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tv   Newswatch  BBC News  October 8, 2021 8:45pm-9:01pm BST

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it's still showing the major speeches live, but why have the bbc stopped broadcasting party political conferences in full? and, by displaying conservative slogans prominently on its conference set, is bbc news guilty of helping the party advertise itself? for years, encounters between borisjohnson and bbc interviewers have provoked strong and polarised reactions. there were several such meetings this week, starting with the andrew marr show last sunday. after more than ten years of flat—lining, what you are seeing is people on no incomes are being paid more. and by the way, here's an example... no, let me finish this point. you said something that isn't true, i'm afraid. isn't true about wages. liz wright wonders...
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but janet haagensen had a different perspective.... and there was a similar division of opinion nick robinson's radio for interview with misterjohnson on tuesday morning — the prime minister's first on the today programme for over two years. there's no... there's no supply of young people in this country who frankly at the moment are thinking of becoming truck drivers. that is going to change — that is going to change... prime minister, stop talking. we are going to have . questions and answers, not where you merely talk, if you don't mind. - now the question and i want to ask you is about the cost _
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of living, if you would. giles bedloe contacted us to say... butjean jeeves begged... those interviews were conducted at conservative party conference — and several other programmes were broadcast from there this week, most of them using the same location at the conference venue in manchester. the set, in each case, was customised with the programme's logo — but also prominent in
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the wide camera shot on newsnight, for example, were the conservatives�* slogans for the week. "building back better", "getting on with the job", and "delivering on the people's priorities". they could also be seen on politics live, prompting neil faragher to ask on monday... the following day, several viewers spotted those same slogans on breakfast, causing jackie baker to email... well, the same issue arose to a lesser extent last week when the bbc set for programmes like politics live at the labour conference included the party's logo and branding — but less prominently than with the conservatives this week. we asked bbc news about this,
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and they told us... a number of bbc programmes and journalists had a presence at the conservative party conference this week — as they did last week for labour — and in both cases, the major speeches were shown live on the news channel. but overall, there has been a considerable reduction in the bbc�*s conference coverage. in previous years, bbc parliament has broadcast the major party's annual gatherings in full, along with highlights of the smaller parties�* conferences. but this time around, those tuning into bbc parliament were offered instead the proceedings of the scottish and welsh parliaments and northern ireland assembly — often repeats from previous debates on previous days, like this debate in the scottish parliament shown this monday — but actually
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from last thursday. thank you, i ask the scottish government when it will implement part three of the transport scotland act 2018 to allow local authorities to bring forward proposals to directly run bus services in theirarea. as i outlined in my letter to all members injune, to implement part three of the act resumed earlier this year, following a pause necessitated for the pandemic. the reason for this change is money. the bbc has to make substantial savings and, as part of its programme of cuts, rolling coverage of the party conferences has ended for the first time since the 1960s. it's not clear exactly how much money this saves, given that the filming of conferences is happening anyway and shared on a pooled basis between the bbc,
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itn, and sky. and the decision went down badly with mps when it emerged in the summer. conservative mp damian collins, for example, said at the time... now, viewers have been voicing their objections, too. writing last week, graeme pearce thought it was... british alaba made a similar point this week... and chairman moet reminisced... well, we really wanted to discuss this with an editor or executive from bbc news, but nobody was available to talk to us. instead, we were given the statement...
