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tv   The Big Cases  BBC News  November 6, 2022 9:30pm-10:00pm GMT

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this is bbc world news. the headlines. delegates at the cop27 climate summit in egypt have agreed to discuss giving money to poorer governments for damage caused by global warming. its seen as key to making progress at the cop summit. with the us midterm electionsjust days away, president biden has been campaigning in new york state and donald trump is at a rally in miami, florida, in the last push for votes in tuesday's poll. the mayor of ukraine's capital, kyiv, has asked residents to prepare to leave in case there's a total collapse of power supplies. vitaly klitschko accused russia of doing everything possible to cut off the city's heat, electricity and water. at least 19 people have died after a passenger plane crashed
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into lake victoria in tanzania while attempting to land in stormy weather. 26 of the 43 people on board were initially rescued. at 10pm we will be here with a full round up of the day's news. first, the big cases: the suitcase murderer i saw a lady that looked like she had slipped down some steps. devon and cornwall police have identified the body found in a wooden area as mee chong. she wanted to do good, | and jemma mitchell saw that in her. she forced the body into a suitcase, transported the body some distance.
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you have shown absolutely no remorse, it appears that you are in complete denial. june 2021. a summer's day in the coastal resort of salcombe on the south devon coast. i was with george, my boyfriend, and my mum and dad, and we were on holiday and just having a couple of weeks down there. just normal stuff that we do, like going to the beach, going on walks, having some nice food, going on the boat, i've got a little boat down there as well, so i like to go on that. but charlotte's idyllic family holiday was about to be shattered one afternoon. out walking, they made
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a gruesome discovery. at the time my mum, she saw some fabric, she said, over the wall, and it was quite close to us, it was quite easy to see. and she knew that something was wrong but she didn't want to look again, so she shouted us over and said, can you look what's down there, i have seen something, i'm not too sure what it is. and so i looked then, and i saw a lady that looked like she had slipped down some steps, and then initially my reaction was to rush down and help her, because it looked like she had maybe just fallen, like, i guess that is what you presume, someone has had an accident. but it wasn't an accident.
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the family had discovered the body of a missing woman, mee kuen chong, also known as deborah. she lived more than 200 miles away in london. while we were standing around waiting for the police to take our names, i overheard one of the policemen say that she didn't have a head, the lady. and up until that point, it felt quite different, it felt like it was just a really sad, unfortunate thing that this lady had slipped over. but then when obviously we heard him say that, it was a little bit more scary. the discovery sparked a major police investigation, led by london's metropolitan police. these are the last sightings
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of deborah chong, seen walking close to her home just days before her death. the 67—year—old was born in malaysia. she lived here in wembley, in north—west london. a devout christian who befriended the homeless and opened her door to those in need. deborah chong, from all we have known about her, was someone who cared for others. that theme came through. she was open, welcoming, wanting to help the homeless, people stayed at her address without paying rent. she wanted to do good. these are the last known images of ms chong, captured here on cctv, walking with one of her lodgers two days before her death.
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in north—west london, at 9 brondesbury park, jemma mitchell was seen leaving her home at 6:23am with a large suitcase. she has the blue suitcase with her, and you can see it is quite light, she is able to lift it off the ground. this is the suitcase that ultimately deborah chong's body would end up within and be transported to salcombe, devon. just before 8am jemma mitchell is seen approaching deborah chong's house. five hours later she is caught on camera again further up the road. exactly what happened during that time remains a mystery to police. several hours afterjemma mitchell arrived at deborah chong's address, jemma mitchell has two suitcases, one is the blue suitcase she left her address with,
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this suitcase is now decidedly bulkier. we say that the body of deborah chong is within it. jemma also has a separate suitcase which has all of deborah's personal belongings within that. to get back home, jemma mitchell calls for a cab. she gives them a false name and a different destination address — not hers, but her neighbour's. as she tries to leave, she is left waiting.
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despite reluctance from the taxi operator, she agrees to wait. just after four in the afternoon, jemma mitchell arrives home. mitchell has been dropped off by the cab, not to her home address but next door, 11 brondesbury park, and we can see her now taking that blue suitcase which contains deborah chong's body into the hoarding, the front hoarding of 9 brondesbury park.
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later that evening, jemma mitchell was seen entering st thomas's hospital in london. she had a fractured finger — she told doctors that she had trapped it in a car door. that was a lie. it would be that same evening on 11th ofjune when police were called about deborah. her lodger, seen for the final time alongside her here, called to report her missing on the day she died. by the 26th ofjune the search for deborah was well under way. nobody excethemma mitchell had any idea what had truly happened to the 67—year—old.
