. from the sublime to the ridiculous, with wild mountain thyme, a ripe slice of cod irish whimsy that makes the fluffy �*905 charmer waking ned look like a hard—hitting ken loach documentary and gives the 2010 stinker leap year a run for its money as the most preposterous tosh ever to grace the emerald isle. anthony! are you all right? i'm fine. what were you doing out there? fishing. that was fishing? yeah. emily blunt and jamie dornan are star—crossed pair rosemary and anthony, who grew up on neighbouring farms and who were clearly made for each other,
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despite anthony's bizarre inability to pop the question. would you marry me? enterjon hamm's american relative adam, who quickly gets the hots for rosemary and her land after being offered the chance to buy the family farm, which anthony's father feels he is ill—suited to inherit. i don't see a clear path. from where to where? from me to you. the fact that anthony's rural irish father is played by native new yorker christopher walken should set alarm bells ringing, not least because walken's screen accents generally range from queens to brooklyn to manhattan's little italy, with the occasional hint of second—generation sicilian gangster, perhaps, but essentially not going beyond the boundaries of the five boroughs. indeed, from the moment walken's narrator tony riley says... welcome to ireland. know you're about to spend the next 90 minutes in the company of somebody doing the worst irish accent since a ginger—haired mickey rourke uttered the immortal words...
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i saw myself laying on the street, dying, not wanting to die. the toe—curling �*805 thriller a prayerfor the dying. that man was mad as the full moon, drowned himself. although wild mountain thyme may have been largely shot in scenic county mayo, with the support of screen ireland, walken's accent takes us on a madcap tour that swings from the hollywood highlands of brigadoon, to the australian—american merriment of tom and nicole in far and away, via the horrors of sean connery�*s crimes against language in darby o'gill and the little people. is it putting a coward's name on me, you are? ah, no, no. as for the rest of the film, which is adapted by oscar, pulitzer and tony award winner john patrick shanley, it's a mix of rom—com cliches and "pinch me so i know i'm not dreaming" plot contrivances that seem to have been cooked up after a night on the ale in one of those terrible theme pubs where drunken americans sing along to the pogues while loudly reminiscing about a country that they claim to love but have never actually been to. my god in heaven,
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you look the worse for it. well, thanks much. you don't look perfect yourself. you can find outjust how bad it is for yourself from all major uk digital retailers. after the car—crash insanity of wild mountain thyme, there's something almost reassuringly boring about without remorse, a plodding thriller adapted from tom clancy's �*905 novel of the same name. we fought for what america could be. but they crossed the line. they brought that war into my house. that contract is broken. they're going to play by my rules now. michael bjordan stars as navy seal john kelly, akajohn clark, who finds himself the target of an assassination plot, picking off members of the squad with whom he undertook a rescue operation in war—torn syria. having lost his wife and unborn child, kelly embarks —
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without remorse — on hunting down the killers, putting him at loggerheads with the russians and americans alike, as everybody double crosses everybody else and all problems are solved by running, punching, shooting, shouting, stabbing and generally blowing things up, much like the rainbow six video games to which this owes a debt. did you know russia was dealing weapons out of aleppo when we went in? we had a feeling. you can't fault the pedigree of this amazon original movie, with the charismaticjordan — star of black panther and creed — being joined on screen by the likes ofjodie turner—smith, who was electrifying in queen and slim, guy pearce — currently wowing audiences in the sky series mare of easttown — and the infinitely versatile jamie bell. i need to be on that team. yet somehow director stefano sollima, whose previous credits include the gomorra tv series and the big screen sicario sequel, squanders their talents, delivering a lumpen actioner that trudges drearily from one set piece to the next,
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with lots of huffing and puffing but zero emotional engagement. for all the on—screen fireworks, this lackluster affair fails to generate any real dramatic sparks. it's available now on amazon prime video. if you want something that really gets under your skin, then let me direct you instead to the extraordinary mexican drama identifying features. directed and co—written by fernanda valadez, the film follows magdalena, searching for her son, who went missing en route to the us border. meanwhile, another young man is deported from the us and finds himself in the same militia—ridden badlands to which magdalena is led.
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together, they search for lost family members, finding common cause amid a landscape that can be both beautiful and terrifying. the winner of several international festival prizes, including an audience award at sundance, this riveting directorial feature debut marks valadez as a major film—making talent. it's an astonishingly assured and adventurous piece that mixes personal and political elements, in a narrative that is part—thriller, part—heartbreaking family saga and part—magical realist horror story — a descent into the inferno that has its feet firmly on the ground, even as it crosses the border into fantastical nightmare. haunting cinematography by claudia becerril and a soul—shakingly eerie score by claricejensen completes the picture, making this a must see. you can find identifying features
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exclusively on bfi player. i'll leave you with news of something altogether more upbeat, the animated fantasy the mitchells vs the machines, which is new to netflix. the last humans must be here somewhere. wait. they're coming. is that a burnt—orange 1993 station wagon? who are these unstoppable warriors? we're the mitchells, the only people who can save the world. super sorry, everyone. co—produced by phil lord and christopher miller, the geniuses behind the lego movie, the film plays out in a world in which robots derived from next—generation mobile technology are taking over the planet, led by a tetchy ai named pal, voiced by olivia colman. you treated me like this! swipe, poke, poke.
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humanity�*s only hope is the mitchells, a typically dysfunctional nuclear family, with old—fashioned dad, heroic mum, dinosaur—obsessed son and daughter katie, whose dreams of film school have been inconveniently interrupted by the annoying robot apocalypse. packed with smart gags about modern addictions — hey, who could have guessed that big tech companies didn't have our best interests at heart — and boasting the same comic tension between high—voltage action and small—time family squabbling that made the incredibles such a treat, the mitchells vs the machines put a smile on my face from start to finish. so we just do that, right? at times, i was reminded of the oddball charm of the diary of a wimpy kid books, to which this owes an inspirational debt. it certainly passed the "six laughs" test with flying colours. you can find it on netflix.
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that's it for this week. thanks for watching the film review. stay safe and i'll see you next week. how about we put our phones down and we can make ten seconds of unobstructed family eye contact? see, this is good right here. this is natural. hello there. most of saturdays have cleared with the recoding to get even colder yet. there will be a widespread frost around as we start a sunday morning. with temperatures quite widely getting down to between zero and minus three celsius was up near coastal areas a degree or two above freezing. that's about as mild as things will get over it. sunday morning, cold start to start the day
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with plenty of sunshine. showers will get going across northern areas first before though showers become extensive again into the afternoon across most areas of the uk. i think some of the heavier showers will be across eastern scotland, that midlands and eastern areas of england. temperatures of the afternoon still pretty disappointing. with highs of around 11 to 14 disappointing. with highs of around 11 to 1a celsius i'm talking about disappointing weather here comes bank holidays weather. low pressure bringing wet, fairly windy weather
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this is bbc news. i'm philippa thomas with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. amid record levels of covid—19 infections, india's vaccine drive stalls, with some states forced to close centres as they run out ofjabs. as foreign troops begin their delayed withdrawal from afghanistan, a warning to the taliban against renewed attacks. unicef has said it is deeply concerned, as the british government cuts its core funding to the united nations body by 60%. and an icon of manhattan — the empire state building turns 90.


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