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most likely to have western areas most likely to have the cloudy skies and the chance of seeing some rain at times. so what's going on? we've got high pressure close by, that's giving overall on the fine weather and signs of a weather front from the atlantic trying to come in from the atlantic with rain, you are not coming in just yet but by easter sunday these weather fronts will have more success ringing rain into western areas. for much of the weekend the flow of air areas. for much of the weekend the flow ofair coming areas. for much of the weekend the flow of air coming in from the south will feel warm when you get to see sunshine, cooler by easter monday. this afternoon already today we have seen some rain in parts of northern ireland and western scotland. a lot of that tending to peter out this afternoon, it pushes a bit further north through scotland. a lot of cloud in wales, through much of england. there's quite a bit of cloud but sunny spells too, an isolated shower and temperatures up to 20 celsius in south—east england. a bit of misty low cloud around the coast of wales and south—west england, that will push further inland as we go through tonight,
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some cloud for northern ireland and south—west scotland, it may have some drizzle. clear spells, a few fog patches elsewhere. no frost this weekend. tomorrow the cloudy skies will be in south—west scotland, northern ireland, wales and south—west england for good friday and a few showers running into northern ireland especially as the afternoon goes on. for much of scotland, the rest of england, there will be some sunny spells, the chance of a shower. warmer tomorrow, 17 in glasgow, up to 20 in northern england. saturday does start with more cloud around. you could encounter some light rain in parts of scotland and northern england for a time. sunny spells coming through. look how close the rain gets to northern ireland and western scotland later in the day and that is the area of high pressure is losing the fight with the weather front by easter sunday and it looks as if —— it looks at least in western areas there is a greater chance of seeing rain on sunday but there is something to play for and how much of the uk is going to be affected by rain. perhaps pushing
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into the western side of england, it will also be windier and cooler, still some warm sunny spells continuing further east. this could move through across the uk as we going to easter monday, clearing away and giving dry weather again. there could be some rain and wind towards northern scotland. with something to play for in the detail on sunday and monday, keep checking the forecast online and through the 3pp the forecast online and through the app and check pollen levels too. i treat pollen levels in places. —— high tree pollen levels in places. a reminder of our top story... the government unveils plans to send some asylum seekers on a one—way flight to rwanda. migrants arriving in the united kingdom on small boats will now be flown 4000 miles to africa. , , ., , will now be flown 4000 miles to africa. , , .,, .,, , africa. this problem has bedevilled our country — africa. this problem has bedevilled our country for _ africa. this problem has bedevilled our country for too _ africa. this problem has bedevilled our country for too long _ africa. this problem has bedevilled our country for too long and - africa. this problem has bedevilledj our country for too long and caused far too much human suffering and
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tragedy. it’s far too much human suffering and traced . �* , . far too much human suffering and traced. �*, . ,, ., tragedy. it's a desperate announcement, - tragedy. it's a desperate - announcement, unworkable, extortionate, and britain really does _ extortionate, and britain really does deserve better than this. that's all from the bbc news at one. it's goodbye from me. 0n bbc one we nowjoin the bbc�*s news teams where you are. have a very good afternoon. good afternoon. i'm holly hamilton with your latest sports news. northern ireland captain marissa callaghan has backed manager kenny shiels following his controversial comments on tuesday, saying, "collectively we stand by our manager." shiels apologised for saying "women are more emotional than men" following the side's 5—0 defeat by england in their world cup qualifier on tuesday. callaghan added, "we feel his interview was in relation to a meeting we had
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as a team where we analysed that we concede goals in quick succession, and emotions was one of the many things we discussed." we could have three more british sides reach european semifinals this evening. rangers and west ham will be hoping to reach the last four of the europa league. david moyes side will be without defender kurt zouma for their second leg quarterfinal in lyon. he has an ankle injury, which the manager admits is a setback. it's a really big blow when you lose somebody who is a french international and a world cup winner, really important to the team. but it happens in football. you get injuries along the road, and unfortunately he has an ankle
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sprain. and leicester will be bidding to reach the semifinals of the inaugural europa conference league. they face psv eindhoven as they attempt to reach their first ever european semifinal. we will go with a real positive mentality and look to go play our game _ mentality and look to go play our game. away from home, second leg, it is all to— game. away from home, second leg, it is all to play— game. away from home, second leg, it is all to play for. for us, it is really— is all to play for. for us, it is really important to go and be aggressive and keep up this strong mentality— aggressive and keep up this strong mentality that we have at the moment _ in cricket, england's two time world cup winner, anya shrubsole, has announced she is to retire from the international game. it brings to an end a 14—year career, during which she also won two ashes. and has been awarded an mbe after bowling her side to that famous victory at lord's in 2017. she's played 173 games for her country across all formats, claiming 227 wickets —
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and bows out as england's current top it20 wicket—ta ker. as you'd expect, there's been a huge reaction to this news, including england team mate kate cross — who tweeted to say... alex hartley simply said... and the former england captain charlotte edwards said... the draw for snooker�*s world championship has been made. mark selby will open the defence of his title againstjamiejones. the englishman has had a tough year since lifting the trophy for a fourth time 12 months ago. he's only made one ranking event semifinal this season and has acknowledged having mental health concerns.
