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tv   Witness History  BBC News  June 2, 2022 5:30pm-6:01pm BST

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let's have a look at the sports news. plenty more time ofjubilee coverage, plenty more on the platinum jubilee coming up, but now, it is time to get in the bit of a sport round up from the bbc sport centre, and we will be going to isaac from there in a moment. as you can see, the queen on the balcony there, as you've been hearing, the royalfamily turned out, the working members of the royalfamily, turned out to out, the working members of the royal family, turned out to watch the fly past their little earlier. that was on the balcony there, and i don't know if you can see prince
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louis down there. you can see crowds lining the mall, as you can see, plenty more pictures from today's celebrations of the platinum jubilee and more to come, plenty more on the lighting of the beacons, which should be quite a spectacular thing to see was to plenty more of that to come. but first, i think we should go and get the sports round—up, as we need, from isaac here. have you got sports for us? ido i do indeed. it's been a fantastic start for england in the first test against new zealand at lords. they've bowled new zealand out for 132 runs. a day illuminated by excellent fielding, ben stokes took the final wicket in his opening innings as england captain. matthew potts had a debut to remember. he took four wickets in his first test match. james anderson got four wickets, too, making a statement in his return to the squad after being omitted from the west indies tour alongside stuart broad, who got the other wicket.
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england currently 80—2. zak za k crawley zak crawley dismissed by tom blundell, ollie popejust fallen. not all plain sailing for england, though. he's bowled beautifully, but matthew potts left the field mid—over with an injury. earlier, spinnerjack leach has been ruled out of the test with symptoms of concussion after taking this tumble trying to stop a boundary. england have brought in matt parkinson as a concussion substitute — he will bat and bowl. northern ireland will aim to end their dismal run in the nations league tonight when they take on greece. it's the first of four matches in the space of ten days. they've yet to win a game in the competition and have been relegated to its third tier. it is a tournament we haven't done particular well in.
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i think we haven't won a game in the tournament. but when you see teams qualifying for the euros through this tournament, it makes you sit up and take notice of it, you do take it serious, and there is a chance for us to qualify. south african sides will be joining european club rugby's elite from next season. the stormers, bulls and sharks will play in the champions cup. they've been playing in the united rugby championship alongside irish, welsh and italian sides. the lions will play in the challenge cup. organisers say their inclusion will bring "a new level of elite rugby". manu tuilagi will miss england's tour of australia because of surgery on a knee problem. injuries have plagued the sale sharks centre. since the 2019 world cup final, he's only played six games for england. in a statement, sale said "a summer of rest and a full pre—season is the best course of action". american teenager coco gauff is through to her first grand slam final as she beat martina trevisan in straight sets.
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the 18—year—old took an hour and a half to dispatch of the italian. afterwards, she told the paris crowd that she hadn't been nervous. and coming off the court, she wrote "peace, end gun violence" on the camera. iga swiatek is through to the final of the french open with a dominant straight sets victory over daria kasatkina. the world number one tookjust 64 minutes to make her second french open final, sealing victory with an ace. that's her 34th straight victory. the second women's golf major of the year is under way, with the us open in north carolina. australian minjee lee won the first major of the year and has made
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she's three under through 14 holes, that's two of the lead which is being held by swedish amateur ingrid lindblad. england's georgia hall tees off soon as does charley hull. scotland's gemma dryburgh is two over through 16 holes. two scottish referees have become the first to come out publicly as gay. category one officials craig napier and lloyd wilson follow footballers josh cavallo and jake daniels in coming out. it is something that i have obviously lived with for a long time. it has been a difficultjourney to get to this point. but over the last couple of years, it has become a lot easier. and i think that it is really important that people like me are willing to sit here and do this. i don't think this needs to be a news story, but i think, at the moment, it really does, because we need to see the climate change so that people do feel they can be their true self and live happily and comfortably in their own skin. and that needs to transcend into football. that's all the sport for now.
