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this is bbc news. the headlines at apm: another 86 cases of omicron are confirmed in the uk as the government defends the decision to re—introduce pre—departure covid tests from tuesday. we want to make sure we take those steps earlier precisely to avoid the bigger disruption to travel and the economy. remembering arthur labinjo—hughes — a vigil brings the solihull street where he lived to a standstill as a national review is launched into his murder. business secretary kwasi kwarteng has visited the north east of england where power cuts from storm arwen have lasted more than a week. residents say it's unacceptable. one of the big issues we have is the response of the company in trying to identify people who are affected by
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this, especially vulnerable people. pope francis holds a mass at megaron concert hall in greece after visiting a migrant camp on the island of lesbos. sam kerr for chelsea, what a goal! to seal the fa cup victory. chelsea are fa cup champions after beating arsenal at wembley, a match delayed by the pandemic. and coming up at 4:30pm, we have a wide—ranging interview with poland's prime minister, mateusz morawiecki, in a new episode of the interview. good afternoon. the government has defended the further tightening of travel restrictions. from tuesday, anyone coming to the uk will have to show a negative test for coronavirus, taken in the 48 hours
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before they set off. ministers say the move is necessary, because of the new omicron covid variant which has been linked directly to foreign travel. but industry groups say it's another devastating blow for them. meanwhile nigeria will be added to the travel red list from tomorrow, meaning arrivals must quarantine in a hotel for ten days. here's our business correspondent, katie prescott. once—in—a—lifetime holidays to snowy destinations. people flying to lapland for these christmas breaks are now desperate for information from the travel agent who organised them. it's the predeparture test, you know, the questions are, you know, what happens if any of us test positive in the resort? what happens? where do we go? are we stuck here? who do we go to? it's just that whole loss of confidence again. travellers contacting the bbc say it's all adding to uncertainty around going away. we know we have to take a predeparture test so the fact we have to take
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one to come back to the uk, that in itself wouldn't deter me from making the journey in the first place. i suppose it'sjust the accumulative nature of all the different things you've got to do plus the overarching anxiety that you're on an aircraft for, in my case, just under two hours. it's a major blow at a sensitive time according to the travel industry. we believe that this will be a significant setback for demand this winter. real impacts on christmas. i think we will see people now cancelling or postponing travel plans and for a sector that hasn't had any revenue for 18 months, give or take a few months over the summer period, it's really significant indeed. the airlines do not make money in the winter so we've got a very difficult stretch ahead of us now. but the deputy prime minister says it's better to be safe than sorry and that this will avoid more disruption in the long run. i think, though, that the worst thing would be to then lurch, i having not taken incremental steps
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that can make a difference, - even if it's only at the margins. i think we want to make sure we take those steps earlier precisely- to avoid the biggest disruption to travel and the economy. - many of these passengers arriving at london's heathrow airport today will have to test before they come home. but the measures will be looked at again in three weeks' time. katie prescott, bbc news. in the last hour the government has said it's detected more than 250 confirmed of the omnicon variant in the uk. a short time ago i spoke to our health correspondent katharine da costa who outlined where the cases had been found. the uk health security agency updates the number of confirmed cases of omicron in the uk so there have been an extra 86 confirmed cases, of those 68 were in england and 18 in scotland so that brings the overall total to 246
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in the uk so while cases are ticking up they are still small numbers, some linked to travel and there is also early signs of it spreading in communities but it's too soon to say whether this variant will take off in other countries. it's important to remember the uk is already seeing more than 40,000 new cases of delta every day so while the early data coming out of south africa shows it spreading more quickly than previous waves and that there is a high risk of reinfection from those who have already had covid, it's too soon to say what that will mean for the uk. and the vaccination booster programme in the uk, where does that stand? this is why the government is trying to boost the booster campaign and get every adult boosted by the end of january to turbo—charge our protection, because we are still waiting for information about how effective the vaccine will be with this variant.
