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tv   BBC News  BBC News  April 29, 2022 1:30pm-2:01pm BST

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i always call— it downton abbey world. i think it has _ a different name to that. the exhibition. there were really fun things in the shop. . they were, like, baubles with our faces on and stuff like that. - i got my mum a daisy bauble. daisy and mrs patmore. is that a little bit horrifying? it's quite funny. there is something about him. - like a wild animal ready to spring. is there going to be a trilogy? if the second film is halfway as successful as the first, then who knows? it would be a treat. i mean, the fact is that we've all managed to get back together because we don't throw chairs at each other and we enjoy being injulian fellowes' story. and if the audience still feels the same about us after this film, then, who knows? maybe. alex stanger, bbc news. time for a look at the weather. nick miller is back with me. i nick miller is back with me. i can see the dowager _ nick miller is back with me. i can see the dowager countess - out in the sunshine, sipping the sherry and moaning about how dry everything is out there. i can address most of that apart from the
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sherry. sunnierand address most of that apart from the sherry. sunnier and warmer days in many areas. yesterday in south yorkshire with the cloud and 9 degrees for the top temperature but today with the sunshine getting closer to 15 degrees, the able average. there is some rain in the forecast this weekend but there is a catch, these are the april rainfall percentages are so far, the rainfall percentages are so far, the rain is coming mainly to those areas which have been closest to their april average. which have been closest to their aprilaverage. scotland which have been closest to their april average. scotland and northern ireland, furthest from the average and wales and england, you may see some but not much of that applies to the first part of may. a mixed picture this weekend. the source of the rain, these weatherfronts initially bringing into scotland and northern ireland tomorrow, a chance in wales and england on sunday but ahead of that with high pressure, another mainly dry day and there's quite a bit of sunshine, lifting temperatures but not for everyone. lots of cloud through the midlands, east anglia and south—east england. the odd light shower in essex and kent and the odd shower may break out in central eastern parts of
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scotland this afternoon but elsewhere it is an improvement on yesterday. 17 in glasgow but with some of the cloud in the south—east, they will be some spots hanging round, 9 or 10 degrees. all afternoon. the cloud disappears tonight, clearskies, but for tonight, clear skies, but for northern tonight, clearskies, but for northern ireland and northern and western scotland, the breeze picks up, the cloud moves in, keeping frost at bay. elsewhere, gardeners take note, from southern scotland across wales and england, the patchy frost and the cold spots will be just below freezing. lots of sunshine to start the weekend but here comes the next system for northern ireland and scotland. northern ireland and scotland. northern ireland and morning and western and scotland and the rest of scotland in the afternoon. north—west england and north wales will see some of that before the day is done but elsewhere ahead of that will be a day of warm sunny spells to come. but it will be cooler and windier in scotland and northern ireland with the rain. that does move south overnight and into sunday, it will be weakening as it does so. it will squeeze out some
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rain, especially through wales and west england but elsewhere in england, you may see some rain but not as much as many people would like to see. scotland and northern ireland, it will brighten up with some sunny spells coming through. it will be feeling warmer here on sunday. and then we get to the bank holiday. expect a good deal of cloud around, some sunny spells here and there but also some showers, particularly across northern areas of the uk. it will feel a bit warmer through wales and england by then but cooler in northern scotland. a mixed picture, have a look online for wherever you are going. thank ou ve for wherever you are going. thank you very much. — for wherever you are going. thank you very much, nick _ for wherever you are going. thank you very much, nick miller. - a reminder of our top story... as russia confirms it fired missiles on the ukrainian capital kyiv yesterday — nato warns the west must prepare for the long haul. that's all from the bbc news at one — so it's goodbye from me and on bbc one, we nowjoin the bbc�*s news teams where you are.
