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tv   Sportsday  BBC News  July 17, 2022 7:30pm-7:46pm BST

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' across the be pumping in warmer air across the uk going to the small hours of monday. a very warm as the end the night. temperatures in the mid to high teens widely and come sunrise which is very early at this type of year, we begin the heating process. early fog to the south. cloud and patchy rain for the far north of scotland but elsewhere this sun beats down on the temperatures push up. close to 30 across northern ireland scotland. 14 parts of england and wales and the core area in excess of a0 potentially in one or two spots. hideous evening and overnight it does cool off somewhat but the temperatures still remain exceptional in some parts of the uk, temperatures will sit in the mid 20s throughout the night on tuesday. they are likely to set new overnight temperature records as well. we start tuesday in the warm air. we will see fresher air trying to push on from the atlantic through tuesday behind these weather fronts but it will be a slowjob. the inventory
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ranges some areas but the majority of the uk, we are locked in the warm air. all we're doing now is adding humidity so that will make things feel increasingly unpleasant. southern scotland likely to challenge the temperature record on tuesday. eastern england potentially the hottest day, even hotter than monday. that is when we are likely to see a1 or in excess of that. the rain tracks across the uk but it is not a given all areas will get a good dose of rain. as we look at the rainfall totals, just a light blue many parts of the map. some areas getting above but it is not wetting the ground, that rain. we will transition into fresh conditions.
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hello this is bbc news. the headlines: parts of the uk roast in high temperatures, as the country braces itself for record breaking temperatures. thousands of firefighters deal with wildfires across europe — many people have died from the intense heat. police repeat warnings about cooling off in open water after the body of a 16—year—old boy is recovered from salford quays. the five tory leadership hopefuls will go head to head in their second tv debate this evening.
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a cargo plane carrying weapons has crashed in northern greece — killing all eight people on board. we will have we will have reaction to them after 8pm. time now for after 8pm. sportsday with chetan partak. hello and welcome to sportsday this sunday night with me chetan pathak, coming up on the programme. it's not to be for rory — mcilroy misses out... as cameron smith's stunning final round wins him the open. rishabh pant piles on the runs — as england are beaten by india in their one day series decider. and can netherlands — the defending champions —
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secure their place in the quarter finals of the women's euros? hello and welcome to sportsday. welcome along, thank you forjoining us. for large parts of today it felt as though rory mcilroy was about to bring his 8 year drought to an end. but his wait for another major continues after australia's cameron smith won the 150th open championship by one stroke from cameron young. mcilroy ultimately 2 shots behind the winner. watching the drama unfold was ben croucher at st andrew's. we'll talk about rory mcilroy in a moment but cameron smith — fitting of winning any 0pen fitting of winning any open championship. fitting a winning any major. right here at st andrews, the home of golf. a final round, eight
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under par, 6a, giving cameron smith a one—shot lead over cameron young. he started the day four shots with a lead. but then, around the back ninth he started to turn it. sorry, ii, 12, 13 ninth he started to turn it. sorry, 11, 12, 13 he ninth he started to turn it. sorry, ii, 12, 13 he made a birdie and then on the 18th as well. to finish on a 20 under par. that is a record low score here at st andrews. it equals the open record. even though most of the open record. even though most of the fans packed into st andrews, the record crowd here for an open championship. they certainly enjoyed cameron smith getting his hands on that claretjug. his first major title, his first 0pen that claretjug. his first major title, his first open championship. he won earlier this year, came very close to the masses, but cameron smith is a must have —— a winnerfor the very first time. he was asked how we would celebrate, he said he would see how many beers he could fit in that claretjug, i don't
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complain. rory didn't do anything wrong, but how tough will this be to take? he didn't look happy on the 18th, he didn't even much wrong, but he didn't even much wrong, but he didn't do enough right. just couldn't manage it and when he walked off, he looked really disappointed with himself. he said he didn't take advantage of the chances he had. the story of the day was that he just couldn't sink any putts. just like aaron smith couldn't do yesterday. for every putt that just went past the hole, it seemed to suck the life out of the crowd here in scotland. and that seems to suck the life out of mcilroy. you get the sense that this is one that mcilroy let slip away.
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you get the sense that this is one that mcilroy let slip away. a fitting way to end the 150th open championship — what stands out for you? i think the record crowds have to be the first thing, or 219,000 is we have packed into st andrews. the thursday they wanted to catch a glint of tiger woods, potentially to playing in the open championship for the very last time, he fails to make the very last time, he fails to make the cut after struggling physically after those injuries he sustained in after those injuries he sustained in a car crash last week. the scoring has been low. links gold is meant to be tricky, but the wind has been so calm, over the past few days. we have had a little bit of rain which is often of the course but they took before coming into this tournament that players had the modern game of the modern drivers that would overpower the scores and we have seen them driving a number of these parfor seen them driving a number of these
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par for max. seen them driving a number of these parfor max. 20 players who seen them driving a number of these par for max. 20 players who were ten under or better. the other thing to take away is that liv golf controversy which dominated the start of the tournament has diminished and has gone away. with all of these players challenging a major title. we rare head to the royal british open next week. the last winner there was mcilroy. i will let you get some rest now,. thank you very much. jos buttler�*s first one day series since replacing eoin morgan as captain has ended in defeat, as england were beaten by 5 wickets in their decider against india. chasing 260 to win, rishabh pant and hardik pandya helped the tourists to victory at old trafford as joe lynskey reports:
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at old trafford, the late sister look at england was maxima rebuild. liam livingstone found the rubble, but india's feel this had more poise than at the ball boys. just slightly. two balls later, livingstone tried again. this time, just a short. sent back to the seats. that was familiar down the order. when the captain went for 60, england stalled. all out for 2—5— nine. they left for overspend. 0nce nine. they left for overspend. once again, look forwickets nine. they left for overspend. once again, look for wickets the six foot seven man from surrey has soared back into form. this time though, india studied. started calm and then got moving. catch reserved to the crowd, he would his team to victory with a century. india take the series, england working progress.