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sarah will be back in about an hour's time with sportsday. you can find more on all those stories on the bbc sport website. that's isaac, thank you. as i promised, back now to our main story today, the celebrations of the queen's platinum jubilee. let's take a look at what else is planned for the rest of the four—day weekend. later today, beacons will be lit throughout the uk, channel islands, isle of man and uk overseas territories. as we've seen, they've already begun to be lit in commonwealth countries around the world. on friday, a service of thanksgiving will take place at st paul's cathedral in london. then on saturday, members of the royal family are expected to go to the derby horse racing at epsom. and in the evening, there will be a live concert in front of buckingham palace — platinum party at the palace. and the final day of celebrations will be on sunday, with jubilee lunches and the platinumjubilee pageant, a performance that will tell the story of the queen's reign and will finish in front
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of buckingham palace. it will feature military personnel, dancers, puppets of corgis and ed sheeran. people will be celebrating across the uk with street parties. the queen has recognised more than 1,000 people in her birthday honours list. men and women working for charities and their communities have been recognised, along with household names from the worlds of entertainment and sport, as lizo mzimba reports. rebus made three circuits, driving slowly... in the world of entertainment, ian rankin, author of the multi—million selling rebus novels, says he's honoured to be knighted for services to literature and charity. damian lewis has been made a cbe for services to drama and charity. together with his late wife, helen mccrory, who died of cancer just over a year ago, he helped raise over £1 million to provide food for nhs workers during covid. in a statement, he said, "she and i are both thrilled."
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fashion designer stella mccartney is also made a cbe. moody blues singer justin hayward becomes an obe. # turn around, bright eyes # every now and then, ifall apart... bonnie tyler is made an mbe. # every now and then, ifall apart...# also becoming mbes, masterchef�*s gregg wallace... they've got here. now they've got to cook like they want to stay here. ..and co—presenterjohn torode. there's no second chances from here on in. they have to perform. in the world of politics, arlene foster rose to the top, becoming northern ireland's first female first minister. she's been made a dame for political and public service. obviously, i was thrilled. i've been a representative here for 18 years, and then as the first female first minister in northern ireland, as well. so it's really northern
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ireland's award as well. mps nia griffith and maria miller also become dames, while fellow mps stephen timms and jeremy wright are knighted. in the world of sport, broadcaster clare balding becomes a cbe. i'm really amazed and, yeah, just completely overwhelmed by it, to be honest. but i do think it's a reflection of how much people love sport, and i hope it's also a reflection of the growth of women's sport and the added reward and recognition there is for women's sport and women in sports broadcasting. cricket star moeen ali says he's "proud and happy" to be named an obe. rio ferdinand becomes an obe too, for services to football and for his charity and campaigning work. luther blissett also becomes an obe for his work in football and charity. it's curling gold... the olympic gold—medal—winning curling team is also recognised.
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captain eve muirhead is made an obe, the rest of the team mbes. and bale scores! also becoming an mbe, footballer gareth bale. most honours, though, go to people not in the public eye — people like patricia hassulbee, recognised for 65 years of volunteering for the poppy appeal. it makes you feel special. it makes you feel...all the hard work has brought you a reward. as i say, i'm just delighted about it. delighted. absolutely delighted. she's just one of many honoured for their work in the community. lizo mzimba, bbc news. more on the platinum jubilee celebrations later, but first let's take a look at some of the rest of the day's news. around 2 million people are expected to go abroad over thejubilee bank holiday, and there's concern about further disruption for travellers, as airports deal with staff shortages and high demand.
