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tv   Grenfell  BBC News  June 19, 2022 7:45pm-8:00pm BST

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for those caught up in it, in profound grief and in the breakdown of relationships that seemed strong before the fire. you can imagine that four individuals — husband, wife, myself, my husband at the time, six—year—old son and eight—year—old daughter, all placed in one room, all struggling with grief, all trying to deal with... ..what had happened. it was toxic. the environment was toxic. yeah, we separated a few months after. i'm divorced now. it was a constant reminder, looking at each other. you know, my ex—wife used to say, "we remind each other of what happened — from a negative perspective." four years on... ..we had to call it a day, really. we tried, but itjust got to a point where we just couldn't any more.
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what happens to this tower? what any lasting memorial here might look like is still being decided. for the bereaved, though, it is a shrine to their loved ones and a way of making sure they're not forgotten. i get drawn to it. any time i'm in the area. it's kind of peaceful in a very weird way. itjust helps me heal. one night, your life can change for... l ..for ever. i can see the top of the tower from where i live. i can see my brother's bedroom window — the space of where he died with his wife and his children. it's difficult, it's very difficult, but i take comfort. it's like he's still there. comfort also comes from being with each other — people once connected
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because they lived together in a high—rise block in london, now linked by a night which fractured their lives forever. only they can fully understand what they went through as they face this five—year anniversary together. hello and welcome to sportsday. it's a star—studded leaderboard at the us open. we bring you the latest from what should a thrilling final day in brookline. swimming's governing body, fina, effectively bans transgender athletes competing against women in elite events, in a seismic ruling for the sport. and hollie doyle makes history again as she becomes the first british female jockey to win
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a european classic. good evening and welcome to tonight's programme. it's the final day of the us open. and with the third round literally blowing the competition wide open, it's pretty crowded at the top of that leaderboard. tied at the top, will zalatoris and matt fitzpatrick, both of whom have been knocking on the door of major championship glory for years. they've just teed off in the last few minutes. sarah mulkerrins is part of bbc radio 5live�*s commentary team and joins me now. we mentioned two leaders at the top, there is another one, it is only a one—shot lead, it is tight. it’s
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one-shot lead, it is tight. it's auoin to one-shot lead, it is tight. it's going to be — one—shot lead, it is tight. it�*s going to be really good, the good thing about the us open, toss scoring conditions, a lot of people in amongst it, you may pick up a shot but you will drop itjust as quick, changes all the time. matt fitzpatrick has started his round, he has found the fairway with his tee shot, so how is zalatoris. they are four under, but the world number one, scottie scheffler, has birdied the first two to move to four under. he made a fast start yesterday and it came a cropper on the back nine. we will see how it develops. what everybody following rory mcilroy, he birdied the first hole, par on the second. he has moved to two under. scoring looks a little better than yesterday. but i don't think we will see any runaway leaders. let’s yesterday. but i don't think we will see any runaway leaders. let's talk about matt fitzpatrick. _ see any runaway leaders. let's talk about matt fitzpatrick. he - see any runaway leaders. let's talk
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about matt fitzpatrick. he has - about matt fitzpatrick. he has tasted victory before, nine years ago at the amateur event. he does believe this could give him an edge. he is a great story for a number of different reasons. he used to be one of the shorter hitters in the game, in the last year he has put on a lot of power, so he is hitting as far as the likes of dustinjohnson. four weeks ago, he was in the final pair on the final day of the pga championship, his game is getting better and better. nine years ago, one, he won the us open as an 18—year—old, the biggest amateur eventin 18—year—old, the biggest amateur event in the us. back with the same host family again this week. he knows the course, he feels this is his time. he will have the bit between his teeth. you need to tough it out, so who knows? big between his teeth. you need to tough it out, so who knows?— it out, so who knows? big names cominu it out, so who knows? big names coming up _ it out, so who knows? big names coming up behind, _ it out, so who knows? big names coming up behind, it's— it out, so who knows? big names coming up behind, it's going - it out, so who knows? big names coming up behind, it's going to l it out, so who knows? big names| coming up behind, it's going to be coming up behind, its going to be exciting. we will let you go, thank
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you so much. you can follow that on bbc radio 5 live and on the bbc sport website. closer to home, preparations for wimbledon are continuing, with both queens club and the birmingham classic drawing to a close. one to watch at the all england club will be queens champion matteo berrettini — champion for the second year in a row. brazil's beatriz haddad maia claimed her second title in seven days, in birmingham. jess softley rounds up the action. fresh from his victory in stuttgart, matteo berrettini is in fine form. he started well against krajinovic, winning the first set 7—5. berrettini only returns to the tour recently after surgery on his hand, but he closed out the match with an ace to retain his queens trophy. seeing all the champions in the past
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and the present, knowing it going to be me twice, it gives me goose bumps. really happy for what i have done, and thank you, guys, for your support. done, and thank you, guys, for your su ort. ~ ~ , ., done, and thank you, guys, for your su . ort, . . , ., , done, and thank you, guys, for your su . oft, . . , ., , support. with wimbledon 'ust weeks awa , support. with wimbledon 'ust weeks away. berrettini * support. with wimbledon 'ust weeks away, berrettini willh support. with wimbledon just weeks away, berrettini will certainly - support. with wimbledon just weeks away, berrettini will certainly be - away, berrettini will certainly be among the favourites. one person you won't be seeing there is world number one daniil medvedev. wimbledon has banned russian and belarusian players from competing this year. he lost in the final in germany to hubert hurkacz. in the birmingham classic, rain disrupted the semi—finals yesterday, so the matches were played just hours before the final. beatriz haddad maia beat the second seed simona halep to set up a meeting with zhang. the brazilian was leading 5—3 when the chinese player said she couldn't continue, handing her her