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belgium's yasper philipsen has won stage 15 of the tour de france which was full of incident — including the yellow jersey leader going down into the final 60 kilometeres and denmark'sjonas vingegaard crashed in the middle of the peloton. with a big effort he was able to catch up to the rest of the pack and maintain his oveall lead over tadej pogacar. phillipson claimed victory in a manic finish —ahead of wout van aert and mads pedersen. the finest of margins splitting the three. great britain's katrina johnson thompson is in action in the women's heptahlon looking to defend her crown at the world athletics championships in oregon. starting in lane 2 here, the world champion — who has had difficulties with injuries and changing coaches since her gold in doha in 2019 — put in a season's best in the 100 metre hurdles — but it was only good enough for 5th in her heat and 13th overall. next is the hithump then shot putt, with 200m to round off her day.
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the first medal of day three went to ethiopia's tamirat tola as he claimed gold in the marathon around 0regon. tola broke away in the latter stages to win a first world title — and set a championship record of 2 hours 5 minutes and 37 seconds. he finished over a minute ahead of countryman mosi—net gere—mew, with belgium's bashir abdi taking bronze. britain'sjosh griffiths had a strong run, finishing a9th — looking good — with a thumbs up too. one man who should have been competing in that marathon is britain's chris thompson. unfortunately, because of a delay in processing his us visa, he wasn't able to travel. instead he was here today.... watching events unfold in oregon... and i caught up with him afterwards: ifi if i would have not watched it and been at home, with my son and gone to the playground, i don't think that would have been necessarily good waking up monday, when i do eventually go to my visa appointment. i don't think it would have put me in the right foot. i
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think i will look at the results and ia will think, it helps that it was a quality run, it was a very strongly depth competition, everyone stuck to their task and i can sort of, look at it and say it would have been a tough race for me out there. i am in good shape, but i'm not watching it going, what might have been quite the same way. but yes, it was a fantastic experience to be with the guys, to commentated and to see some exceptional championship record. it's the best one can be just we have had. fire record. it's the best one can be just we have had.— record. it's the best one can be just we have had. are you now able to look forward _ just we have had. are you now able to look forward and _ just we have had. are you now able to look forward and focus _ just we have had. are you now able to look forward and focus on - just we have had. are you now able to look forward and focus on what l just we have had. are you now able| to look forward and focus on what is on the horizon? {flare to look forward and focus on what is on the horizon?— to look forward and focus on what is on the horizon? give me a couple of da s to on the horizon? give me a couple of days to think- _ on the horizon? give me a couple of days to think. tomorrow _ on the horizon? give me a couple of days to think. tomorrow morning i l on the horizon? give me a couple of. days to think. tomorrow morning i go to the us embassy for my interview for the visa and hopefully that will be sorted this week. there's been a few conversations about what's next, i am down to london run a london marathon in october i am down to london run a london marathon in 0ctoberfull i am down to london run a london marathon in october full so that was preplanned before the changes, but i
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need to not take too much time off, use the shape i'm actually in, and move forward so i need a couple more days to assess and what you want to do. because it was only thursday, only a8 hours ago was 72 hours ago that i realise i'm not running. some bags are still packed. and it back, i need to drop my wife of the upper the next day, i was straight into being a dad, it hasjust been one thing after another. so need to come down, think logically and make certain this doesn't become a bigger issue of getting her or injude or —— getting hurt or injured. there were 2 final group c games in the women's euros with each team having a chance of making the quarterfinals. defending champions netherlands are through after beating switzerland a—i at bramall lane. the netherlands were missing striker vivianne miedema who tested positive for covid, but went ahead after half time
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when ana maria sirnogorcevic got in the way of stefanie van der gragt�*s header. butjust a few minutes later the swiss were given hope when geraldine reuteler made it 1-1. that hope was later extinguished with 2 goals from romee loychter and one from victoria pelova. netherlands will meet france in the last eight. there were five goals too in the group's other game — but all of them went to sweden — as they thrashed portugal. sweden were always in control at leigh sports village — two first hald goals from filippa angeldahl and an own goal meant they led 3—0 at the break. two more goals would follow in the second half — this solo effort from stina blackstenius sealing an emphatic win. so this is how group c finished, sweden going through as group winners with defending champions netherlands going through as runners up. that goal difference may be crucial as it means netherlands now face the very impressive france
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in the quarter finals. that's all from sportsday. coming up next, its click. sport — we love it. it's fun to watch, fun to play, there's huge money at stake, but there's always the risk of injury. we're becoming more aware of the long—term health effects associated with playing certain sports — and that includes the effects of concussion, which can be catastrophic in later life. yeah, it's not surprising. even the odd time that i've watched a bit of boxing or rugby, the number of hits to the head that people get... yeah.
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and it's not even just in contact sports — in something like cycling or snow sports,


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