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tv   Newswatch  BBC News  September 11, 2021 3:45am-4:01am BST

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he has laura kuenssberg on monday. we have not yet seen the precise details of this despite westminster frothing with speculation about what will happen because this announcement has been so long in the making, and will be a few hours yet before we see the details in black—and—white. in a complaint familiar to regular newswatch viewers andy asked... events have continued to move quickly in afghanistan with the taliban announcing a new interim government on tuesday and clothing
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at an islamic emirate. meanwhile protesters have been taking to the streets and kabul objecting to the support pakistan is to the taliban. this is the biggest challenge to the taliban authority have seen so far and it is not coming from a militia force, it is coming from peaceful protesters from both women and men. the situation across the country remains highly volatile which has led to several viewers contacting us with concerns like this articulated recently by lindsay... one of the senior staff overseeing the bbc presence in afghanistan is jamie angus senior control of news output.
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nice to have un the studio. i am surely viewers appreciated. how safe are bbc in afghanistan? it is a very dangerous place and it is nice to hear the concerns about audience but the bbc is a news organisation used to operating a difficult and dangerous situations and we have a whole structure in place, high—risk teams and support for correspondence to mean me minimise the risk to the safest possible level and re—evaluate for each individual activity whether we are able to undertake the risk involved so it is kind that people are concerned and we do everything we can for the people working with as and afghan national journalist still there to make sure even when things are uncertain and dangerous that we can minimise
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the risk to them. everyone knows the taliban reputation on human rights and particularly women, how comfortable are you about bbcjournalists being there. clearly this is a story of huge international interest and it is right to be at their participating on the ground and holding those in authority to account. however difficult and dangerous and unpleasant that regime as it is absolutely right that internationaljournalists and they are seeking answers to important questions about whether the taliban will in some measure continue to protect the safety of some particularly vulnerable groups in the country, particularly women, also international journalists and of course afghan
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journalist themselves, both working for the bbc and others who are particularly at risk of reprisals from the afghans, from the taliban and it is something we are particularly worried about, the safety of independent journalists as well as those working for larger news organisations. there are lots of live two—ways from cabo, does that have risks? it does, you are very visible and any risky positions of the times during the fall of kabul particularly the terrible suicide attack at the airport when we pulled back completely from doing those because the risk was simply too high and we went dark for a period essentially. now be assessed the risks to be acceptable in most circumstances but obviously as a journalist you are putting yourself out there when you are standing on the lights and doing those live two—ways so we try to strike the balance between not having people standing out doing them endlessly for the sick of it but we do have the responsibility to our audiences to show we are live and bringing our version
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of events from afghanistan. the afghan world service is a very big local team, what is the bbc planning to do with current afghan staff? some have been able to come out and some have—nots will be a very concerned to make sure over the coming weeks and months that everyone who is currently employed by the bbc in afghanistan who wishes to come out can do so with their families. we are not completely in control of those events because we have to work with our own government and others to make sure they can leave safely which is our main concern that they do not take on any additional rest but clearly that is not something we can see completely into the future how clearly and quickly all they will be able to arrive in the uk. as that affects whether they will be broadcasting within afghanistan for the world service. they are not currently broadcasting within afghanistan
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for the world service, we have maintained a lifeline services and some iranian language services but they are mainly been supported by staff in london. do you think you will have to pull out bbcjournalists? that is an impossible question to answer, we very much wish to retain a small staff in afghanistan that enables us to tell this absolutely vital story for our international audiences. if it becomes prohibitively dangerous of course to both throw all our journalists but along with other international broadcasters we believe it is vital for the interests of licence repairs in the uk and a global audience to get the benefit of the bbc services and our footprint there need only be as large as is safe, we will not have huge numbers of staff there in the near future just for the sake of it. thank you. bbc news last sunday covered extensively the death of the singer sarah harding
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who had breast cancer including items about the incidence of the disease amongst young women and it led news at ten that night. she was part of one of the most successful british female bands of all—time, formed on a reality show they had 21 top ten hits. sarah harding's mother described that as a bright shining star and her band—mate nadine coyle said she is absolutely devastated. for those unfamiliar older viewers they said the coverage was disproportionate. this was an i lady i had never heard of any band i had never heard of and honestly a very tragic story for her friends and family, please understand i desperately sympathetic to families who are going through such trauma, all families have studies like that.
