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tv   Counting the Cost  BBC News  June 5, 2022 9:30pm-10:01pm BST

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this is bbc world news. the headlines... cheering. the queen has marked the end of her platinum jubilee celebrations, appearing on the buckingham palace balcony alongside herfamily. in a statement, she says she's been "humbled and deeply touched" and thanked everyone who took part. earlier today 10,000 people paraded down the mall for a huge platinum pageant featuring military, dancers, performers and celebrities from each decade of the queen's reign. tens of thousands of street parties also took place across the uk with sometimes wet and windy weather not getting in the way.
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but thousands of passengers are hit by major delays to train services out of london tonight. there are severe problems at euston after what's been described as a passenger incident near milton keynes. in bangladesh, an explosion and fire at a storage depot kills at least 49 people and injures hundreds more. russian missiles strike the ukrainian capital of kyiv for the first time in more than a month. and in sport, wales beat ukraine 1—0 in cardiff to qualify for the world cup for the first time in 64 years. it was a trial that made global headlines. now amber heard is planning an appeal after a jury found she had defamed herformer husband johnny depp over allegations of domestic abuse. bbc news looks at the key moments from the high—profile hearing —
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and a warning this programme includes details some viewers may find distressing including descriptions of domestic violence and drug abuse. bleep the defamation trial of hollywood actorsjohnny depp and amber heard has been at times jaw—dropping in its intimate tour. details of an imploding relationship beset with allegations of abuse on both sides. slapped me across the face and he slapped me again. hejust kicked me in the back. certainly. i said, go ahead. hit me. now millions around the world have watched, shared, posted and retweeted. when we compared this trial for other celebrity trials - in the past, this trial is on steroids.
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this trial has turned out to be so theatrical, so intriguing on so many levels. it's almost moved beyond a legal case, and it's more playing out like a reality show. the legal row about the truth of their relationship has spawned a wider argument over the nature of domestic violence, social media and cancel culture. it has been really wild to see how many people and how many women basically don't believe amber because she doesn't fit their vision of what a perfect victim looks like. do you find that mr depp has proven all the elements of defamation? - answer — yes. so, was this really even a legal fight at all, or was it simply a tug of war over reputation, a proxy battle fought by expensive teams of lawyers and pr agents? and regardless of how the jury rules have, either party really won. either party really won?
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johnny depp emerged as a movie star long before social media became a barometer of public opinion. he's a highly imaginative character. he became famous, playing eccentric characters in largely independent films from edward scissorhands to what's eating gilbert grape. but it wasn't until 2003 when he became captainjack sparrow in the walt disney series pirates of the caribbean, that he cemented his place as a hollywood mainstay. johnny depp is the hugest star on the planet. he is a—list as a—list can come. and then, amber heard didn't really have much a career. she was working, obviously, and she was booking stuff, but she wasn't a star. she wasn't a household name. it wasn't until she started dating johnny depp that she was affiliated with him. that really put her on the map. that was when we finally knew her name and knew who she was. their relationship began in puerto rico on the set of the 2011 film
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the rum diary. i'll bet you scream before i do. they had a kissing scene, and it didn't feel like a normal... it didn't feel like a normal scene any more. it felt... it felt more real. she seemed to be the perfect... ..partner. in a sense, she was... she was wonderful. but cracks began to show early on. the relationship was beset by rumours of infidelities, abuse and drug use. there were also instances of erratic behaviour. in april 2016, the couple appeared in a bizarre apology video widely mocked on social media after they were accused of breaking australia's strict biosecurity laws when misheard, illegally brought their dogs into australia. i am truly sorry that pistol
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and boo were not declared. protecting australia is important. clear everything when you enter australia. a month later, amber heard filed for divorce and a temporary restraining order. appearing at an la courtroom with a bruised cheek. their marriage had lasted just 15 months. the divorce was finalised in january 2017. 0utwardly, the former couple appeared to have parted on good terms, releasing a joint statement saying their relationship was passionate, volatile, but always bound by love. but a year later, the uk's sun newspaper published an article describing johnny depp as a wife—beater during his marriage to amber heard. depp denied the allegations and launched a libel case but lost. the judge said the newspaper had proved what was in the article to be substantially true. and then in 2018, amber heard wrote an opinion piece in the washington post where she described surviving domestic violence without mentioning depp by name. but according to depp�*s complaint, the article amounted to defamation, derailing his career
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and incalculably damaging his reputation. depp sued for 50 million. heard countersued for 100 million. i think what a lot of people are starting to understand and realise is that defamation lawsuits really about money. at the end of the day, it's about remedying and rectifying your reputation. money is important, but it's usually a secondary priority getting out there that the other person is wrong. you're right stopping the pain, be it the monetary or financial pain you're experiencing in your professional life, in your business. making sure that you can you can stop that from hurting you is really the primary objective. 0pening statements gave a preview of what to expect from either side already with opening statements.
