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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  May 28, 2022 11:45pm-12:01am BST

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the rest of your weekend, and thank you forjoining us. more coming up on bbc news. from us here on the team, cheerio! hello and a very warm welcome to the film review on bbc news. i'mjane hill, and taking us through this week's releases as ever is mark kermode. hi, mark. hello. we have quite the week. we have top gun: maverick. i know that you've recently rewatched the original top gun film. this is the sequel. we have the bob's burgers movie, and i confess, i had never heard of bob's burgers before the movie. and we have between two worlds, a drama starring juliette binoche. top gun. we've already booked our tickets, you see. so, there's a lot riding
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on the next few minutes. ok, so, long—awaited sequel to the �*80s hit directed by tony scott, the original. the sequel is byjoseph kosinski. tom cruise, who appears to have been sleeping in a fridge because he hasn't changed at all since his original incarnation, maverick, still has that rebellious streak. he's out in the mojave desert testing jets. at the very beginning, we see him doing mach ten against the advice of everybody else. he gets called back to the top gun academy in order to teach a bunch of freshfaced new recruits how to fly, to do a very, very dangerous mission which will be arrayed on a uranium enrichment plant, and only tom can teach them how. good morning, aviators. this is your captain speaking. welcome to basic fighting manoeuvres. as briefed, today's exercise is dog fighting, guns only, no missiles. we do not go below the hard deck of 5,000 feet. working as a team, you have
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to shoot me down, or else. or else what, sir? or else i shoot back. if i shoot either one of you down, you both lose. this guy needs an ego check. we'll see to that. so, let's say we put - some skin in the game. what do you have in mind? whoever gets shot down first has to do 200 push—ups. - guys, that's a lot of push—ups. they don't call it an exercise for nothing, sir. you've got yourself a deal, gentlemen. flight's on. let's turn and burn! fanboy, you see him? nothing on the radar up ahead. he must be somewhere behind us. well, we're both chuckling. yeah. so, here's the thing. so, miles teller is rooster, who is the son of goose, about whose death, you know, maverick still feels responsible. so, there's a kind of personal thing going on there. but the thing that makes this work is, as you just saw in that clip, the flying sequences are just spectacular. i mean, they are
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really, really spectacular. i saw this in imax, and i have no great love of the first top gun. i think if you see it again now, you go, really not quite as good as everyone remembers it being. it was quite thin when we rewatched it! very, very, very creaky. this absolutely delivers what you want from a popcorn blockbuster. the flying sequences are astonishing. also, the emotional beats of it — they're manipulative as anything, but they work, and i was sitting in the cinema, against all my better judgement — serious film critic — and going, yes! i'm going to punch the air! i started crying at one point when there was this kind of emotional standoff between these two male characters who had an awful lot of stuff going on that they had to deal with, and even the sound of some of the tunes, a great use of won't get fooled again there. itjust works and no matter how much you try to resist it, itjust works and overwhelms you. the thing i really liked about it was cinemas have had
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a bad time the last few years. this is the kind of movie that reminds people why they get off the couch, why they go to the cinema, why they sit there, friday night, bring it on. it's really well done, and no matter how much i tried not to be taken in by it, not to go, yeah, it's just manipulative stuff, yeah, it's really well done manipulative stuff and it's really enjoyable — see it on the big screen. we are seeing it on the big screen, are we meant to reference the fact that tom cruise is allowed to do this at the age of nearly 60, but the women are not that old? i mean, there's a few problems around that, but... the one thing i would say is tom cruise does not look like any other person of his age i have ever seen. i mean, it's...he literally looks the same, and when they do the thing with topless beach sports and you go, how... how is that possible for you to look like that?
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i have no idea! whatever age he actually is, in this film, he's 28. well, it's going to be a fun weekend and that's what we all need. we all need some of that. moving onto bob's burgers. so, this is the big—screen spin off of an animated tv sitcom that i haven't seen. a family running the bob's burgers bar. the bank threatens foreclosure. there's a huge sinkhole that opens up in front of the burger bar, so nobody can get into it. also, there's a murder mystery. i knew nothing going into this. i thought it was going to be kids thing, you know, bob's burgers. it's much more in the mould of something like the simpsons. and it's really funny. there are great gags, there are great comedy songs. the burger bar is right next to the funeral home called it's your funeral, which tickled me enormously. it's a long gag about this wharf, the slogan of which is "80 years of cheap thrills and almost no decapitations." and underneath all the silliness, this is a rather sweet story about overcoming your fears
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and families bonding, families sticking together, but it's a gag a minute. there is a fonziejoke that i don't think anyone under the age of 50 will get. i went in knowing nothing about it, i came out, there's loads of series, and i'm going to track it down because i really enjoyed the film and i knew nothing about it. oh, but that's fun, that's a good recommendation. and a french film for number three. between two worlds. this is based on a nonfiction book. a writer who went undercover in the cleaning industry to find out what things were like at the harsh end of the economic spectrum. over here, took book was published as the night cleaner. juliette binoche is marian, turns his back on her life in paris. goes to a town nobody knows. job as a cleaner. they say, well, it's not just that you take it, it's that we want you to take it. and she discovers that even
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for a job that lowly, you really have to sell yourself. here's a clip. so, firstly, what she learns is that she's been really snobby about working in the cleaning industry. she's been looking down at it. she realises it's very hard to get the job. secondly, she discovers just how hard the job is, and particularly when she starts working on the ferries, which are really... they are described as like a commando operation. the stamina involved
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is extraordinary. so, part of it is a ken loach film about just how tough life is at the bottom of the economic spectrum in this particular circumstance. the other thing that's going on is she's lying to everybody. she's actually middle class. and she's gone into this to find out, to make visible the invisible, but she's lying to them about who she is. so there are two separate layers of the drama going on, and actually, i thought that worked really well because, on the one hand, you're seeing life, you're seeing just how tough it is, particularly on the ferries. the timescales involved, the amount of work that has to be done — backbreaking work for minimum wage. but this whole other layer, the fact that she's being deceitful, that she is somehow almost spying on them and drawing them into her friendship circle and pretending that she's understanding what's going on, but she has a whole other life that she's going to go back to, she's going to write a book, i thought it was kind of really fascinating.