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good afternoon. it's 1.30pm and here's your latest sports news. we're well into the semi—finals of the world snooker championship where it's an all british last four at the crucible with 14 world titles between them. england's 2019 winner judd trump is still firmly in control of his match against the three—time champion from wales — mark williams — extending his 7— i lead from last night. but williams didn't let trump have it all his own way and made his 13th century of the tournament. the session finished 11—5 to trump. the first to 17 frames will go through to the final. they'll resume later this evening. back in action this afternoon is the other semi—final featuring the 46—year—old titans — ronnie o'sullivan and john higgins. they've ten world titles between them and it was very tense in the first session yesterday. o'sullivan fought back from 3—1 down to level it at 4—4, finishing with a century break. they'll be back on the table from 2:30pm. manchester united's interim manager ralf rangnick will become
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austria's new national coach at the end of the season. rangnick has confirmed he'll combine his new role with a consultancy position at united next season. the club are on course for their worst points tally in the premier league. they have erik ten hag starting as their new manager this summer but the club's former defender rio ferdinand says it's going to take more than a new manager to get back on track. cristiano has been talked about as a problem but without him they would probably be languishing in tenth or 15th place. also, him and david de gea are the only people who can come out of the season with any positives and then an interim boss comes in and it hasn't gone to plan. the results have got worse since then and the win percentage has gone down. i know that richard arnold, the new ceo is trying to get things in place to try and build
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the foundations and the club can then start to form a sort of comeback into the area where we are used to seeing them, challenging for titles. west ham have confirmed two offenders have been identified following allegations of an attack on german commentators during their europa league semi—final in london last night. german newspaper bild reported the commentators had their headsets ripped off and thrown on the floor by a home fan. west ham said they have passed on the information to the police who will now conduct their own investigation. the football writers' association has just named the winners of their footballer of the year awards for this season. the men's winner is liverpool forward mohamed salah, who previously won it back in 2018. the egyptian is having a remarkable campaign — scoring 22 goals, and contributing 13 assists, and of course his side could still win the quadruple. and the chelsea striker sam kerr has been named women's footballer of the year. the australian is the wsl�*s top scorer with 18 goals this season, including a goal in last night's win over tottenham which saw her side move four points clear of arsenal
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at the top of the table. staying with football and chelsea women have announced theirji so—yun will return to south korea at the end of the season. ji has been a pivotal member of emma hayes side, scoring 68 goals from midfield in her eight years with the club. she's won 11 major trophies in her career and could yet extend that this season as chelsea are on course to win the wsl for the third year in a row. the countdown continues to saturday's ground—breaking boxing match in new york. history will be made when ireland's katie taylor puts her undisputed world lightweight title — and her unbeaten record on the line — against amanda serrano from puerto rico. it'll be the first time female fighters will top the bill at the famous boxing venue, madison square garden. that's all the sport for now. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website.
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the authorities in india are warning that around half the country may be facing a prolonged heatwave. the mercury has risen to forty five degrees in some places. divya arya has more from the state of rajasthan. the heat is scorching here. we're in the middle of the thar desert, in the city ofjaisalmer, which is usually known for its magnificent forts as a popular tourist destination, but is in the news for its soaring temperatures. now, the heat does get unrelenting in this desert area, temperatures going all the way up to 50 degrees in june. but they have started climbing much earlier this summer. the indian meteorological department has released data of 75 cities across the north—western central regions of india, including this city ofjaisalmer, where the temperature is either 43 degrees or more, which is substantially high for this time of the year. now, people have been
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advised to stay indoors as much as possible. some states have ordered school closures. others, like rajasthan here, have ordered power cuts up to four hours in industrial establishments and in rural households. now, that is a huge problem because rural households also see a huge water crisis in this period of summer and are dependent on power supply to pump water. we've seen many women walk to open wells and rainwater harvesting ponds, too — to fetch water on their heads. and they have to make multiple trips for that. so for those who have to step out, the advice is to wear cotton clothes, cover as much of their body as possible to avoid sunburns. neighbouring pakistan has issued a heat warning after the hottest march in 61 years. the mercury has reached 47 celsius in parts of the country. saad sohail, from the bbc urdu service, has more.
