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tv   Newsday  BBC News  October 31, 2022 1:00am-1:30am GMT

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welcome to newsday reporting live from singapore — i'm mariko oi. the headlines: lula's big comeback — the left—of—centre challenger, luiz inacio lula da silva, narrowly wins brazil's presidential election. disappointment for followers of the incumbent president,
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more people fell, i lost erend. | more people fell, i lost friend. i turn more people fell, i lost erend. i turn around more people fell, i lost friend. i turn around and | the you can't come told the crowd, you can't come this way. people are dying. and how the rock band coldplay is offering its support to the protesters in iran. it's official — the left of centre luis ignacio lula da silva — commonly known as lula, has won brazil's presidential
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election — snatching victory by a tiny margin from the rightwing jair bolsanaro, who had an early lead as the first votes came in. the final tally was 50.8% to lula with 49.2% to mr bolsa naro. crowds of his supporters started celebrating in the streets. this represents an amazing comeback for the former president who three years ago was serving a prison sentence for corruption, which was lately overturned. but the contest reflected how deeply polarised brazil is. i have faith in god that with the help of the people we will find a way out so this country may live again democratically, harmoniously we can restart peace between families. today,
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we attend that brazil is back and brazil is too big to be relegated to the role of prior of the world. our correspondent nick miles has been speaking to crowds in rio dejaneiro and joins us now. the big question that many people are asking is, whether jair bolsonaro will defeat —— concede defeat? jair bolsonaro will defeat -- concede defeat?— jair bolsonaro will defeat -- concede defeat? there was huge concern throughout _ concede defeat? there was huge concern throughout the - concede defeat? there was huge concern throughout the election | concern throughout the election campaign because of comments jair bolsonaro had made about voting machines he said are open to fraud, said the electoral process was against him, and only god could get him from office he said that last year, he made some noises a couple of days ago said he who wins the most votes will become president. but there is still concern over whether he will
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concede, he is in the presidential residence speaking to the next president about his next move. as you can see behind me by a narrow margin victory a huge scene of celebration here in the square in the southern part of rio de janeiro. the labour party the party of lula often holds rallies here, it has become a favourite place for lula forces together and today it is one celebration. luis ignacio lula da silva was beaten just —— celebration. luis ignacio lula da silva was beatenjust —— in prisonjust da silva was beatenjust —— in prison just three years ago so a comeback looked unlikely at that stage. he remains a popularfigure on the that stage. he remains a popular figure on the left, a time when brazil was really in the ascendancy the economy was booming, it was working itself
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onto the world stage, joined the 620, as part of the emerging nations, it had everything going for it at the time. much water under the bridge since then, of course, lula is back. the economy is struggling. what can lula to resolve those problems. they seem insurmountable. as you heard from his victory speech heard from his victory speech he does seem confident he can bring the nation together. at the same time he said he would reduce deforestation in the amazon to it is at near record levels underjair bolsonaro, to bring it to zero would be a huge, huge feet, but lula says he is up to the challenge.
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we're also showing huge crowds of supporters forjair bolsonaro, but as you said it was such a tight race, is it possible presidentjair bolsonaro could question the legitimacy of this result, something that we saw in the united states, for example? it is highly possible, it has been done before, eight years, that was rejected, it was a much less fractured, polarised political landscape at the time, certainly there would have to be good reason to go to the supreme electoral tribunal, the supreme electoral tribunal, the electoral body that decides on these things, he would have to have serry — serious proof of mouthpiece with the election machine is not working properly. we saw time and time again whenjair bolsonaro challenged legitimacy in the run—off to the vote, the electoral body said no, it had
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been ordered to time after time, they are legitimate and used around the world, and have been used for 26 years. if he tries to challenge the legitimacy, then he would receive a resounding no. it remains to be seen whether or not he does challenge it. thank ou so not he does challenge it. thank you so much — not he does challenge it. thank you so much for— not he does challenge it. thank you so much for that _ not he does challenge it. thank you so much for that update, . you so much for that update, nick miles. distraught relatives have been visiting hospitals and a missing persons centre in seoul, south korea's capital, in search of people who may have been injured or killed in a crush on saturday. 154 people died in a narrow alleyway in the itaewon district that's just over three meters wide. officials have warned the death toll could rise. south korean investigators say they don't yet understand the circumstances that led to the crush as the crowds celebrated halloween. south korea's foreign ministry says that at least 26 people from 14 countries
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were among the dead. 0ur correspondentjean mackenzie sent this report from seoul — you may find parts of it distressing. as the bodies are counted and the victims identified, devastating accounts of seoul's halloween night of horror are emerging. thousands packed onto the streets to party... nuhyil ahammed was in the alley. he managed to climb onto a platform to safety, where he watched the horror play out. there's no way you can breathe. so, everyone lifting up, like... he gasps for air. ..and that's what they're doing, like, taking their last breath and things, so kind of suffocating. 0thers describe how people fell to the floor like dominoes. i couldn't sleep because i see
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people dying in front of me. one guy, he know that his friend has died, but he was still giving cpr for next 30 minutes. and his friend was trying to stop him, but he was still doing it. translation: i was pushed from behind. i got scared and tried to move to the side, but i couldn't. i was stuck there for two hours. i felt like i was going to die. this nearby community centre is saturated with grief. families and friends come to register the missing. some get the terrible news that their loved ones are among the dead. waves were coming in from both sides, and more people fell, and i lost my friend. and i turned around and i told the crowd, "you can't come this way. "people are dying." this is almost as hard to hear.