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second straight title in seven days. england's cricketers have completed a series victory over the netherlands. phil salt�*s 77 helped his side to a six—wicket win in the second of three one—day internationals in amstelveen. adam wild reports. after the week they have had, you could forgive the dutch reluctance to get started. england raring to go. after being battered for a world record school on friday, the netherlands perhaps wisely chose to bat first. no records broken by them. but not everything remained entirely intact. —— a world record score. another big blow brought up 235, a respectable score, but it neverfelt 235, a respectable score, but it never felt like anything other than england's party. they didn't need a big score, but could they get a quick one? it would be a more
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patient england, far more civilised. even the heartiest of blows felt controlled, but a wicket cause momentary alarm. but no real concern in this england era, it still looks bright. let's have a quick look at some of the other stories making the sports news today. geraint thomas has became the first briton to win the tour de suisse. a second—placed finish in the final day time trial was enought to secure him victory in a race that was marred by almost 30 riders, including four teams, pulling out because of coronavirus on friday. britain's mallory franklin won gold in the ci event at the canoe slalom world cup. the olympic silver medallist finished over a second quicker than france's marjorie delassus. fellow british canoeist adam burgess won bronze in the men's ci. anthonyjoshua's rematch with oleksandr usyk has been announced for saudi arabia on august 20. the british boxer will attempt
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to win back the wba, ibf and wbo titles he lost in september at tottenham hotspur stadium. swimming's world governing body, fina has voted to stop transgender athletes from competing in women's elite races if they have gone through any part of the process of male puberty. it's a huge move for the sport voted for during an extraordinary general congress at the ongoing world championships in budapest. jane dougall is here to tell us more. jane how much of a surpise is this decision? not particularly, it was widely expected in the swimming community. it has been prompted by lia thomas, the first non—transgender swimmer to win, sorry, non—female... inaudible. it will stop her competing in the
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women's category. the categories of male and female must be kept separate according to a scientifically grounded text—based criteria, and any athlete who has gone through any part of the process of male puberty will not be able to compete against female swimmers. that was overwhelmingly passed by over 71% of the female members. one of the experts said, american swimming records for boys at 13 had faster times than elite women. even after the suppression of testosterone, which many trans—women athletes do, the effects of male puberty would still be retained. there was acknowledgement that some trans—athletes would not be happy, but that they would set up an open category at some of pam's biggest events. a working group will be set “p events. a working group will be set up to establish how to do it. ——
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some of fitzpatrick�*s biggest events. sharron davies said she was crowned fina was standing up for the sport. —— some of fin a's. however the lgbtq+ association said it was harmful and not in line with... inaudible. chelsea are targeting manchester city winger raheem sterling as their major summer signing. the england winger�*s future at the etihad is in doubt as he enters the final 12 months of his contract. it's understood sterling has attracted interest from major clubs overseas, but chelsea believe they can persuade him to remain in the premier league. hollie doyle has made history, becoming the first female jockey to win a european classic race with victory on nashwa
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in the french oaks at chantilly. doyle became the first woman to be placed in a british classic when she came third on the filly in the oaks at epsom earlier this month. favourite nashwa won from la parisienne in the race which is officially known as the prix de diane. afterfinishing, doyle was congratulated by husband and fellowjockey tom marquand, who also rode in the race. for all the latest on the canadian grand prix in montreal, head over to the bbc sports website. max verstappen leading at the moment. that's all from sportsday.
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the heatwave is set to persist across central europe through the early part of this week. cooler and fresher air moving in from the north. dividing the two, a line of cloud which will give some showers to the south of the uk through the evening, but they will clear overnight. the northerly wind across the eastern uk will ease back, and it will turn calm across scotland. could see lows of 3—4 in rural spots. fresheracross could see lows of 3—4 in rural spots. fresher across the uk this sunday night. monday, a lot of sunshine from the get—go, lighter winds in the east. a weather front will push cloud into the north—west through the day. some patchy rain for the western isles, orkney and shetland, highs of 12—14. elsewhere, temperatures are a couple of degrees on those seen on sunday. over the
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week, we will continue with largely dry weather. this is bbc news. the headlines at eight. a bad night for president macron, he looks set to lose his overall majority in the french parliament — the far—left and the far—right have made gains. rail bosses have confirmed that talks to try to avoid this week's strike action will continue with union leaders tomorrow. after the uk's promise of more heavy weapons to ukraine — the new head of the british army says troops should be prepared to fight russia in europe. communities in finsbury park gather to mark five years since the terror attack in which a van was driven into worshippers outside a mosque. and swimming's world governing body votes to effectively ban transgender competitors like american lia thomas from taking part in women's races.


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