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tv   The Abuser Working for MI5  BBC News  May 21, 2022 10:45pm-11:01pm BST

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winners. winners. 10 and think there are any winners. jo and nigel will be back at 11:30pm for another look at the papers. next here on bbc news, the abuser working for mi5. this is the story of a dangerous mi5 agent which the government tried to keep secret. a warning this programme contains details some viewers may find disturbing. wielding a machete, this is an agent of the british state. ultimately, this position within the security services was used to terrorise me. a violent mi5 agent was able to exploit his position, despite a long history of abuse. he said he would be able to kill me and my daughter, too. but the abuser, a threat to women and children, can't be named.
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following an unprecedented legal case involving secret hearings, the government succeeded in keeping his identity hidden from the public. this is the story the government tried to stop. beth, not her real name, is british. she met her ex partner abroad and they lived together in the uk. the relationship became aggressively more abusive. there was so much psychological terrorfrom him to me that ultimately culminated in me having a breakdown because i was so afraid of everything, because of how he had made me think,
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the people that he was involved with, and the people that he worked for. he told her that he was informing networks of right wing extremists. he said he worked for the security services. but the role was abused. ultimately, this position within the security services was used to terrorise me because it meant that i couldn't speak out about any of his behaviour towards me, because he had men in high places who always had his back, who would intervene and would actively kill me if i spoke out. is that what he said? that is what i believed and that is what he said. the security service runs agents in terrorist networks, informants who secretly work with mi5 officers, their handlers. controversial powers let mi5 authorise its agents to commit crimes, as part of their cover, but only to access life—saving intelligence, disrupt more serious crime, or ensure an agent's safety. violence and coercive control in private, domestic abuse, are different.
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he had complete control, i was a shadow of who i am now. at the end of the relationship, he dictated my every waking hour. where i went, who i saw, how i worked, what i did at work, and what i wore. beth says his extremist mindset wasn't an act, and that he spoke about wanting to carry out an act of terrorist mass murder. he is also a threat to children. he told me he had sexual fantasies about children, lots of different children, and he had paedophilia literature and that i believed he would act on it. i was absolutely horrified, i didn't dare report him because the police would be on his side, that is what he told me. his mistreatment of beth included this attack. i thought i had betterfill this, mostly because i felt afraid. he threatened to kill her and returned with a machete. and at the point i say i am going to call the police,
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he has punched me in the face, and i have fallen. and you can hear me screaming, and he tries to stab me repeatedly. he attacked her again within hours. he got me onto my knees, much like one of those beheading videos, and held the knife to my throat, to try and split it open, and the only reason he didn't slit it open was because i bit down into the hand that he was holding the knife with. weeks later, he referenced the incident, unaware he was being filmed, telling her she might get killed. asked if he'll do it, he says... he then describes his desire to kill.
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following the attack, police went to their home. the agent was arrested and charged with assaulting her. but officers didn't take a full statement from beth or obtain the video evidence so prosecutors immediately dropped the case. the police force concerned and crown prosecution service insist the case was discontinued due to lack of evidence. beth says he then appeared back at their property and continued to mistreat her. within weeks, the agent vanished and she was hospitalised due to a mental breakdown. but extremist material found in the house including a note he wrote about killing jewish people had already generated a police counterterrorism investigation. some of beth's possessions were also seized by detectives from their home, but returned to a relative months later in an alarming visit by an unidentified stranger. i have established the mystery man
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didn't work for the police, he was in fact an mi5 officer. the counterterror investigation ended with mi5 being passed the evidence on their man. it was a highly unusual move by mi5, suggesting interference in a criminal inquiry. police have since refused to investigate his treatment of beth. counterterror police say no criminality was identified during their inquiries but they have apologised for the fact that beth's possessions were not passed directly to her. we have examined his alarming personal behaviour in the uk, which will have been visible to the authorities. the agentjoined a dating site looking for women under an extremist alias linked to his mi5 work. elsewhere, he boasted
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about sexually exploiting women, and expressed approval for a young girl being raped and murdered. but how far back does his mistreatment of women go, and where is he now? we have traced him to another country. after leaving the uk while still under counterterror investigation, he began working for foreign intelligence agency. violence, always violence. ruth, not her real name, met him in a foreign country years ago. their relationship was horrifying. then he started to tell me things that no human being would be able to get over, such as swimming in a river of blood, eating children's flesh, i had to listen to this every day. he said he would be able to kill me and my daughter, too, and that put our bodies somewhere and nobody would ever know who i am.