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and as ever, ronnie 0'sullivan will be pulling in the crowds as he goes for a record equalling seventh world title. he faces david gilbert in the first round. elsewhere, hossein vafaei will become the first player from iran to compete in the championship — he's got the tough task of facing former world number one judd trump. the 17—day event gets under way in sheffield on saturday. full details of the draw are on the bbc sport website. that's more from me in the next hour. many thanks. some asylum seekers who reach the uk after crossing the english channel in small boats are to be sent to rwanda in a controversial new immigration legislation.
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the home secretary priti patel is in the rwandan capital kigale, for the signing of the deal. a short time ago, she outlined the reasoning behind the scheme. more than 28,000 migrants crossed the channel last year by small boat in very dangerous and perilous conditions. the uk asylum system is collapsing under a combination of real humanitarian crises and evil people smugglers profiteering by exploiting the system for their own gains. criminals are exploiting the hopes and fears of migrants, pushing them to making dangerous journeys to the uk with fictitious and false promises that they can settle in the uk if they make it. this has devastating consequences for the countless men, women and children who have tragically lost their lives or loved ones on perilous journeys. that was the home secretary, priti patel, who is in reminder to sign the agreement with the rwandan government. earlier, borisjohnson the prime minister addressed a news conference in kent on the south coast of britain ahead of the rwanda launch. we cannot sustain a parallel legal system. 0ur compassion may be infinite but our capacity to help people is not.
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we can't ask the british taxpayer to write a blank cheque to cover the costs of anyone who might want to come and live here. uncontrolled immigration creates unmanageable demands on our nhs and on our welfare state, it overstretches our local schools, our housing and public transport, and creates unsustainable pressure to build on precious green spaces. nor is it fair on those who are seeking to come here legally if others can bypass the system. that was the prime minister is speaking earlier in kent. the labour leader keir starmer had this to say about the plans. i think we need to see these plans for what they are. it's a desperate announcement by a prime minister who just wants to distract from his own lawbreaking. you know, they're unworkable. they're extortionate. they're going to cost taxpayers billions of pounds.
