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tv   The Film Review  BBC News  May 29, 2022 7:45pm-8:01pm BST

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liverpool have returned to merseyside as heroes, despite their defeat in the champions league final against real madrid. the team have been showing off their fa cup and league cup trophies in front of thousands of fans. chetan pathak is there for us. chetan, the atmosphere looked incredible. you haven't mist a party entirely, if you look over to my right, that isjurgen klopp�*s bar, a bar that jurgen klopp frequently goes to, add the cleaning trucks entering passed at the moment, huge clean—up operation that is going to take place in liverpool city centre. fans are refusing to believe the party is over, jumping and dancing, bongo drums, trumpets and trombones. thousands upon thousands of liverpool fans lined the streets in the last half—hour, the team buses
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have made their way slowly through the strand. i am on the building it to the historic building, liverpool came out in their numbers to celebrate a double winning season, there was some uncertainty about what the mood would be off the back of losing that champions league final last night to real madrid, agonisingly missing out on the premier league, last weekend to manchester city. jurgen klopp called it a disappointing end to the season but not a disappointing season. he wanted to celebrate what he said was still a success and you can see here what it meant to the fans, just a short while ago the red mess, the fireworks, the you will never walk alone that was ringing out, various childs, various instruments, it was hard at times to make out what was going on, a cacophony of noise and
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emotion, scenes we saw back in 2019 when liverpool lifted the champions league, scenes denied to them in 2020 because of the pandemic, no parade for the premier league, and i felt there was a pent—up emotion that really came out here that was expressed, liverpool and ijurgen expressed, liverpool and i jurgen klopp expressed, liverpool and ijurgen klopp have won all now in his time in the club, all the leagues, cups, the two trophies missing with —— the two penalty shoot—out winds to chelsea. wa other than basis a note wasn't a quadruple, not in trouble, but most would swap their season for what liverpool went through, there were shattering disappointment last night and all the challenges around ticketing we have heard as well, but the fans i spoke to today when desperate to end the season on a high and i have no doubt those fans outsidejuergen�*s bar will be outside juergen�*s bar will be singing outsidejuergen�*s bar will be singing late into the night. qdd
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outside juergen's bar will be singing late into the night. add the cleanin: singing late into the night. add the cleaning crews _ singing late into the night. add the cleaning crews will _ singing late into the night. add the cleaning crews will be _ singing late into the night. add the cleaning crews will be cleaning - cleaning crews will be cleaning until late in the night! thank you forjoining us. this the 23—year wait for nottingham forest is finally over. they will be playing premier league football next season after beating huddersfield 1—0 at wembley. adam wild has more. it isn't the easiest route to promotion, it is invariably the most agonising, the most exciting. after nine months, this walk—out wembley way is the season because �*s final stretch. huddersfield nottingham forest, the riches of the premier league await, some at £170 million. 0ffer league await, some at £170 million. offer some set of fans, a party you cannot put a price on. not a time to let things slip by matt ryan yates's header, the best of the early chances. forest would have a moment before the break. given it in the box, lewis coyle defecting past his own keeper stop forest had the lead,
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now could they hold onto it? the second half a tale of two penalties that were not, both of the forest end, brought down, no penalty, even a video replay wouldn't change the referee's mine. moments later, perhaps an even stronger claim again forest seemed to get away without. forest seemed to get away without. for huddersfield, this was agonising, for forest this meant everything. 23 years outside of the premier league, finally at an end. the side twice crowned the best in europe are now back amongst english football's elite. deep disappointment for huddersfield, they are season is over, they head back to west yorkshire with nothing, they will begin next season in the championship once more, but for nottingham forest, after 23 long years, they are now back where their fans feel like they belong, the
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prize, the prestige of the premier league awaits, they will be back there next season. they are back in there next season. they are back in the premier league. solihull moors are 90 minutes away from reaching the football league after beating chesterfield in the national league play—off semifinals. they came from behind to win 3—1. callum howe's header from a corner sealed it for the west midlands club, who were created 15 years ago when solihull borough merged with moor green. they'll play grimsby in the final next sunday. sake celtic have won the women's scottish cup final after beating glasgow city at tynecastle 3—2 after extra time. it was an absolute thriller, with city looking to avoid their first season without silverware in 17 years, but izzy atkinson got the winning goal for celtic in front of a record crowd in scotland. this year's monaco grand prix really had it all — heavy rain, strategy errors, big crashes. red bull's sergio perez got the win but it was frustration for ferarri's charles leclerc who was unable to win his home race.
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joe lynsky has more. for charles leclerc, this was the chance of his life. he would start on pole for a race through the streets he grew up on. but one thing could stop him. torrential rain in monaco delayed this grand prix. then brought decisions. leclerc�*s ferrari team changed their mind about his tyres. two pit stops near the start saw leclerc lose his as lead, but down the field were bigger problems. this was a risk that came with the rain. fortunately, mick schumacher could walk off the track. the rest waited for safety. at the restart, lewis hamilton was stuck in eighth, just where he started. while at the front, sergio perez had the lead. but it was so close. through the narrow streets, perezjust held on.
