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tv   Our World  BBC News  May 22, 2022 3:30am-4:01am BST

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this is bbc news, the headlines: anthony albanese has won the australian general election, beating scott morrison to become the country's first labor prime minister in almost a decade. addressing supporters, he pledged to transform the country into a "renewable energy superpower" and to work towards lifting wages and profits. as russian attacks in eastern ukraine intensify, president volodymyr zelensky has said diplomacy is the only way the war on his country will end. the british foreign secretary liz truss has said that ukraine's neighbour, moldova, should be armed with nato military equipment, to help guard against the threat of a russian invasion. switzerland and the netherlands have become the latest countries to report cases of monkeypox, with doctors warning the outbreak could badly effect access to sexual health services. at least 90 infections have been confirmed in a dozen countries.
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now on bbc news, our world: eurovision — ukraine's victory. music plays. this is kalush orchestra, winners of this year's eurovision song contest. but they are no ordinary band. they are from ukraine, a country in the midst of a bloody war. in the lead—up to the contest, all the band members faced a difficult decision.
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now, their winning song has become a powerful statement of defiance. and they hope their global stardom will help ukraine's plight. i am viktoriia zhuhan. i work as a journalist for bbc in ukraine. i don't normally cover eurovision — especially when there is a war raging in my country, but kalush orchestra isn't an ordinary, typical eurovision contestant. but after following the kalush orchestra for ten days, i've learned that for them, this is much more than a singing competition.
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it's a way to tell the world about the war that's destroying ukraine. we are on our way to a rehearsal in the north of the country. oleh, in the pink hat, the group's frontman, finds it hard to take in what he sees. it's tymo, the band's vocalist and flute player, who realises he has been here before.
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only weeks earlier, russian troops were pushed back after a barbaric onslaught. they left mass graves and even evidence of torture. vladimir putin, the president of russia, has started the largest war in europe since world war ii. non—stop shelling and a ground invasion has devastated the nation.
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over 1a million people have fled their homes. and tens of thousands have been left dead. with only four weeks ago before the competition, today the 6—member band are filming a music video. chosen filming location, the city of irpin. they have employed actors, but the wreckage that surrounds us is far from fiction. (rapping in ukrainian)
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the band is named after
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the small town of kalush in western ukraine, where oleh, the lead singer, grew up. since the start of the war, men of working age have been forced to stay behind to help fight.
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but the war has also divided the band. not every member has made the same decision. 25—year—old svyatoslav was previously the band's most famous tiktok star. today, he is deployed to the frontline.
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�*s it's the orthodox easter weekend back in kalush, an important time in ukraine when families gather together. oleh is keen to visit his mother before he heads to italy for eurovision.
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it's also his first time home since the war began. oleh�*s mum, stefania, was the inspiration for the song the band is playing at the contest. the song has taken
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on a whole new meaning — a war cry for the motherland. # stefania, mama, mama stefania... soldiers on the frontline have been recording their own versions. stefania plays. before we left kalush, oleh took me to the easter service. even the local priest gave his support. oleh�*s roots are the key to understanding the lyrics of the song —
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but it is tymo�*s connection with ukrainian folk music that inspired the two. tymo and his mum svitlana show me their family heirlooms. music plays. traditional clothes like these have been part of ukraine's identity for hundreds of years.
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it is something the russian invasion has been trying to wipe out, and something the band say they want to protect. with his brother already serving in the military, tymo admits he felt the pressure too.
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music plays. the time has come for the band to leave ukraine for the eurovision song contest. there is a no—fly zone across the country, so it's an uncomfortable three—day journey by road via poland to get to turin. kalush orchestra required special permission from the government to take part in eurovision. (dodomu (featuring skofka) plays). the band's arrival is met with huge media attention. everybody asks them the same question. what will it mean to ukraine if you win?
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journalists from all over the world want to talk to them. hi, bilbao! this... hi, bilbao. i'm oleh from kalush orchestra and these are my... this is my... these are my answers for your five questions. da? yes! it feels like no eurovision band from ukraine has ever been under so much pressure as this one. it's notjust about eurovision — it's the pressure about representing ukraine to the whole world as the war is going on and telling ukraine and its story during this one
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and unique chance. all: let the eurovision i song contest 2022 begin! cheering and applause. this is the night of the grand final, where we make eurovision history! tonight, the sound of beauty triumphs in torino. - 25 countries are competing i for the grand final and you — yes, you — have the power to decide who will be - the winner of eurovision 2022. make a note of the codes that correspond to your favourite l songs because soon, we will open the telephone lines. i ukraine is the bookies' favourite but sweden, the uk and spain also have hit songs. # space man. # oh, yeah!..# it's time - for ukraine's kalush orchestra to perform to 200 million people worldwide.