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that morning, mitchell is seen on cctv picking up a hire car in central london. she is loading the blue suitcase into the back of this hire vehicle, she is having extreme difficulty in actually getting it into the boot, she is using her body weight and levering the heavy suitcase into the back boot area. once she has loaded the car up with various other things, she then departs on her way to salcombe. jemma mitchell leaves her home at 9:53am. automatic cameras record the carjust before 11 am driving west on the m4 towards bristol. by 1:59pm she stops near bristol to get petrol. just after 6pm jemma mitchell
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is forced to stop again. she pulled into a garage close to the south devon coast. her hire car had a burst tyre. i was up at the malborough garage buying bin bags i think, randomly, and i was just walking back to my car and heard this grinding noise, and the car coming in a very strange direction into the petrol station. and it was apparent that she looked like she was going to crash into the forecourt shop. so i ran over waving my arms, as did another guy, tojust sort of say whoa, stop, stop. she pulled over, having pretty much hit the front of the shop, and was sort of looking a bit surprised. nicky powell stayed with jemma mitchell while she called the aa to come and repair the tyre. i found it slightly odd that she said to me that the car had felt strange from kingsbridge, that is a long way to drive before stopping and having a look. there are plenty of places she could have pulled up.
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also the direction she came into the petrol station, that i assume she came from, was not the kingsbridge direction, it is the salcombe direction, that seemed rather strange. and then again, the clothing she was wearing were more suited to having been doing the gardening all day or housework, rather than the sort of clothes you put on to go to visit family and go for a scenic drive, it would seem slightly odd, but again, people dress how they wish to dress nowadays. so again, i didn't question any of it. it was just a normal working day for me at the time, i got called to go and give a member assistance, and i rememberas soon as i finished the job, i phoned my wife and just said, "claire, look, you are never "going to believe what is going on. "i just had this really weird job." for roadside technician lee garden, it was to be a callout like no other.
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i removed the punctured tyre and the damaged wheel, and we needed to put it back in the vehicle because it had belonged to the vehicle, so you would normally put it back in the boot, because that is the best place for it, the safest place for it. but she didn't want it to go back in the boot, she wanted it put on the back seat, which i thought was a bit strange at the time. but we put it in the back, and we had to strap it in to make it safe with the seatbelt, and that is when i was in the back of the vehicle, i noticed there was a strong smell. at the time... i didn't really know what it was, it's not something i have really smelled before. it was sort of like a dank, murky sort of musty smell, which was quite potent, nothing i have really smelled before. so that took me, and was
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a bit, yeah, a bit odd. two hours after her emergency stop, mitchell finally leaves the garage. she turns toward salcombe. cctv recovered by police tracks herjourney through the countryside. about a0 minutes later, jemma mitchell's car is seen driving along bennett road in salcombe. less than an hour later, the car reappears on cctv on bennett road. detectives would later conclude mitchell dumped deborah chong's body in the woods. automatic number plate cameras logged mitchell's drive back to london overnight. by 6244 the next morning,
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she was back home. she is caught on cctv taking items from the car boot, including the blue suitcase, back into her house. 0n the afternoon of the 27th ofjune, less than 2a hours after deborah chong's body was dumped in woodland, it was discovered by charlotte rollings and her family. deborah's handbag was found too. inside, a length of rope,
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which the jury would later hear matched rope found at jemma mitchell's home. the business card of an evangelical church and scraps of paper bearing passages from the bible were also found. but it wouldn't be until several days later during searches of the woodland that the head was found, ten metres away. what followed was a huge murder investigation. meanwhile, jemma mitchell was trying to put police off the scent. three days after the murder, she sent an email to the missing persons unit. she wrote: the email was to become just one piece of a significant
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amount of evidence. police had concluded jemma mitchell was their prime suspect. banging. police! excuse me? hello, there. hello, how are you? yes, good. sorry, what's your name? i'm trying to sleep. are you jemma? speaking indistinctly. hang on, one second. jemma, do you want to come out? yeah, sure, sure. hand to the side of your hand. all right, jemma, at this moment, i'm arresting l you on suspicion of murder, 0k? you don't have to say anything. speaking indistinctly. anything you do say may be given as evidence, 0k? - once you are in the cuffs... am i allowed to... i'm going to explain. everything to you, 0k? should i get some shoes on? speaking indistinctly.
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who's inside at the moment? my mother. your mother? if you wanna... can someone lift that up? let's step back inside. is anyone else inside? just your mum? yeah. there is someone else inside? 0rjust your mum? just my mum. shall i bring her out? bring her in for a minute. intense searches ofjemma mitchell's brondesbury park home followed in the days after her arrest. on top of a neighbour's shed, they found the blue suitcase which was used to put deborah's body in. they also found a fake will made byjemma mitchell, which left most of ms chong's assets to her. the person driving the volvo waited in the car all that time. when questioned in police custody, jemma mitchell repeatedly refused to engage with officers. literally chucking it down with rain, and it was windy. why is that, jemma?