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the transport secretary, grant shapps, has told the heads of travel companies at a meeting that they should "do their bit" to improve the situation. our business correspondent simon browning has more. i am happy to say it seems like the situation is finally improving, after what has been a really difficult week for so many travellers going on holiday through thejubilee weekend and half—term. i have spoken to the big airports today, manchester, gatwick and heathrow, and they are all reporting no issues. the caveat is, it is still incredibly busy. millions of people, up to 2 million people are expected to take flights out of the uk this weekend, on international trips, heading to the beaches for a bit of sunshine to see friends and family. but the airports are still really busy, they point to the fact there are still pinch points within the airports. check—in is very busy, security is busy, but they say things are improving after a difficult week. we had so much about tui cancelling
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six flights a day from manchester. tui have said, for them, things have returned to normal. they highlighted 80% of passengers — that is 3a,000 who have had holidays disrupted this week — have now rebooked holidays. there has been a bit of advice and backtracking today. one big union advised people, because of the queues at check—in, to maybejust take hand baggage, to stop the big queues. but that has been pulled up on, and one of the airports say if you just take hand baggage, that will hit security because there will be so many bags, so you have just got to be prepared to queue. but today, things operating much better and the airports and airlines are happy. that is some small consolation for travellers, perhaps. but what more do we know between that meeting between travel bosses and the government? yeah, that's right. transport secretary grant shapps and the aviation minister effectively summoned some of the big airline and aviation bosses to talk in a big zoom. lots of things to talk about, these problems
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that have been in the media for the last week. we know there is chronic understaffing at a lot of these sectors of the airport. and the government want to know how they can solve this. the airline bosses and aviation companies were asking for special visas for eu workers so that eu workers can fill some of these gaps in ground handling and in catering companies. we understand from a couple of sources this morning the government pretty much rebuffed that idea and said it was not possible. the aviation industry is quite frustrated by that — they have thousands, tens of thousands of gaps to fill. steve heapy, the boss ofjet2, thought that would be a good idea because he says so many workers missing from the economy after brexit and they can be helped if we got visas for some eu workers. the department for transport today said that whilst the government listened to those suggestions and they were noted, nothing further was added. so it looks like that won't happen. and we are still facing a situation where the summer holidays are coming. everyone will be going back on holiday and the airports need to fill those big jobs.
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so it's a big challenge. they have set up a working group to solve some of these issues. but i suppose over the coming weeks, they need to fill these jobs so we don't see any more of these big queues and disruptions for so many people who want to see the sun for their family holidays. our correspondent simon browning. johnny depp has said he feels at peace after winning his libel case against his ex—wife amber heard, following her claims in an article that she was a victim of domestic abuse. he has been awarded more than $10 million in damages, whilst ms heard was awarded $2 million for winning part of her libel case against him. domestic abuse campaigners say they're concerned the verdicts could send the wrong message to victims, as david sillito reports. all right, mr foreperson, is this the verdict of the jury? after six weeks in court, and six years of angry accusations after their divorce, the court, and millions across the world, watched the jury's judgment on amber heard's declaration that she had suffered domestic violence at the hands ofjohnny depp. was this defamation? thejury said... yes.
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outside, the fans cheered. johnny depp�*s lawyers emerged to a hero's welcome. hi, everyone. today's verdict confirms what we have said from the beginning, that the claims againstjohnny depp are defamatory and unsupported by any evidence. amber heard's case had video, photographs and hours of emotional testimony. slapped me across the face. and he slapped me again. he just kicked me. however, public opinion was throughout the trial firmly behind johnny depp�*s claim that he was the real victim here. ms heard, in herfrustration and in her rage and her anger, she would strike out. suddenly. and i said, "go ahead, hit me."