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we may find out lab data in the next week which looks at antibody levels and how that controls this variant but that;s lab data. it will take several more weeks to get real—world data to see how effective the vaccines are. let's take a look at the latest covid figures there have been 5a new deaths, that his death recorded within 28 days of a positive covid test. the business secretary, kwasi kwarteng, has criticised the failure to reconnect thousands of homes which have been without power for nine days. the energy networks association estimates that about 4000 properties are still affected following storm arwen. some people say they've been told they won't be reconnected until wednesday. mr kwarteng has been visiting those affected in county durham. i completely accept this is totally unacceptable
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and it's wrong and bad for people to be off power for such a long time and that is why i am here, to make sure we get people back on as quickly as possible. as i said, for 99.5% of people they are back on but for the ones having to put up with this, it is unacceptable. meanwhile army troops will continue to support residents in remote areas. mark mcalindon sent this report from northumberland. on saturday, royal artillery troops arrived at the west hartford fire station near cramlington to be briefed on battle plans of an unfamiliar kind. we're a very flexible organisation. we're trained and prepared for a range of tasks, be it abroad or at home. and, in this case, you know, in this period of goodwill, what better... what more rewarding task could there be than, you know, providing support and comfort to our local towns and villages? here to meet them was the mp for the enormous berwick—on—tweed constituency, where many have endured more than a week without power. these are very unusual events. and what we need to make sure is that when and if they do happen, that the ability to look after those
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most vulnerable who need it whilst the repairs are made is the critical part. in rothbury, small detachments collected supplies to take to remote and single households. from there, it was into the hills that surround the town, going door to door where evidence of the power of last week's storm is still visible. this is just a small part of a deployment of around 80 troops who've fanned out across remote parts of northumberland today, checking on some of the last households without power that people are ok. in the hamlet of yetlington, we find one woman, though, who's struggling to cope. it's terrible. it's awful. have you been told when your power will be restored? wednesday. next wednesday? wednesday coming, hopefully. can you cope until next wednesday? i'll have to. we're into eight days and possibly for some heading into nine days. there's a lot of strong people that live round here.
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quite resilient communities. we experience a lot of harsh winters, and we've had a lot of other disasters. but i think the strain for some is beginning to show. so, the wait for power goes on. but stephen bridgett says accommodation can be provided for those who want it. mark mcalindon, bbc news. earlier i spoke to charles palmer, a health care worker who lives in northumberland. he explained his situation. it's been pretty bad, as you've been hearing from your correspondence there. one of the issues is the response of the company in identifying those people who are affected by this and were vulnerable and it was not until thursday and maybe friday this week that the efforts of the council, local mps and the community itself,
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local businesses have been the major sort of whip that has got things moving. we are fortunate here because today the forestry services company at hexham have delivered a generator to get the water pump going because many properties here rely on a well which has allowed me to light a oil boiler, we are off grid so gas boilers need power to work to get anything going so we can now run our heating and light and at least it makes the house habitable. there are still lots of houses around here and in more remote hills that haven't got any power, they are running low on coal and money. can you speak to your neighbours, do you form a network or are the distances too difficult for that? social media is obviously a big boon but one problem is the power cuts have taken out some of the communication facilities and you are also dealing with some vulnerable people who are not that internet—literate so they are finding real difficulties in finding out what's going on. it's all very well for a power
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company to push out messages on broadcast media but people haven't got access to that at the moment so it is incumbent on their neighbours and those of us who have the wherewithal to go out and find out what is going on and make sure they are all right and issues are being turned up on a daily basis. we have come across an issue around generator provision that is causing great concern and that is something that is now becoming a problem, it is how that crisis is being managed and we just want to make sure people are getting the care and the aid they need and they need it now, not in two days or tomorrow. has there been thought about evacuating people from their homes to places where they can get heating? people have been evacuated from their homes, up at falston, a remote area in the scottish border.