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amid the supported determination to find evidence that the murder of her partner shane with a crossbow in 2018 was not an isolated incident. i 2018 was not an isolated incident. i do believe that has changed and from the initial thought of saying the incidents are isolated, we've had figures in front to look at and proved it wasn't an isolated incident and it wasn't on the increase. laura's freedom of information request have revealed thousands of crossbow incidents have been locked by police forces across the uk. next month she will meet with the home office. i’m the uk. next month she will meet with the home office.— the uk. next month she will meet with the home office. i'm hopeful by bein: with the home office. i'm hopeful by being asked — with the home office. i'm hopeful by being asked to _ with the home office. i'm hopeful by being asked to attend _ with the home office. i'm hopeful by being asked to attend a _ with the home office. i'm hopeful by being asked to attend a meeting - with the home office. i'm hopeful by being asked to attend a meeting like| being asked to attend a meeting like that that someone is listening and i would like to hope that from them asking them to go down for a meeting, it's quite promising and and i haven't got any high hopes. it's more than i've had in the last
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year, so it can only be a good thing. year, so it can only be a good thin. . . year, so it can only be a good thin.. ., ., , year, so it can only be a good thinu. ., ., , ,, ., �*, year, so it can only be a good thing. laura says shane's law, stricter controls _ thing. laura says shane's law, stricter controls on _ thing. laura says shane's law, stricter controls on crossbow l stricter controls on crossbow ownership, fitting legacy of the man she loved. . , , , ownership, fitting legacy of the man she loved. . , , , ., ., she loved. that is properly one of the thin . s she loved. that is properly one of the things that _ she loved. that is properly one of the things that gives _ she loved. that is properly one of the things that gives me - she loved. that is properly one of the things that gives me the - she loved. that is properly one of the things that gives me the fight we have got. i know he was here and i know 100% he would not stop and say he got the law through. he was the most determined i ever met, so that alone gives me and in a fight and i will keep going and i will until somebody listens. a couple say they're concerned their marriage celebration in norfolk may have to be cancelled because of passport delays. lucia and amit, who are currently in australia, are planning a huge celebration alongside 300 family and friends. but they're still waiting for the passport for their three—month—old baby. alex dunlop reports.
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yeah, this is arty. three-month-old artie in fine — yeah, this is arty. three-month-old artie in fine voice _ yeah, this is arty. three-month-old artie in fine voice on _ yeah, this is arty. three-month-old artie in fine voice on a _ yeah, this is arty. three-month-old artie in fine voice on a zoom - yeah, this is arty. three-month-old artie in fine voice on a zoom call- artie in fine voice on a zoom call from australia and should be the guest of honour at his mum and dads wedding in norfolk thisjune. guest of honour at his mum and dad's wedding in norfolk this june._ wedding in norfolk this june. coming back as new— wedding in norfolk this june. coming back as new parents, _ wedding in norfolk this june. coming back as new parents, we _ wedding in norfolk this june. coming back as new parents, we haven't - wedding in norfolk this june. coming | back as new parents, we haven't seen the family for a year, and we arrived a week or so later and we had this wedding that has been on the cards for several years. technically, lucia and amit are already married. this was their lockdown ceremony in county hall norfolk two years ago. although the scenery wasn't great, the sun was shining. at home in norwich, the mother of the bride is looking forward to the special day for 300 guests at this country house venue in north norfolk. but if baby arti's passport isn't processed in time, it's all off. there is a lot of relatives, they are travelling from india, canada and america. if it was to get postponed, a lot of these people wouldn't have another chance to come. so then you could have the situation where the venue is moved
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along, the date, but then you have no guests. it really has to happen on that date. enjoying precious time with arti, amit and lucia have been living in australia for the last year. both british citizens, they applied for his passport five weeks ago. the application has now been approved, but the fear is it won't arrive in time for theirflight back to the uk in three weeks. the passport office says it's recruited an extra 500 staff to cope with a huge surge in passport applications after the pandemic and is advising people to allow ten weeks to apply for a passport. but, as lucia points out, you cant plan for when you baby will be born. a lot of these passport applications are for first baby's passports. you can't always control exactly when they are going to arrive. i mean, this guy was two weeks late, so that ate into our very precious application time. today, good news for arti,
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his passport, we have been told, is finally being printed. it has given his grandmother dorothy a chance to tentatively choose his outfit for the big day. just hoping. cant wait to see it on the little one. alex dunlop, bbc look east, norwich. this is the penultimate month of coventry�*s title as the uk's city of culture, after hosting a year long festival of events. today we're at the assembly festival gardens, where our corrrespondent trish adudu has been keeping across what the city has to offer. we've only got a few weeks left of when coventry ends its tenure as uk city of culture but have arguably save the best till last, one of the big successes, this place, assembly festival gardens a purpose—built space, a wonderful arena of fun and entertainment for the whole family. the treehouse bar does some great cocktails and you still have time to get to coventry
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and experience that but it's a wonderful space and over there you see that tent, the queen of flanders which has all sorts of wonderful performances and also choir of man, and these guys, we will talk to them in a moment. lovely. great voices and we will hear from them in a moment. but one woman who started this journey seven years ago, laura mcmillan. it was incredible. i watched you pitch coventry as city of culture seven years ago and you did it. we did. i don't think any other city could have come close to coventry so it's an extraordinary journey but we are excited and sad to get to the end but we are saving some of the best till last so it's completely the time to come to coventry. of course you had the pandemic which put paid to a lot of things, so was it hard to negotiate? incredibly difficult and we had the whole thing planned and ready to go and had to completely restructure and reframe but nowhere like coventry could have done it like we
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have and we have delivered something special to the city on the region and also the whole uk. a few weeks left, so tell us the highlights. coming up next week we have coventry opens and 200 events taking place and then we open the uk's first permanent immersive gallery. paris, tokyo, coventry. i think we are being joined by someone. try to ignore him! i am scared of this dragon. a star of dragon and the mythical beasts. great things for all the family. i think he would love to come and see the awakening taking place on the 13th and 14th, imagine a massive dreamcatcher, acrobats, musicians. george, you are keen. he needs to book his ticket and you know the website. i am scared of george, it has to be said. from george the dragon to gorge the magnets, this a cappella group.