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a bit ken loach in what it shows you about the world. but also, a dramatic story about someone being deceptive about who they are. yes, the theme and the tone very much puts you in the mind of loach�*s work. and i think some of the performers are, they're nonperforming. the whole thing has the smack of authenticity, and that's why i said there is definitely a loach element to this, and it is eye—opening and heartbreaking at times. but the thing that i think gives it a mainstream edge is that there is also this slightly melodramatic contrivance of the story about her own deception, and obviously i love juliette binoche anyway. i think she's great in everything, but she plays this really well. it's interesting that she is playing a character that's playing a character, and there's a dual layer to the performance anyway. really interesting. and best out this week? you've seen the quiet girl. i loved it, i loved it.
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it's beautiful, simple, gentle. how often do i find myself saying this, a remarkable performance by a very young actress? astonishing, and it's a directorial debut, and it's so sure—footed. the comparison i made was celine sciamma, capturing of childhood at that point, the cusp of childhood and adulthood, and you keep thinking that the film is going to take a turn for the terrible. but it... i had a knot in my stomach for some of it. it's set in a rural ireland in the early �*80s. but gently moving. i was overwhelmed by it. and the other thing i found about it was the more you think about it, the more powerful it becomes. it's kind of deceptively low—key when you watch it.
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but then it really, really sticks with you. i think it's wonderful, absolutely wonderful. it's one of the films of the year. and i couldn't believe it was a debut. completely assured. absolutely assured. it feels like you're in the hands of someone who understands cinema, understands storytelling, understands just how much information to give you so much as said without words and so is wonderful. dvd? theatrical reissue before the dvd, back in cinemas and a change of pace, get carter is back in cinemas. it's a 4k restoration from the camera negatives. probably, a lot of people have seen get carter on television. it's one of michael caine�*s defining roles, it's brilliantly directed by mike hodges. it is tough, uncompromising, made in 1971, and even to this day, it's got that gritty, cutting edge to it. everything about it pops and you forget sometimes just what an incredible screen presence michael caine is. the camera loves him, but he's got this thing where he is empathetic but dangerous
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at the same time, and this is a story about somebody in which there is very little empathy and see it on the big screen. and it'll be on disk in a month or so. really interesting week. good week. i'm so glad you love the quiet girl. have a great week. see you next time. goodbye. hello there. northerly winds will make it feel rather cool for the time of year during sunday, particularly where we have areas of cloud and some showers. equally, there will be some spells of sunshine, but the day will start with showers in some places, particularly for northern and eastern scotland, eastern england, and there will be some heavier showers drifting through wales, the midlands, down toward the southwest of england, where there could be the odd flash of lightning, the odd rumble of thunder.
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there will be some sunny spells, but i think northeast scotland will stay rather cloudy, a little bit damp at times and breezy. just 9—11 degrees here. more generally, 13—16. that's a little disappointing for the time of year. as we head through sunday night, into the early hours of monday, we will bring areas of cloud down from the north with some showers. clear spells further south, and it will be quite a chilly night, widely down into single digits, maybe one or two spots down to 3 or 4 degrees. temperatures will climb a little bit as we head through the coming week. there will be some rain at times, but not all the time. some spells of sunshine as well.
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this is bbc news with the latest headlines for viewers in the uk and around the world. real madrid win the champions league final after a 1—0 victory over liverpool in paris. the spanish football side take the title for a record 14th time. kick—off was delayed by 30 minutes as supporters struggled to get into the stade de france and the police used pepper spray on some fans. away from the football, president biden renews his appeal for tighter gun control following the texas elementary school shooting as the parents prepare to bury their children. there's too much violence, too much fear, too much grief. france and germany urge president putin to engage in peace talks as russia continues its offensive
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