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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  November 28, 2021 11:45pm-12:00am GMT

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third night. it's not a great situation _ third night. it's not a great situation for them. ~ , ., situation for them. absolutely not. i think it's possibly _ situation for them. absolutely not. i think it's possibly a _ situation for them. absolutely not. i think it's possibly a better - i think it's possibly a better situation for those people who are stuck in the pub. apparently one—woman has said, i don't want to leave. and apparently there is plenty of beer. i’m leave. and apparently there is plenty of beer-— leave. and apparently there is [en ofbeer. ~' ., . . plenty of beer. i'm kind of amazed the still plenty of beer. i'm kind of amazed they still stuck _ plenty of beer. i'm kind of amazed they still stuck there. _ plenty of beer. i'm kind of amazed they still stuck there. surely - they still stuck there. surely somebody could get these guys out but maybe they don't want to leave. there are worse places to be locked away. fix. there are worse places to be locked awa . �* . , there are worse places to be locked awa. , there are worse places to be locked awa. i, away. a tunnel has apparently been dun out of away. a tunnel has apparently been dug out of the _ away. a tunnel has apparently been dug out of the front _ away. a tunnel has apparently been dug out of the front door. _ away. a tunnel has apparently been dug out of the front door. but - away. a tunnel has apparently been dug out of the front door. but the l dug out of the front door. but the problem is that the roads are now impossible to get them out. maybe that's just an excuse. who knows? anyway, joe and ann, it's been a pleasure to talk to you both. thank you so much for your company. it's been great. thank you for watching. until the next time, bye—bye.
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hello, and welcome to the film review on bbc news. to take us through this week's cinema releases is mark kermode. what have you been watching? a proper mixed bag. we have a shepherd, which is an eerie british chiller. we have house of gucci, which is the new film by ridley scott. and pirates where we party like it's 1999. shepherd — tell me more. here is the thing. you don't like horrorfilms and it's not a horrorfilm, it's a chiller. there is a distinction. it's an atmospheric chiller and i'm trying to talk you into it.
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this is a story about a young man who is suffering from grief, he lost his wife and is filled with guilt, and decides to take a position on a remote scottish island as the shepherd, only him on the island, a very small rundown house, his dog and a lighthouse which looks worrying decrepit. he is dropped off on the island by kate dickie in sinister style. here's a clip. so, you're just leaving now? it's not my place here. when will you be back? i'll be back next - tuesday with supplies. anything else you need, you let me know. - 0k. you've got some sheep to find. best get to it, mr black. you'll not be short of chores here, that's for sure. - i nearly forgot... you'll be needing this — a journal. keep it safe.
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good luck. something's haunting you, mr black. i can see it. i hope you get the chance to confront it. _ i am not messing with her. wow! kate dickie... she is brilliant. brilliant in everything, and every movie she is in, she gives iio%, and she is terrific, and as you saw from that scene, a fantastically expressive face and a way of saying loads while actually saying very little and the way in which even talking quietly she can make something sound really significant and important. here's the thing about this film — we've seen films in which people
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are alone on islands and left of their own devices, they start seeing things, are they real, are they in their mind, is it natural or supernatural and we've seen it before. but this is doing it very well and, firstly, has great performances, as you saw their and there is a really good score and sound design which are intertwined so that the music and sound of the land, there are sheep sounds and didgeridoo sounds, and then weird things and you think, "is it a string or the sound of the wind?" and it all gives the film real texture. and i mean it when i say, it is a horror film, but it is on the creepier edge of things. it's to do with atmosphere, a sense of dread. i say this to you because i know you are not a horrorfan, but i do think there is so much in this you would enjoy, not least kate dickie's terrific performance, and it's not a big budget british film and has a real atmosphere about it, so i think it's worth checking out. lots of people will love that and will see even watching that
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clip, it's beautiful to look at. on the way it captures the loneliness of the terrain. and you do look at it and you think you are on the island and you can imagine what the isolation is like because that for me is a particular horror, that idea of of being completely isolated and alone — i'm a social creature. which leads us nicely into... house of gucci — i'm dying to hear what you think of it. lady gaga as the wife and became part of the gucci clan and became involved in a great high—profile scandal, which i won't spoil for anyone who doesn't know about it, and an extraordinary cast and lady gaga is good at giving us a character who is properly three—dimensional and the press called at the end, she has this very brash and garish exterior, but we get to see at her as a rounded character and we have adam driver who is very low—key and keeps everything under wraps and we havejeremy irons,
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who is kind of vampiric and we have al pacino, who was very al pacino. everybody, incidentally, speak english with an italian accent because that's the way the movie has chosen to go, and then you have jared leto, and he is paulo, and his performance is nothing short of ridiculous. there is a weird thing. you've seen the trailer forthis, right? so over the top. i thought, what is going on here? the really odd thing is the film is nothing like as camp as the trailer suggests, for better or worse and i'm a big fan of that. and this has a serious story to it and some very good performances and some great design, and then leto who is just doing that thing about — "awards, judges, look, i am acting, i am doing this ridiculous voice" and he does this voice, which is like somebody singing,
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and you go — can you just be in the movie with the rest of the cast? there are things in there that i enjoyed and i think lady gaga is great and she will get an awards nomination. it is the most showy performance and utterly ludicrous. that is intriguing on so many levels. pirates. new year's eve, 1999. remember that? three friends who were acceptable and one of them has now gone to college and wants to say, took, our pirate radio days are behind us. but there is another who says, what we need to do is go to a big y2k party because there is a girl i want to kiss when it comes to midnight, so they all barrelled towards these plans for midnight in 1999. here's a clip. anything could happen after that, i wouldn't care. this isn't just any new year — it's the new year! anyone who's anyone is gonna be there! and i'm gonna be there.