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bam! so two completely different accounts of a marriage, and one in whichjohnny depp says he was the victim. and that's what the jury has agreed with today. and not only that, they've accepted that amber heard acted with malice, with a reckless disregard for the truth. and remember, amber heard's account of her marriage was in a uk libel trial two years ago, judged to be substantially true. and yet, from the beginning, she was facing a torrent of abuse. i receive hundreds of death threats, regularly, if not daily. campaigners for those who have endured domestic violence are worried. what we're concerned about in this instance is the chilling effect that the media coverage will have on survivors who need to come forward. and so, ultimately, that can be
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a very damaging thing. victims are watching this and they are thinking about, "how will i be treated if i come forward?" amber heard says she's heartbroken. she did win part of a libel case, over an allegation of carrying out a hoax, but forjohnny depp�*s team, celebrations. in a statement, he said he had his life back. the long, legal battle is finally over. david sillito, bbc news, fairfax, virginia. johnny depp was pictured shaking hands with fans and drinking with musicians sam fender and jeff beck at the bridge tavern in gateshead after the court case concluded last night. and it's been announced he'lljoinjeff beck for the remainder of his uk tour. let's talk to our reporter in gateshead, olivia richwald. olivia, there must have been a few people doing a double take when they sanohnny depp there. people doing a double take when they saw johnny depp there.— saw johnny depp there. absolutely. it is not exact _ saw johnny depp there. absolutely. it is not exact they _ saw johnny depp there. absolutely. it is not exact they were _ saw johnny depp there. absolutely. it is not exact they were you - saw johnny depp there. absolutely. it is not exact they were you spec . it is not exact they were you spec to see a film star likejohnny depp, but here i am in gateshead. if you
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come around here, you will see all of thejohnny depp fans lining up, hoping to catch a glance of your —— there man. after the announcement of there man. after the announcement of the verdict in america, he was issued in a pub near here, pictured with some of his friends, including jeff beck, who he is due to be on stage with later this night. that picture was on social media, and as you can imagine, that sparked all of thejohnny depp fans in the northeast to head to newcastle, to try to see the star, outside the most expensive hotels in the city, offensive of ingathering today. some —— where fans had been gathering... they must�*ve been disappointed, though, because the tour bus arrived, jeff beck got on, jeff beck went to the crowd, butjohnny depp was nowhere to be seen, eventually afterwards, a blacked out window van emerged from the underground car park, johnny depp banging on the
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doors of that van, and as his fans watched, five minutes later, it arrived here at the stage and fans just managed to catch a glimpse. he went into the concert venue the more sound checks are taking place. some fans tell me they're going to stand here, hoping to see him throughout the duration of this concert. some who say they expect to still be here at 1am in the morning.— at 1am in the morning. olivia, that is dedication! _ at 1am in the morning. olivia, that is dedication! thank _ at 1am in the morning. olivia, that is dedication! thank you. - at 1am in the morning. olivia, that is dedication! thank you. it - at 1am in the morning. olivia, that is dedication! thank you. it is - is dedication! thank you. it is coming up to ten minutes to 6pm. bbc news has learned that a number of refugees have been on hunger strike inside a detention centre at gatwick airport — after they were told the government would deport them to rwanda as part of a new asylum policy. the home office says every step is taken to prevent self—harm at immigration removal centres. clare moseley from care 4 calais has told us more about their situation. they are really tired, they are really weak. their mental state was incredibly
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fragile to start with. that is how this has happened. they are worried about their families. nearly all these men have families that they were trying to protect. that is why they embarked on these journeys which are so incredibly dangerous. the reason they take them is because they see it as the only way to help their families. some of them have really small children, some of them have wives. the reason they come to the uk is to try and save their families. i have had them say things like they feel like they have let their families down. there's a guy who is terrified to tell his mother because his brother was shot and bled to death in front of his mother and he says the impact of her hearing that her only living son will be sent to rwanda, he's so frightened of what that will do to her, he doesn't want to tell her. there is a gentleman i spoke to, his village in sudan was raided by militia and him and his wife were beaten so badly that his wife lost their unborn baby. he is so frightened about what will happen to his wife.
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and i think they all feel this responsibility to save their families, and now theyjust don't know how they will do that. it is such a feeling of desperation and fear. they feel helpless and it is the only way they can think of to possibly manifest that desperation, the only thing they can think of to do to cry out to the public for help. because at the end of the day, the reason they came to britain was to ask for our help, to say, "we have been treated "so badly by the world, this is the only place we can "go for help." and if we don't help them, they don't know what else to do. clare moseley speaking to earlier. the american comedian bill cosby is facing new allegations of sexual assault in a civil trial — less than a year after he was freed when his conviction in a separate criminal case was overturned. it's alleged the 85—year—old — once known as "america's dad" — assaulted a teenage girl at the playboy mansion in los angeles in 1975. he's denied any assault took place. in 2018, cosby was convicted of drugging and molesting a woman at his home in 2004 and served
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nearly three years in prison before being released. in the us, four people have been killed in a shooting at a hospital in the city of tulsa in oklahoma. police say the gunman, who has not been identified, was armed with a rifle and a pistol. he killed himself soon after officers arrived. the motive for the attack isn't clear. and the teenage gunman accused of shooting ten people dead in a supermarket in buffalo, new york, last month has been charged with domestic terrorism. prosecutors allege 18—year—old payton gendron, who earlier pleaded not guilty, was motivated by racial hatred. gendron, who describes himself as a white supremacist, is accused of shooting 13 people in total during the massacre — almost all of them black. the government is to ban the use of the type of metal cladding used to refurbish grenfell tower from being used on all new buildings in the future. known as acm — or aluminium composite material — its flammability allowed the fire to spread rapidly. grenfell�*s bereaved families and survivors are marking thejubilee with a street party
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table with a place name for each of the 72 lives lost. the fifth anniversary of the tragedy is in a fortnight. messages from abroad have been coming in from world leaders. in a moment, we'll hear from the president of france, emmanual macron, but first here's president biden and the first lady of the united states and their message to the queen.