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ready with opening statements? all right. go ahead, sir. words matter. . they paint a picture in our mind . based on what we have experienced and what we know or i what we think we know. and because of that, . words can evoke strong emotions in the listener. and cause irreparable harm to a person's reputation. mr depp�*s team is going to try to turn this case into a soap opera. you're going to see who the real johnny depp is — behind the red carpets, behind the fame, behind the money, behind the pirate costumes. you're going to see who that man really is. the central question before the jury was, who could show by the greater weight of the evidence that they were defamed and that they presented clear and convincing evidence that the other side acted with actual malice while doing so.
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when advising a defamation claimant as to whether to sue or not, one thing you've got to make absolutely clear is that really the way to go forward is only to sue if it's really important. almost only sue if your life depends on it. if it's something you can put behind you and move on, then do it. you and move on, then do it, because it's very easy to make that decision to sue and to issue a claim form and to get the claim rolling. but you've got to think how you're going to feel, and then you've got to experience the trauma of going through. of going through the trauma. at the heart of this trial were distressing allegations of abuse coming from both sides. 0ver six weeks in court, depp and heard painted wildly different pictures of their time together — each accusing the other of verbal, emotional, physicalabuse and other serious offences. the trial exposed a drug and drink—fuelled home where the couple frequently clashed.
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after you said, "let's— drown her before we burn her," mr depp, you said, "i wil eleei? her burnt corpse afterwards to make - "sure she is dead." that's what you said that you would do. i after you burned her- and after you drowned her. did i read that right? you certainly did. at times, these explosive fights would descend into violence, including misheard, claimed sexual assaults. the court heard chilling testimonies. ijust could hear myself scream until i couldn't hear myself any more. i could just hear him say that he was going to kill me. pounding the back of my head, pounding it with his fist, and i don't even rememberfeeling pain.
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she kicked the bathroom door into my head. i'm sorry that i didn't hit you across the face in a proper slap, but i was hitting you. it was not punching you. you're not punched. don't tell me what it feels like to be punched. and what did you say- in response when miss heard said, "tell the world, johnny. "tell them." i said yes. all right, your next witness, your honour, we'd like to call witnesses on both sides. testified to what they saw before me. i'm at the top of the stairs with my back to the stairs. and that's whenjohnny runs up the stairs. and again, i'm facing amber. he comes up behind me,
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strikes me in the back. it's kind ofjust somewhere over here. strikes me in the back, i hear amber shout, "don't hit my bleep sister." she smacks him and lands one. and then he grabs... at that point, that's when travis runs up the stairs. johnny had already grabbed amber by the hair with one hand and was whacking her repeatedly in the face of the other. good morning. at that point out of the corner of my eye, i saw a fist and an arm come across my right shoulder and i heard and saw a closed fist. a closed fist contact mr depp in the left side of his face. and whose fist was that? that was miss heard's fist. amber heard says the couple's former therapist, laurelanderson, described a dynamic of reciprocal abuse.