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no comment. the car stank, didn't it, jemma? no comment. it stunk of a dead person. no comment. stunk of deborah's decomposing body. is that right, jemma? no comment. almost a year and a half after deborah's body was found, jemma mitchell entered the dock at the old bailey for her trial. the jury heard the former osteopath had a first—class degree in human sciences and was trained in human dissection. she declined to give any evidence in her defence. a woman from london has been found guilty of killing her friend and dumping her body
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more than 200 miles away in devon. afterjust eight hours of deliberations, the jury found jemma mitchell guilty of murder. a woman has been found guilty of the murder and decapitation of a friend she met in church. jemma mitchell killed mee kuen chong at her home in wembley last year before taking her headless body 200 miles away, in a suitcase. deborah was 67—years—old when she was murdered in june of last year. today at the old bailey, 38—year—old womanjemma mitchell has been found guilty of that murder. deborah was born in malaysia. through her own hard work and initiative, she made a good life for herself, finally settling in london, where she was a much valued and loved member of her community. mitchell has never accepted responsibility for deborah's murder so there are questions which may remain unanswered. why she kept the body
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for over a fortnight, why she decapitated her, and why she deposited her remains in salcombe. but what we we do know is it that it was an evil act carried out by an evil woman, and the only motive, clearly, was one of financial gain. on friday the 28th of october, mitchell was back in court. this time, she was to be sentenced for murder. it was a historic moment at the old bailey. she became the first murderer and first woman in england and wales to have her sentence televised. jemma mitchell, i have to sentence you for the murder on the 11th ofjune of last year, of mee kuen, otherwise known as deborah chong, which you were convicted by the jury yesterday. i have had regard to the victim
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impact statement read to the court from members of herfamily, who are not, unnaturally, in a state of shock and devastation as to the circumstances in which she met her death. the court heard a statement from deborah's sister, amy. in it, it said: the enormity of your crime is profoundly shocking. even more so, given your apparent religious devotion, as well as the fact that deborah chong was a good friend to you and had shown
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you great kindness. the sentence of the court is one of life imprisonment. will you please take the defendant downstairs?
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hello there. it has been a pretty unsettled weekend, some areas have been very wet indeed. but there were some quieter, brighter moments as well. now, for this upcoming week, it looks like we're starting off on a very unsettled note again with low pressure always nearby. mid week onwards, things look like they'll settle down with high pressure building in. it should turn drier, little bit brighter, and we will all notice it will turn very mild indeed. low pressure still with us to start the new week. just to the west of ireland there, lots of isobars on the chart so it is going to be another windy day, windier on monday than what we had over the weekend. particularly across more southern and western coastal areas, touching gale force at times. bands of showers, long spells of rain pushing from south to north across the country. gusts in excess of 50 mph across the south—west corner. but on the plus side it's going to be a mild one, temperatures around the mid—teens, it may not feel like that because of the strength of the wind. as we move through monday night,
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we might see a spell of gales and heavy rain spreading across the country. with that weather front. then, it's a blustery day again, tuesday, sunshine and blustery showers some of these will be heavy, rumbles of thunder were some of them. most of them are affecting southern and western areas again where we'll also have the wind touching gale force here. probably the best of any brightness towards sheltered east and north—eastern areas of england and scotland. windy again for all areas especially so along the channel coast and irish sea coast. temperatures 15, 16 degrees in the south. at the low teens further north. some subtle changes into wednesday that area of low pressure stuck, sitting to the north west of scotland you will notice that isobars opening out so the winds would be quite a strong on wednesday. a breezy day rather than a windy day with fewer showers for england and wales. and northern ireland. most of them southern and western areas, most of the showers,
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most of the showers will affect the west of scotland merging together through long spells of wayne drew rain some of which will be quite heavy at times. strongest of the ones here, lighter wins further south, those are mean wind speeds. temperatures, again on the mild side for the time of year across england and wales, the low teens further north. then we start to see some bigger changes as we move out of wednesday into thursday this area of high pressure stuck to building over the near content, pushes these by the front and the weather systems out of bay. with the orientation of these pressure systems, we will be dragging ourairsource a long way south from the azores, that means it is going to be very mild, very warm air pushing northwards. pretty moisture laden so a lot of cloud around on thursday, limited brightness, probably the best of it across sheltered eastern areas but dry for most, still a few showers in the north—west, temperatures range from 15 to 17 or 18 degrees, well above what we expect this point in november. and beyond thursday, friday saturday, sunday, high pressure continues to hold on, we think, to bring us the fine, mild, dry weather. weather fronts and low pressure systems want to work their way back in off the atlantic as we head into the following week.
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it stays mild for the rest of next week towards the end but as we head into the weekend certainly into the following week as there is low pressure systems arrive from the atlantic, we will see the blue colours arriving so that temperatures will be coming back closer to the seasonal norm. i think the friday, saturday, sunday next week it will be fine, dry, milder air source coming in from the south—west, and then into the following week there is low pressure systems want to return which could turn a lot more unsettled again, wet, windy at times and temperatures falling a little bit too.
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