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what's it been like being part of city of culture? incredible from start to finish, and it's great to be _ here in coventry and so much going on around the city- and here as well and it's. brilliant to be a part of it. and good to be performing again after the pandemic. yes, it's been really good l and we all locked ourselves in our bedrooms and got through it as best as we — could but here we i are back out again. you are here till mid may? the 8th of may is the last show. let's stop the talk and do the walk. lets hear you guys. a capella singing. a capella singing continues
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amazon has reported its first quarterly financial losses since 2015. sales at the e—commerce giant slipped 3% in the first three months of the year, with the firm blaming lower online sales and rising costs. growth in other parts of amazon's business, including cloud computing and advertising, remained strong. koko in camden in north london was where madonna performed her first ever british gig, and the venue where prince liked to play secret shows when he came to london. it closed three years ago for a major renovation — before being struck by fire, a flood and covid. tonight, it ll reopen with a concert by the rock band arcade fire.
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our music correspondent mark savage has been for a look around. from lady gaga to the rolling stones, koko has played host to some of the biggest names in music. three years ago, it closed for renovation. then disaster struck. 150,000 litres of water damage during the fire, so that is quite something to deal with, which can rip through the fabric of the building. the fire damage could actually have been worse, but the dome at the top of the building melted and acted like a chimney to draw the flames away. it was a lucky escape for the venue, which first opened in 1900 as the camden theatre. charlie chaplin was an early performer, and after the second world war, the bbc used it to stage shows by monty python and the goons.
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he is one of mrs thatcher's incomprehensives. after the bbc left in 1983, it was named the best nightclub in europe. lager is about 90p, which is not bad. if you do want to be exotic and impress somebody, the cocktails are exotic and cost £2.50, but they are nice. the cocktails might cost a bit more now, but they are ready to open their doors again. with just 2a hours to go, the final touches are being put to the auditorium where on friday night, arcade fire will be the first band to take to the stage. whenever we play a venue that has been host to so many incredible performers over the years, you feel it onstage, it's always so much more exciting to play at a venue like that.
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it is always amazing when you can visualise what it was like when somebody like charlie chaplin was there, it still looks like that. 0h, charlie chaplin. everybody was looking at the same thing. after the fire pushed back opening night by a further 18 months, the venue's owner says he is relieved that the day has finally arrived. how is it going? this looks great, first show tomorrow night. yes, an incredible moment for us, we will go into 27 shows in a row, which is quite special. mercury prize nominee moses boyd says he has missed playing the venue. this has always been one of my favourite places to play. sonically, in terms of energy and the vibe, i have seen so many good shows on the stage. this balcony is a new feature, you can play to people behind you on the stage, how will that change things for you?
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i think that is incredible, if i had a choice, i would be playing every night with the audience around me. but it is notjust the main stage coming back. koko is now seven venues, including a jazz lounge, a piano bar, and a dj space inside the dome. we've painstakingly reinstated every beam, truss and panel as per the original specification. it is a break—out space from the roof terrace next door, and it connects back into our bar here and the auditorium theatre below. so you can walk straight from here into the main concert space? you can. i love the idea of a secret staircase, that sounds like harry potter. it does, yeah. every inch of the venue is now set up for live streaming, an idea that sounds obvious now after the pandemic, but was a bit of a gamble when it was first designed in 2013. live streaming opens you up to performing beyond the four walls. venues being set up for live streaming is definitely the way of the future.