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this woman's son went to work at a club in itaewon last night. i went home. i didn't see him. he didn't come home. he's the only son, the only one i have. visiting the scene, the president, too, said he was struggling to process his grief. "something that should never have happened, happened," he says, an acknowledgement that things went horribly wrong. this footage from last year shows police controlling the crowds at the same spot. this year, multiple witnesses say this didn't happen. the questions for authorities are, how was this crowd allowed to get so out of control, and what could have been done to stop this terrible tragedy? but for now, this country is mourning the death of so many of its young.
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jean mckenzie, bbc news, seoul. 0ur correspondent nick marsh is in seoul and joins us now: what can we expect today? monday people, people going back to school and were trying to come to terms with what happened on saturday night, we know the identification process of the bodies is complete, that was made a lot quicker and easier, given the fact south korea issues government ids to all is people, citizens aged 17 and above, those aged under 17 orforeigners, we think and above, those aged under 17 or foreigners, we think around 20 foreigners are among the dead from saturday night, that process was made a little bit more difficult but we do think that process is now complete complete in terms of
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identification, you also have those command centres, makeshift emergency information centres thatjean was talking about with her report. these places are usually community clubs for local bureaucracy administrative matters, but yesterday we saw parents and relatives pouring in looking for any information on the whereabouts of their loved ones. some got no news, some got terrible news, in terms of what's happening today, the mayor of seoul has flown back to the city, he was undertaking a trip to europe and cut that short, he has already visited itaewon district and he says a memorial altar is going to be put in place the city centre so we can expect many people going there today to pay their respects. we are in a national mourning. at the moment in south korea, in terms of what that consists of, we are not completely sure but the president of south korea, has
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called what happened on saturday a tragedy and disaster that occurred that should not have happened. has investigation will take an investigation will take place. an investigation will take - lace. an investigation will take lace. , ., ., place. the investigation continues, _ place. the investigation continues, are - place. the investigation continues, are the - place. the investigation - continues, are the authorities in closer to finding out why that happened?— in closer to finding out why that happened? no, we have no official reason _ that happened? no, we have no official reason given _ that happened? no, we have no official reason given by - that happened? no, we have no official reason given by the - official reason given by the authorities as to what caused this crush on saturday night, the investigation will certainly take into account eyewitness accounts, cctv footage, although footage that has been circulating on social media as well to try to build a picture of what happened and caused this crush. there has been a lot of speculation, no official reason being given, we do know the majority of the 6s occurred on one particular very narrow tiny packed alleyway and we have heard reports of this domino effect that people
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falling down and being crushed under the weight of bodies, down a slope. that hasn't been confirmed yet but it is one a lot of eyewitnesses are talking about, that could be one explanation, but the big questions that will be at the heart of this investigation will be around the policing, the police say there were 200 officers deployed to the area at the question is was that enough and was enough being done especially to enforce crowd control as opposed to more conventional anti—crime prevention measures. that will be what the investigation will be what the investigation will be centring around, officials say that many more people arrived than they expected, 100,000 people, this was the first big halloween night out after the raising of most covid restrictions, so questions are there. at least 80 people have died
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after a pedestrian suspension bridge collapsed in the western indian state of gujarat. hundreds were reported to be on the bridge in morbi city at the time — plunging into the machhu river below. 0ur bbc south asia editor, anbarasan ethirajan, has more. a sunday outing turned into a nightmare, the pedestrian suspension bridge in morbi city collapsed, plunging hundreds into the river. within seconds, a popular tourist attraction became the scene of a disaster. people were desperately clinging on to the cables children, and the elderly. for diwali and they came here as tourists. all of them fell, one
