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tv   BBC Weekend News  BBC News  September 11, 2021 10:20pm-10:41pm BST

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used to shine. and, yes, we way we used to shine. and, yes, we are tarnished. we are not as worthy of the expectations that we had in the past and we have got to work hard to improve the nature of our democracy in orderfor hard to improve the nature of our democracy in order for others to say i want to have it as well. andy card, who was george bush's chief of staff on 9/11, speaking to our north america correspondent, jon sopel. we're just we'rejust going to we're just going to bring you some breaking news because there an important tennis match playing. emma raducanu has taken the first set at the us open. she is playing against leylah fernandez. the bbc understands that lawyers for prince andrew are challenging a claim that court papers, relating to allegations against him of sexual assault, have been properly served. representatives of virginia giuffre — who has made the claims — say that they were.
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a us judge will decide if the case can proceed on monday. the duke of york has always strongly denied the accusations. our royal correspondent, nicholas witchell reports. royal lodge, prince andrew's home in windsor great park. it was here two weeks ago that a representative of virginia giuffre's american lawyers attempted to serve the court papers on prince andrew. this is the official�*s affidavit. in it, he describes how at 9:30 on the 26th of august he presented himself to the police officers guarding the property. he says it appeared... the official left, but returned the following day, when, according to the affidavit, he was...
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the official said he asked to meet prince andrew personally, but he was told that this was not possible. at the heart of this is the claim by virginia giuffre — virginia roberts, as she was — who alleges that she was sexually assaulted by prince andrew when she was 17 years old. prince andrew has categorically and consistently denied the claim. i have no recollection of ever meeting this lady. none whatsoever. you don't remember meeting her? no. buckingham palace is saying absolutely nothing, other than to emphasise that this is entirely a matter for prince andrew and his lawyers. his lawyers' tactics appear to be to keep as low a profile as possible for themselves and for their client, whilst intimating that the court papers have not been served properly. it will now be for a judge in a new york district court on monday to decide
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whether the papers have been served and whether virginia giuffre's civil case can continue. nicholas witchell, bbc news. when the twin towers were attacked on september the 11th, people who just wanted to get home, were left stranded as nearly all modes of transport in lower manhatten came to a halt. but there was still one way to leave the island — by boat. all kinds of vessels rescued half a million people from the chaos and took them to safety, this is the story of those who captained america's largest maritime evacuation. i was a ferry captain on september 11 2001. we were loading passengers in highlands, newjersey for pier 11, wall street. after we discharged our passengers, the deckhand came up and said, "a plane just hit the tower." i says, "are you sure? "are you sure it's not a movie?" he said, "no, a plane just hit the tower." a co—worker called to let me know
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that the first tower had been hit. i walked over to battery park city, and we were standing almost at the base of the world trade center when the second plane flew over our head and hit the building. it was total chaos and mayhem within a few minutes. there were thousands of people on the pier, and theyjust rushed the ferry. i was there when - the north tower fell. picked up people right after it. i rememberthe sounds, more than visual. - you know, it's something i'll never forget. - as the tower did come down, we were maybe 1500 feet - from the base of the tower. and, of course, a large - plume of pulverised concrete and, you know...
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it came towards us, just about to where we were| and we backed up into there, i and we took a boatload of 50, 60 people onto the chelsea screamer. we were jockeying for position. any boat, a tug boat, a pleasure boat, a ferry, anybody and everybody who can get in there and take someone off the island. it was sort of chaotic. everything, all the public transportation had been shut down, so there was no other way for me to get north of the towers. it was like a trafficjam, but full of boats on the water. they were just coming from every direction. and we were taken by tug boat across to jersey city. i was nervous, i was scared, but part of what we do as captains is that we lead. we don't follow, wejust make it happen. we have to — that's what we do. that is what makes us captains.
