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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  January 2, 2022 7:45pm-8:01pm GMT

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live up to the hype. not so for chelsea against liverpool in the premier league today. it was second against third in the table and they gave us a thrilling encounter at stamford bridge. the final score was 2—2, which doesn't help either side's title hopes — but that doesn't tell half of the story. so with a full match report, here's craig templeton. romelu lukaku was on the banners but not in the squad, dropped for an explosive interview which thomas tuchel said created "noise we don't need." part of the noise they did need came from a section of standing fans, allowed at a top—flight game for the first time in a quarter of a century. soon, they would be silenced atfter sadio mane spotted a mistake, and rounded the man on the line, 1—0.
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the stand—in manager celebrated with similar gusto. it wasn't long before he celebrated again as mo salah found a gap only he seems capable of finding. a gift before he departs for the africa cup of nations. chelsea were far from beaten, and their start back came in style. n'golo kante found pulisic. 2—2 in a breathless half of premier league football. after conceding two apiece, they second half saw the goalkeepers come to the fore. mendy kept out salah, and the opposing team and the opposing team stopped pulisic. it finished 2—2, a result that doesn't do much for either side's title hopes, but again was a joy to watch. well, as craig mentioned in his report, there so, missed opportunity for both sides as leaders manchester city stay ten points clear at the time, but post—match, both chelsea and
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liverpool seem content with the result. i'm happy with the attitude and the quality, and it showed there were lots still we can improve, and still we struggle. — still we can improve, and still we struggle, because also of injuries and we _ struggle, because also of injuries and we have to change the back three a-ain and we have to change the back three again during a match, which is never easy, _ again during a match, which is never easy, and _ again during a match, which is never easy, and always kills the momentum a bit, _ easy, and always kills the momentum a bit, unfortunately. so we don't want _ a bit, unfortunately. so we don't want to— a bit, unfortunately. so we don't want to be — a bit, unfortunately. so we don't want to be greedy. it's for today, it was_ want to be greedy. it's for today, it was absolutely 0k, want to be greedy. it's for today, it was absolutely ok, so a good match _ it was absolutely ok, so a good match of — it was absolutely ok, so a good match of football and i'm happy with my team _ my team. we - my team. we gave it everything. of my team. — we gave it everything. of course, we are disappointed with the two goals we conceded, so close to half—time and being 2—0 up. but i thought the lads came out second half, kept going, showed heart in defending, everybody defending, and then we got our rewards towards the end, that goal on the counterattack. so of course we will be disappointed with certain aspects but i think we can take positives in certain other areas as well. well, there was also a moment of history at stamford bridge as a selection of fans were allowed to
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legally stand during the match as part of a trial. a senior news reporter, laura scott, has the details of how it worked today. it was a hugely significant match for many reasons. today, 12,000 liverpool and chelsea fans became the first since 1994 to have been legally allowed to stand for the duration of a top—flight game. in reality, many fans have been persistently standing for a number of years, but have done so against a law that was introduced in the wake of the hillsborough disaster. there was a real mix of opinions from fans on their way into the match, with some saying there is a better atmosphere when fans are standing come others voicing some safety concerns and saying that that has to be the priority here. we know the police have some reservations about fans migrating into the standing areas, and a potential deterioration of fan behaviour, but those behind the pilot programme, which runs for the pilot programme, which runs for the rest of the season and involves four other clubs, are confident this
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can be done safely, with barriers between the rows of seats designed to prevent crowd collapses, and fans still have the option is to sit in their seat if they wish. but unlike their seat if they wish. but unlike the action on the pitch, we won't know the result of the pilot stay at the final whistle. know the result of the pilot stay at the final whistle. of the new year has brought a new era for football. elsewhere in the premier league today, brentford's excellent first season in the top flight goes on as they came from behind to beat aston villa. steven gerard's side took an early lead, and danny ings put villa ahead. but brentford were level before half—time. and the home side snatched the win seven minutes from time. it is live with the winner. the victory moved brentford above their opponents into 12th. so, while brentford enjoy life, everton definitely are not. the pressure continues to mount on manager rafael benitez, and his side were beaten again, losing 3—2 at
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home to brighton. it is their eighth defeat in 11 matches. it leaves them 15th in the table. i am concerned that we have to improve, especially in defence. you can see that the team push and work hard and then try, but we are missing a little bit of quality in the decisions in the final third, normally, cumberland also the kind of thing we can see, so it has to be something we improve. and there was late drama at elland road as danjames' goal in extra time ensured that united won 3—1 to increase the gap between them and the relegation zone. early remain third from bottom but have games in hand. now to the ashes, which resumes on tuesday evening uk time. ahead of the fourth test, it has been confirmed england head coach chris silverwood has tested positive for covid. he has been isolating in melbourne since late december following a positive sense from one of his family members. he will remain in isolation till saturday.
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england's squad have also undergone another round of routine pcr tests after a bowler tested positive in sydney. the fourth test will be played there. england are 3—0 down and have already lost the series. obviously, every positive case is not a good thing, but we are just dealing with the fact at the moment and getting tested every day, the doctors say we are in a good place to carry on, and we fully back that, so i'm concentrating on what i'm trying to do and so are all the lads, so we are really focused on the game. let's now get some of today's other sporting headlines. the day after being awarded an mbe in the honours, something else to celebrate. showing his versatility, the cross—country mountain bike champion zac second elite cyclo—cross win in the netherlands. brad hall has won his second silver in as many days at the bobsleigh world cup in latvia as he and nick gleeson finished behind germany in the two—man event. silver too for mica mcneill and adele nicoll as they finished behind the united states in their event.