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and theyjust reflect a prime minister who's got no grip, no answers to the questions that need answering, and no shame. and ijust think britain deserves better than this. keir starmer there. earlier, we heard from alp mehmet, the chairman of migration watch uk — an organisation that argues for lower migration into the united kingdom. he expressed concerns that the plans may not be approved by parliament. i think it does go slightly further than a lot of people were expecting but, ultimately, however far it goes, we're still not sure it's actually going to be introduced because the bill that's going to give it all the legal framework to work in is not yet passed. and the prime minister was also careful to repeat a couple of times that this is only part of the solution. i think he made the case
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for why it was necessary and i think he also, i think quite rightly, showed that we have a very generous, welcoming, all embracing system already in place for welcoming genuine refugees. it's whether this proposal to send some of those crossing in boats to rwanda, whether it will have the effect of dissuading people from setting off across the channel. that... time will tell, i suppose. well, zoe gardner from thejoint council for the welfare of immigrants has condemned the plans. this policy is despicable. it's an absolute disgrace. the people of this country have shown time and again that we are warm and we are welcoming and we want to help refugees
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fleeing persecution. we've shown that with ukraine. we also saw an incredibly generous and open—hearted response to the crisis in afghanistan. the government is completely out of step with the public here. we simply cannot support sending vulnerable refugees who may be victims of torture, who may have survived atrocities and war, and packing them off halfway around the world to a poor country. it is despicable. that is the view of zoe gardner there. just a line of breaking news i want to bring you. vaccination of children against covid—i9. at the moment, 5—11 —year—olds, if they want to have the vaccine, can have the pfizer vaccine. we arejust hearing that britain has now approved the madrona covid—i9 vaccine for use in 6—11 —year—olds. 6-11
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vaccine for use in 6—11 —year—olds. 6—11 —year—olds can now have the madrona vaccine for covid, as an alternative to the pfizer vaccine. attempts are continuing in the south african province of kwazulu—natal to find scores of people missing after the worst flooding in decades. more than 300 people died after torrential rain saw buildings, roads and bridges washed away. our correspondent shingai nyoka is in durban, and has been giving us the latest. well, as you can see, the sun is out and the flood waters are receding, but the relief efforts are still ongoing, there are still many people that are missing. we've heard stories from people on the ground. they say they are frustrated by the pace at which the relief agencies are getting to the communities that are in need and, by admission, the officials say they are stretched beyond their capacity. there are many communities that are still cut off, children that have not been able to go to school, people who have
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been displaced in community halls, and so the government says it is still moving from community to community to assess their needs. but mop—up operations have begun, they have started to restore power and water supplies in some of the affected areas, but this still is very much a state of disaster and the government has announced that recently, which allows more resources to be channelled towards this problem. there is a lot of information about the ukraine war available online. but how do you tell if a photo or video posted on the internet is fake or real? at the bbc, a team of experts checks and verifies content that is shared on social media channels like twitter, telegram and facebook. kayleen devlin is part of the bbc�*s disinformation unit and takes us through the process. no, this video isn't from ukraine. it's actually from a video game. and this is not a recent video from the war.
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it's old footage. i'm kayleen devlin and i work for the bbc�*s disinformation team. and these are just some of the ways we check and verify content shared online. one of the first things i'll do when i come across a piece of content is ask whether it's recent and where it was taken. here is an image posted onto instagram by the mayor of the ukrainian city of chernihiv. it claims to show the destruction from a russian attack. i'm trying to find out if it's genuine and what event it's referring to. first, i'll do a reverse image search. this can be useful for showing if an image has appeared somewhere else and whether it's old. there are a number of sites you can do this on, including google, yandex and tineye. in this instance, a search of the image shows the damage was caused at a library in chernihiv. so this image appears real. here, you see another distressing photo of a pregnant woman in mariupol. both she and the attack were labelled fake by pro—russian voices.
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my colleagues at the disinformation unit proved that the image wasn't a fake by finding out more details about the hospital where the bombing happened. they were able to show that it was in operation before being hit. and by identifying the instagram page of the pregnant woman accused of being an actor, they saw previous photos proving that she was indeed pregnant and in mariupol. so it's worth asking yourself when reading contradictory claims, whether the authors may have a political agenda and what that might be. finally, we're always looking for clues in the content. ukraine has repeatedly accused russia of using destructive cluster bombs in civilian areas, which russia denies. this attack claimed to show cluster bombs being used in kharkiv. we asked weapons experts to analyse the footage, and they told us that the pattern of explosions were consistent with cluster bomb use. we also have a date on the video, which allowed us to narrow down our search to reports of attacks in a specific location and on a certain date.
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this led to a video showing a water dispenser and shoe repair shop. and these clues allowed us to locate the video to a residential area. the final piece of the puzzle was this. this is a picture of a bomblet from a cluster weapon found within the same neighborhood. you'll see a manufacture date of 19 on that. by checking the metadata on the original images, we were able to confirm it was taken around the same time and that the weapons most likely came from russia. why? because these weapons stopped being sold to ukraine in 2012. so closely observe and question what you see. and of course, if in doubt, don't just share what you see online. very interesting analysis of how they do check pictures and videos that are put online.