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hello, second april to return to prior, try to —— brighter weather, with the exception of the heavy rain in northern scotland. a day to come on sunday for much of the uk, minus the heavy rain in northern scotland with the addition, though, of rain moving into wales from this weather system approaching from the south—west. it will be turning wetter here as the days goes on. that is how the day begins, it will be a cooler start, it has been turning fresh from the north, a lot of cloud in scotland, helpful, and will slip south into northern england and they will be a few light showers and at the same time northern and western scotland brighten up during the day. a few sunny spells in northern ireland as they will be across south—east england and east anglia. are increasing in the midlands and wales. the rain will impact parts of south—west england, especially cornwall and devon, and it looks like it will cover much of wales by the time we get into the evening and temperatures for the most part in
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the teens, low 20s for some and east anglia and south—east england. during the evening, the rain may push into buzz in the west midlands, it may fringing to merseyside and still affecting south—west england overnight and into monday morning. the clearest skies will be in scotland, northern ireland, northern counties of northern england and a cooler night to come, to put it down to single figures, but some sunshine is monday styles. some uncertainty about how far north of the rainbow get, it may slip further up the western side of the uk, may reach into scotland in later in the day. a good deal of cloud, a few bright and sunny spells. when i about how far north of rain will get, it will gradually from eastern parts on tuesday, friday conditions following behind, some rain impacting parts of northern ireland and scotland. after that, a couple of drier days, mainly dry days before we see another atlantic weather system bearing down
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on us, bringing some rain in either thursday night and friday. the main story about the weather is we are going to see the chance of rain, depending on where you are, earlier in the way, and largely dry mid week before the chance of rain coming back again later in the week. since a one. nearly 3,000 people were killed at three different sites — the grief at their loss, still raw.
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a minute's silence at ground zero, where two planes were flown into the twin towers — and a tribute from the then president. 0n america's day of trial and grief, i saw millions of people instinctively grab for a neighbour's hand, and rally to the cause of one another. that is the america i know. we'll be asking what the wider impact of 9/11 has been on america and the world. and our other main story this evening... beautiful. british tennis sensation emma raducanu takes the first set in a gripping final at the us open. she can do it — herfans at home in south london, and across the country, are willing her on.
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good evening. the names of nearly 3,000 people killed in the 9/11 attacks have been read out by their relatives, as part of events commemorating 20 years since it took place in the us. the ceremony in new york started with a minute's silence at the exact time the first plane hit the north tower of the world trade center in 2001. the vice president kamala harris paid tribute to those who died, and former president george w bush spoke of the world going quiet with missing voices. president biden travelled to all three attack sites in new york, pennsylvania, and the pentagon in virginia. with more on the day's events, here's our north america editorjon sopel. drumbeat on this stunning clear september morning, they gathered in solemnity and sadness in lower manhattan. # 0h, say, can you see
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by the dawn's early light... # the weather identical to that fateful tuesday morning 20 years ago, but everything else was different. # and the rockets' red glare... # at 8:46 this morning, the tolling of a bell. bell rings the moment the first plane struck the twin towers. and the bells rang out at the pentagon... bell rings ..and shanksville, pennsylvania... bell rings ..the other sites of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. gordon m aamoth junior. edelmiro abad. and then the haunting, harrowing recitation of the names of those who died. ronald philip kloepfer. and my husband, joseph reina junior. and my uncle, james francis quinn. with the readers pausing to pay
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tribute to their loved ones. continue to watch over us and your family. 20 years feels like an eternity, but yet it still feels like yesterday. until we meet again, my love, rest in peace. the president, who has visited all three of the 9/11 sites, today spoke about the significance of the commemorations. these memorials are really important. but they are also incredibly difficult for the people who were affected by them. because it brings back that moment they got the phone call. it brings back that instant you got the news. and george w bush, who was president in 2001, contrasted america today with america then. so much of our politics has become a naked appeal to anger, fear and resentment. that leaves us worried about our nation, and our future together.