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we're gonna be there! look, whatever happens with sophie, i'm starting the year 2000 twice as flipping nice with my best mates. you want the same thing, right? i know you're not asking me, but for what it's worth, i do. | i want things to be nice — twice. you do too, innit, cap? perhaps. i'm in. cheering yes! i love films about friendship. isit...? that is exactly what it's about, and here's the really nice thing about it. there is a certain type of streetwise british movie that often falls into kind of drugs and gangs, cliches, but this doesn't do that. what it is is exactly what you just said — it is a film about friendship, and there's a whole nostalgia thing going on in, and there is a tamagotchi and music from the period and a funny
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joke about simply red, and a lot of that period detail, but at the heart of it is the timeless thing about three friends who have been together fora longtime who are at that point when nothing is going to be the same after this and entering a new period and everything will change, and you can look back to things like american graffiti as a precursor of that, and it doesn't matter when they are set — i mean, the nostalgia thing is lovely, but what you care about is, do you like the people asa group? and the colour palette of the film, the blues and reds, very saturated so it has a very bright look to it. the humour is very funny, the performances are nice and it's kind of low—key in a way that is a nice surprise. there's a couple of very funny set pieces, a set piece that takes place in a takeaway food place, but has one of the bestjokes i've seen in the film this year. so i thought it was quite charming and what i liked
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was exactly what you said — it is about friendship and it manages to make you believe in those characters as friends, even when everything else going on around them is a little bit ridiculous and a little bit caricatured, you do believe in the friendship group and i like that. anyway, it's called pirates and i enjoyed it very much. really looking forward to that. good! and best out — i'm very sad i haven't seen it yet because i haven't seen it yet. here is the thing with petite maman, it's kind of fairytale fantasy about a young girl who meets another girl who looks weirdly like her. and her life seems to mirror that of her mother. and to say anything else would to over explain it, but its feet are in the soil and on the ground, but it has got a fairytale element to it and its 72 or 73 minutes long and has more
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truth and integrity and incite, it than of the features i've seen this year and i think the last one. it was so beautiful to took, everything about it was so beautifully put together. i think she never puts a foot wrong, so my ambition is a film starring kate dickie — that's would tick all the boxes. so that is best out. and on streaming? and adam driver who we saw in house of gucci, which is annette, the sparks musical which has been out in the cinemas and was written by sparks, the pop group, and we had this conversation before, you weren't a huge fan of sparks. i don't know them, sorry. it's a musical in which one of the main characters is played by a puppet, and that sounds like, 0k, that's quirky and odd and strange for the sake of being quirky and odd and strange but it isn't, but what it is is it is moving and it's engrossing and adam driver
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is terrific in it and it played at the cannes film festival and it surprised everyone by being so accomplished and reminds you that sparks with the most cinematic pop groups and it's been in the cinema and has come exclusively to mubi in your home work next week is to watch this and petite maman, and if you can get up the courage, go and see shepherd. i've got a week a busy week. it's a chiller. a quick thought about adam driver because i feel like he is everywhere. nothing against him, but he is everywhere. here is the interesting thing about him. he's a very malleable actor, so he can play completely different roles like he was in that musical we just saw and in each one of them he plays different characters, and again, sorry to keep going on to this, it brings me back to kate dickie who you can see on minute in green night and she is the queen, and you could watch the films is not realise you are watching the same actor and that, for me,
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is the definition of a great actor. thank you for being with us at the kate dickie fan club here. unashamedly. and enjoy your cinema going whatever you choose to see. i got a busy week. see you next time. thanks for being with us. bye— bye. hello. for much of the uk it's a very cold and icy start to the new week. there are changes afoot. this is a warm front draped across scotland and northern ireland through monday morning. behind it some milder air. ahead of it, we are still in the cold air with a widespread ice risk across much of scotland and england. but that front will be pushing outbreaks of rain preceded by some hill sleet and snow into parts of scotland through the morning. that gradually transfers its way southwards and
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patchy rain into northern ireland, perhaps into the far north of england. cloud increasing elsewhere away from east anglia, say, down to dorset will hold on to the best of the sunshine. but a cold feeling day here, less cold further north with highs of nine or 10 c. overnight the cloud increases pushing that mild air across the uk. we will see some outbreaks of rain and drizzle but a look at the temperatures come tuesday morning, frost free for most of us. a much milder day on tuesday that will bring some rain at times and the colder air returns as we head into wednesday but also with some wintry showers. goodbye.
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welcome to newsday, reporting live from singapore, i'm karishma vaswani. the headlines... more countries introduce travel restrictions as the new coronavirus variant spreads — the south african president criticises governments who've cut—off his country. these restrictions are completely unjustified and unfairly discriminate against our country and our southern african sister countries. health ministers from the world's seven leading economies will take part in an emergency meeting on monday to discuss how to deal with the omicron variant. how a kurdish father of three in northern iraq fears his whole family were among those who drowned in the english channel.


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