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fearing for her life, she was taken to a refuge and spoke to local police. i was psychologically broken, really broken. the women's shelter ordered an ambulance to bring me to the hospital. i wasn't able to speak that night. i couldn't say a word. i was lying in my bed and i tried to call for my daughter or somebody else but all i could get out was... i couldn't speak. he left her heavily in debt and seems to have disappeared. we found he spent years in britain using her name to hide his real identity while working for mi5. i name to hide his real identity while working for mi5._ working for mi5. i think it is not fair and imo — working for mi5. i think it is not fair and imo angry. _ working for mi5. i think it is not fair and imo angry. it _ working for mi5. i think it is not fair and imo angry. it is - working for mi5. i think it is not fair and imo angry. it is crazy . working for mi5. i think it is not l fair and imo angry. it is crazy for me _ fair and imo angry. it is crazy for me i_ fair and imo angry. it is crazy for me lam— fair and imo angry. it is crazy for me. i am very hurt, i feel cheated. you cannot— me. i am very hurt, i feel cheated. you cannot have trust. there is no justice _ you cannot have trust. there is no 'ustice. ., ., ., justice. the agent threatened to kill and sexually _ justice. the agent threatened to
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kill and sexually abuse - justice. the agent threatened to kill and sexually abuse young i justice. the agent threatened to l kill and sexually abuse young girls known to both ruth and beth. the government said it will not comment on security or intelligence but the court order is aimed at protecting national security and avoiding a real and immediate risk to life, safety, and privacy. last year, sarah —— sarah everard was murdered by a police officer who abused the power of the state. the government has announced an inquiry into her death, saying it will shine a light into the failings that let an officer use his power in such an horrific manner. warning signs are rarely plainer than the ones we have found, but the same government took us to the high court, first try to stop the story being broadcast and then seeking to dramatically limit what we could report. they failed, but we have been legally prevented
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from naming the agent because at the —— because of a potential risk to him from other extremists, despite the risk he poses. the government said it was obliged to protect him from harm. said it was obliged to protect him from harm-— from harm. sister's united will never be defeated! _ from harm. sister's united will never be defeated! violence . from harm. sister's united will- never be defeated! violence against women and the _ never be defeated! violence against women and the state's _ never be defeated! violence against women and the state's response - never be defeated! violence against women and the state's response to | never be defeated! violence againstl women and the state's response to it is one of the issues of our time. yet the british government has thrown its full weight behind stopping women everywhere being warned about this dangerous abuser. he could now be anywhere and with anyone.
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hello there, there was a north—south divide with the weather this weekend. high—pressure hanging on in across england and wales, the cloud did develop as we went through the afternoon with some warm sunshine and a high of 22 degrees. whether cloud and rain lingered and where we had half the nature of rain through the day, it was a fairly great affair at times and that rain is still sitting there, chiefly to the north—west of the great glen but certainly more cloud along western fringes, quite a murky start on the day with a few isolated showers as well. the best of the sunshine and warmth, it would draw a line from cardiff over towards norwich, anywhere south and east of that
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could see highs of 23 degrees weather when direction light and from the south. rain across north england, shower the northern ireland and once again to the north—west of the great band, here a bit fresher, 13 to 17 degrees the great —— the overall height. the weather fronts will ease. something worth bearing in mind is this where the fun that it's going to push up from the near continent, it mightjust bring some sharp showers across the far south—east corner as well. also worth bearing in mind, the wind direction changing to more than northwesterly and that will push the warm air that we have seen away from the south—east corner are well so a noticeably different feel to the weather potentially a monday. there is a level of uncertainty of how far west the showers will be but they could be a little bit of saharan gusts in there as well, and a cloudy day on monday with a few scattered
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showers and noticeably cooler, top temperatures, 12 to 18 celsius. as we move into tuesday, the low pressure eases away and we see through the little part of the week, after sunshine and showers on tuesday, more wet weather moving again, so things stay in the cooler side, and a little more unsettled, tuesday and wednesday, but high—pressure set to build once again and those temperatures will start to recover for the start of the weekend.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. anthony albanese, wins the australian general election, becoming the country's first labor prime minister in almost a decade. tonight at the australian people have voted for change. switzerland and the netherlands are the latest countries to report cases of monkeypox — doctors warn the outbreak could badly affect access to sexual health services. president biden — on a visit to south korea has said he would consider meeting the north's leader, kimjong un. two people have been taken to hospital after a stand collapsed during a rehearsal for the trooping the colour parade to mark the queen's official birthday next month.


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