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on top of the other, the 230 metre colonial area bridge reopened to the public only last week after extensive renovations. translation: the accident took place at 6:40pm - and the bridge collapsed. some people who were moving on the bridge got injured while others fell into the water beneath. we started rescue work immediately and took the injured people to the hospital. indian prime minister narendra modi, who is in his home state of gujarat on a three day visit, said he was deeply saddened by the tragedy. the government has announced compensation for the injured. questions will be asked
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to try to establish what went wrong and why so many people were allowed for now many families will be grieving anbarasan ethirajan, bbc news. you're watching newsday on the bbc. still to come on the programme: how the rock band coldplay is offering its support to the protesters in iran. the israeli prime minister, yitzhak rabin, the architect of the middle east peace process, has been assassinated. a 27—year—old jewish man has been arrested and an extremistjewish organisation has claimed responsibility for the killing. the monarchy would survive.
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they are being held somewhere inside the compound, and itiu5t 5e9m5 its: 5—— ——— ——— —— keep on going. tonight, we prove once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals. this is newsday on the bbc. i'm mariko 0i, in singapore. 0ur headlines: brazil's left—wing former leader, luiz inacio lula da silva,
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is making a dramatic return to power after narrowly beating the far—right incumbent, jair bolsonaro, in the presidential election. there's national mourning in south korea, after more than 150 people were crushed to death at a halloween event, in seoul. let's get more on our top story. luiz inacio lula da silva has won the election narrowly against jair bolsonaro. it narrowly against jair bolsonaro.— narrowly against jair bolsonaro. it was i was exnected _ bolsonaro. it was i was expected to _ bolsonaro. it was i was expected to be - bolsonaro. it was i was expected to be a - bolsonaro. it was i was expected to be a close| bolsonaro. it was i was - expected to be a close race but it was a nailbiter until the very end. the crowd chanting lula has returned and whether you like him or loathe him, the fact is he has come back to come back 20 years after becoming leader is an historic moment for people here in brazil. but he will have his work cut out for him because this is a very different brazil, it is a very divided
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brazil. jair bolsonaro may no longer be president but his power will make lula's job hard. it will be a hugejob power will make lula's job hard. it will be a huge job for lula. but so many people here relieved his back and he can make a start in change in brazil. people here talking about the fact they want to leave behind anger and hate but it is a very divided country and trying to unite this country will be lula's biggest challenge. the iranian president ebrahim raisi has repeated his warning, as university students have continued their protests across the country. earlier authorities had warned that demonstrations must be ended by saturday. videos shared online show confrontations between students and members of the government—linked basij paramilitary force on a number of university campuses. well, the protests in iran have been followed around the world, with celebrities
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joining the cause. the band, coldplay, have performed an iranian protest song at a show in buenos aires. the song was first posted on social media a month ago by iranian singer shervin hajipour. it has since become the unofficial anthem of the protests in iran. coldplay were also joined onstage by iranian actress and singer 6olshifteh farahani. here's coldplay�*s frontman chris martin explaining why they decided to include it in the show. we are going to sing a song now that right now is being sung by many people in iran and many of the persian diaspora, people who left iran after the revolution. and i don't know if you have seen on the news but young women and young people are fighting for their freedom, for their right to be themselves, and we believe, as a band, that everybody should be able to be themselves, as long as you don't hurt anybody else, so we fully send our love and support to all of those brave young people fighting for freedom.
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that's chris martin and here is a little of that song. no audio translation available for song, baraye in the uk, a border force immigration facility in dover has been attacked by a man who threw at least two firebombs, before driving away. police say two people suffered minor injuries. the suspect appears to have then taken his own life. 0ur correspondent, matt 6raveling, reports from dover. this entry point for thousands of migrants coming to the uk, many fleeing from war, came under attack today. at 11:20am, a man in a white car threw three incendiary devices at this building.
