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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  April 2, 2022 7:45pm-8:01pm BST

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so do whatever you want, but we are not going to win and every game is going to be like this. are games where you want to make 2a points, otherwise, we will not be champions. well before that — liverpool had moved above city — and gone top of the table, after beating watford 2—0 at anfield. we're set for an exciting showdown next weekend — when city and liverpool go head to head at the etihad. adam wild reports. before the game it felt like a parade. at anfield the passion always present. beneath the banners, a belief that this may be an extraordinary year. liverpool's potential quadruple, a stark counterpoint to the worry of watford, the scale of their ambition no greater than avoiding relegation and to have a chance they need to take chances like this. that difference in fortunes laid bare when just seconds later, diogo jota headed liverpool in front.
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jota coming on side, 1—0 liverpool. it was a lead that was almost doubled straight after the break, were it not for a quite brilliant defensive watford header. keeping them in the contest, betterfinishing. they may well have been level. indeed it was not until the closing seconds and a second look for the referee for liverpool to finally relax. a penalty put away by fabinho. no victory parade yet, but in the final push, points are all that matter. adam wild, bbc news. the result leaves watford still in the relegation zone, despite giving it a good go at times. it was a match that liverpool boss jurgen klopp felt was tough at times, with the side not quite at their best, following the time off. we could have done better, definitely. but, after being two weeks nearly not together and things like this and the early kick—off, it is really tricky, it is tricky.
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all teams have the same problems, but also after the international break, it was not the best game of the season. it was all fine, very controlled and that is what we wanted. ()elsewhere, christian eriksen�*s remarkable return to football keeps getting better and better — as brentford caused a huge shock at stamford bridge. he scored his first goalfor the club — as brentford ran out 4—1 winners. antonio rudiger had given chelsea the lead — before brentford scored three times in ten minutes. eriksen�*s goal coming inbetween two strikes from vitaly janelt. yoane wissa scored brentford's fourth late on to complete a memorable afternoon for thomas frank's side. sometimes you need some key players could lift the other players both by playing good, but also just pressing and christian does that. he is a very good player and we are pleased are pleased to have him playing for us. i said that if we could win
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here it would be the biggest result of the season and it definitely is. but the character, the mentality in these players, very impressive. manchester united missed the chance close in on the top four — as they were held to a frustrating draw at home to leicester. after a poor first half, it was the away side who took the lead — former manchester city striker kelechi ihearnacho with the diving header. but leicester led for just three minutes — fred the quickest to react after bruno fernandes�* shot was saved. leicester looked more likely to get a winner though — david de gea with a great save to deny wesley fofa na and moments later — leicester did score — butjames maddison�*s goal was disallowed by var — for a foul in the build up. 1—1 it finished — united stay 6th, leicester are 9th. in the day's other games — wolves boosted their hopes of playing in europe next season by beating aston villa to move up to seventh. brighton ended a run of six straight league defeats, with a draw to bottom side norwich.
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and leeds and southampton drew 1—all... five games in the scottish premiership today ahead of tomorrow's old firm derby. motherwell completed a sensational comeback to beat st mirren 4—2 for their first win of the year as they moved up to fifth. st mirren drop to 10th in the table, with their top—six hopes fading. the only other win of the day — came from stjohnstone, who beat livingston. in the championship, leaders fulham have moved another step closer to a return to the premier league. they beat queens park rangers 2—0 to stay 8 points clear at the top. nottingham forest have continued their charge towards to the playoffs. brennanjohnson scored twice to put them 3—0 up against blackpool before half time. before sam surridge added a fourth late on to seal the win for forest — blackpool did score moments later — but it was too little, too late. in the women's super league manchester city are within touching distance of the champions league places after beating west ham. it finished 2—0 in east london with georgia stanway
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scoring the opening goal after eight minutes. khadija shaw's header then sealed the three points in the second half. it means city are still in fourth but seperated from third placed manchester united only by goal difference. gareth southgate hopes the final round of premier league fixtures before the start of the world cup in qatar, won't hinder preparations for their opener against iran. the last set of league fixtures takes place the weekend of the 12th and 13th of november which is a little over a week before that first game. he also spoke to the bbc�*s football correspondentjohn murray about human rights issues in qatar and the possibility of playing either wales or scotland in the group stage. those games are unique. the players obviously know each other so well, they have played against each other all the time, so there is a familiarity that takes any fear away from whoever the opposition is and of course the expectation is high for england and the desire to beat england is, frankly,
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high for anyone who ever plays us. that is something that i think some of our players had not experienced before last summer, they will all be aware of that, and it is definitely a complicated fixture. what is the schedule going to be and also, i think, can the premier league do anything to help you prepare? we believe the final squad will have to go in on the monday after the end of the premier league season and that is a little bit more challenging, because there could be any number of medical situations that happen on the sunday. it would be helpful if we did not have a big six clash with a higher risk of emotion and injuries and whatever else, but that is not our gift. we have had some discussions with the premier league and they understand the situation and of course they want a successful
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england team as well, because the impact of that is huge for english football and for the attraction of the premier league as well. on the wider issue of being in qatar and the political issues, the human rights issues,... it is clear that as in any country there are things that are going on that you would like to see changed, but labour conditions, health and safety, harassment or things that happen in our country, so we have to be really careful on how we pitch those ideas, because it is easy to jump on what is happening here and forget that a lot of those things happen in our country as well and whenever we talk about these things, we end up in some sort of conflict with our hosts, because my quotes get thrown back at them and understandably they can react to quotes taken out of