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the headlines on bbc news... some asylum seekers will be sent on a one—way flight to rwanda. russia's flagship vessel in the black sea has been seriously damaged. russia says a fire on board caused an explosion, but ukraine claims it hit the ship with missiles. a record number of people are waiting for routine hospital treatment in england, as nhs leaders warn easter could be as bad as most winters for the health service. the menopause was often something people were afraid to talk about but as more women share their stories, prescriptions for hrt have more than doubled in england over the last five years. manufacturers are struggling to keep up with the growing demand, and as zoe conway reports, some women are now going to extreme measures to get the medication they rely on. take a look at the online life of sharon sinclair williams
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and you'll see a woman who is in her prime. but you'll also read of her struggles with symptoms of the menopause. she'd started to use a hormone replacement therapy gel, oestrogel. it was helping her. but then, the supply ran out. i was about to have a meltdown because i'd just been on a new hrt regime that had really made me feel lots, lots better and i could finally cope again. and ijust couldn't think how i was going to get by without it. she ended up driving to a car park by a motorway to rendezvous with a woman she'd onlyjust met on instagram, so that they could swap medicines. she brought hrt patches, the woman brought gel. we pulled in here, she said, "i'll be the one with the red carrier bag". so i brought my patches, we did a swap and we actually stood here and chatted for 45 minutes about our stories. and did the two of you think to
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yourselves while you are sat here, what are we doing, this is a bit ridiculous? we did, we were like, what has this come to? because i sort of thought, could i get in trouble for this? the royal college of gps advises against giving anyone else your prescription medicines, saying it carries a potential medical risk. the british menopause society says women experiencing difficulty in obtaining oestrogel should consider equivalent alternative hrt preparations. before taking the gel, sharon had suffered from severe depression, brought on by the menopause. i was having intrusive thoughts, i was planning things. you were having suicidal thoughts? yeah, yeah. and my kids know this and it's awful to think that they know that their mum was... just couldn't see a way out of feeling so joyless. because that's what it does, it sucks the joy out of you. over the last year, women have been speaking out about the menopause ever more passionately
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and encouraging women to get help. this has driven up demand for hrt treatments and the manufacturers have struggled to keep up. more women today are on hrt than they were a year ago, and that's a fact, and that's great, we should celebrate that and that's a success. the market has grown faster than anyone could have predicted. and, i mean, for us, and i can only speak for us, we have massively increased production, month on month, to, well, we need to increase it by another 100%, we need to increase it by another 100%. and we thought by this time we would be stacked with hrt everywhere. and that's not the case because the market is growing. could there be a more supportive environment than this community cafe in redcar for the "peri—chat and more" support group to meet? it has 9,000 online members.
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we find on the group that women come on and say, "my god, i thought i was going mad, i'm not alone, this group has saved me so much". and notjust our group, but there are a lot of other groups out there. "you've made me realise that what i'm going through is medical". several women in the group have experienced hrt treatment shortages. vicky had to drive around several pharmacies to get her stick—on hrt patches. why were you so stressed? because i was worried, i was worried that i was going to feel unwell like i had done prior to having his medication. i'd considered leaving work because of the brain fog, i've considered that i'm getting early onset dementia because of confusion and the brain fog. it's massive, absolutely huge. not everyone in the group is on hrt. it isn't appropriate for some women. but what they all benefit from is talking freely about the menopause. now ijust talk about it all the time to everybody. even people who are sat next to me
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in the hairdressers and things! people you barely know. it seems there's never been a better time to be a menopausal woman. for while there is frustration over the shortages, there is also elation that so many women are finally getting the help they need. zoe conway, bbc news. now time for a look at some of the stories across the united kingdom. muslims are fasting for the month of ramadan — it means no eating or drinking from dawn to dusk. last night, preston north end invited hundreds of muslim supporters to break their fast at deepdale. they were also given a tour of the club's ground by north end player bambo diaby — who is also fasting. they then prayed and broke fast together.