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two of them burst into flames. his motive remains unclear. and then it was at this petrol station on limekiln street, on the seafront in dover, where the man drove a white vehicle, which you can just about see behind my right shoulder, under a blue tarpaulin. the fire brigade have turned up. they're putting a tent over that and two forensic officers from kent police have turned up to gather evidence. kent police have said the suspect has been identified and his next of kin are being informed. this evening, police remained at the petrol station looking for answers as to what had led to today's events. the attack comes just hours after reports that almost 1000 migrants arrived in dover yesterday. there has been criticism of the conditions they are kept in. the conservative mp for dover said that tensions had been rising in the area. i raised my concerns about the rising level of tensions, with the immigration minister earlier this week. it's absolutely vital that we get a grip of this issue
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and that the boats are stopped from leaving france, and that is what now needs to happen, and i think that is a conversation between the british prime minister and president macron. the investigation into what happened here is being led by kent police and not counterterrorism officers, and home office minister robertjenrick says he is being updated by the force. the home office said they were aware of the incident today, but are unable to comment further at this point. matt 6raveling, bbc news. the united nations, turkey and ukraine say they're planning to continue the movement of cargo ships through turkish waters on monday, despite russia pulling out of a deal that allowed vital ukrainian grain exports to resume. nato has accused russia of trying to weaponise food supplies and urged it to reconsider its decision to pull out. 0ur correspondentjames waterhouse sent us this update.
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look, there are urgent talks, we understand, that are going to stretch into tomorrow. you've heard what the un makes of this pause, describing it as deeply concerning. turkey, who also brokered this deal, have also echoed those calls for the grain agreement to resume. and interestingly, an official was quoted as saying that there were grounds for optimism, but it's hard to see where that is because russia has been accused of using the grain deal as leverage as its military frustrations continue and they don't get much more frustrating than extraordinary drone strike we saw yesterday on its black sea fleet, an attack which ukraine has denied — well, hasn't confirmed that it was behind, but there are very few think it was any other country. the motives for this attack are clear. it is a fleet which russia has used to launch missile strikes across the whole of the country but also, if it was ukraine, it shows that it's willing to take the risk of the grain deal falling apart for the sake of its own population.
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let's return to brazil where the left—wing former leader of brazil, luiz inacio lula da silva, has won the presidential election over the far—right incumbentjair bolsonaro. that's all for now, stay with bbc world news. hello. it's still very mild out there and we've got another mild day on the way for monday. after that, it does look as though the temperatures will return at least closer to the seasonal norm. it's not going to be cold, though, that's for sure. we have rain in the forecast for the trick—or—treaters, as well. most of us will get the rain later on today, some of us will have the rain already in the morning, for example in northern ireland and you can see the weather front here approaching
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earlier on, on the satellite picture. here it is but ahead of it, you can see clearer weather across the bulk of the country, certainly in england, wales, and eastern parts of scotland. so, through the early hours, lots of clear weather out towards the east, some showers out towards the west, and here is the weather front crossing ireland. the morning temperatures will range from around 14 degrees along the channel coast, to 12 in liverpool, and around 10 degrees in glasgow, edinburgh, and also aberdeen. 0nto the forecast for monday morning, that rain reaches eventually belfast, the western isles of scotland. there will be some showers ahead of it in north west england, but elsewhere a bright if not sunny start and a very decent afternoon, with some sunshine for birmingham, for hull, for newcastle — here around 15 or 16 degrees. but notice showers start to appear on the south coast, come the middle of the afternoon, and as the afternoon wears on, it does look as though those showers will spread further northwards, into wales, too. they will become more extensive, so, yes, as i say, for some of the trick—or—treaters, we are forecasting rain. here's tuesday's weather map. it looks rather complicated. an area of low pressure, with weather fronts sweeping across the country. there will be a noticeable breeze, that's for sure. it is going to be a changeable day, a real mixed bag,
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but particularly gusty, i think, come the evening along the english channel. temperatures between 12 degrees typically in scotland and northern ireland, to around 15 or 16 in east anglia and the south—east on tuesday. and eventually this autumn low is going to sweep in, around the coasts, but i think eastern areas could hang so, here is the outlook for the week ahead, from monday into friday. you can see that steady decline in the temperatures, from 18 degrees in london to around 13 or 14, and about the low teens further north.
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