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he had had been well controlled, i think, i for almost, i don't i know, 20—30 years. and both were victims . of abuse in their homes. but i thought he had been well controlled for decades. - and then with ms heard, l he was triggered and they and then with ms heard, - he was triggered and they engaged in what i saw as mutual abuse. sometimes i'm not sure. i know she led on more than one . occasion and started it to keep him with her because abandonment and having him leave _ was her worst nightmare. and i think he may have initiated it on occasions to that. _ and i think he may have initiated it on occasions, too. _ that, i'm less sure of. their dynamic and this diagnosis ignited debate about the nature of domestic violence.
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the term mutual abuse is not something we operate from. and in fact, i quite frankly don't believe in the term. i think that what you see when there is domestic violence in a relationship, whether it's in the home or whatever that dynamic is, there is always from our perspective of primary, from our perspective, a primary aggressor. a lot of times, we see mutual violence, but it's commonly from one party's perspective as a defence mechanism. ms heard's evaluation supported two diagnoses. an expert in intimate partner violence testified as a witness for depp that heard had borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder. heard's own expert witness, another forensic psychologist, diagnosed her instead with post—traumatic stress disorder as a result of the alleged violence she had suffered at the hands of depp in court. of depp. in court, every look, every move, every facial expression by both has been pored over by the public and press alike
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and scrutinised for the meaning. so, i think the nonverbal cues during the trial have been very fascinating because one of the things that a lot of domestic violence victims have been accusing amber heard of is not appearing afraid ofjohnny depp. she's glaring at him. she's been obstinate the way she speaks with him versus the way he's handling it when she's on the stand or any of her witnesses are on the stand, he's laughing and joking with his attorneys. he's eating a pile of gummy bears in front of him. he seems to be just very unbothered by it. and that's sending the message to the jury is that "i'm not "taking her seriously. "you shouldn't either." the claims of abuse suffered by heard fed an internet frenzy. in the course of six weeks, the trial created a tsunami of social media content. the idea that heard had made up her claims, that she was a liar and master manipulator, took off online, and she soon became subjected to abuse.
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iam harassed, humiliated, threatened every single day, even threatened every single day. even just walking into this courtroom, sitting here in front of the world, having the worst parts of my life, things i've lived through used to humiliate me. people want to kill me. and they tell me so every day. just within the first two weeks of the trial, the hashtag justice forjohnny depp had 1.1 billion hits. it's now quadrupled. it's up to over four billion hits. and as of right now, as of us speaking right now, the amber heard hashtag, justice for amber heard only has 22 million. that is a tiny percentage. depp fans camped outside the courtroom each day, posting minute—by—minute updates on social media and even crafting online
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petitions demanding the removal of her from films and brands. what is unique about this trial is the social media reaction we've seen and the level of hate we've seen against amber heard. almost as if there is a smear campaign that has been launched against amber heard. and what has been happening in the courtroom is very divorced from the narrative, and we haven't seen that sort of disparate conversation for quite a while before the intensely negative conversation for quite a while before. the intensely negative response to heard and her testimony raised tough questions about the status of the metoo movement and who the public thinks should be believed. you know, a big rallying cry of metoo was "believe women." it was a corrective to exactly the kind of scepticism that we see on display here of a kneejerk reaction to empathise with a man accused of hurting a woman, to pick apart her statements for any little discrepancy
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and to approach his with credits to give him the benefit of the doubt. and, you know, in some ways, ithink what we've seen with this trial is that so many of the fears of the critics of me too are just displaced. depp was the most famous by far. did that put her at a disadvantage? 0ur celebrities can do no wrong, j which is why we ended up in sort of the era of the metoo movement, is the idea that people _ who are strong and powerful can get away with a lot. _ and in the celebrity space, you do . have a lot of people who are getting paid lots of money to tell people that they can do no wrong. - and i think that that creates a lot of dysfunction. - you know, a lot of artists - we forgive the notion of an artist having a dark side or creatives having poetic language. - having a dark side or creatives
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having poetic language., - in the case of the texts - that he sent that were horrible by any standard and describing - amber heard, and i even hear people being very forgiving of that as well. - "he's just very poetic and artistic in the way he describes things." i those working to end domestic violence worry. domestic violence worry the media frenzy has distracted from the very real issue of abuse suffered by others. i am very concerned about what's occurring on social media. occurring on social media, the entertainment that it's turned into. it's turned into, the mocking, the maliciousness has been really hurtful and damaging not only to that person, but also across the spectrum of those that have endured domestic violence. amid this media circus, the seven jurors in virginia, we're told, to stay offline and ignore all coverage of the trial.