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but i do not think that should have been headline news, i am a little disappointed with the bbc, there is so much going on in the world right now with home policies and foreign policies and what is happening with covid and afghanistan i know we are probably weedy of it but it is a bit more important and i expect better i think of the bbc headline news. as we mentioned last week regional news bulletins for english viewers returned to breakfast this week after an absence of six weeks. the service had continued over the summerfor audiences and the rest of the uk, a fact which we fail to make the last week so apologies for that but the return to a full regional service was warmly greeted by a number of you including charles who e—mailed... on friday there were more disappointed viewers and the midlands region who receive the local news for london rather than their own local... middles today apologised
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wentworth for what they said was technical problems which were resolved in time for the last bulletin of the programme. thank you for all your comments this week if you want to shed your opinions about what you see are here on the bbc news, tv radio online and social media, e—mail us... or twitter. you can call us and have a look at our website. we will be back to hear your thoughts about bbc news coverage again next week. goodbye. hello there. we had some intense showers to end friday across eastern
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scotland, eastern england, some rumbles of thunder. and a lot of rain also from those showers in northern ireland. this is just how it looked in those showers, for example, at lowestoft in suffolk on friday afternoon. now, we should see fewer showers at least through saturday. in fact, for much of the weekend. but there is a question mark over sunday. and that's because we should see a little bit more sunshine, things turn a little fresher, as this area of low pressure responsible for these showers starts to move away to the northeast. we are left with wet weather across northern scotland because of this trailing weather front. but behind that weather front, we shift the wind direction into the north and the northwest, so it freshens up, because at the moment, we still have that humidity. that will start to ebb away during saturday. but we also have that wet weather in the north. it's already been pretty wet in shetland, and by morning, widespread rain across the north, scotland some quite heavy rain as well.
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elsewhere, the showers tending to easy away, but a muggy night again, 14 or 15. lots of grey, misty, murky weather in northern and western areas, drizzle over the hills, some potential hill fog as well. but that cloud should break up, and so for england and wales, fewershowers, brighter weather, a bit more sunshine than we had during the day on friday. still a scattering of showers for northern ireland, best chance of sunshine in the south and the south of scotland. but for the north of scotland, itjust continues to be a pretty wet affair. a real soaking rain, so we'll need to keep an eye on that for localised flooding. a little bit fresher in the north, but still quite warm in the sunshine in southern and eastern areas. and that's because we have got a ridge of high pressure here. by the time our weather system starts to drift southwards, it does peter out and eventually becomes drier for northern scotland under a ridge of high pressure, but this is the question mark, what comes in from the west. but for sunday, you can see perhaps a little bit of cloud, a breeze and some rain for the great north runners here. we've got a lot of dry runner elsewhere and it becomes drier for scotland and northern ireland than recent days, but it's how far north and east this rain comes. it's giving us a headache
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at the moment. looks like the southwest and wales will bear the brunt during the course of sunday. further east, a little bit drier. but fresher, temperatures down on those of saturday. and then how far east it will push into monday? so, as i say, that's the big question mark at the moment. elsewhere, high pressure�*s bringing a lot of dry and settled weather. yes, it's fresher.
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hello and welcome to bbc news, with me, tim wilcox. our top stories: as america prepares to mark 20 years since 9/11, the president calls for the country to come together. at our most vulnerable, the push and pull of all that makes us humam, in the battle for the soul of america, unity is our greatest strength. the attacks led to the invasion of afghanistan, now back under taliban control, and many fear for the future. lawyers for the woman who's accused prince andrew of sexual abuse claim that they have successfully served him with legal papers. and the battle of the teens — the build—up to the women's final of the us open.


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