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do let us know your thoughts on anything we are covering in this week's programme, or on any aspect of bbc news. details of how to contact us at the end of the programme. now for some of your other concerns this week. it's almost three weeks since the volcano started erupting on the spanish island of la palma — and this week, molten lava was continuing to pour out of it, with eruptions sending gas and ash almost four miles into the air. hundreds of properties have been destroyed and thousands of people have fled their homes. covering the story for the bbc
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has been danjohnson, who posted this tweet a couple weeks ago, looking forward to "a (hopefully) spectacular live update on the bbc news at 10pm." at the time, malcolm tattum sent us this response... danjohnson used that word "spectacular" in another tweet on monday — and again, there was a negative reaction, with yambag yahtzee writing... well, we put those objections to bbc news, and they told us... there was another environment story close to home on tuesday's news at 6pm, as described by sophie
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raworth. there has been flash flooding in many parts of the uk after torrential rain overnight. in some places, it was up to a month's worth of rain which fell in just hours. there was flash flooding in pontypridd. the fire and rescue service in south, mid, and west wales said they've been inundated with calls for help. victoria wytcherley was watching that and was not impressed. she writes... also feeling hard done by this week were a number of current and former royal air force personnel who got
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in touch us after watching reports like this on monday's news at 6pm. this is the army helping out in the distribution of british petrol. even as there are wider post—lockdown supply chain challenges across the globe, these scenes are unique to britain. for the government, alongside some new visas for drivers, this is an example of what the chancellor referred to as "whatever it takes" to deal with problems in getting goods to market normally. the line at the start of the clip, "this is the army," was changed when the report went out at 10pm to, "this is the military," as the pictures actually showed members of the raf — but not before this call to our telephone line. i wonder whether you could kindly stop reporting at the army is delivering the fuel? you'll find that it's all three services, predominantly the raf because they have a supply of taker drivers that normally fuel aircraft. i am getting rather upset at the fact that the army
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are getting all the credit. thank you very much. goodbye. thank you for all your comments this week. if you want to share your about what you see or hear on bbc news, on tv, radio, online email at, or you can find us on twitter at @newswatchbbc. you can call us at... do have a look at our website for previous discussions. that's all from us, we'll be back to hear your thoughts about bbc news coverage again next week. goodbye. hello, again. it was another very mild day on friday with temperatures in the warmest spots reaching the low 20s. and although there was quite a bit of cloud for some, others saw the sunshine come through, for example, in scarborough in north yorkshire. and just down the coastline in bridlington, this was one of the places where we saw temperatures reach 21 celsius. that's 7 degrees above where
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temperatures should be at this stage of october. so it has been very mild. as i say, there has been some sunshine, northern east wales, northern england, the far north of scotland, otherwise it's been pretty cloudy. notice we're starting to see some breaks in the cloud in kent. that's behind a very weak cold front. this stripe of cloud you can see here, that's important, because behind tha, the air turns cooler and fresher. it will tend to kill off the cloud across east anglia, across parts of the midlands and central southern england overnight, leaving a few mist and fog patches across southwest england, wales and northern england. outbreaks of rain turning heavier for northern ireland and into western scotland where we could see some areas of localised surface water flooding, particularly in parts of highland. now, through saturday, this weather front that's been with us for ages is starting to pull away from northern ireland and scotland, eventually through the afternoon bringing a bit of rain to the far north of northern england and north wales. most of england having much more in the way of sunshine compared with recent days. and the weather improving certainty across northern ireland
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and western scotland as well. so those changes are behind this cold front that's going to be pushing its way southeastward through the weekend. yes, the air will get fresher, but it will be much more in the way of sunshine for many on sunday. so a few showers for scotland across northern and western areas, maybe one or two for the north coasts of northern ireland. here is our cold front, very weak, just bringing a few patches of cloud, maybe an odd spit of rain across east anglia and southern england, but most of the day will be dry and bright. plenty of sunshine elsewhere. temperatures about 14— 16 celsius quite widely, so still a little above average. now, monday sees a bit more rain move into northern and western scotland. could be quite heavy for a time as well. temperatures here getting close to average. it will be a bit cooler than it has been. highs of 12 in aberdeen, but otherwise temperatures a little above average, bright or sunny spells, highs between around 15—17 degrees. but in the week ahead, those temperatures will continue to get a bit closer to normal as we get toward the middle part of the week. that's your weather.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 9pm: the nobel peace prize is awarded to two journalists for their efforts to safeguard freedom of expression. maria ressa of the philippines and russia's dmitry muratov. this prize belonas russia's dmitry muratov. this prize belon . s to russia's dmitry muratov. this prize belongs to those _ russia's dmitry muratov. this prize belongs to those who _ russia's dmitry muratov. this prize belongs to those who are _ russia's dmitry muratov. this prize belongs to those who are no - russia's dmitry muratov. this prizej belongs to those who are no longer with us and those brilliant young people who are, right now, on the third floor of the newsroom. backing down on safe — third floor of the newsroom. backing down on safe havens _ third floor of the newsroom. backing down on safe havens after _ third floor of the newsroom. backing down on safe havens after months . third floor of the newsroom. backing | down on safe havens after months of negotiations, more than 130 nations agree to radically change the international tax system. the uk's steel industry asks the government to help it cope with the rising price in energy but doesn't get the answer it was hoping for. i
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price in energy but doesn't get the answer it was hoping for.— price in energy but doesn't get the answer it was hoping for.


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