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it's being done to encourage diversity and inclusion in football. juliet phillips reports. preston north end defender bambo diaby is used to getting pictures with fans — but this event was extra special. as a muslim, bambo is fasting for ramadan. last night, he broke his fast with hundreds of muslims from across the city. i'm very proud because i never see this in other clubs. it's not only for football, you know? it's doing more, it's more human. and it's excellent. it's all about reaching out to the south asian community, something preston north end have been commended for. last yea r�*s efforts meant they were named community project of the season. now, alongside blackburn rovers, they've been nominated for the efl diversity award. this is not preston north end just ticking the box and saying, "look, listen, we're doing our bit in ramadan." no, behind the scenes, the women—only sessions, or the men—only sessions, talking about diabetes, talking about cancer, all these things are intertwined in our community. we're working closely with preston north end. it's just not about football.
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it's about the family of deepdale, and the football club is the family. we just want to show people that the stadium is so much more than the football, so much more than what happens at the weekend. we want to invite people so that this becomes a familiar space, that this becomes somewhere that feels like home for them. that message certainly seemed to be getting through. i'm born and bred in preston, but i've never felt comfortable coming here. but after today, i think i will. i think i definitely will bring my daughter down. it's made the ground and the whole football environment a lot more accessible for all communities. i think, in the past, there's been a lot of actual and perceived barriers in certain communities, and events like this help to break that down. a special evening underpinned by football but about so much more than that. juliet phillips, bbc north west today. we are going to see what the weather
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is doing across the uk. hello, there's a lot of fine weather out there today. it did get off to quite a misty, foggy start. many places have seen that clear away to some sunny spells. overall, a lot of fine weather to come for the uk for much of this weekend. but not everywhere. what's going on? high pressure's close by, atlantic weather fronts trying to move in with rain, the high pressure going, "no, you're not coming in just yet, you weather fronts. you stay where you are." it does mean that the closer they are to western parts of the uk, this is where you're more likely to see some cloud and occasional rain into this weekend. until we get to easter monday — with the air coming in from the south, we're going to see temperatures above average for the time of year. where you get some sunshine, it willfeel quite warm. weather fronts out towards the west have already brought rain into parts of northern ireland and western scotland. then seems to peter out in many places this afternoon, but some mostly light and patchy rain pushing further north through scotland. elsewhere, some sunny spells through wales and england, the chance of catching a shower. they're very isolated.
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pleasant in the sunshine — up to around 20—21 degrees in south—east england. into tonight, low, misty cloud into wales, south—west england, maybe with some drizzle. maybe the odd spot of drizzle with the cloud in northern ireland and south—west scotland. clear spells elsewhere. no frost, nor will there be this weekend. wales, south—west england, northern ireland, south—west scotland seeing the cloudier skies for good friday. maybe a few showers into northern ireland, especially later in the day. the odd shower elsewhere is possible, but for many places it'll be dry, broken cloud, sunny spells — and a warmer day to come tomorrow. into the start of the weekend, could be quite cloudy first thing on saturday, patchy rain in northern england and scotland. we'll start to see some sunny spells coming through, a weather system approaching northern ireland and into the western isles. so, especially later in the day, an increasing chance of rain and a strengthening breeze. pleasant in the sunshine. high pressure battling these weather fronts again as we go to easter sunday. it does look like they're
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going to make more inroads into western areas. more likely on easter sunday that we'll see some rain pushing into northern ireland and western scotland, perhaps wales and western england. but still something to play for in how much rain is going to come in on sunday and how quickly, and indeed by easter monday, how quickly it will clear on through. at the moment, easter monday looking mainly dry, cooler.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: some asylum seekers who arrive in the uk will be sent to rwanda to be processed and then resettled there, under new government plans. but critics say the proposals are cruel and inhumane. this innovative approach, driven by our shared humanitarian impulse and made possible by brexit freedoms, will provide safe and legal routes for asylum while disrupting the business model of the gangs. russia's flagship vessel in the black sea has been seriously damaged. russia says a fire on board caused an explosion, but ukraine claims it hit the ship with missiles. a record number of people are
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