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i come without explanations or solutions. i can only tell you what i've seen. 0n america's day of trial and grief, i saw millions of people instinctively grab for a neighbour's hand and rally to the cause of one another. that is the america i know. but today belongs to the people whose lives were rent by these unfathomable acts. i was sleeping when the first tower hit, and my mom woke me up because my dad worked there, so...he was a victim, and i saw the second plane hit and ijust hopped in my car. i was here the next morning. he sobs excuse me. you can't ever explain this horrible thing. . you know, and you i re—live it every year, but, i mean, ithink- for the families it's worse. for hour after hour, family members read the alphabetical list of names of those who perished. 0n anniversaries, america can feel
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a kinder, less harsh place to be, very little unites this divided country at the moment. at the sorrow and pain of that day 20 years ago still does, more or less. jon sopel, bbc news, new york. the events in america 20 years ago were a defining moment for the world. they led to the us—led invasion of afghanistan, and the overthrow of the taliban, who were accused of providing a sanctuary for those who planned the attack. with the taliban now back in control, our correspondent secunder kermani reports on how 9/11 is remembered there. at this busy market in the west of kabul today, few knew it was the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. some simply had no idea what had happened in new york 20 years ago. for others, memories of the tragedy there are steeped in afghanistan has
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own struggles. people affected in 9/11 are also human beings. it does concern. i mean, still we are suffering from those things that have been throughout those 20 years. we have suffered more than 9/11 in afghanistan. the americans, when they came here, they have changed our life. everything has changed. for the first time, the girls, you know, the school for the girls have improved. now how do you see the future? well, i think if it goes like this, it will be difficult for afghans to live in afghanistan. as you see, a lot of afghans are going out of the country. two decades after they were overthrown, the taliban's flags flutter across the city once again. their banner, now in front of sites where western missions were once based. behind this gate is what used to be the american embassy. in front of it, taliban flags are on sale. in fact, you can see a group
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of fighters who have just purchased some. for many in america this will be a deeply distressing sight. questions are already being asked about what the last 20 years of war here really achieved. the us did manage to largely defeat al-qaeda in afghanistan. the taliban insist they will never allow anyone to plot terrorist attacks from here again. but their victory has emboldened hardliners. this man is not part of the taliban. but he has come here to celebrate their conquest over what he terms the corrupt previous government, which had been backed by the us.
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the 9/11 anniversary might not mean much for people here. but its legacy is something the country is still grappling with. decades of war are finally over. can the future be more peaceful than the past? secunder kermani, bbc news, kabul. memorials were also held here in the uk to remember those who died, including 67 british people. the us anthem was played during the changing of the guard ceremony at windsor castle. the queen paid tribute to the resilience of the communities who joined together to rebuild in the wake of the terror attacks. let's return to new york tonight, and jon sopel. enduring pain for the families affected, but more widely, what is the lasting impact of 9/11?
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i think it was really striking, listening to joe i think it was really striking, listening tojoe biden, listening to george w bush, both of them appealing to americans for unity. and you would have to file that under the easier said than done category, because americans are bitterly divided about nearly everything. 0ne bitterly divided about nearly everything. one of my colleagues was down at street level when joe biden's motorcade came past and this person started screaming at the motorcade, joe biden, you are a... murderer! and that is a symbol of where america is. i think it underlines why memorials like today are so important. there are probably 100 million americans who were not born or have no memory of 9/11. i know you're going to talk about the us open finals, neither of the players competing in that were born on 9/11. it is very important for america and the world to remember and take heed of what happened that
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dreadful day. and take heed of what happened that dreadful day-— the latest uk coronavirus figures now — and there were 29,5117 new infections recorded in the latest 24—hour period, which means an average of 37,121 cases per day in the last week. the figures also show there were 8,098 people in hospital being treated for coronavirus as of wednesday. in the latest 2a hour period, 156 deaths were reported, that's people who died within 28 days of a positive covid—19 test. it takes the average number of deaths per day to 140 over the last week. borisjohnson is expected to announce his covid winter plan for england on tuesday. 0ur political correspondent chris mason is here. what do we know? we will get a news conference on tuesday, as well as an address to parliament, setting of the government plans for england for the coming months, during the autumn and
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winter, as the nhs faces potentially a triple whammy. an increase in the number of covid cases, a spike in flu cases in the backlog we have heard so much about. there was already evidence of that. look at scotland today, with the unite union saying that the army should be brought in to help a&e crews, such is the pressure there. officials in england are looking at contingency plans if there is a spike here, and there is a fear around hospital struggling. for instance, facemasks being used again, people working from home if possible, if necessary. the prime minister there will say that some of the emergency powers that some of the emergency powers that the government took hold of in england, for instance insisting that schools should close, they will be revoked. separately, the committee that looks at vaccinations expected on monday to decide or set out its advice on who should be eligible for advice on who should be eligible for a third booster vaccine, to protect them over the winter. chris, many thanks. the bbc understands that lawyers for prince andrew are challenging a claim that court papers, relating to allegations


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