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he wins the monaco grand prix! leclerc had missed out and this extraordinary race had a winner not from monaco, but mexico. joe lynskey, bbc news. australia's jai hindley has won the giro d'italia, after safely finishing stage 21 in verona. over 2000 miles and three weeks of racing ended with an 11—mile individual time trial. hindley started with a lead of one minute 25 seconds after taking the pinkjersey yesterday and never looked in any trouble. he's become the first australian to win the race. let's have a quick look at some of the other stories making the sports news today. at the first bmx world cup meeting of the year in glasgow, olympic champion beth shriever led for most of the women's final, but after going wide on the last corner, she was beaten on the line by laura smulders in a photo finish. the gujarat titans have won the ipl in their first—ever season. they beat the rajasthan royals by seven wickets in front of over 100,000 fans in ahmedabad.
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great britain won seven gold medals — including the women's four here — on the third and final day of racing at the world rowing cup in belgrade. it means they top the medal table too, with eight golds, two silvers and four bronzes. britain's most successful female slalom canoeist, mallory franklin, has won her seventh european title. the olympic silver medallist and world champion won the c1 category in slovakia by nearly one and three quarter seconds. rafa nadal was taken to the brink as he beat canada's felix auger aliassime in five sets in the fourth round. nadal lost the opening set but roared back to win the next two. the canadian who is coached by nadal�*s uncle toni made sure the match went to five sets with nadal winning the final set 6—3. it sets up a mouthwatering quarterfinal against novak djokovic who swept aside argentina's diego schwartzmann in straight sets.
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coco gauff has equalled her best run at rolland garros by reaching the last eight. belgian elise mertens was seen off in straight sets. she'll play eitherjil teichmann or compatriot sloane stephens next. the record—breaking jockey lester piggott — who won the derby nine times — has died at the age of 86. in all, he recorded almost 11,500 winners in a career that started in 19118, when he was 12 years old. he was admitted to hospital in switzerland — where he lived — last week. he was jailed for three years in 1987 for tax fraud but returned to racing after his release. 0ur sports correspondent andy swiss reports. lester has it in the bag! when it came to the art of winning, few could match lester piggott. his statistics are staggering.
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nearly 5,000 victories across a career spanning almost half a century. he rode his first winner back in 19118 at the age ofjust 12. it was a feat that made the headlines, and plenty more would follow. in 1954, while still a teenager, he won the derby, the first of a record nine victories in the race. the youngest jockey to win the derby in modern times. but for all the adulation, piggott remained a shy, softly spoken man. how hard do you have to work, in fact? well, it's pretty hard work. you know, all day long, i and at night sometimes. at five foot eight, he was tall for a jockey, hence his nickname the long fellow. but his much imitated style in the saddle earned him the championjockey�*s title some 11 times. the success, though, was followed by scandal. good evening. the headlines at six o'clock... lester piggott has been sent to jail for three years. -
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in 1987 piggott was jailed for tax evasion and stripped of his 0be, and while he made a comeback to some success, in 1995 at the age of 59, he finally retired from the saddle. despite his personal controversy, his sporting ability beyond dispute. one of the greatestjockeys that racing has ever seen. the champion jockey lester piggott, who's died at the age of 86. that's all from sportsday. hello again. through the day we saw cloud really develop and bubble up to bring scattered showers. now, some of those showers have been quite heavy, some of the heaviest showers in wales. that was one of the looming shower clouds on the horizon there around the gower in the south of wales. 0n the radar picture,
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that would have been from this line of showers you can just see working in here. it has been across wales and south—west england that we have seen heaviest downpours around today. 0vernight tonight, even as that lot of showers moves out of the way, we are looking at further showers moving in across scotland, northern england and a few for northern ireland towards the end of the night. quite chilly air still with us, temperatures overnight around 5—7 celsius for a number of you. we start the new week on an unsettled note. this area of low pressure moves westwards from scandinavia. not many isobars on the charts, the wind not very strong, but this area of low pressure will bring loads more showers our way forthe first half of the new week. so monday, showers from the word go across northern areas, quite a bit of cloud around across the north, some sunny spells break through the cloud. showers then become widespread. some of the heaviest showers are likely to be across south—west england where we have this line of convergence. the winds bashing together either side of the south—west peninsula. downpours extending into central southern england, the south midlands as well. that is where the heaviest storms
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are going to be, butjust about anyone could see a slow—moving shower or storm at some point during the day. it is going to be very unsettled. if anything, we have got more in the way of showers to come on tuesday, and the showers are going to have more energy. more of them turning thundery, there will be some hailstorms mixed in as well. still some sunny spells breaking through between the showers, and i suppose in the sunshine it is not going to feel too bad, but as the clouds come across the sky, probably not feeling especially warm. wednesday, we have got still a few showers on the charts, mostly across east scotland, eastern areas of england. but even here the showers probably not quite as widespread, probably not as heavy, and further west you are looking at a largely dry picture. given a bit more sunshine around for western areas, starting to warm up, temperatures 17 in glasgow, 19 for cardiff, 20 in the london area. towards the end of the week, for most of you, there are signs that the weather will continue to settle down with some sunny spells. it will start to feel warmer, temperatures into the low 20s more widely.
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there will be a few more showers across the, north west. bye— bye.
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this is bbc news. the headlines at 8pm. president zelensky has visited his troops on the front—line in eastern ukraine for the first time since the war started. culture secretary, nadine dorries, has urged uefa to launch a formal investigation after liverpool fans were tear—gassed at the champions league final. liverpool lost to real madrid, but did win two other cup finals. and tonight liverpool players have taken part in a parade through the city these fans are desperate to celebrate with the players, and you can see what it means to them. you can see what it means to them. you can see what it means to the fans of this football club. president biden is meeting the families of some of the 19
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children and two teachers shot dead by a teenage gunman in texas.


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