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were told to stay offline and ignore all coverage of the trial. but while the jurors sought to avoid intrusion from the court of public opinion, it was clear depp, heard and their lawyers all agreed on one key thing — this trial, at its core, was about reputation. branding is everything when it comes to hollywood, and branding is what allows stars to become bankable. and what we're seeing here is this defamation lawsuit, it's essentially these two stars fighting for what is left of their image and what is left of their brand, which goes to show that image is very much everything in hollywood. johnny depp has put on evidence . showing that he's lost movie deals. he's lost other contracts that amount to tens of millions i of dollars, if you believe l the experts and testimony that he's put on. and amber heard has put on evidence showing that her career— had struggles also because of the statements made i by johnny depp's lawyers.
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the depp—heard trial marks one of the most high profile airings of hollywood's dirty laundry in decades, exposing the inner workings of the film industry in ways few have ever seen. heard's lawyers portrayed depp as the epitome of hollywood excess, and trachacobs, depp's former agent, spoke in extraordinary detail about how depp had gone from being one of hollywood's most bankable stars to sabotaging his own career. showing up late to set consistently... ..on virtually every movie. i would get yelled at. i never said to him, "you're a difficult client." i never used those words, but i was very honest with him and said, "you've got to stop doing this. "this is hurting you." and it did. and it also got around town. i mean, people talk, it's a small
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community and it made people reluctant to use him toward the end. there was discussion of paycheques and details of both actors' working lives that would usually only be discussed behind closed doors. most of the witnesses that we've seen have seemed very unhappy to be there. and i think that hollywood in general is probably resentful of the fact that this is taking place in such a public way. hollywood has a history of trying to conceal and manage the misdemeanors of its stars. and for the past decades we have seen this same script play out time and again, where we see a household name in hollywood being accused of abuse. we then see the media relate every single salacious detail, and then tinseltown is back in an image crisis and scrambling for some kind of pr help. the fatty arbuckle affair
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was the first celebrity scandal of the movie era and threatened to destroy the industry just as it was taking off. a comedian and massive star of silent movies, in 1921, arbuckle was accused and later acquitted of the rape and murder of a young woman at a party. his downfall was weaponised by moral reformers critical of the portrayal of sex and violence on screen. in a culture war that took place in america post—world war one, his films were banned in theatres, and he was hounded in the press. the resulting hysteria shook the movie industry to its core. in an attempt to avoid government censorship, hollywood censored itself, and the hays code, banning nudity, profanity and graphic violence on screen was born. despite being acquitted, arbuckle was finished in the movie industry. after such a bitter, divisive and public case, can either depp or heard hope to salvage their careers?
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do you find that mr depp has proven all the elements of defamation? after six weeks in court, the jury returned its verdict. had amber heard defamed johnny depp? the answer was yes. the jury rejected amber heard's version of events and believed depp, awarding him $15 million. the jury also found that amber heard had been defamed byjohnny depp's former lawyer in part, and awarded her $2 million. but overall, they concluded she had acted with actual malice and with a disregard for the truth. i think career—wise, they both lose. there's nobody in hollywood that is willing to take a risk in general, let alone take a risk on two people that are just such controversial figures at this time. whether you believe her, whether you . don't believe he— don't believe her is irrelevant. the two of them are just hot potatoes and you're putting a lot
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of money into a film and a lot of money into a television production. you're just not going to want to risk it. amber heard said she was heartbroken. johnny depp said the jury had given him his life back. domestic abuse advocates worry about a chilling effect on victims speaking out. in some ways, i feel like we're in a first wave where it's only over the last couple of years that survivors have begun to feel comfortable coming forward with their stories. and we're now starting to really see the legal risk that they put themselves at by doing so, because i think one thing that's really gotten lost in the coverage is that this is not heard suing depp for abuse. it's depp suing heard for saying that she'd been abused not even by him, but forjust saying that she had been abused. depp undoubtedly has millions of fans. the cheers outside the court that greeted the verdict underlined that fact. soon enough, we'll know whether it's been enough to salvage his career and his reputation.