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context. what you're trying to do on the pitch is when the world cup? is it realistic? you have to have that vision, did i believe it was possible going into russia? well, you can dream, but the evidence of results and where we were, we were outside the top ten in our rankings and the evidence of that was not realistic, now of course, we have been to a final, so it is not so hard to visualise one more step and we know that is possible, we have been two to two terms and played seven matches and we know what it feels like. so, we have that belief and the key is now how do you turn that into reality and find the form of the time when it is critical. the second round of the women's six nations got underway with two games today. reigning champions england take on italy tomorrow. there was a record attendance
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for a women's rugby match in wales with more than four thousand watching in cardiff. ffion lewis scored the winning try as wales beat scotland by 2a points to 19 to win back to back opening six nations matches for the first time since 2015. france followed up their opening victory against italy with a a0 points to 5 win over ireland. the most impressive of their six tries was the opening one scored by melissande llorens. it took almost an hour for ireland to get on the scoresheet and it was fitting that eve higgins crossed the line after having a try disallowed early in the first half. england's women have the chance to make history, in the cricket world cup in the early hours of the morning when they aim to become the first senior english side to successfully defend a world cup. they take on a formidable australia side though — who are the heavy favourites. but england come into the match in christchurch, on the back of winning their last 5 matches. henry moeran is with alex hartley at the hagley 0val. after five weeks of cricket it all comes down to this, the world cup final between australia and england played here in christchurch to see who will get their hands on the famous trophy won five years
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ago at a sold—out lords by england. australia are the hot favourites and it would be a surprise if england could inflictjust a third defeat in five years on this supreme australian side, but world cup finals can be funny. alex is part of the side that won five years ago and you know how the sides will be feeling. they will be feeling all the emotions, there will be nerves, they will not be able to sleep, world cups are the pinnacle of anyone�*s career and there will be a lot of excitement and nerves. a lot of expectation for australia because by rights they should win this game? they are the hot favourites, they have been dominant in world cricket for the last five years and they go into this game with all the pressure and england have the pressure off them. that is because of the weird turn that they had, losing the first three games and some of the players when they left the field against south africa thought they were out and it is almost a second opportunity for them. they played knockout cricket for half of this tournament and the last four games have effectively been semi—finals of the pressure is off,
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they have had an incredible journey to get to the world cup final, go out there and play with freedom. what do you remember about that day five years ago and the emotions and difference of playing in a world cup final? it was a very different feeling, when you go out to sing the national anthem, it feels so much more special and i remember well enough and actually crying during the national anthem, which i have never done before and world cup finals are incredibly special and i think everyone needs to go out there, take in every moment and most importantly try and enjoy it. where can england win this game? they have to be aggressive with the ball and take advantage of the australian bowling attack, if they bat first, can beget big runs on the board making sure australia have a target to chase. world cup finals, australians are dominant, but they are human and will feel the same emotions as england. the forecast, they are looking to sell at this venue, who will get their hands on the trophy, australia or england was michael not long until we find out. that could be an incredible comeback for england.
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that's all from sportsday. it is going to be a cold and frosty night tonight and it felt quite chilly out there today, even though we had lighter winds and some sunshine, temperatures were only typically eight or 9 degrees which is below par for this time of the year and once the showers came along, those temperatures dropped quickly. still some wintriness in the showers, but nowhere near as snowy, because each day gets a little less cold and those showers are fading overnight tonight, skies will clear in many parts of the country and with light winds, temperatures will fall sharply, there will be a widespread frost tonight. quite a sharp frost in places getting as low as —7 in some of the frost. high pressure keeping it fine
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and dry overnight and the winds are not coming in from the north sea and for the east coast of england it will be a little less cold and a weather front will bring cloud and rain from the north west and we start sunny and cold and frost and cloud will increase on sunday as the wind picks up in scotland and northern ireland, pushing rain down from the north in the afternoon. cloud will bubble up in england and wales, some sunshine, a few showers around, not as many as we saw today and those temperatures to creep up slowly to ten or 11 degrees. could be a bit warmer than that on monday, this weather front is taking rain south across the uk overnight and then following on from that, we have this chunk of warmer air, it is what we call a warm sector, a lot of cloud but higher temperatures, we should start frost free on monday but it looks cloudy, rain and drizzle at times and a stronger wind. away from the far north of scotland, warmer air we have across the uk and temperatures reaching 1a or 15 celsius. a weather front is going to be
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pushing down overnight and it will move down, not much rain on that, but to the north of it, we have colder conditions to start on tuesday. along the weather front, we have this cloud and outbreaks of rain, most of the rain affecting northern ireland, pushing over the irish sea into the west of england and south west scotland. north of that, the colder air and cold enough for wintry showers in the northern isles, milder air in england and wales, temperatures around 15 degrees. very unsettled through the week ahead, wet and windy weather at times and just cold enough in the country to bring the risk of more snow. goodbye.
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this is bbc news ? welcome if you're watching here in the uk or around the globe. our top stories... hundreds of people escape the besieged ukrainian city of mariupol but the red cross�*s evacuation efforts have once again been frustrated. elsewhere, emmanuel macron has held his first rally of his french election campaign. he told supporters he's fighting for social progress. hollywood actor will smith resigns from the oscars academy after slapping the comedian chris rock. hundreds of residents from the besieged ukrainian city of mariupol have managed to escape in private cars and have arrived
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at reception centres to the north.


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