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the fire brigade evacuated six homes after heat pumps completely failed and elderly residents were found very close to hypothermia if not hypothermic at the time. the fire chief did not think they would have made the night. that was last sunday. the weather here continues to be atrocious, we had four inches of snow last night and are expecting the same tonight and temperatures are expected to plummet by monday and tuesday. pope francis has used a visit to greece to condemn the treatment of migrants in europe, urging people to focus on the causes of migration including "forgotten wars" instead of punishing people who feel their effects. within the past hour, he's been holding mass at a concert hall in the greek capital, athens for more than 2000 people. earlier, he met refugees on the island of lesbos and touring a temporary reception centre there that was set up after the well—known moria camp burned down last year. it's the second time the pope has visited the island in five years. during sunday's visit he spoke about the plight of migrants
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and urged people to treat them with compassion. translation: those who are afraid of you have never looked... ..have never looked you in the eye. those who are afraid of you have never seen your faces. never seen your children. those people forget that migration is not a problem of the middle east. not a problem of north africa. not a problem of europe and of greece. it is a problem of the world. yes, it is a problem of the whole world. a humanitarian crisis affecting everyone... our correspondent fergal keane is on the island of lesbos and sent this update. the pope came here with a profound message about the treatment of refugees. in essence, he said, recognise their humanity, nothing can be gained from building more walls, but much has changed since he first
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visited in 2016. we now live in a europe where fences have gone up, where pushbacks of migrants on land and at sea including here from the island of lesbos have become commonplace. from croatia to hungary to the english channel, there are continuing stories of refugees in distress. what pope francis wanted to do here today was to focus not just the attention of greek authorities or indeed the european union, but global attention on the problems that face refugees. he's calling for an end to what he has long complained about, a culture of selfishness, of self interest, of individualism, and asking for people once again to look at a much larger context. however, the truth is that in europe especially, attitudes have hardened and that is reflected in the pushbacks, the fences that we have seen going up. it is hard to see anywhere right now
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a coherent political vision to tackle this problem. the headlines on bbc news... another 86 cases of omicron are confirmed in the uk as the government defends the decision to re—introduce pre—departure covid tests from tuesday remembering arthur labinjo—hughes — a vigil brings the solihull street where he lived to a standstill as a national review is launched into his murder business secretary kwasi kwarteng has visited the north east of england where power cuts from storm arwen have lasted more than a week. residents say it's unacceptable. sport and for a full round up, from the bbc sport centre, including the women's fa cup, here is sarah mulkerrins. let's start with the women's fa cup final as chelsea
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are the new champions, after beating arsenal 3—0 at wembley this afternoon. fran kirby got the blues off the mark quickly — scoring just three minutes in for the side looking to complete a domestic treble. they had so many chances, as arsenal looked rattled, but it took until the second half for australia's sam kerr to extend their lead and then she produced the moment of the match, with a brilliant goal — treating the 40,000 strong crowd. captain magdalena eriksson receiving that trophy on the 50th edition of the cup final. plenty of celebrations to come for chelsea. there are four second round fixtures in the men's fa cup as well today. earlier league i plymouth argyle avoided an upset at league 2 rochdale, with lukejephcott scoring a late winner less than two minutes after coming on as a substitute.
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and callum lang scored both his side's goals as wigan beat colchester 2—i. kidderminster harriers are a goal up against halifax, while salford city face chesterfield at quarter past five. highlights of all the games on a special fa cup match of the day at 11.45 tonight. manchester united are up to sixth in the premier league and are within three points of the top four after beating crystal palace 1—0 at old trafford this afternoon. it was the first game in charge for new interim boss ralph rangnick and he would have been delighted with fred's 77th minute winner, the brazilian midfielder hitting a superb effort from 20 yards. the victory means that rangnick emulated three of united's otherfour new managers since sir alex ferguson retired by winning his first match at the helm. after a promising start to patrick vieira's time at crystal palace, the eagles have now failed to win in their past four matches. let's have a look at some of the other results so far today. leeds scored a late _ other results so far today. leeds scored a late goal— other results so far today. leeds scored a late goal to _
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other results so far today. leeds scored a late goal to end - other results so far today. leeds scored a late goal to end 2-2 - scored a late goal to end 2—2 against brentford and a dominant performance by tottenham against norwich, and aston villa against leicester city will kick off in about 15 minutes. celtic have moved back to within four points of rangers at the top of the scottish premiership following a 3—nil win at dundee united. tom rogic and david turnbull put celtic into a commanding lead before young defender liam scales finished the scoring on what was only his fourth appearance as a substitute since moving from shamrock rovers in august. one other game in the spl today, with livingston hosting hearts and liam boyce has put the away side 1—0 up in the second half. it is a huge day in the formula 1 title fight, as contenders lewis hamilton and max verstappen battle it out at the saudi arabian grand prix. hamilton starts the penultimate race of the season on pole but if verstappen manages to outscore hamilton by 18 points today he will win his maiden title. but the bbc�*s f1 reporterjennie gow says hamilton is taking the pressure in his stride.