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hello. rather like thejubilee weekend, the forecast for the week ahead is a mixed picture. rain for some, strong winds for others. most of us will see some spells of sunshine. through monday, there is this area of low pressure to clear away from the eastern side of the uk, still bringing cloud and some outbreaks of rain to eastern and northern england. that'll be slowly easing from the west through the day, drier and brighter behind it. still a lot of cloud for many, away from scotland, where once again away from scotland, where once again, we'll see the best of the sunshine. could see a few showers for parts of wales, central, southern and south—west england, a more persistent spell of rain into the far south—west of england
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and the channel islands later. cloudier day across northern ireland, but mainly dry. best of the sunshine once again for scotland, where we'll see the highest temperatures. 0n into tuesday, where it's a fairly quiet day across the uk. low pressure to the west and east of us, high pressure to the north and the south. the winds will be light. there'll be quite large amounts of cloud, particularly across northern england and into eastern scotland. here we could see a few showers. some spells of sunshine across large swathes of england and wales, but that could spark off a few showers and we could see a few showers pushing into northern ireland through the afternoon, and also south—west england. but certainly feeling warmer for england and wales compared to the weekend. more in the way of sunshine, temperatures here in the high teens if not low 20s celsius. now, into wednesday, we've got this atlantic system pushing its way from west to east. quite an active system, so that's going to generate heavy showers, if not longer spells of rain, particularly for a large swathe of england and wales. behind it we'll see some bright or sunny spells, but also further showers. quite an unsettled day across northern ireland, frequent heavy showers here, moving into western scotland. the eastern side of scotland and the northern isles perhaps staying mainly dry until later in the day, but most of us will see
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some showers or longer spells of rain on wednesday. now, things are starting to get a bit more lively in the tropics, and that's generating a strongerjet stream, the winds high up in the atmosphere which drive our weather. and that in turn is going to generate more energy for these areas of low pressure approaching us as we head through thursday and friday. notice how the isobars are closer together, so we're going to see some stronger winds and also further heavy spells of rain. so, the winds will be strengthening for many of us on thursday, particularly across western coasts, for northern ireland and scotland. you can see these areas of blue indicating showers or longer spells of rain into northern ireland, much of scotland, north—west england, wales and south—west england. by and large, the further south and east you are, the drier it will be, with the best of the sunshine. but the winds are coming from the south—west, so for many of us temperatures again in the high teens if not low 20s celsius. those isobars get even closer together as we move into friday. there's a chance that we could perhaps see gales across parts of scotland and northern ireland, coupled once again with heavy showers or longer spells of rain. at this stage, the showers probably
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confined to scotland and northern ireland, perhaps just clipping north—west england and parts of wales. for many areas of england and wales, also eastern scotland, drier with the best of the sunshine, but keeping an eye on the strength of the wind. it will be a windy end to the week. where we've got the sunshine, though, some warmth in that sunshine, 20 or 21 celsius across parts of england and wales. will be a little bit cooler across scotland and northern ireland. eventually, that are of low pressure pulls away into scandinavia. eventually, that area of low pressure pulls away into scandinavia. we see high pressure building from behind, so although a few showers likely around through the weekend and the early part of the following week, things are looking drier. then keeping an eye on this area of low pressure which could come into play for the following week. but as we move through into next weekend and the week ahead, i think for much of england and wales, it's looking dry, with some spells of sunshine. still the chance of seeing some showers, though, particularly for parts of northern ireland and western scotland. that's all from me. goodbye.
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humbled and deeply touched — the queen's message to the nation at the end of her four—day platinum jubilee celebrations. to the surprise of many, she did appear on the balcony at buckingham palace to close the celebrations, flanked by her three heirs.


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