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after venues struggled during the pandemic, koko's new template could help live music rediscover its rhythm. mark savage, bbc news. i willjust update you on some news regarding ukraine. this i willjust update you on some news regarding ukraine.— regarding ukraine. this is specifically _ regarding ukraine. this is specifically in _ regarding ukraine. this is specifically in relation - regarding ukraine. this is specifically in relation to, j regarding ukraine. this is- specifically in relation to, you may be aware, the two missing a british aid workers working out in ukraine and just in the last few moments we've been given the names of the two missing men. the two men were working independently, trying to help people in a humanitarian way out there in ukraine following russia's invasion and we have had a brief statement through the family of one of the men from paul's family
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saying my family and i are extremely worried and we know that my son, paul, and his friend who was a humanitarian aid volunteer has been captured by the russians and he is out there of his own accord and we want everyone to bring him home and pray he stayed ——. the statement goes on to say that paul is a type one diabetic and needs his insulin and they are asking for help from the foreign office amongst others so two missing british aid workers taken in ukraine named as paul and dylan. we have the latest from the region from two o'clock. now, it's time for a look at the weather with nick miller. hello. for many of us it's a brighter, sunnier, warmer day today compared with yesterday.
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in south yorkshire, for example, underneath all of this cloud yesterday, the temperature just topped out at nine celsius. it is much brighter out there today, and the temperature is heading up closer to the average for the time of year, 1a or 15 celsius. and that is the story across much of the uk. high pressure, plenty of dry weather again. an area of cloud, though, through much of the midlands, east anglia, south—east england, and hanging on through much of the afternoon. only beginning to clear later on. in fact, the odd lighted shower out of that towards essex and kent can't be ruled out. and the cloud here will be holding temperatures back compared with elsewhere where you get the brightest skies. early drizzle in north—east scotland petering out. the odd shower popping up in central and eastern parts of scotland. sunnier day in northern ireland, and temperatures are higher than yesterday, but there will be a few spots in south—east england, with the thickest cloud that may just hang around nine or 10 celsius as we go through the afternoon. that cloud doesn't disappear tonight. cloud increases through the night in northern ireland, the north and western scotland, keeping the frost at bay, whereas from southern scotland
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across wales and england, there will be a patchy frost and the coldest spots getting just below freezing, going into tomorrow morning. rewarded with a bright and sunny start to the day after the clear skies overnight. such a different day for northern ireland and scotland. we have got a weather system moving in. that is bringing in rain for the start of the weekend, gradually pushing across more of scotland during the afternoon, with a stronger wind, as well. lots of england and north wales getting it in that late afternoon, tomorrow, especially into the evening. ahead of that cloud increasing but staying dry for many daylight hours here. and as for the temperatures, they are going to be higher, especially towards east anglia and south—east england, compared with today. that weather system, then, moves south overnight and into sunday. it does begin to weaken on sunday. still has some rain with it, through particularly parts of wales and the western side of england, but elsewhere in england, you could see the little patchy rain from the cloud on sunday. not as much as many would like to see. in northern ireland and scotland, a few sunny spells break out, through the day on sunday, whereas in wales and england, it will be a cooler day. and then we are onto the bank holiday. expect a lot of cloud. there will be a few sunny spells
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breaking through and there. many places staying dry. there will be a little showery rain at times, more especially across northern areas. a cooler feeling day across scotland, and warmer feeling day across much of wales and england.
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this is bbc news. the headlines: two british men, paul urey and dylan healy, have been captured by russian forces while providing humanitarian aid in ukraine. it comes as russia confirms it fired missiles into kyiv last night — the first direct attack on the capital for a fortnight. translation: the first one struck on the outside, — translation: the first one struck on the outside, it — translation: the first one struck on the outside, it was _ translation: the first one struck on the outside, it was really _ translation: the first one struck on the outside, it was really loud. - translation: the first one struck on the outside, it was really loud. i - the outside, it was really loud. i thought it fell somewhere near my office. after about ten seconds, a second one hits here.— second one hits here. they have killed so many _ second one hits here. they have killed so many people. - second one hits here. they have killed so many people. it - second one hits here. they have killed so many people. it is - second one hits here. they havel killed so many people. it is really difficult — the leader of the british virgin islands is arrested in florida on charges of drug smuggling and money laundering. a new hormone replacement therapy tsar is appointed as more than a million women are affected by supply issues.
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a report warns black children are disadvantaged in schools


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