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he has been very clear in the fact he is the elder statesman of formula 1, he has done this, he said on thursday it is not my first rodeo so he is trying to draw on that and use this on a psychological battle between himself and max verstappen. but i think when it comes to it, both are very calm, they are going into today knowing the importance, max verstappen could end today with his first world title but both of them seem calm, cool and ready for action later. that will get under way at 5:30pm. australia have named their team for the first test of the ashes which starts at midnight on tuesday evening our time. travis head is included in the batting line up ahead of usman khawaja, while left—arm fast bowler mitchell starc keeps his place in the side. here's the reaction of england captainjoe root. we tried not to focus too much on what their exact 11 was going to be, making sure we prepare for the whole squad, and ultimately looking after ourselves as well, making sure
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we are ready in ourselves and we are clear on how we want to approach the series and the test match individually. we know what to expect now, with two days to prepare, we have real clarity for that first ball. just a reminder that the uk snooker championship final is under way in york. you can find it on the bbc sport website — luca brecel taking on zhao xintong — zhoa leading five frames to three i'll have more for you in the next hour. a six—year—old boy, who was the only survivor of a cable car crash in italy, has been returned to the country, after being smuggled to israel by his grandfather. israel's supreme court rejected a final appeal to let him stay. aytan biran was living in italy at the time of the accident that killed his parents, his younger brother and his great—grandparents. jatinder dhillon reports. it was a heart—rending story. back in may, a cable car
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crashed in northern italy and everyone inside was killed. except for one boy. six—year—old eitan biran was saved by his father's protective hug, but his parents, younger brother and great—grandparents were among the 14 who died in the accident. what then followed was months of a bitter custody battle for eitan between his italian and israeli families. an italian court gave guardianship to his paternal aunt, an israeli—born doctor who lives in italy. but in september, eitan�*s maternal grandfather smuggled the boy to israel where he lives. the grandfather had visitation rights. he took his grandson out for the day, travelled with him by car to switzerland, and then flew to tel aviv in a privatejet, using the boy's israeli passport. eitan�*s aunt petitioned the israeli family court
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for his return to italy. then in october, the israeli court found that the grandfather's actions had amounted to kidnapping under the hague convention on the return of abducted children. a final appeal was rejected by the israeli supreme court last month. and at the weekend, eitan returned to italy to live with his aunt. the lawyers for the aunt welcomed the ruling. translation: we hope l the spotlight on the child's private life can now be turned off to protect his privacy and a new chapter will begin to allow him to grow up more easily. it's even more necessary now after the terrible tragedy he experienced. the grandfather insists his actions were legal and in the boy's best interests.
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but the italian authorities are now pursuing kidnapping charges against him. meanwhile, he says the family will continue to fight to return eitan to israel but it's not clear what legal options are available to them in the italian courts. at least 14 people have died and dozens have been injured on indonesia's java island, after an active volcano erupted for the second time in months. indonesia sits on the ring of fire, a region around the pacific ocean that's susceptible to volcanos and earthquakes. the volcano — mount seemeru — has been in a state of near constant eruption for decades. here's the bbc�*s valdya baraputri. blanketed in volcanic ash, this is the devastating aftermath of the mount seemeru eruption with houses buried almost up to their rooms.
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heavy rain turned the ash into mud, adding a challenge to the rescue effort by the indonesian disaster mitigation agency. these adverse conditions have hampered the evacuation effort for the past two days. according to local officials ten people are still trapped in their homes and they are still looking for at least one missing person, meanwhile more than 900 people from villages had been evacuated to mosques, schools and village halls. rescue organisers say that for now they have received enough essential supplies like food, clothes, first aid and mask. those who had to flee their homes could not take anything with them. the houses were covered with thick volcanic ash and mud and their livestock killed in the eruption. the eruption of mount seemeru also destroyed a bridge that connected to regions in the area. a couple of villages have now been cut off,
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making it difficult to deliver aid to people in these isolated areas. officials hope that as soon as the weather permits, rescue and aid could be carried out by helicopter, but the indonesian geology agency warns of follow—up eruptions that can happen at any time. this is at least the third volcanic eruption in indonesia this year. the country has the most active volcanoes in the world, spread along sumatra and java islands. the duke of cambridge has revealed how his mental health was affected while he was an air ambulance pilot. prince william served in the east anglian air ambulance for two years and said the intensity of the job meant he felt he was "taking home people's trauma and sadness". in an audio recording for apple, which the prince made while walking through the queen's sandringham estate, he also shared the "treasured memory" of his mother, princess diana, singing tina turner "at the top of her voice" during the school run.