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and andy murray will play argentine facundo bagnis in his first match of 2022. britain's former world number one has been awarded a wildcard for this week's australian open warm—up tournament in melbourne. and we'll stay with tennis, as great britain have gotten their atp cup campaign off to a winning start after beating germany in sydney. they won 2—1. it came down to the doubles match as each had won a singles match. they won in straight sets and are next in action on tuesday against canada. we are right behind each player who ever goes out there on the court. we give it our all in the court or on the bench, and, yeah, it's always a lot of fun for us. like the guys say, it is once or twice a year we get to play for team events, and for us, a lot of this is what we will remember when we finished playing, i
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think. rugby union now and premiership champions harlequins fought back to beat gloucester by 20 points to 17 at kingsholm. they trailed by 10 points midway through the second quarter, but came away with the win to stay 3rd on the table. patrick gearey was watching. visitors to gloucester must make their own welcome. harlequins knew they were entering a cauldron, one thing harlequins knew they were entering a cauldron, one of english rugby's most passionate places, especially when their team are making such progress. ruan ackerman over the line on his 100th gloucester appearance. quins were a man down at the time, but once level on numbers, they soon got even on points, with luke northmore's try, the reigning champions finally announcing themselves. the game settled into a rumbling stalemate, awaiting inspiration. a time to dare, thought danny care. on his 35th birthday, the type of try he has been scoring most of his life. as well as care, quins had concentration. marcus smith, back from covid to kick them further clear. but this is gloucester. they don't go quietly.
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everybody, every voice propelled santiago to the try line. quins lost that battle but won the war. a ferocious test has been passed. elsewhere in rugby's premiership, leicestertigers' superb season continues. they thrashed newcastle falcons 31—0. harry potter scored the bonus point—winning fourth try to maintain their 100% start to the season. saracens beat northampton in the day's other game. and finally, how cold is too cold to play sport? in the usa, the answer appears to be never, as the national hockey league's winter classic lived up to its name. freezing temperatures meant that the match between the minnesota wild and the st louis blues was the coldest outdoor game in the league's history, with the official temperature at the start of the match close to —21 degrees celsius. the players, and the fans, stood strong though,
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and it was the blues supporters who were rewarded, as they won 6—4. while! that is so cold. i don't fancy that at all. that's about it from us here on sports day. you can stay right up to date with all the new sports news on the website and the app. from the other team, have a lovely sunday evening. bye—bye. hello. it's still very mild out there. we have also had quite a few showers out there today, so a damp picture this evening and overnight. as far as the week ahead is concerned, it will turn colder compared to what we have got right now. the current of mild air all the way from air all the way from the southern climes,
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the azores here, coast of portugal and france. that air is still very much over us, right across europe and into belarus and ukraine answer in southern scandinavia. in the north, notice colder weather setting in, preceded by this when the front, which will arrive in northern scotland through the course of tonight. south of that, notice the wind, still blowing in from the west — south—west, so mild air, really mild morning, 8—9 for many of us. the north of scotland here in stornoway, three degrees. this weather front will bring sleet and snow to the mountains, particularly hills as well, maybe one or two towns and cities, but it will be a slow process, so moving slowly south through the course of monday. someone one day, yes, a bit colder. in scotland, round seven in aberdeen, nine in glasgow and edinburgh, which are still above the average, but double figure temperatures across england and wales. that weather front will continue to make itsjourney wales. that weather front will continue to make its journey further south. again, wintry as here, particularly across the southern uplands. here is another look at
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that weather front, the air mass graphic with the temperature of the atmosphere higher up. you can see colder air setting in, atmosphere higher up. you can see colderairsetting in, pushing atmosphere higher up. you can see colder air setting in, pushing that mild air to colder air setting in, pushing that mild airto the colder air setting in, pushing that mild air to the south, so buy early on tuesday morning, the following night, you could see a frost setting and early on tuesday across more northern parts of the country, whereas further south, we are still hanging on to some of that mild weather. here is a weather map for tuesday. i think all twins across scotland and bringing some wintry showers, particularly to the hills, but not exclusively. some coastal areas as well. a real wind chill, i think of the scotland on tuesday. 5 degrees in aberdeen and glasgow and closer to the seasonal normal, bang on, actually, across the south. 8 degrees in london the average this time of year. on wednesday, we are between weather systems. a weather front approaches from the west. we are ahead of it, so calm weather, lighter winds and some sunshine on wednesday. 0verall, fine, crisp day on the way.
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this is bbc news. these are the latest headlines in the uk and around the world. secondary school pupils in england are being asked to wear facemasks in classrooms to reduce the spread of 0micron. unions welcome the move. if that is going to do what we all want and keep young people in their school or in their college, then that will i think be a price worth paying. warnings of a worst case scenario of a quarter of staff in the public sector being off work because of covid. government ministers say there's nothing in the current covid data to suggest more restrictions are required in england. the widespread use of testing is an illustration of the fact that the british public are taking sensible steps to keep themselves safe and friends and family safe. fire engulfs the parliament building in south africa, after its sprinkler system failed.
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and the kenyan anthropologist and conservationist richard leakey —


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