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president macron�*s message to the queen there. now, the conclusion of trooping the colour was the spectular fly—past, but not everyone seemed to enjoy it. here's prince louis — the youngest son of the cambridges — on the balcony waving at the planes, with his great grand—mother the queen next to him. but the noise soon became too much for him. there he is, with his hands in his ears, not really making any attempt to hide his displeasure! but i suppose you get away with that when
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the queen is your great—grandmother. no hiding yourfeelings the queen is your great—grandmother. no hiding your feelings there. now time for the weather forecast with ben rich. hello. for most of us, it was a pretty decent start to this platinum jubilee weekend. sunny spells and scattered showers covered it in many areas. a beautiful cloudscape here for a weather watcher in hull. the clouds overhead in ballymena were just thick and grey, a lot more extensive and produced some outbreaks of rain across northern ireland. you can see that lump of cloud on our earlier satellite image. also some clumps of cloud to the south. we'll have to keep an eye on those as the weekend progresses, but through this evening and tonight, we see that rain moving its way across northern ireland, starting to affect parts of north wales, northern england and southern scotland. lots of mist and murk and low cloud or some northeastern parts of scotland and certainly for the northern isles. clear spells elsewhere and it probably won't be quite as chilly as it was last night. so friday starts off with some wet weather across parts of north wales, northern england, southern scotland, tending to break up into showers
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through the day, also affecting northern ireland, maybe the far southwest of england, and some of the showers will be heavy and possibly thundery. still some areas of low cloud rolling onto some north sea coasts at times, but for most tomorrow, there will be some spells of sunshine, just the odd shower. temperatures, 21 for cardiff, 22 for london, but parts of western scotland doing pretty well temperature—wise as well, with highs of 20 and some decent sunshine. now, as we move through friday night into saturday, we start to keep our eyes down to the south, because we see an area of low pressure trying to spin into the picture. that will introduce the chance of some scattered showers and thunderstorms during saturday. these should be quite hit—and—miss at this stage, still with a decent amount of dry weather. rather murky for some north sea coasts. best of the sunshine further north and west, and that's where we'll have some of the highest of the temperatures. parts of the western highlands could get to 22
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degrees at this stage. further south, likely to be a little bit cooler as that cloud and those showers start to work in. and through saturday night, it looks like the showers and thunderstorms in the south will become more widespread and will start to drift northwards into sunday, affecting parts of wales, northern england, maybe getting into northern ireland by the end of the day. best of the sunshine on sunday will be found in the north of that weather system, so across scotland. and once again, the western side of scotland may well be favoured for some of the best of the sunshine and highest temperatures, with highs of 21 degrees.
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as the platinum jubilee celebrations get under way. she was joined on the balcony at buckingham palace by members of herfamily — but not prince andrew, nor harry and megan. they watched 70 aircraft take part in a spectacular flypast, which included the world—famous red arrows. cheering. tens of thousands people from around the uk and the world thronged the streets hoping to catch a glimpse of proceedings. if i had one thing to say to the queen, i would say, you've done an amazing job of 70 years on the throne. cheering. god save the queen! enjoying the ride — george, charlotte and louis


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