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four friends who are also dancers at the nupur arts dance academy in leicester have all won parts in a hollywood blockbuster. they responded to an advert for bollywood dancers and found themselves in the latest marvel movie — eternals. heidi booth went to meet them. a show—stopping slice of bollywood thanks to some hard work from leicester. shreya, nidi, and sanjay have danced their way into a massive hollywood blockbuster. being on set and being around these people, that's something i hadn't really experienced on that scale ever before. so, for me, as a dancer, to get that chance to be a part of something that i love watching so much... like, if someone told me you're going to be in a marvel movie doing bollywood dancing, i would never have believed them. it's unreal. the friends responded to an advert looking for professional south asian dancers. they had no idea it was for a marvel film until they got to the auditions.
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once we found out it was marvel, it was just the thrill of knowing we're going to be in a marvel movie. all four of us that auditioned got the role. it was just insane. an insane feeling, the excitement on the way back, we were all in the carjourney on the way back knowing that this is actually reality now. they are among 51 south asian bollywood dancers who feature in the new eternals movie alongside lead actor kumail nanjiani. cut! ok, everyone. that was good. just have to keep cool. it was amazing, such a good experience. l it was nice to be able - to share that set and the stage and the experience - with so many other dancers. this is the first time this many south asian dancers, british south asian dancers, have been in a hollywood movie this bit} — it is marvel, we made it in the mcu, we really did make history and this isjust the beginning. so i'm really excited to see what comes out of it.
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with the film now in cinemas, they can finally shout about being part of such a huge moment. everyone was so excited - when that could finally happen. well worth the wait. it was so monumental. and, you know, kumail nanjiani, who we were working with, was constantly reminding us that this is such a big step forward for south asians around the world. and, you know, we get to be the ones who represent that culture and bring it to the big screen. heidi booth, bbc news, leicester. a pair of hippos at a belgian zoo have been taken into quarantine after testing positive for covid. vets in antwerp say it's not clear how the animals — imani, aged 14, and hermien, who is 41 — caught the virus. restrictions have been tightened at the zoo until they test negative. the hippos are said to be doing well apart from having runny noses. now it's time for a look at the weather with darren.
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it's been quite a cold start to december, it felt chilly over the weekend and in the week ahead we will keep on this quite cold air, the risk of frost most nights and then some snow for northern hills, some windy weather on tuesday will be quite a talking point. we have a band of wet weather pushing east during monday, briefly some snow over northern hills and then it will be replaced by sunshine, blustery showers in western areas, wintry in western parts of scotland and a chilly wind. temperatures similar in many places to what we had on sunday but milder in the south—west of england and south wales. things go downhill on tuesday, this is the next named storm, a rapidly deepening area of low pressure heading to the uk, that has been named by the irish map service where we are more likely to have a bigger impact as faras we are more likely to have a bigger impact as far as the uk is concerned, just around 50 mph,
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stronger around exposed coasts and a possibility of disruption and damage. earlier in the day the strongest winds are in the west with this band of heavy rain that will move further north and east in the uk and into the cold airfor we are more likely to have snow in scotland and northern england, more over the southern uplands and highlands. a cold day here, milder in the south—west but the story is the strength of the wind. then as we move into wednesday the area of low pressure starts to weaken, the winds start to ease a inland areas during the night and on wednesday the strongest winds will be to the south of the live shower here in the south—west and in the english channel. with low pressure sitting over the uk it's a messy story with showers and longer spells of rain and cold enough for wintriness on high ground in scotland and northern england. pressure rises are crossed


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