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# stefania, mama, mama, stefania... sings in ukranian. raps in ukrainian. slava, their old band member slava is back from the frontline and is watching. across the world, millions
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of ukrainians watch in support. sings in ukranian. cheering and applause. with the eyes of every ukrainian on him, oleh uses the world stage as an opportunity to protest. cheering and applause. i ask all of you, please help ukraine, mariupol. help azovstal right now! cheering and applause continues. the votes start to come in. we've heard all 25 of tonight's finalists. each and every one of them has lit up this beautiful arena. and ukraine, the public has given you... ..439 points. cheering and applause.
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we now... a new leader! yes! ..have a new leader with 631 points. who will be the winner of the eurovision song contest 2022? it's between ukrainel and united kingdom. the tension is killing me... yeah, i see, i see. every way. for ukraine to win, the uk needs to receive less than 310 points. from the public, the united kingdom has received... ..183 points. cheering and applause. so we have a winner! all: the winner of the | eurovision song contest 2022 is ukraine! music swells.
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how fantastic! ukraine is the winner- of the eurovision song contest 2022! congratulations, ukraine! what an evening! what a result! ukraine is the winner. all this noise is for you right now. so happy for you. you're all here, so, i hand you the trophy. lift it up. you deserve it. and if you want to say something, this is the moment. thank you so much. thank you for supporting ukraine. this victory is for every ukrainian. slava ukraini! cheering and applause.
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slava is back from the frontline. i took the chance to catch up with him. with mission accomplished, kalush orchestra makes thejourney home. just two months ago, this border crossing with poland was a place where hundreds and thousands of ukrainian refugees came to flee from war. but the mood here today is one of celebration. even the guards come bearing gifts and want their photos with the european winners.
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uplifting music plays. cheering and applause. the band have come up with an ingenious way to directly help the war effort. russia's invasion has changed our country and the world but kalush orchestra has given
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all ukrainians a reason to sing, in spite of their pain, and a voice at their most vulnerable. stefania plays. hello there. there was a north—south divide with the weather for the start
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of the weekend. yes, weather fronts across scotland and northern ireland brought certainly more cloud, a bit more of a breeze, some showery outbreaks of rain as well. high pressure, though, hanging on in across england and wales. the cloud did develop as we went through the afternoon with some warm sunshine. london saw a high of 22 degrees — 72 fahrenheit. but where that cloud and the rain lingered across the highland, where we had around half an inch worth of rain through the day, it was a fairly grey affair at times. and that rain is still sitting there, chiefly to the north—west of the great glen but certainly, more cloud along western fringes. quite a murky start for the day with a few isolated showers here and there as well. so, the best of the sunshine, the best of the warmth, if we draw a line, really, from cardiff over towards norwich, anywhere south and east of that could potentially see highs of 23
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degrees with the wind direction light and coming from a southerly. a little more cloud, a few spots of rain across north wales, northern england as well. a few more nuisance showers into northern ireland and once again to the north—west of the great glen, so here, a little bit fresher — 13—17 degrees the overall high. those weather fronts will ease away as we move through the latter stages of sunday, weakening all the time. but something worth bearing in mind is this weather front that's going to push up from the near continent. mightjust bring some sharp showers across the far south—east corner as well. and also worth bearing in mind, the wind direction changing to more of a north—westerly, so a cooler feel, and that's going to push the warm air that we've seen away from the south—east corner as well, so a noticeable difference to the feel of the weather potentially on monday. so, we need to keep an eye on those showers. there is a level of uncertainty of how far west those showers are likely to be, but there could be some sharp showers, maybe even a little bit of saharan dust mixed in there as well. a cloudier day on monday with a few scattered showers elsewhere and noticeably cooler as well. top temperatures 12—18 celsius. now, as we move out of monday
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and head into tuesday, that low pressure eases away and we see through the middle part of the week, after sunshine and showers on tuesday, more wet weather moving in, so things stay on the cooler side and a little more unsettled tuesday into wednesday, but high pressure then set to build once again and those temperatures will start to recover for the start of the weekend.
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this is bbc news, i'm lucy grey with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. anthony albanese wins the australian general election, becoming the country's first labor prime minister in almost a decade. tonight, the australian people have voted for change. as russian attacks in eastern ukraine intensify, president zelensky says diplomacy is the only way the war on his country will end we have to start asking the question, whoever ends up occupying these territories at the conclusion of this conflict, what is there going to be left to occupy? millions of people are affected and more than 50 have been killed as flooding and landslides hit eastern india and bangladesh.
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switzerland and the netherlands are the latest countries


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